Forever 21 Dress, Charlotte Russe shoes, Casio watch, & Hamsa bracelet

Today I am in the 8th week of my pregnancy. Still tired as never before, but I refuse to
neglect my blog. So I took all the energy left in me to get dressed, put on a smile, 
and take outfit pictures.


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  2. So pretty!

  3. TKOmulatta says:

    You look beautiful Dulce. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. My little girl is almost 9 months old now :) Cherish every moment of being pregnant. I miss it sometimes. <3

  4. You look stunning as always! Lovin that blue eyeliner- it makes your eyes pop! Adoring this outfit, need to get that dress and shoes! You're seriously one of most amazing gals ever- I don't know how you do what you do girl! I hope you don't over work yourself over the upcoming months! Rest some doll, soOoo happy for you and your family!
    I look forward to future (any/all) posts from you! ♥

  5. PatriciaKBaby says:

    Love the outfit but pretty soon no more high heels for dulcecandy….

  6. nikki.k says:

    CONGRATS on your first baby! I have 2 little girls and they LOVE to play with makeup just like thier mama. Your tiredness will go away…..when your baby is 18. ^_^ Love the outfit as usual and the shoes are to SO cute!

  7. you look so cute! I wonder how far along you'll be when you stop wearing heels. lol

  8. Courtney!;* says:

    i love that dress! &your make up looks great today.

  9. Peace.Love.Makeup says:

    you're gorgeous, your skin is prefect and beautiful! Keep doing what your doing!!
    <3 Rachel

  10. Saudia K says:

    You are simply stunning! I love the dress. I'm thinking about picking one up :) .. and get lots of rest! <3

  11. Ducia Ciao says:

    You look great Dulce! ; ).

    I love it how you do have that glow. It's good to start a family with someone whom you love and can advance with.

    Please check out my blog if you can! Thanks : ).

  12. iesharenee' says:

    you look amazing
    your getting the glow
    congrats baby doll.

  13. So cute hun! Love the pattern! Kinda makes it look purple! =)

    Come check out my blog (subscribe if you like=):

  14. honeydoodles says:

    You are gorgeous, have incredible style, and I'm sure you will have a beautiful baby!

  15. LOve your dress and shoes!

  16. beautyjunkee says:

    aww my sister-in-law is 9 weeks pregnant, so close to you! they just found out the baby is due 1/28/2011 so you'll probably be due around then too : )

  17. Veronika says:

    wow your skin looks FLAWLESS in these pics and I love love love the blue liner too :) I must try out that look!

  18. Wow ! Lovely dress :D ! Ur heels is sickkkk :D !!

    Ps: Beautiful smile


  19. Fashion Rehab says:

    Lovely dress!!!

    You look pretty :)

  20. pretty! like the dress! glad to know that you will not neglect ur blog because i really look forward to reading it! you look so pretty! keep up the awesome work, and travel safe to london! :)

  21. you look absolutely gorgeous :) i admire your diligence with your blog! i get lazy a lot and end up not taking pictures but i always have outfits floating around in my head ready to be styled

    you are an inspiration

  22. tefymiranda says:

    Loved the pictures & the hint of color with your eye makeup! Awww I'm so happy for you & Jesse! Seriously. It's to the point where I tell people OMG did you hear? Dulce Candys prego! & they're like who?! & I go, seriously? It's dulcecandy from YouTube stupid! haha but yeah I really am excited for you! & I can't believe you're still leaving the states this summer! But have fun! XOXO Tefy

  23. BombbDotCom says:

    Love the eyeliner!
    You look great.=)

  24. u look pretty!! <3
    congrats with the baby

  25. Grace Yoo says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! must be hard but stay strong loveyou!!!

  26. cute outfit and those shoes are gorgeous!!

