Fun With Photobooth


  1. cute, cute and great pictures!

  2. FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    You always have so much fun…I love it and your energy!

    Great new header with the butterflies too!

    Liesl :)

  3. dulcecandy87 says:

    thank you doll, I hope my energy rubs off ;)

  4. Alyssamae. says:

    Aww that last photo is the cutest!

  5. TiffanyMonet says:

    Your so cute and down to earth! Your not afraid to be silly infront of the camera.. kuddos! xo T


  6. TKOmulatta says:

    Beautiful pics Dulce! I love the effects…

  7. Awww I love the last picture especially! Hehe your doggy is so cute. All your pictures are great sweety!

  8. Random Chiq says:

    cute pics :) love your blog by the way!

  9. the last picture is sooo cute! :D

  10. EmeraldC83 says:

    Love the pic with the hat covering you eyes and the rings… so unique.

  11. Idk why but the first few pics are very J. Lo- esque. Lol & Your dog is wayyyy too cute.

  12. sweetsusy6 says:

    awwww..the last picture you should frame it with ur "lil monkey" ehehhe..super cute!

  13. i love love love the red top and earrings! photoshop is the best

  14. stellastory says:

    You are soo soo pretty and cute !

  15. How do you keep your teeth that white??? LOVE your smile!!! :D

  16. Shannon | Kid From The West says:

    you look so cute <3


  17. love love all the pictures n the white dress is so my type i love it, it looks great on u :)xoxo

  18. aaaah, you're just the cutest thing!
    xx, ♥

  19. Hun you look goregous in the red dress/top!!!!
    Very sweet pictures!!

  20. so cool pics as always:)))

  21. victoriajeanne says:

    beautiful pictures. love the hat, i love the floppy one for lounging by the pool

  22. cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute ,,, great pics

  23. I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to young girls everywhere. Keep it up. I just started a blog and I mentioned you in it. It's a post about Shoe Dazzle. Check it out when you can.
    Daneisha Renee

  24. ahhh! you got the hat that i wanted…they are sold out now :[ really cute pics! i like the last one the best your doggie is ADORABLE!! have a great friday chica!

  25. ooh i love love love your floppy hat and blue nail poish :)
    great photos!

  26. MissEllolisoss says:

    Lovely pictures!!!<3 The last picture is soo cuteee!! :D <3 ^^:*

  27. iesharenee' says:

    hey doll..
    your pics are way too cute.
    i LOVE your hat…
    check out my blog.

  28. xoxocaylee15 says:

    whered you get the white lace dress at the top??? love it!!!

  29. you are so beautiful ~~
    is she your friend??!! she look soooo cute ^^

    i love all pictures, they all look great =D

  30. Love it, but I was wondering where did you get your first top that you are wearing (the white one)?

  31. Both DulceCandy & Miss P's Guide to All Things Beautiful give me the BEST inside scoop to that most gorgeous trends in fashion! You have the best energy and style!

  32. Cha_boo01 says:

    heck ya lefties……are always fashion divas!

  33. OMG this is crazy! My sister's called Dulce, and she calls me (her baby sister) Cyn LOL!

  34. Stephanie says:

    nice photos dulce visit my website plz

  35. cute pictures!

  36. Miream75 says:

    I love the red it a dress or a shirt?

  37. those pictures are so cute
    and I've got that army t-shirt : D
    youre so pretty

  38. ladyish says:

    where'd you get your floppy hat ? it's so cute !