Car Shopping

2010 Range Rover

New 2010 Lexus GS 10

Hey dolls,

It’s finally time for a new car!!! 
Jesse and I woke up late (11:30am, I know)  because we came home late last night from a family party.  So in a few hours we are going to go look at the new Range Rover (which is the one I want more than anything.)
 I also love the new GS 10 Lexus, so we might go hit up both dealerships.  My mind is set on the Rover, so we might spend all evening there.  Right now I have a Nissan Altima 08 (which my parent got me, but I pay for, when I was in Iraq)  I’m a truck kind of chick.  I use to drive a 09 Tahoe which I gave back to my parents and now I’m yearning for it again.  I think I’m going to take you on this “adventure” with me and bring my camera along so you can see how I negotiate with the car sales men, haha. They don’t know what’s coming.  Thank you Dad for this trait!
Anyway have a blessed Sunday.
Dulce Candy Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury, 09 Apr. 2009. Web. 28 Feb. 2010. . LEXUS. Web. 28 Feb. 2010. .


  1. victoriathebeautyblogger says:

    I LOVE the range rover! They're both amazing cars, but I think the rovers the best pick :)

  2. totallyturtley9 says:

    I have always wanted a range rover! definately go for that! do you know what color you would want? i love them in black, or white! good luck dulce :)

  3. aww both cars look awesome. but im more of a sports car kinda girl so that's why i think the lexus looks sexy. i'd totally get that! but good luck with whatever purchase you make! :)

  4. YOu look like a Range Rover Chick! Your small with a big beautiful personality! Driev that Range Gurl LOL!

  5. ipinkbeauty says:

    you can never go wrong with a lexus so good luck! dulce!

  6. Zabawa w życie.. ? czy życie.....? says:

    All rovers are great , and i thing lexus is so BORING !!!!!!!!!!

  7. wow nice!
    me & my partner are due for a new car & we're looking at getting something alittle big too. don't think we're get a range rover but maybe something along those lines! goodluck anyways and im sure your fill us in when you get the car!

    P-S: i love your blog's :)

  8. Make-up is a girls best friend says:

    range rover all the way! I love these cars!!

  9. The Lexus is waaaay hotter! it's the kind of car I go for i don't like trucks or SUVs very much lol and pleaseee take us with you to the dealership that would be super fun to watch!!

  10. A Range Rover Sport is my dream :) the 2010 specs are amazing too!

  11. DEFINITELY go for the Range Rover they are amazing!

  12. SprintHolla says:

    Honestly, they are both beautiful vehicles. Both head turners on the road but the Range rover is known to have alot of issues and will cost alot in the long run. The Lexus on the other hand doesnt have as many issues, if you want bigger go for the Lexus LS!

  13. xoladiihoneyxo says:

    I think you should wait for another two years before getting another car. 08 is still pretty new. It is your money though… but I'm more for the Lexus c[=

  14. The range rover! =P

  15. RANGE ROVER!! its my dream car. I die everytime I see a black sports one. They are sexyyyyy!!!

  16. I have the second to last range rover.. its a sport edition. I really like it because its comfy and awesome in the snow.. I live in boston so that's important. I really like the Q7 by Audi too and its cheaper than range rover. What do you and your boyfriend do for a living?

  17. I recommend the Lexus, it's a much more dependable vehicle, sadly it's statistically proven the Rangers are in the shop more than any other vehicle on the road, so just do a lot of research if you choose to go with the Rover, which I adore more than the Lexus, but I own a Lexus for the mere fact I would prefer to never have my car in for repair ;-)

    Good luck honey! I adore your blog!

  18. irishBeauty says:


    Check out a new blog

  19. pandaerika says:

    ohh nice good thing you can negotiate
    i cant negotiate to save my life
    totally go for the rover
    i would love to go shopping i want a nissan armada or a cadillac dont know type tho i just really want a cadillac but not an escalade

  20. cynthleal says:

    The range rover is definitely a beautiful car but by experience, the have so many electrical problems which will cost you a lot $$$ I personally will go for the Lexus which is a nice car as well; I drive the Lexus RX 330 and haven't had any problem(4 years. Research more on the range rover and you will see how many people have complains. Good luck and enjoy your new car.

