Pink Polo and Juicy flats

Spent the afternoon at The Americana due to a school project where I had to observe people walk in and out of a certain store. Anyway, browsed through the amazing racks at Anthropology but sadly left with nothing…

Ralph Lauren  pink Polo
Juicy Couture flats (bought in Vegas! thanks babe!)
Charlotte Russe Distressed Jeans
Macy’s men’s watch

Dulce Candy

Las Vegas Pt.1

My suitcase filled with goodies…

First casino of the day. (Not a fan of gambling)

Spent the day time at Hoover Dam, this place is amazing for what it does. In one of the pictures half of my body is in Nevada and the other half is in Arizona. How cool is that?

Jesse and I had a great time on our first time in Las Vegas.  We walked around all night and went to different casinos.  
I almost got attacked by the guys at the strip that hand out “playing” cards of naked women because I refused to pick one up LOL ( not literally) He forced it in my purse haha
Did a little shopping at Juicy on our way back to L.A.

Can you tell I LOVE my new Toms? Very sparkly! 
In the H&M Dressing Room
Some of my top picks from H&M. Went on a little shopping at the Beverly Center before Vegas. 
Dulce Candy