Forever 21 Sweater top, tights, and booties. bag
I went vintage shopping today with the hubby and found some great things I can’t wait to show you guys.  Before that though, Jesse and I went to Portos (which was recommended by my friend Cynthia) to grab a bite to eat. (I do NOT recommend the Mango smoothie, yucky!)
I love this place so hopefully soon I get to have a lunch date with my friend Kat.
Anyway I have been V-logging for these past two day and I cant wait to post those videos up.  I also have to give you a tour of my walk in closet, specially since my blog is mostly about fashion I thought it would be great so you can see where I spend most of my day thinking of ideas and ways to put new outfits together.
WOW, Wednesday tomorrow already.
Have a great week and stay safe.
Dulce Candy