Thank you so much to the lovely girl who made these pretty awesome collages. I loved them :)


  1. you have amazing style! keep it up! i love watching you're videos :)

  2. EsmiGarcia says:

    Hey Dulce!
    I was wondering if it was okay if I included your picture next to a link to your blog address?

    It will be at

    Thank You so much!

  3. hey dulce ! i know this probably is so random but im starting a new blog and i want to start with my inspiration on starting a blog and i was wondering if it was ok if i could put you as my inspiration ?

  4. I love your style!! You truly are an inspiration, especially for me and my blog and YT channel.Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!


  5. TiffanyMonet says:

    That was so sweet! xo T

  6. Amee Vang says:

    Great job, Keep it up!

  7. juliacaro says:

    your a gorgeous girl!!

  8. beeroyal24 says:

    loving them collages!! totally represent u and your style. please do check out my blog also thanks. xx keep up the great posts!

  9. Dulce,
    I wanna start a youtube channel i dont know if i should?? what do you think?

  10. Heyy i just posted my first fashion blogpost soo please go seee it =D

  11. i love ur new header n every day i log in to see more pictures of u cause ur clothing is amazing n u give me new ideas so keep up the good work mwah xoxoxo :)

  12. OMG….I did't think that you will put it in your blog!!…:D…thank you soooo much…and you are welcome…:DD

    I love your style…:)

    xoxo…Lana :)

  13. aww these collages are so cute, whoever made these really captured your style. i remember watching your videos online for a while and i had no idea you had a blog :)

  14. hey, I know this is kind of random but I was just wondering what your favorite straightening irons (that curl/flip too) are that are under $120… Yeah, I'd really like to know because I'm going to get one but I wanted a recommendation. :) Thanks!

  15. hey candy i love ur style…i want to ask u if u can do a Jeniffer Lopez make up tutorial i havent see one and also i have a question where can i find that oversize pict of the Effiel tower Im doing my living room black and white and i have been looking for one!!thank Good Luck in everything!!!

  16. hi Dulce,

    where did you get that pink fishnet earring holder thats always behind you in your videos? i've been looking for one forever but i can't find it any where! i dont even know what its actually called to find it faster and i really need one (i have too many earrings!) so please tell me where.


  17. princessanesra says:

    You really improved yourself on your style… I love watching your vids on youtube…

  18. Hey…check out this documentary on PBS…it's about Forever 21 and how they treat their employees like crap. Just thought you should know.

  19. Honestly you have the best blog ever! You offer the best fashion adn makeup tips. I adore all of your clothes and look up to you when picking out my next outfit. You imspired me and my friends to create a fashion blog just like yours!!! If you would like to chekc ours out go to

    Thanks, Brianna!

  20. hi dulce since i love your blog i nominated you for a beautifull blogger award check it out and give one to your favorite blog thanks

  21. Marylouise Manuel says:

    you have great style! ur vids are really fun to watch!
    check out my blog at :)thanks girl!

  22. hey, you can check out my blog if you want to– its not completely fashion but its a little bit of everything I guess. I hope you like it :)
    here it is:
    P.S. – I just bought a CHI straightener online for like $62 but its heavily on sale sooo it should arrive about Feb. 11-15

  23. nice collages! i do polyvore to!

  24. Lady Gòmez says:

    Candy I love your style… I really want the cloth that you show in your tuturials.. plz could you tell me how can I get them ?? I live in Colombia in South America… You look so sexy like a latin women hehehehe
    accept my follow in twitter

  25. Supergirl says:

    Hi Dulce,

    I want to say thank you, for your sweet comment in my blog.
    Your blog is great! And you have a great style too:)