Nylon May 2010 Feature!!!

I feel so blessed to be featured as one of the beauty bloggers in Nylon Magazine!
The video below is what happened behind the scenes at the photoshoot. I can’t believe I came across as shy! well, I was LOL. It’s so weird because I was talking to the video producer the whole time just fine but as soon as she put the camera on my face, I totally froze! ugh, I really hate to see myself like this.


  1. congrats dulce candy !! you deserve all your success !!! :) i love watching your videos and reading your blog !!

  2. awww Dulce Congrats. i'm so happy for you girly. you come such a long way, and your are making your dreams happen girl! and don't stop yet, i believe you have more to come :)

  3. Congrats again ! :D

  4. Samysalsa says:

    Congrats!! You totally deserve it! Your videos have taught me so much and its great to see a latina with a skin tone similar to mine! It helps alot more.

    PS- Did you get that white shirt at target? I think i have that one! :)

  5. wow, awesome! congrats!
    you look fabulous, as always ;D

  6. Fashion Rehab says:

    Wow congrats, keep doing your thing. :D

  7. congrats!

  8. TiffanyMonet says:

    Congrats Sweetie! After all your hard work you deserve it! I hope the best for you! xo T


  9. hey! this is sooo amazing…
    you are doing an amazing job…
    keep them coming gurl

  10. stephaniebergman says:

    Congratulations!!!You really deserve all this exposure,you have a lot of talent.The best thing about you is that you are true to yourself, and thats what makes you so lovable!xxx

  11. FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    Woo Hoo!!! CONGRATS…you deserve it!

    Liesl :)

  12. Dear Beauty Diary says:

    Congrats! I would have been very upset if i didnt see u in the magazine im going to go pick it up ! you look gorjess! makeup is amazing!So happy for you! You are an inspiration, you inspired me to go back to my girly ways and to be happy and positive instead of holding grudges thanks luv you deserve it!

  13. oOoLaLaALA says:

    WOW omg I'm sooo proud of your Dulce! CONGRATS! You look super beautiful in the video and magazine. You really deserve all thats coming for you because you work really hard to succeed! Stay gorgeous!

    ♥.♥.♥*XOXO ALA*♥.♥.♥

  14. lovenessaalana says:


  15. Hollywood says:

    Wow Congratulations Doll ! that's Fabulous

  16. SHDN the rain drop says:

    hi dulce you look wonderful .. ur real name sounds cool can you say it in ur next video .. i feel that i'm saying it wrong and i don't wanna kill ur name :P congrats

  17. congrats!!! i love your videos and blog posts! :)

  18. LourPeacock says:

    Congratulations Dulce! :)

    It looks like you are shy,.. at the video.. that's cute. :D

  19. Congrats abaot this one too! you have really succeed doing your blog and all the videos! (: so keep doing what you do dulce !! :)

  20. RiekeDance says:

    Oh wow its so cool that you are in a magazine! I really love reading your blog and watching your vids on youtube! I am obsessed with you Dulce :D xo Rieke

  21. Wendy Peralta says:

    Oh my gosh! Amazing. Kep on growing Dulce. =D


  22. moichanelcouture says:

    congrats! youre so cute on the video, totally different from your youtube vids, so shy and all but id be the same so super adorable <3


  23. silya-booknewlook says:

    don't be shy girl! You're a star!

  24. fashiondoll says:

    wow congrats beauti!!!!!!
    ireally love you & your videos…i was one of ne first subbies :)))
    love from germany

  25. Keeley Laura says:

    Aww well done! :) you deserve it :) x

  26. EmeraldC83 says:

    Wow! Congrats! This is soooo AMAZING! I hope I can go as far as you have as a blogger.

  27. xtinasbeauty says:

    OMG you did fine and didn't seem shy at all! Congrats girl!

  28. wow! I do not even know how you envy:) visit, so many brilliant places, you're in the popular newspapers. Your boyfriend probably bursting with pride: P greet the Polish!

  29. That is awesome.. Congrats!

  30. Sencillamente Kyra says:

    WWoOoW congrats !!!!! A greeting from your seguidora from Spain .

  31. Sweet Susy says:

    YEAH!!!! HOw exciting! You are a natural on taking pics! Congrats and Im soo happy that you are being successful! Much Love chica! n_n

  32. callmezoom says:

    you're simply too AWESOME!

  33. Congrats! This is so great :D

  34. nice to see a young latina doing her thang, http://caricollazo.blogspot.com

  35. You go, girl! i don't even know you, and I'm so proud of you! =D

  36. Sandy4UPLZ says:

    CONGRATS girly im so proud of you!!!

  37. wow congrats! I'm happy for you! I am going to check out a bookstore to see if they have the nylon magazine there cause urbanoutfitters doesn't update them to often.