  21. Hi Dulce, I found this website and it reminded me of you because I know you've been into vintage lately. Some interesting and cute looks here. Check it out. Not too pricey either. =)


  22. Alexandra El-Habr says:

    OMG THE RANGE ROVER IS SICK! RANGE ROVER IS MY FAVORITE CAR. GO FOR THE RANGE ROVER! Its great for summer & winter. I hope you choose the range rover!

  23. DAMN lucky. im trying to afford my phone right now. but i guess if you got the money spend it right?

  24. Def Range Rover, that's my dream car and a convertible too. I do like the lexus too since driving them are nice and smooth. Id rather get the range rover though. Good luck!

    i love following your blogs, follow mine too?


  25. DiamondSelina says:

    I definitely love to Range Rover! I would get it myself if I could! But I havent been on Blogger in almoset 2 weeks! I feel like I missed a lot! Your new puppy is soo cute!

  26. WindyZephyr says:

    Take us with you! LOL Get the Range Rover :D

  27. bwana_daoudi says:

    habibi, range is not good. if you like 4×4, luxury, power and reliability, go for the lexus gx or lx. number one in arabia!

  28. Yay !! get the Range. I drive a Land Rover and this is just amazing :D

  29. misakidxb says:

    waaa, you have to buy the "Range Rover" becuase it's soo nice and Comfortable =)
    i'm in love with the Range Rover ~~

    Good Luck !!!!

  30. aaa the rover girl! it's so you! :D

  31. both are super cute
    I like the New 2010 Lexus GS 10 in red more :D
    the jeep is nice but to boxy for my taste

  32. Hi Dulce. I love your tutorials and hauls! Keep doing what you do

  33. Range rovers look beautiful but heres some girl to girl advice lol i wanted this too until my boyfriend told me about all the specs, electronics, and engine hardware on the car. Its NOTHING compared to the performance of the Lexus. Taught me looks for cars arent everything ]; you don't want an extremely expensive car to break down on you less than 6 months in, good luck on your adventureeee!

  34. cindyenguyen says:

    I wish I had the money to purchase everything that you own. Spend money on clothes without thinking twice about it. Can you tell me what your job position is? or where you work? I am motivated to work as hard as you.

  35. TiffanyMonet says:

    Good luck Car shopping! xo T

  36. sssdawna says:

    yes, please do show us how to negotiate!! i had trouble with that with my last car…i'm a big car lady, too, mine was an SUV : ) i love that black lexus though…

  37. Consider buying an 09 or even a 2010 that is very lightly used. A car's value depreciates as soon as it's driven off the lot by 30%
    I bought my RX8 brand new (well it had 1 thousand miles on it) but I paid 27K instead of a brand new one same year that would cost 32K. incredible! man those flicks make me want a rover! :)

  38. Opalescence says:

    girllll what do you do for a living? you sure live a comfy life!! im really happy for you and your man!!

  39. Mad Dogg says:

    Lexus! I guess I don't understand why people get big cars if they have no reason to haul a bunch of stuff (or kids). Plus, the Lexus is probably cheaper to maintain and is a super smooth ride.

  40. wow what environmentally friendly cars….. *sarcasm* Lol

  41. Haha, have fun car shopping.
    It's always been one of my favorite things to do.
    I have that Range Rover in black and I have it in white. I would definitely recommend it (:

  42. Christina says:

    Oh, Dulce, don't get the Range Rover!! I have one and it's *horrible*. We have spent thousands of dollars in repairs on it because, aparently, Rovers are notorious for bad engineering. They have a lot of bells and whistles but are very, very expensive to keep up. You will have problems with leaking coolant and the anti-lock brake sensors wear fast, and they cost almost a thousand dollars to replace.
    PLEASE don't get a Rover! The Lexus is a great buy for reliability and customer service.

  43. Replica Watches says:

    Stunning looks, i would love to have a rang rover, its my dream to have a drive on that.

  44. Lexus…. i love there RX 440… its a hybrid, luxury, sporty and spaciouse….that's on my next car list. i love my es 300. they are so reliable and maintainable. good luck.

  45. Peter Kesel says:

    Lovely car. I like it.

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  47. I love the Range Rover!