Dressed my little princess in her new pink H&M dress and went to the backyard
for a quick mini photo shoot. She’s my lovely niece and since we live some what far,
I make sure I take my Canon and shoot as many pictures as possible.


  1. Irresistible♥Icing says:

    How precious!

    -Mimi@Irresistible Icing

  2. EmeraldC83 says:


  3. Katorra says:

    She is adorable Cute dress, you have got her off to the right start…a little fashionista in the making.

  4. TiffanyMonet says:

    She's precious! Future Fashionista!

    xoxo T


  5. Ingrida says:

    She's so beautiful ( :

  6. FashionHippieLoves says:

    sooo cute


  7. ••RASPBERRY JAM•• says:

    awww how cute !!!

  8. jungleworldcitizen says:

    She's precious!
    Have a great week!

  9. Cute babe ^^

  10. She is truly adorable :)


  11. LittleMuki says:

    OMG, she is sooo so so cute! :D

  12. Fashion Rehab says:

    so adorable!!

  13. кorαwr ѕuℓℓy. says:

    Awwwwww is she cute!!
    I'm jealous hahaha :D
    I wanna have such a cute baby later, too!

    Greetings from Germany :)

  14. Wendy Peralta says:

    That dress is lovely. She looks adorable!


  15. she's beautiful!

  16. Anda Zelenca says:

    she is lovely!!:D

  17. OMG she's sooooooooooooooo cute, a lovely baby :D

  18. M I N G says:

    So adorable! OMG. I want that dress for myself. loll

  19. Maria G says:

    Such a pretty little girl! Lovely dress!

  20. playwithfashion says:

    She's co cute, and dress so stylish!

  21. omg,she´s soooooooooooooooooo cute.


  22. Rebecca Rugby says:

    That is one stylish baby! xxRebecca


  23. She's a litte beauty!

  24. Valerie says:

    She is the most beautiful thing! I love the dress, she looks like a princess <3

    And her smile is so contagious!

  25. Katarzyna says:

    little sweety :)

  26. fashionandstyle says:

    sweet girl!:*

  27. Rubinha says:

    sooo cute :):)

  28. she is sooo cute and the dress fits just fine!!

  29. She is beautiful! i hope you get the chance to post more

  30. cArAmElCuTiE0215 says:

    She is sooooo adorable!!!..and that dress is too cute..love it!


  31. awwww she is so beautiful little girl =) sooo cute. would be great if you posted more pictures of her! that girl is going to be miss universe. :)

  32. almost famous says:

    she is so adorable! <3

  33. awww i love babies -shes really a cutie

  34. Alexandra says:
  35. dropdeadgorjusz.blogspot.com says:

    i love this.adorable

  36. Sweet Susy says:

    que chula!
    she is soooo cute. I kept smiling while looking at these pics cuz she is sooo adorable!

    Children are so precious!

  37. She looks adorable

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  38. Ducia Ciao says:

    She looks mixed!! She doesn't look Mexican at all, she looks European : p. : )


  39. xoladiihoneyxo says:

    So adorable! Yeah, I like to go to H&M to get some kiddo clothes for the little ones. hehe.

    Looks like she doesn't need to pay a photographer to take lovely pictures when she already got an aunt who already enjoy taking photos of her =] You should start a scrapbook for her as she grows up until she graduate from high school or till her 18th/21st birthday or something… =]

  40. Smile a la Makeup :) says:

    look at those cheeks!!!!

  41. In the third photo she looks like a little model, so adorable.

  42. She's too cute!


  43. she is sooooo cute !! :) <3

  44. that pleated chiffon dress is ADORABLE!

  45. sssdawna says:

    i didn't know h&m had baby clothes! i bet you spoil her rotten, what a great aunt you are : ) how many siblings do you have? ive only heard about your lil sis Wendy. more family/friend posts! xo

  46. She's adorable! Love your blog btw :)


  47. CinnamonFantasy says:

    She's sweet <3

  48. C_onstance. says:

    Sweet princess.


  49. xXAmeliaAnneXx says:

    Aww She's Adorable! And great fashion sense already! Hehe! Future Model? I love being an Aunty two! I have a nrealy 4 year old Niece, and she's absolutely Adorable!

  50. KarinasToast says:

    She is the cutest thing ever!! :)

  51. She is sooooo adorable and cute!!!

  52. what a cuuuuute little baby!!

    i live from my nephew far away and i take a lot of pictures of him too, when we visit!

    she´s a little fashionista like you dulce :-)

    visit my blog

  53. oh soooooo sweet! she is beautiful!

  54. Hazel is just adorable! She'll love having such a fashionable aunty!

    Kat x http://www.clickandmake-up.blogspot.com

  55. **Megan** says:

    She is making her fashion debut! :)

  56. Linda ja Jansu says:

    I love little children becouse they are soooooo cute♥ omg, she's so cute too :) and love her clothes:) little fashionista♥

  57. S I M P L Y A S M I N E says:


  58. Fashion Fabrice says:
  59. CUTIE!!!!

  60. So sweet!

  61. Makenzyie Nykole says:

    the 2nd picture is my favorite!

  62. BombbDotCom says:


  63. She is so cute…*-*

  64. what a cutie. The scrap book idea is great, she'll thank you when she grows up….;)

  65. Your Styler *__* says:

    so cute! ^__^

  66. this is so cute…awwwww…i really love your blog…when did you start blogging, you have very many followers. Check out my blog http://fashionablenotebook.blogspot.com/
    oh i love your looks…awesome outfits!

  67. Katrina says:

    omg, shes a little princess angel! So cute!

  68. Arianna says:

    omgeee how adorablee!!
    i wanna do this when my neice get's here!

  69. sachinidilanka says:

    hey guys,
    pls check out my blog


  70. Dip-tea says:

    she is an angel !!

  71. thepearlmic says:

    awww i think of my 10-month old niecey poo when i saw these pics. she is super duper cute!

  72. BEYOND adorable!!!!!!

  73. Ale Ar.Va. says:

    ooomg!! she is adorable!! she is really cute!!


  74. kristina says:

    adorable! =)

  75. Cute!! I have a baby myself =)


  76. Nanxi Liu says:

    how cute she is!!!!!


  77. Jeanette says:

    Hazel is a qorqeous little qirl. Just like her tia. You have a beautiful family :) and the dress is beautiful the baby fashionista is gonna be all set and trained when she's older. Have a qreat day Dulce ily <33

  78. daheeyum says:

    wendy has a kid?

  79. simplevera says:

    don't tell me that she is your teenager sister,wendy, 's baby…pls tell me you have older sister that's married…??? oh boy! just askin'… the baby is cute tho, babies are innocent :)