  27. Valerie says:

    You look stunning! I love your hair and your outfit <3 I am so happy and excited for you! Thank you for sharing with us the good news, I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy =)

  28. Hollywood says:

    Congratulations Beautiful,
    I am so Happy for you =)


  29. Jess Rae says:

    thank you so much for still posting stuff for your followers on your blog! thats sweet of you. Cant wait tell 223 days are over. ur gonna have the most fashionable baby evvvvr

  30. Scientist says:

    Your gonna be such a cute mom, congrats again!!!!

  31. CurvylishDelish says:

    Dulce, I am so incredibly happy for you. You have Dedicated so much of your inner passion for the art of you tubing and blogging- bringing so much joy to our lives and enabling us to dream and achieve-you are the epitome of a guru. You are a very beautiful person inside my heart. May you enjoy every moment of your new journey and keep on glowing.

  32. Mucha fuerza para ese bebe!!!

  33. woo i love it!! thanks for taking the time to post this and take pics…we really appreciate it :) you look great! as always!

  34. Makeup and Beauty says:

    This Dress is very flattering! Love it!

  35. I saw you on sunday in the parking lot of the glendale galleria!! i got all excited and whispered to my boyfriend that you were the girl from the fashion blog i watch!! LOL

  36. TiffanyMonet says:

    Cute outfit! I like the Blue eyeliner.. xo T


  37. FashionHippieLoves says:

    lovely dress


  38. prettyinpink894 says:

    You look gorgeous!

  39. Katrina says:

    so gorgeous! You do have a glow! Pregnancy is beautiful!

  40. I really love the colors and pattern of the dress the most! This outfit as a whole though is one to love. And you are definitely glowing! Glad to see you are still putting in as much energy as you can to provide for us, your followers. But I'm sure we'd all understand, as this is a very tiresome process in the pregnancy. We'll still be here though, and wishing you lots of luck throughout it all! :)

  41. Tiffany says:

    Dulce, you are such an inspiration and style icon! your blog posts never disappoint and are always beyond amazing! congrats on having a baby! hoping to see some pics of baby Dulce when the time comes :)

  42. Tiffany says:

    Dulce, you are such an inspiration and style icon! your blog posts never disappoint and are always beyond amazing! congrats on having a baby! hoping to see some pics of baby Dulce when the time comes :)

  43. Sweet Susy says:

    awwww..Dulce thank you for putting so much effort on this blog! Girl you should just be relaxing…hehehe
    Y te ves bella chica!
    Ur makeup is really nice too n of course ur whole outfit!

  44. You Know They Say You Shouldn't Wear Heels When Your Pergo Because It Does Something To The Baby.

  45. You are so sweet, cant wait to follow you on the journey of your pregnancy!

  46. those shoes are great, and such a great find from charlotte russe!

  47. dulce muchisimas felicidades, es una bendicion ser mama, yo tenia la misma edad que tu cuando quede embarazada ahora mi bb tiene casi 4 anios :) jajaja.
    estoy segura vas a ser una excelente mama, por otro lado me encanta como te vistes y es obvio que te vas a vestir super fashion con tu pancita :) i cant wait!!!.
    te deseo lo mejor del mundo!!!!!

  48. Ha! You're in Burbank. By the mall and the 5. Uhm isn't it bad to wear heels during pregnancy?

  49. You look beautiful! Also, that is the perfect title for this post.

  50. Katarína says:

    hi, i´m from Slovakia, so sorry for my english but i just wanna let you know, that i really enjoy reading your posts. In this times when you don´t have energy, you can just sit and write something about your day or life, you don´t need to take pictures. I have best friend who is pregnant and I see, how is she tired and she even felt in supermarket from low pressure :/ so be careful.

    I wish you best luck :)

  51. Astride says:

    Mira que feliz y que linda te ves!!! =] I love it!! oooh, what's the toenail polish???? lovely color!!! absolutely gorgeous!! =]

  52. you look gorgeous

  53. FaithLeah says:

    you look very pretty and yes you do have that glow, and i'm sorry that you are so tired, i'm dreading when I have kids cause I know my baby will kick my butt too, lol!!!!!

