Las Vegas Pt.1

My suitcase filled with goodies…

First casino of the day. (Not a fan of gambling)

Spent the day time at Hoover Dam, this place is amazing for what it does. In one of the pictures half of my body is in Nevada and the other half is in Arizona. How cool is that?

Jesse and I had a great time on our first time in Las Vegas.  We walked around all night and went to different casinos.  
I almost got attacked by the guys at the strip that hand out “playing” cards of naked women because I refused to pick one up LOL ( not literally) He forced it in my purse haha
Did a little shopping at Juicy on our way back to L.A.

Can you tell I LOVE my new Toms? Very sparkly! 
In the H&M Dressing Room
Some of my top picks from H&M. Went on a little shopping at the Beverly Center before Vegas. 
Dulce Candy

Spring/Summer F21 picks

Enjoy my last haul video from Forever 21. “Spring Fashion Must Haves”
The pictures on this post are the most recent purchases. I fell in love with the tulip skirt, and the ruffly bra. I can’t wait to wear a maxi skirt and show a bit of stomach during the summer in this. All items where bought today, so if you see something you like, it might still be there. Remember, since its fast fashion, items don’t typically ever come back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good which is why I don’t hesitate to get it when I see something I love.

On another note, THANK YOU to all my tweeps! We reached 30,000+ followers!!!!
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Brings May Flowers

Wearing: F21 romper, purse, and boots. Calvin Klein black tights, Charlotte Russe belt, Fashion Gal black cardi
An outfit similar to yesterdays. All I seem to find in my closet right now are florals, the easiest way to warm up my outfit up is by wearing tights.
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Thank You Loves!
Dulce Candy

April Showers

(Wearing: ZARA cardigan, Hot Miami Styles black top, Forever 21 skirt, shoes, clutch, ring, bracelet, and necklace)

This is what I wore to my confirmation class on a lovely (but cold) Tuesday night.
Finally received my Alexander Wang pumps I bought from Barney’s last week. These HAVE to be the most conformable pumps I own.
The day was rainy and cloudy, typical April day here in L.A. So Jesse and I went for some breakfast at one of my favorite cafes, Mimi’s Cafe. The pancakes look lovely.
Dulce Candy

From LA to NY…

 I had a wonderful day prior to my NYC trip. Jesse and I spent all day at The Americana  in Glendale CA shopping around where I bought these new Aldo wedges.  We also saw “Why did I get married too!?” Which overall was full of drama and a real tear jerker.

  (Like my room? very European I must say.)

 The trip to New York was incredible! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to share the details with you pretty soon. The night I flew in I met up with Elle (AllthatGlitters21), Ava, and her Mom for dinner at Tao! It was nice to finally see Elle again and bond over all the girl talk we had last night. She is super sweet!

Ava is the CEO of her own Skin/Makeup Line, yes and she is only 16! This girl is incredibly adorable and smart.  Lear more about what she does HERE I promise you will be amazed.

***My flight boards in 15 minutes, so I apologize because I couldn’t share more.***

Dulce Candy