Can you spot me w/ the M4 in the front row? This was in Kuwait before Iraq (2006)

I feel a bit silly posting pictures of myself in uniform (yet i post a lot right? LOL) but one of my SGTs just called to tell me that I’m going to be pinned to sergeant next month!!!! Wow, this means a lot to me because I officially have a lot more responsibilities and I have been waiting for this moment since I joined in 2006.

The pictures from this post are of me back in 2006-2008 in Iraq.  No new ones yet.  Jesse (the hubby) agreed to take pictures of me getting pinned so stay tune for those next month (March 6 to be exact)
 I’m going to a new unit,which means a fresh start. I already know I’m going to be mean and strict with all the males. LOL.  anyway, thank you for all the congrats on twitter.  
I’m so happy I finally made it!!!! I can’t stop smiling.  I’m just a bit nervous about it though haha, but it’s normal.  I have to start refining my skills though lol.

Dulce Candy

How I Missed SoCal weather

My new shoes from Aldo I picked out today.

Dinner at this cute cozy little restaurant.

Crab Cakes —–> First time I tried them. Their good, but not my kind of taste.

I had to snap a picture of this coat a girl was wearing at the event.  I have so many of those buttons that I plan to make my own coat with a spin off.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week——> New York I love You!

ZARA —-> My favorite store. Jesse (the boyfriend) loves this store too.  We actually just came back from a lil shopping :)

Times square NYC

My luggage. Packing causes so much stress. 

It was so cold in NYC. I literally froze my lips I couldn’t even speak.

Spent all day in Santa Monica the day before I flew out with my friend Tania :) Oh how the California weather is the best!
What I’m Wearing (First Outfit)
- Forever 21 embellished shoulder top
- Forever 21 combat boots
- Forever 21 Purse
- Macy’s Men’s watch (LOVES)
Hey Dolls!
Valentines Day was yesterday and I spent all day at the airport in NY.
For the lack of communication I spent 10 hours. Yes, 10 HOURS in JFK.  It was a long day and a LONG flight.
I came home to a new POMERANIAN omg, I was so happy. I have been wanting one forever so Chanel can have a play date.  Jesse gave me a boy and I love him so much, he named him Gizzy (like a Grizzly  Bear)  He’s only 9 weeks old and he and Chanel have been the best presents ever.  He also made me a bouquet of flowers, Synthetic ones that is, so I can keep them forever. It means a lot to me to get hand made things which require a lot of thought.  He also gave me a set of CHI hair products (because he knows me so well)  and an eco friendly (Stainless steal) water bottle.  I refuse to drink from plastic bottles as much as I did back then as  I read that it’s linked to breast cancer (for fewer words.)  We went to ZARA today because I wanted to treat him to an outfit. I love that my man let’s me have full reign on his wardrobe haha. For myself, I got some Aldo wedges shown above. Next weekend we are planning on going to Santa Barbara and having a romantic getaway :) I can’t wait for that.
 I would love to thank all of you for really taking your time out of your day to post comments and interact with me. LOVE YALL
How did you spend your V-day?
Dulce Candy


Wearing a vintage animal print top, and Bronx Zen and Now boots from
I bought these babies for New York since the weather there is very cold (in the 30′s) I needed warm over the knee boots that are stylish with a  chunky and short heel.  So I was browsing through and fell IN LOVE!!!  I will post better pictures soon on a future blog. oh and I smell like leather thanks to these puppies! LOL
Tomorrow I have two midterms, so all I have been doing all day is study,study,study.  I also have to go to Aldo to pick up some other shoes I got. (Why are they always sold out of my size!!!) 
Anyway this past weekend I got the H1N1 shot. I had no option to choose.  It didn’t hurt at all, I only felt the pressure the fluid going in my arm. So will see how THIS turns out haha
Also I’m planning a “Meet and Greet” in New York this summer (August) I’m going to contact a few gurus so we can all organize it and have a blast in NYC!!!!
Anyway have an awesome day and I just want to say thank you all for the comments on my blog and youtube. I love to read them and I appreciate them!
Dulce Candy


Thank you so much to the lovely girl who made these pretty awesome collages. I loved them :)

V-day Hair Tutorial

Here are the tools I used to create this look.  Get them here.
Great bundle price for $100
Love the purple animal print!