  54. sachinidilanka says:

    wow…u look so pretty…
    visit my blog as well.

  55. KarinasToast says:

    You are so beautiful and you have the best taste! Love you girly! :)

  56. You look pretty ^^

  57. FizzyPOP says:

    cute but how do you still walk in heels? dont your feet get swollen? mine did when i was preggo,i never wore heels during pregnancy not only does it hurt but the stress of being on your feet transfers to the baby..just trying to help,please keep posting id love to see what outfits you come up with when you get bigger;)

  58. Shreesh says:

    congrats dulce…..but its not so good to wear high heels in pregnancy

  59. Ariadne says:


  60. BALKAN COUTURE says:

    You look stunning :D


  61. i really appreciate that you took all your energy to do this pictures for us!!! hope u will feel a bit better in a few days/weeks

    enjoy your pregnancy


  62. Stavroula says:

    I love the blue eyeliner and the shoes! ;) Take care Dulce Candy! :)

  63. U look SoOo Pretty ,,, Pregnancy is a wonderful think in life<<

  64. BTW I love the blue eyeliner << So CoOoL

  65. Your dress is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of the amazing weather out there! When do you set off for London?!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

  66. OpEn HeArT with SMiLeZZ says:

    Dulce!Que bella!!! For sure you are an inspiration!! Congratulations on the most beautiful thing in the world is having a baby. xoxo God Bless

  67. Schnelle Couture says:

    you look great! i love your outift. those heels are to die for!

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  69. I'm in love with this dress!!!

  70. Stephine says:

    Your IMATS video was so fun. Glad you were okay, overwhelmed and heat don't mix. Your outfit it so cute, can't wait to watch you grow. Congrats on the baby and take it easy. You've got a little one inside you so you need all the rest you can get right now and we'll still be here!

  71. Wendy Peralta says:

    I love those shoes! What lotion do you use? your always very like shinny and have some sort or glittery shimmer in your pictures, I love that!

  72. your eye make up looks so pretty here!

  73. You look lovely as always :)
    I'm so happy for you x

  74. crazybananas says:

    Hey! Beautiful look for summer.
    I wanted to ask, what camera do you use to take your youtube videos?

  75. You definitely don't look tired :)Hot shoes!


  76. You should do a blog on bathingsuits…I want to see if your suits are as cute as your clothes:)!

  77. shoppingaholic says:

    Hi Hun, you're looking like an angel.. wiht that smile… and floral dress.

    May God Bless you and your family.

    I really wanted to ask something? I hope you won't mind.. it's just because of a care i have grown for you and for other bloggers I read on daily basis. Since you're expecting… I hope you're not wearing heels on a daily basis and not walking into them…I have heard that it's not recommended for pregnant ladies.

    If my information is wrong or you didn't like me asking this..

    I am really sorry for that.

    I wish you the bestest ever.

    Love from india

  78. Irene's blog says:

    I LOVE THIS OUTFIT DULCE! YOU look great like always!

    much love,

  79. LoVE your outfit! Dress, shoes, hair, makeup and all…You look so pretty. Congrats Mommy!

  80. lucky_myrrr says:

    Dulce Я поздравляю тебя от свей души, я уверена ты будешь очень хорошей мамой, заботливой, веселой, красивой и любящей!!! Я давно наблюдаю за твоим блогом и заметила как он меняется последние посты настолько романтичные проникновенные и светлые, что заметно как тебя преобразила беременность ты действительно светишся изнутри!!! это чудесно это вдохновляет меня. ты передаешь свои ощущения и я сопереживаю эти чувства с тобой! это очень здорово, ты молодец береги себя <3

  81. Nice that you don't want to let your readers down, but make sure to relax and get your rest! All pregnant women should be treated like queens in my opinion. So make sure someone is fanning you because it's hot today too! :) And you look cute in your dress. I love dresses for comfort and style!

