Santa Monica

Made some sugar cookies that came out delicious this morning, I had bought them back in February to bake them for Valentine’s Day but completely forgot about them :( They deflated a little though. Aren’t they so cute!?

Spent the whole day shopping in Santa Monica with my man, our feet were KILLING us by the end of the day. We had some Italian food (yummy), and then I came home and got on BlogTV, it was so much fun talking to all of you.

*Wearing a Zara top*

Dulce Candy

Alexander Wang Natasha Pump

So I finally bought these babies just now at  I’ve been eyeing these Alexander Wang pumps for the LONGEST time and I said to my self: “What the heck, why not?” Ok, I was very bored so I went online shopping, and since I’ve been on a high horse these past few weeks I decided to get them. I don’t know why or who caused this on me because I usually never buy designer shoes but let me tell you, I have been doing nothing but looking at some fabulous shoes. *sight* I’m in LOVE.  I had to expedite the shipping because I cannot wait any longer.

Watch me do it…

Gangstas don’t dance, they boogie. PT 2 from Dulce Tejeda on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things to do is this…. alone in my room
I hope me being silly makes you laugh :)

1. BTNH-For the love of money
2. Eazy-E- Real Motha**** G’s
3. Mark Morrison- Return of the Mack
4. Timex Social Club- Rumors
5. New Boyz FtRay J ”Tie Me Down”

Eaton Canyon

*Head to toe, Forever 21*… kind of
We spent our afternoon in Eaton Canyon today. I love this place, such a great site to hike and it has an admirable view of the waterfall. (next time I’m going to take my bathing suit and jump on the little water  the river has left haha)  Jesse and I walked around the trails and snapped a few outfit pictures, since this is a different scenery it gives the pictures a better taste.
It was WAY to hot in L.A. today so I wore my new blue maxi dress from Forever 21 (I had to hem it). It’s so light and it’s perfect for this weather.
Anyway, I’ve been burning my stress relief candle lately from Bath & Body Works. The scent is very enjoyable. 
Dulce Candy

My Sexy Readers

Words cannot describe how GORGEOUS you all are!
So we are back for round two, this post looks a lot more organized and put together plus the other one was crashing my blog:(
So anyway I was pretty much just saying that I am very thankful to have all of you be a part of my blog. I got overly excited every time I had a new sultry picture from you guys in my inbox. Thanks for taking your time to e-mail them to me.
Looking at all these pictures you are able to see how WE ARE ALL beautiful in many different ways (and we can be hella sexy too! haha)
I hope you guys enjoy this post. Love you SO much.

Dulce Candy