Olvera St

What I’m Wearing:
- Aldo black booties
- F21 Purse
- F21 Cardigan
- H&M Knee high socks
- Fashion Max yellow Top
- Vintage Casio men’s watch
- Nail Polish “Minty, Minty!” by Maybelline 

Today Jesse and I went to Olvera St located in Downtown LA.  We love this spot because it reminds us of Mexico so much.  They sell the cutest Mexican souvenirs and candy.  Also we had lunch at La Golondrina Cafe which has the best, and I mean the BEST mexican food, plus the Horchata water (rice water) is homemade and its beyond delicious (I have never tasted horchata water this good in my life). Jesse had this band come over to our table to sing me a romantic love song. How sweet is he? I love him!

 The weather was great.  The sun was peeking through the white clouds ever so often.  The cool yet warm breeze felt just right on my legs and face and really let us enjoy the day.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures I took. (and Jesse took) 

Dulce Candy


  1. carahamelie03 says:

    Your bf is so adorable! u are cute together!

  2. ipinkbeauty says:

    cute couple u guys make :D
    arroz con leche is my favoriteee!


  3. ipinkbeauty says:

    btw what color is the nail polish you have on? I like it alot


  4. Love your outfit! The shops were very cute- they remind me of Mexico too! :)

  5. Love the outfit & nail polish, I want those rings! The pictures are so beautiful and vibrant!

    love you!

  6. Random Chiq says:

    great pics! and cute outfit =)

  7. I've never seen your bf before, I'm glad to see you're posting more pictures with him!

  8. nicolepeace says:

    hi dulce may i ask what kind of camera do you have what type of nikon is it?
    thanks ! ,

  9. Shannon | Kid From The West says:

    i love the way the orange pops out!

    xoxo shannon

  10. i love the pics , loove the rings alo and u guys are so cute !!
    xo mw

  11. EmeraldC83 says:

    Love yor camera… & I like that the hubby made his modeling apperance : )

  12. glitteryeyesxx says:

    Love your nail polish sooo much! Seriously, you never take a bad pic ever! So photogenic =)

    P.S. You kinda remind me of Jessica Alba back when she still had your natural dark hair in "Dark Angel".

  13. I loveee this outfit. I need those shoes! You and your boyfriend are super cute together!

  14. champagne kisses says:

    Great post and your camera quality is amazing! xoxo

  15. Dropdeadgorjusz says:

    This really does remind me of Mexico! so much color! and of course love your outfit.


  16. I knew that was horchata! Looking lovely as always, I love that top!

  17. luvmakeupdetroit says:

    what a cute outfit! im thinking how i could try to pull that off. your bf is so cute! i can see where you style his clothes lol. im glad he knows whats best!

  18. I luv that pic of u laughing and walking, its so "in the moment!" U and your bf are too cute! Btw, luuuuuv the rings!

  19. cute

  20. Always Fabulous!

  21. TiffanyMonet says:

    You guys are too cute!!! I love your outfit.You look super comfy! xo T


  22. i love the colours of the shop merchandise! so vibrant and livelyyy

  23. aww! me encanta tu blog a penas lo encontre esta semana y wow i love ur style ;) !!! :D
    Lore! (Tampico, Mexico)

  24. Love these photos! This definitely reminds me of Mexico too (even though I'm not Mexican :P)


  25. Glamour Vault says:

    These pictures are beaauuuutiful and your makeup looks flawless!

  26. i love the pic of you and jesse!! so sweet! :D and your photography skills have improved <3

  27. sher to the vin says:

    omg your pic with your bf is so cute. i instantly smiled when i saw it. soo cute :)

  28. sweetsusy6 says:

    i love the placita olvera! its so cute! and i love all the mexican stuff!

    BTW you guys are such a cute couple!

  29. LourPeacock says:

    Woww,… good pictures… really good camera. :) good job. :D

  30. Glam and Glitter says:

    omg u guys look amazing together :) and accessories are so good :) loving the look xoxo

  31. A couple of things:

    Love the new header. Super cute!
    Love the nailpolish, I was about to ask what it was called and then saw you had already listed it.
    Sooo jealous that it's warm enough to wear shorts wherever you are. Boo.



  32. cute couple .. love the outfit & how wonderful pics that u take it with ur bf :) love it all btw I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Mexican ppl !

  33. Heyyyy Dulce!

    First I want to say I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO. I follow your youtube too!

    but I was just wondering what kind of camera you use?

  34. I love your aldo shoes! Am I check out that nailpolish.
    You are so adorable! The pictures of ya'll are so adorable too!

