Grandmas Pins


My lovely mother went through a period where she loved nothing but denim jackets.
A few months back she went through some major closet cleaning and gifted me with
a bunch of vintage blazers and old jackets like this one. In a size Large, it still fits
me like a glove.
Last night, I was going through my junk jewelry basket and came across all of these
pins. I was thinking about a way to organize them so just in case I ever wanted to
add a few pins to shirts, pants, bags, or anything, I can have a clear view of where
they were and how they looked. So I started to mount them in this Levi’s jacket and
fell in love with the whole USO style of the final look.
This definitely became an item that I know I will be the only one in the world to have
something like this. I encourage you to try it with your own pins. It was super fun, and
it’s a great activity to do on your spare time or while watching television.
A lot of you commented to add them to the sleeves and neck area only, and while thats
a great idea, I love the whole clustered look of this.

Dulce Candy