  82. axplove03 says:

    OMG your pregnant???????????? Congratulations Dulce. Hope you have a girl cuz yall will rule the fashion world. WOW super excited for you love.

  83. Tiffy Two Cheeks says:

    Ohmygoshh DULCE! I'm so happy for you & so excited! Aww I can't wait until you start to get a baby bump. I wish you and Jesse the BEST of luck & I know that baby is going to be adorable

  84. bellspaze4 says:

    You look amazing as always!!!

  85. almost famous says:

    so adorable :)

  86. Pernille says:

    Which camera do you use ?

  87. ellaesnanis says:

    and we really appriciate it
    i love your atire fabulous as always ,,I am very happy for youR pregnancy i wish you the best!!!

    ♥ always EllAESNANIS

  88. You look so good, Dulce! And love your makeup!


    ( or click on my name :)

  89. Greeds. says:

    I'm really glad you're refusing to neglect your blog. We appreciate that. :)

    That outfit looks so comfy!
    Very pretty.

  90. crziiegurl33 says:

    u luk gorgeous ……u r qoiinq to be one pretty stylish mom huh ??

  91. playwithfashion says:

    Watch is perfect and the floral dress – amazing!!!

  92. I am about 7 weeks along with my second baby. We have been trying for over a year. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. Great blog and youtube channel.

  93. Hi Dulce mY name is Yuri, and I just wanted to congradulate you, Im very excited for you, I had my first baby at 16, (i know! ) I found out i was pregnant at 7 weeks, so I totally understand you when you say your super exhausted!!! Make sure you really enjoy your pregnancy and really take it all in, like I said, I was 16 and everything was whatever to me, not that I didnt care, but I just didnt realize who precious it really was, I recently had my second son, January 9th 2010, and this pregnancy was very exciting for me, because, I was really into it and this baby was PLANNED. Again congrats, and please blog about your pregnacy as much as you can and take a ton of pictures, you wont regret it! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING! :)- YURIDIA AGUILAR

  94. wow you're in your 8th week and no tummy showing yet? Don't wear too much heels, it will hurt your back when it gets older.
    you'll be one hot sexy mom!

  95. Hey Dulce. I never really comment on your blogs, but I read them religously. I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you many blessings with your little one. You look soo happy and it's like there's a joy you can see coming thru in the pics. I'm a mother of 2, and I'm no fan of pregnancy myself, but just get as much rest as you can now, that super tired feeling will ease up some in the 4th month. and where your heels for as long as u feel comfortable girl!!! take care!

  96. love the way you do your hair and makeup <3

  97. Beautiful! I love your blue eyeliner to match!!

  98. Are you still gonna leave now that you know that your pregnant?

  99. katthroatworld says:

    i almost bought that dress a few months ago! your makeup looks pretty~

  100. stylestalker says:

    The colours in that dress are stunning!


  101. MADNESSmeForfashion says:

    so sweet……
    following u

  102. Jazzsquared and Macksquared says:

    You look so happy! congrats again!

  103. you look more beautiful than ever! take care

  104. *ms.angela89* says:

    Congrats hon. :) Very simple yet such a sophiscated look. Your so cute. You'll be a great mommy, I just know it. :D

  105. Jenn's Life says:

    Congrats!!! you inspire me in many things… Thanks


  106. EclecticMari says:

    Wow congrats on your pregnancy! I love those shoes! I love getting my sexy shoes from

  107. The 3rd picture looks like it is straight out of a magazine. your gorgeous. you should be a model. love the makeup as well. oh and the picture of you looking back at the camera with the car next to you. congrats again on the baby. <3

  108. johanna says:

    so pretty and i understand you, im 9 week pregnant and i feel the same way. some people dont understand why i feel so crappy but i just ignore them.. me and my fiance been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and like you guys we finally are bless with a lil angel!! best of luck for you sweetie take care of youerself and you bundle of joy..

  109. AmandaPhenomenon says:

    Congrat! You're gonna have the best dressed baby ever!

