Never Turn Back

So I went to The American Way thrift store (Featured on MTV’s Style’d) with the hubby yesterday to see what lovely treasures we find. I found this thick patterned sweater in a XL but the fact that it’s oversized made me love it even more.
No we all know florals are coming back due to the close season change.  So when I saw the H&M floral “old lady” blazer it made me think twice. So I went to the full length mirror and found it to be quite unique and a great treasure.  I cuffed up the sleeves for a more modern look and it’s lovely to see this pastel pink lining peeking through.
The white over-sized clutch was also a must since it appears to be like a bare canvas due to it’s simplicity.  I can do so much with it.

Anyway after out little trip to the thrift store we decided to go to the mall and walk around since it was pretty empty and quite relaxing.  Jesse loves to shop at Macy’s and since he’s been with me, his style has been changing and he currently LOVES blazers just as much as I do.  How nice! We both decided to re-vamp his style and ditch those stripped polo shirts unless they are more fitted.

The bottom picks are from Wetseal.
Love the flowy flower dress for spring (or even know)
and those floral wedges are too DIE for. (don’t know why I made it all caps)
I also picked up the jersey skirt to fit my ZARA sweater.

I have a meeting at 3:30pm this afternoon and I should be in class but I have to change my attire and the meeting is in Santa Monica.  So Cal people know the horror of the 405 frwy.

Thank you guys so so much for loving my style and becoming fans on Chictopia.  I made STYLE ICON!!   I made a big deal last night when i found out and you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  With that in mind, I was invited to attend the Chictopia 10 event in New York City next weekend (Feb 13&14) ahh I am so EXCITED and i can’t wait to have fun with all of the other bloggers.

Dulce Candy


  1. Not trying to be mean or anything, but thank God your bf decided to ditch those oversized ugly polo shirts. No one should be allowed to wear those, unless they are fitted, like you said.

  2. Hey STYLE ICON! Congratulations, girly! You deserve it!

  3. LoveLifeFashionMakeup says:

    Congrats Candy. Thats awesome! Stick to something and never give up and in the end it will pay off. perseverance is everything! YOU GO GIRL! GOD BLESS

  4. Adoredior0x says:

    congrats!! so excited for you. youll be in nyc during fashion week, too :D you should def do a meet up at a sephora or forever21 or something it'd be so much fun.

  5. Shalia☮♥♫ says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey skirt! I really could use that in my wardrobe.haha.Your a real inspiration.Thank you.Also I dont feel so bad now that I shop at thrift stores:) I SHOP THERE AND IM PROUD:D haha

  6. im so happy for you..omg your going to ny…

  7. Princess Bella says:

    hey i got that dress and skirt too!…lol… i work at wet seal so i pretty much own every piece lol jk!

  8. The best title to have !

  9. EmeraldC83 says:

    ohhhh. In NYC for Valentine's Day. Congrats on your icon award.

  10. instantkarmaco says:

    Congrats for bcomning a Chictopia Style Icon!

    What are you going to wear to New York?!?!?!

  11. Oooooo I need those neon style striped leggings..where did u get them forever 21??

  12. Astérisque says:

    wow, I NEED this wedges. love them!X

  13. Sasha G.B. says:

    Love youre clutch, Style Icon baby!;)

  14. congrats on being Style Icon! i think your leggings are unique, never seen any like them, but i dunno about the old lady blazer…i def want that fitted skirt and flower wedges, though.

  15. Congrats for bcomning a Chictopia Style Icon:D so happy for u hun

  16. omg i just love your style ! wish i was that pretty and i had all your clothes and especially shoes !!!! sorry if i wrote something wrong because i'm finnish and not sure i wrote right :> i love your blog and youtube channel !♥

  17. a-gilr's-life-blog says:

    Congratulations Candy ! :) I'm so happy for you . By the way I love the white clutch .


    i was also invited to go to the fashion event from chictopia but unfortunately i wont make it i would have loved to meet u xoxox



  21. Arab-esque says:


  22. Priscilla says:

    congrats on everything going on!!american way is one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found a lacoste gym bag there and a really crazy metal clutch
    did you check out hubba hubba and swift there right next door

  23. I am not trying to be rude or mean and you have a super beautiful face but that one picture where you have yellow flats is so not good. It actually highlighted and emphasized your bow legs. Probably it would help if you cover them up the right away… probably people with the same kind of legs can benefit from that.

  24. A Love For Fashion says:

    Congrats on getting style icon!
    Love the outfits =]

    Check out my blog

  25. gabbyxoxduh says:

    Can you tell me where you got the leggings in the picture with the yellow flats also the cardigan

  26. You said the bottom picks (floral dress, gray skirt, floral shoes) were from wetseal, I've tried looking through their website for any of the items but can't find them! Could you look to see if you could find them, or do you think they aren't there anymore? Love the items! Also, congratulations on the style icon, I LOVE your style!

  27. Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie says:

    I want the floral blazer and grandma sweater! Amazing finds:)

    PAX of