Can you spot me w/ the M4 in the front row? This was in Kuwait before Iraq (2006)

I feel a bit silly posting pictures of myself in uniform (yet i post a lot right? LOL) but one of my SGTs just called to tell me that I’m going to be pinned to sergeant next month!!!! Wow, this means a lot to me because I officially have a lot more responsibilities and I have been waiting for this moment since I joined in 2006.

The pictures from this post are of me back in 2006-2008 in Iraq.  No new ones yet.  Jesse (the hubby) agreed to take pictures of me getting pinned so stay tune for those next month (March 6 to be exact)
 I’m going to a new unit,which means a fresh start. I already know I’m going to be mean and strict with all the males. LOL.  anyway, thank you for all the congrats on twitter.  
I’m so happy I finally made it!!!! I can’t stop smiling.  I’m just a bit nervous about it though haha, but it’s normal.  I have to start refining my skills though lol.

Dulce Candy