  35. That outfit is stunning!

  36. Super cute pics!! & omg that place looks amazing I would love to visit

    > http://vintangegal1.blogspot.com

  37. u look like a diva grl seriously u do n i loove these pictures :)

  38. I want to try horchata SO BAD!

  39. HM, horchata is so good. I'm salvadorian so horchata is something I drink regularly. I love the outfit, and those shoes! ;)

  40. tris1978ton says:

    That mustard color looks great on you!

  41. Aww you and Jesse look adorable! Cute outfit.

  42. cute pics!

  43. Jennybumblebee says:

    I love Olvera Street too!!! I used to take field trips there with my art class!!

  44. yummmm! <3 me encanta horchataaaa *w*

    y que linda su ropa!

  45. The Beauty In Me says:

    You always look FABULOUS!

  46. Omg I think I saw you! Does ur bf drive a white car??? Hehe what a small world :P

  47. waaa nice place, i like it ~
    i wish if i can go there, and as you said it looks like you are in Maxico ^^

    you and your boyfriend are great couple~ hope u guys will be togather 4 ever =)
    he care about u and go out with u , what's a prefect boyfriend !!! hehehehe =D

    i love your outfit, u really look COOL and LOVELY ^^

  48. Angry Cuban Girl says:

    Yall are soo cute and tell me why before I even READ the post I knew that was a horchata and I'm cuban! Ahh I love being hispanic, so easy to be diverse!

  49. your outfit is cool and i like your nail polish:)
    the pics are great,too^^

  50. hey. i was wondering what you would suggest wearing with neon pink pumps. could you maybe do i look? thanks!

  51. Love it. So cute outfit !

  52. I love your blog! Nice cover-up, and good pictures. Wow you have totally upgraded! Good job! Come visit my blog!



    You have a beautiful smile!
    please, check out our blog(:

  54. CosmoFreakaLeak says:

    aww in junior high it was a field trip to go to olvera st and i missed it! ive always wanted to go!

  55. moichanelcouture says:

    I love this outfit so much! And I love your makeup!

  56. Cute outfit! But what I love most are the non-fashion pictures of Olivera Street towards the end. I'm going to have to check that place out as I really love horchata…

  57. Gosh!! U n Jesse together are jus beyond adorable!!!
    May God bless you both!!

  58. I love the food at olivera st.

  59. OMGosh! I can't believe that is downton LA. I thought you were in some small bordertown, which, I love to go and shop and eat. I miss Horchata. I can't find some good Horchata in Dallas anywhere. OH, I love the outfit, very cute.

  60. Education Doctorate Degree Online says:

    i love the videos on youtube.com

  61. 06yuridia1 says:

    en donde esta la calle que les recuerda a mexico en que parte de los angeles yo vivo en palm springs california y yo he ido a la pero no en ese lugar y me gustaria visitar con mi esposo y nina so me dejas saver porfavor gracias y eres muy linda amiga ya me subscribi en tu canal bye

  62. 06yuridia1 says:

    en donde esta ese lugar que dijistes que te recuerda mexico me gustaria conocer so me dejas saver eres bien bonita

  63. wow u r gorgeous n so as ur bf he seems 2 b perfect 4 u…..!
    n how 2 take part in d contest which u were talking about…whats the contest about???

  64. vane3545 says:

    wowi pass that place like everyday and my friend wants to go man does that bring back fieldtrip memories

  65. Marlene21 says:

    were you drinking horchata i think thats how you spell it lol

  66. Natalie says:

    I visited there over the summer, fun times loved that place def reminded me of mexico.

  67. sHiReNE says:

    You guys are too cute!!! Where did you get that yellow blouse?

  68. Horchata is soooo good! There is a Mexican joint in my city that has it…it is so good!

  69. shortylegsbeauty says:

    You and Jesse are so cute together :) you really make a perfect couple.. :)

    I just have to say that you really inspire me when it comes to fashion and make-up :)
    You are amazing and I love watching your tutorials.. even tho we dont have all those stores here in Finland, it is still nice to watch cause I get ideas :)
    I can find things that are kinda the same :)

    Oh well..
    now Im gonna stop rambling :)

    take care sweetie

  70. hey !! how r u?? i m waiting for ur new tutorial or haul …….missing u byeee

  71. omg i love lucas chile powder too lol :)

  72. MonthofMay says:

    i used to think that this jesse of yours was cute but seeing these pics…i'm like, he is down right handsome looking. wow, dulce. and the way you talk about him, he seems very nice and you seem very in love.

  73. noodles2you says:

    I love Olvera St. I got a great wallet for 1.50! it works just like a regular 20.00 wallet except thats its pretty flexible! Love it! Great Pics btw!