  38. pinkcorazon85 says:

    i think you did a great job! you have accomplished so much, I cant wait to see more of the wonderful things you get to do. For I know there will be LOTS more

  39. You look so shy:) I was nervous with you. In time you will get used to all the atention you deserve.

  40. Well done Girl!

  41. congrats!! you deserve it :)
    i love watching your videos and looking at your blog posts! i just bought the magazine today :D

  42. FashionSugarBubbles says:

    well done ! congrats dulce candy !
    if u want visit my blog ! :D


    Dulce Candy … thousand congratulations on the magazine … you deserve it, since you are one of the blogger's most requested,,, besides that your blog is always very interesting …
    loves you.
    congrats again…
    'll follow in fecebook, twitter and here on the blog..

  44. anneorshine says:

    wow congratulations! You look beautiful girl and I'm so glad they picked you 'cause you're one of my favorite guru.


  45. you looked gorgeous in the video! and the shyness added to it… =) x

  46. Katarzyna says:

    so proud of you Dulce :)

  47. Katarzyna says:

    so proud of you Dulce :)

  48. Oh that's cool!!! I really love the article.

  49. "Chatty Patty" says:

    Congrats to you on all your successes!

  50. congratss ,u deserve it !! <3

  51. axplove03 says:

    You deserve this girl..congratulations..whoo hoo!!

  52. Cherokee says:

    heyy, i can understand your shyness being featured in a magazine. Congrats though, celebrate!!!!

  53. wheresmyteacup says:

    thats amazing ! i love nylon, i wish i was subscribed, but really, dulce i love your channel and blog, your like the only latina girl out there (youtube gurus) and you represent yourself so well . it`s so inspiring . you`re outfits are always fabulous too ! thanks for all that you`ve done for us fans !

  54. The Forever Optimist says:

    dulce dont be hard on yourself! you were awesome in the video, you seemed calm and sophisticated…it looked really good actually!

  55. Awaiting says:

    so buying this magazine! :D

  56. FAB_Ladee says:

    Ohmy gooodnesss mamas, Congrats love. It's absolutely crazy how much people can grow and reachh all the way up to being on national magazines!

    You DESERVE it, since you have impeccable style and such humble way about ourself, you definitely inspire me<3

    much love,
    Kimly<3 (fabladee)

  57. Michelle Holtegaard says:

    Hi dulce candy!
    I'm a huge fan you :)
    I live in Denmark (Europe) and I don't think the nylon magazine is sold here. I really want to read more of your "article" but there was only a few lines I could read :(

    Keep up the good work and congrats!

    - Love Michelle Holtegaard Petersen

  58. misakidxb says:

    congrats dulce candy :D
    you look sooooo beautiful ^^

  59. wow! this is fantastic! you really deserve it! i love your blog and your vids! i follow you on youtube since you startet uploading your videos!
    you are so inspiring!

  60. LOVEKITZY says:

    aww congrats dulce candy!! and i dont think you came off across like shy, you just weren't as casual as you usually are on youtube.. you were being more professional which is cool~

  61. Wow I am so happy for you, you really REALLY deserve it ! Congrats !!

  62. Valerie Barbie says:

    sooo exciting! very cool dulce :) that is a HUGE deal. i absolutely love NYLON.

  63. Sasha G.B. says:

    Well done, Dulce! You are super nice, but you're so shy or it seems.
    Anyway, you're beautiful and go on, babe! Congrats!

  64. MissEllolisoss says:

    Aww..Congratz!!:D <3<3 You deserve it!! =)<3 <3

  65. lovevanity1 says:

    congrats dulce!

  66. Amazing! Congrats…:-)

  67. I think you look and sound great! Dont worry bout it!

  68. …do you want to copy the articole about you and publish on the blog???I really want to read it but in Romania I can't…all the best!!!

  69. Congratulations Dulce candy! thats so awesome very proud of you! keep doing your thing girl!!

  70. kar0lr0cks says:


  71. LittleMuki says:

    Good for you girl :) I'm proud with you. Keep up the good work and make us happy as we r now :) (well i'm, don't know for the others)

  72. Congrats :D DulceCandy I'm so happy for u hun !!!

  73. Cherryblossom says:

    Congrats! You were awesome in the video, and I don't think that you came off as shy :-)
    I am upset though…..I have a subscription to Nylon and have NOT gotten this issue yet!!!! I better get it soon :-)
    You and Candy J are both amazing!

  74. Congrats! wow!! i am very happy for you. I always read you blog, but i never really comment.
    i love everything u do on youtube, it entertains me so much.
    Amazing job, i'll be following.
    bye, take care, have a nice day.
    ps: i LOVE your Nikon camera.

  75. DiamondSelina says:

    Congrats Dulce! I watch your videos and read your blog so faithfully I feel like I know you! lol But I'm so proud … you deserve it!
    -Diamond Selina


  76. Aww you look GREAT!!! Felicitaciones! =]

  77. Congrats!! :) You did great on the interview!

  78. Arrianne says:

    You did fine Dulce, there's nothing wrong with being shy. It's endearing.

  79. patriceriley says:

    Oh wow!!! Congrats!!..Truly a blessing!