New Life


Forever 21 Dress, Shoes bought in Texas 2 years ago.

So I was contemplating whether to tell you guys so soon but I HAVE TO. 
Well, because I want nothing more right now than to blog about it the whole way.
So guess what?????????????


Yes, after 3 years of trying with Jesse we finally conceived last month. We are
extremely happy and blessed. We are 7 weeks long right now, and boy is this baby
taking ALL of my energy. All I want to do right now is sleep,sleep,sleep. Which is
why I have been blogging less often. I’m just not in the mood do put any thought into
my outfits. The good news is that I will be blogging about ways to dress chic and
sophisticated while pregnant. Just because I have a bun in my oven does not mean
I’m going to reach for my mommy jeans in the back of my closet. Oh no I won’t.
So anyway I might just start a baby blog, who knows.
But WOW, Jesse and I are so happy. I’m 23 and ready to be a Mom, this is the right
age for me. I thank God for giving me this baby and a man who’s there for me
through everything, even when I’m being a meanie butt to him :)