weekend Recap 2

Jesse and I at his nieces baptism. I’m loving his haircut, this Puerto Rican guy hooked it up. 
Tried out this facial mask this morning since I needed something to revamp my skin from last night.  I must say, its quite invigorating.

Remember Lucas Chili powder? Well, it was found to have lead in it and it was discontinued.  I LOVED that chili poweder with everything so I was very sad when I couldn’t find it anymore.  I use to add lemon or water and just eat it like that, straight out of its container.  So when Jesse and I went to Olvera St we found Zumba!and to our surprise, it is Lucas but with a different name.

 Had the best Tacos al Pastor yesterday (which happens to be my favorite Mexican dish)
I can eat a dozen, as a matter of fact, I’m going to warm up some leftovers from yesterday right now. hmmmm

After looking at MY ROVER today, I am deeply in love.  Thank God for this new Job.
I don’t think I can look at another car the same.  I didn’t get it yet though, but with due time it’ll come.