Eaton Canyon

*Head to toe, Forever 21*… kind of
We spent our afternoon in Eaton Canyon today. I love this place, such a great site to hike and it has an admirable view of the waterfall. (next time I’m going to take my bathing suit and jump on the little water  the river has left haha)  Jesse and I walked around the trails and snapped a few outfit pictures, since this is a different scenery it gives the pictures a better taste.
It was WAY to hot in L.A. today so I wore my new blue maxi dress from Forever 21 (I had to hem it). It’s so light and it’s perfect for this weather.
Anyway, I’ve been burning my stress relief candle lately from Bath & Body Works. The scent is very enjoyable. 
Dulce Candy


  1. Fashion Rehab says:
  2. Shirley says:

    You look soo beautiful! I love the Maxi dress! :) xx

  3. FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    Beautiful and I simply love that color blue…I might need this!

    Liesl :)

  4. SdotPinkie says:

    love the dress and the scenery is sooo beautiful.

  5. perfect pairing with the gladiator sandals, check out outfits,

  6. TKOmulatta says:

    love it! the scenery is beautiful and i love the simplicity of your outfit…. your hair is so gorgeous… the length is so beautiful on you! never cut it ! ;)

  7. Courtney!;* says:

    blue looks great on you! &i love the scenary in this shoot.

  8. Lindsay LeBoyer says:

    That dress is gorgeous! Its such a great color on you! I LOVE your blog! Mine is…
    check it out! I would love it if you commented =D

  9. Cynthia says:

    I love the dress.. it looks really cute on you now, and would be a super cute maternity dress too (I wore them when I was pregnant).. Even my hubby who is not into long dresses thought it looked good.

    Oh by the way.. I think you mean "scenery".. =)

  10. Marilyn says:

    Your pictures always look so clear. What camera and lens do you use?

  11. Laura D says:

    I have a dress that kinda looks like that but in black.

    follow me:D

  12. DaedaeLfashion says:


    Check out the blog!


  13. I love blue on you!! it makes ur tan even hotter and your black hair deeper lol

  14. nice maxi dress! The blue looks good on you! Love it!

  15. It's my favorite scent @ BBW!!! I have it in body lotion, cream, pillow mist, etc etc, in everything!

    I love the Maxi, I ordered a similar one on (but since my chest is a size 32D I can't wear the style you wore, womp womp). You look absolutely fabulous, babe!!

  16. Love the dress! Love the scene for your pictures, you always look soooo pretty!!! :D Love ur videos too!

  17. You look gorgeous and you seem so peaceful. :)

  18. TiffanyMonet says:

    You look great! That color is so pretty! =) I love Maxi dresses! xo T

  19. tris1978ton says:

    Beautiful color.

  20. Priscilla says:

    ive been there but i went up the rocking stream your feet get to wet its such a challenge when i got to the top there was the heavy waterfall small but heavy
    you look effortless!

  21. Cindi Lizzbeth says:

    That dress and that color look so beautiful on u…live it

  22. extremelyemily says:

    You look beautiful as usual girl! You gotta rock that maxi dress for all the petite girls out there! (like me, lol) the scenic pictures are gorgeous too, love how sunny and pretty everything is!


  23. you got the maxi dress!!!! very nice =)


    love the maxi dress and they r so cheap like 12.50 banging price and they look amazing xoxo

  25. very pretty and i love the scenery pics
    xx mwza

  26. Candy! I thought you looked beautiful, but I would have loved to see your tinkerbell hair for this outfit! That color suits you by the way!

  27. Maggie ☮ says:

    great dress =] you actually inspired me to go get the one from old navy now! =]

  28. R-a2bit says:

    I love this dress. is sweet.
    This is your color.

  29. Serafin says:

    love the vibrant blues

  30. The beautiful life says:

    a wonderful location…and you….you look georgous as always!

  31. misakidxb says:

    you look so beautiful=]
    i loved your maxi dress, nice colour ^^

    Please.. visit my bolg>>>>>>>>

  32. bethebest says:

    you look like indian

  33. *adictaalshopping* says:

    love your dress! especially the color, that blue is one of my favs! :D

  34. i am soo loving the blue :)

  35. fallenangelforever says:

    That dress looks great on you. I find maxi dresses so intreging but I can never wear one. I always feel they make me look like I'm pregnant because of the way they hang on my body. haha >< And I deff don't want that when im only soon to be 20 but people often think I'm around the age of 15.

  36. rabiyadaprincess says:

    hey Dulce you look so lovely in the dress…u gave me a good idea to get a maxi dress. I'm going on holiday on 1st August and i don't know what the hell to wear as it is going to be really hot there too and i live in the UK so it's never that hot over i think i might buy a maxi now…thanx

  37. so pretty & I love the maxi dress :o) XOXOXO

  38. Diva713 says:

    blue fits you!… nice picture!

  39. Wow ! You look amazing ! :D xx

  40. Embodying Fashion says:

    Cute dress and i love your long, dark hair they are so beautiful!

  41. The dress's color is gorgeous and I agree, the scenery just added to it!

  42. So always…I really love your maxi dress!

  43. OMG I love Eaton Canyon too!!! I go there all the time. And yeah, wayy too hot yesterday haha =) Adorable dress!!

  44. thickink says:

    i think you can pull of a really nice elegant look!

    you should try it out
    hint hint

    love it!

  45. Chrissy says:

    Love the color of this dress. It's such a gorgeous blue and draws attention.

  46. angel38671 says:

    loved the maxi dress!!

    pls cgeck out my blog, im still new and i rly would some follwers (not to be rude or anything)

  47. pinkcorazon85 says:

    i want that dress. im really into maxi dresses and that one is different. love the criss cross

  48. Wow, your hair look so long and beautifum, it's amazing! but how do you do?
    Kiss from France

  49. you look so beautiful as always

  50. MademoiselleLuxe says:

    what a beautiful dress! great color!

  51. "Chatty Patty" says:

    I love the dresses but my boobies are big and they can never fit me in the right places. You look great!

  52. awesome pictures ;) u l00k great!!

  53. Goodbyegurl says:

    i love it! i really wanted to meet you in person…forever21 are much cheaper here in the Philippines..

  54. I recently got a dress pretty much looks like that! and i was not assured how 2 wear it!!
    you always inspire me <3
    its gorgous


    I love this style
    is this beautiful dress, shoes, hairstyle, well all I liked …
    I love your blogger …
    I'm your fan. the blogger, youtube ….

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  56. This style of dress is beautiful on you!!! You look great in the color too =]

  57. FashionSugarBubbles says:

    nice maxi dress!

    if u want check this out and please guys be follower!(if u want :P)

  58. MissEllolisoss says:

    You look gorgeous in that maxi dress!! :D <3 The color really suits you <3 =)

  59. the color of this dress is awesome!

  60. Ali Skye says:

    that color blue looks GORGEOUS! especially with your tan skin tone!

    and i love the bag!!!

    great maxi dress! it looks amazing on you! i love how they look, but whenever i try them on at a store, they always make me look soooo short!

    Ali Skye

  61. Cute dress!!! I love love love the color!! It is adorable..

    I could use a stress candel. lol too bad I cant have them in my dorm room…

  62. Vanessa&Denise says:

    Love the spn you put on the straps of this maxi dress!

    check out my blog!

  63. you are rocking that dress! x

  64. duBBaluBBa says:

    when did you get the maxi from f21? i searched the site up and down and didn't see it anywhere :'(