As part of the Blogger Mafia, I was sent this Lipgloss about 3 months ago to review.
I’ve had quite a while with this gloss and love it.  I also had some of my friends try it out and tell me what they feel it does to their lips, (and hips haha).

What I like about it, is that it’s not sticky at all (I hate sticky glosses) and it has a sweet taste.  It lasts about 3 hours before I have to re-apply but I keep it in my everyday makeup bag because it’s also quite moisturizing.

It also contains a small and harmless amount of Hoodia (as the label mentions) which happens to be an appetite suppressant (and one of the most popular supplements on the market today).

For me personally, I didn’t see any changes in my appetite but I did notice the soft tingle on my lips and the enlargement and velvety sheen it gave me.

Learn and Get yours Here: Purple Lab NYC