Farmers Market and The Grove

ZARA Top, ZARA Shoes, Juicy Couture Necklace, Casio Men’s watch, Hamsa red bracelet, Forever 21 Skirt, Ring, Purse.

Since the weather was great in LA today, Jesse and I went shopping at the Grove. We shopped at Zara and had ice cream.  You might recognize this location from The Hills.

Dulce Candy


  1. alexa p. says:

    I love the grove – such a great place to shop! Have you tried Beard Papa yet? They have a small kiosk at the grove – and they're totally popping up everywhere now :)

  2. I adore your outfit! :)x

  3. Your pictures remind me of San Antonio's RiverWalk (the pictures of you on the bridge). It was soooo pretty there, and had tons of awesome restaurants. Great shots dulce candy!!

  4. Sweet Susy says:

    WOW. i have not been to the grove for years. And you look so beautiful! I love that style of clothes!

  5. minaischic says:

    I looove what are you wearing!!!!
    im so inspiring!!

  6. TKOmulatta says:

    I love the shoes! You look beautiful as always, and that scenery is beautiful!! What a great shopping area…

  7. AshleeCullen18 says:

    I go there all the time! Hopefully sometime I run into you there!

  8. I went to the Grove just one time and it was late.. I loved it.. would love to go back.. Beard papa!! they opened in Orlando!! so great ;-) loving the outfit

  9. Jennifer says:

    LOVE your skirt! I just wrote a few seconds ago about how I'm loving floral prints, and that skirt is perfect!

  10. anneorshine says:

    Very cute outfit! Loving the floral shorts. I wish there was a Zara closer to me =)

  11. Hollywood says:

    I love your booties I have some pretty similar to your because in Paris they are sold out at ZARA !

  12. You look absolutely gorgeous, I think this is a great way to combine the denim shirt. Maybe I will try this myself.
    And I love the coral bag from Forever21..wish they have the store here!

  13. Kara Cupcake♥ says:

    gorgeous outfit!


  14. Aw, I love what your wearing & the place looks awesome (:

  15. FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    I love the Farmer's Market at The Grove and what lovely weather we have had…you look beautiful!

    Liesl :)

  16. the weather is good in Cali today. I love ur shoes!

    stop by.

  17. TiffanyMonet says:

    You look pretty! Your like me alot…=) (We never get tired of shopping!? lol!

  18. GraceS2uh says:

    Cute outfit! :)

  19. Wendy Peralta says:

    Amazing, once AGAIN!

  20. siwing says:

    LOVELY !! i need to stop by The Grove next time I'm in LA !!

  21. I think you have an amazing style and that is a fabulous outfit! Official inspiration :)

  22. ilovemeanjel says:

    i love the grove! when i go to LA i always go there cause my husbands family lives near by..:) love your shoes!

  23. Cid Style File says:

    Live in LA my whole life & never been to The Grove, gotta check it out.
    Love the denim shirt, I am really loving denim every thing right now!

  24. Edwina says:

    you look awesome, as always :)

  25. Sandy4UPLZ says:

    Love this outfit totally screams spring! <3

  26. x Ms. Lorraine x says:

    Hi there Dulce,
    I noticed how long your hair is getting, it looks great! I was wondering if you have ever gone to a hairstylist to put color in and they recommended that they need to cut atleast 2 inches off your hair? My hairstylist recommended it to me after getting highlights put in. I have barely grown out my hair to a long length and i would hate to get it cut now. I'm wondering what you would do in that situation….any advice would be much appreciated.

  27. CopyCat says:

    love the look :)
    excellent photos :))

  28. Ivanka says:

    SO cute!!!

  29. jennamaria says:

    Super cute outfit!

  30. Cassie says:

    I need some fashion advice please! I really like the shorter skirts, they flatter my skinny legs better. My problem is though, what kind of undergarment do you suggest? Something more full coverage so if your skirt catches they wind nothing is exposed? Something sexy/lacy? Or some spandex/boxer type style? I am 21 and kind of modest but I wanna start showing a little leg, but not a little tush!

  31. baby_guess_wut says:

    love all your outfits. Do you work? cause I just started to whatch your movies a month ago and you are always shopping. Good for you not hateing at all. Just wondering how you do it? Much love

  32. I like this outfit. Very cute and girly. The shoes round it all up.

  33. fashiondoll says:

    wow .. did you ever seen one oft ne girls from The Hills?? :))
    love your outfit, where are your puppies??

  34. Great photos :) You look very pretty ;]

  35. Belinda :) says:

    Wow nice! I really love that skirt!

  36. victoriathebeautyblogger says:

    I wish I lived around there, the east coast has nothing as gorgeous as this!

  37. I love your outfit!! =) I made a hairband the other day which would look cute with it.

  38. Naty1129 says:

    omg, LA looks gorgeous. I hope to go soon :]

  39. Miruku says:

    Nice take on the denim shirt trend!

  40. You look so lovely! My god! Love the skirt so much! Have a great weekend :)

  41. oOoLaLaALA says:

    Hey candy. I made you a new spring/summer youtube banner! hope you like :)



  42. NK2020 says:

    all the pics are wonderful& u look so pretty LOVE the top & the shoes& the bag & all what U wear ;D

  43. tris1978ton says:

    Pretty outfit. Looks like a beautiful, sunny day!

  44. I love your outfit!

    I love wearing those types of skirts like what you're wearing, however, where I live it is always soo windy! Do you wear any particular short shorts over your underwear or do you just wear underwear underneath?

    If anything, could you make a post or a video about it? Especially when summer is near and the winds are going to be extra breezy. Thank!

  45. ClassyCoakley says:

    hey! i love your style a lot =) i actually wore an outfit very similar to yours and it's so cool how we both switched it up a little!


    cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  47. FashionSugarBubbles says:

    nice pics !
    if u want visit my blog! :D

  48. QuelMarth says:

    hey! seriously, where do you live? this place is very nice!!

    p.s. I love your outifts! They're very inspiring;)