  110. anneorshine says:

    awww… I am sincerely happy for you… motherhood and pregnancy was the best this that ever happen to me and every women deserve to enjoy it.

  111. Aki No Yuutsu says:

    You look great!!!

  112. YES YOU, CLICK HERE :) says:

    Brilliant Combination

  113. yourshar0na says:

    Your skin looks so flawless!
    & I love the outfit…love your style! =D

  114. Aww thats awesome im sure you will be a great mom!

  115. Zoë (ROMEO AND THE LONELY GIRL) says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous! That blue eyeliner looks beautiful on you, and you have such a healthy glow! Congrats on the pregnancy!

  116. free to be sorelle says:

    Oh thats is great news!!! i have a two year old and its the best thing that have ever happened to me! enjoy your pregnancy!!!

  117. Thrive Like a Wildflower says:

    Hey Dulce! I'm cleaning out my closet and listing a whole bunch of stuff for sale on my ebay account (Krayburn86). There is a vintage leather jacket that I think you'd love!

  118. dulce:
    i think that you are gorgeous, and when my mom got sick last year and almost died, your posts heped me get through the rough times. I think of you as a role model and congrats on your pregnancy!

  119. emmalemma says:

    Just wanted to let you know (in case you didn't already) that forever21 now has a maternity line!

  120. Arrianne says:

    I really appreciate that you post Dulce. We all love you! I also wonder when it will be that you stop wearing heels. =) 2 months down.

  121. d o n j e t_a says:

    you must be so excited bout the baby :D
    I love the blue on your eyes

  122. Ahhh I love your hair =)

  123. Cinderella29 says:


    If you want some inspiration for your pregnant and as pretty and trendy as always you should check out this blog ( love her(Mireia), she was pregnant about a year ago and she always looked perfect, showing her baby bump and looking so pretty! I love her. She is Spanish (as I am) and is so lovely.

    I love your dress and the whole outfit,it looks summery and fun.

    (Sorry, my english is horrible but well I am studying right now, I have my last exam tomorrow and I can't think properly xD )


  124. Dulce!!! Congratulations, felicidades por tu bebé.

  125. Aw, congratulations on your pregnancy! That's so amazing =) You look beautiful!

  126. Kathryn says:

    You are the sexiest petite woman I have ever seen in my life (through pictures at least…)

    I bet you are even more beautiful and stunning in real life.

    I adore the dress and shoes and love love LOVE how your toenails match your dress.

    You are honestly such a romodel to me. xo, Kat

  127. hey, i didnt wanna scare you or anything but if ur pregnant stop wearing high heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my aunt had a misscarage cuz she was in heels most of the time till she was in her second trimester, then she had a miiscaragge the doctor said it was prob. from the heels!!

  128. alligatormine says:

    feeling your pain! i couldn't believe how fatigued pregnancy left me even in those early early weeks. hope it gets better soon and you arent suffering any other way!

    can't wait to see you grow and glow over the coming months :) this pregnant guru thing is exciting!

  129. such a pretty dress. and i'm loving the eye makeup! i'm guessing it's the eye kandy pigment thingy that you mentioned in your haul video? anyways, it looks absolutely stunning!

  130. such a pretty dress. and i'm loving the eye makeup! i'm guessing it's the eye kandy pigment thingy that you mentioned in your haul video? anyways, it looks absolutely stunning!

  131. Jessica says:

    I looooveee the makeup in all your blog pics but this blue look just pops on your face!! YOu look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Dulce, I have this same dress! It's much shorter on me than it looks on you! You look great! I wish mine was maybe an inch longer than maybe I wouldn't be so afraid to wear it out! hah.


  134. Fashion Hippo Couture says:

    namaste from INDIA.
    I dunno if you have followers from india byt i must confess you are my inspiration and i totally love love love your style and u look so indianish…gosh…u almost fooled me.
    i would wanna be in touch with ya always dulce…love the glow in ur face…
    love love

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