New Life


Forever 21 Dress, Shoes bought in Texas 2 years ago.

So I was contemplating whether to tell you guys so soon but I HAVE TO. 
Well, because I want nothing more right now than to blog about it the whole way.
So guess what?????????????


Yes, after 3 years of trying with Jesse we finally conceived last month. We are
extremely happy and blessed. We are 7 weeks long right now, and boy is this baby
taking ALL of my energy. All I want to do right now is sleep,sleep,sleep. Which is
why I have been blogging less often. I’m just not in the mood do put any thought into
my outfits. The good news is that I will be blogging about ways to dress chic and
sophisticated while pregnant. Just because I have a bun in my oven does not mean
I’m going to reach for my mommy jeans in the back of my closet. Oh no I won’t.
So anyway I might just start a baby blog, who knows.
But WOW, Jesse and I are so happy. I’m 23 and ready to be a Mom, this is the right
age for me. I thank God for giving me this baby and a man who’s there for me
through everything, even when I’m being a meanie butt to him :)


  1. Katrina says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Congratulations! You are gunna be an amazing mother to a beautiful little bundle of joy! Ohh…honey motherhood is the BEST!!! You will love every minute! God bless you guys!

  2. Renay Shanel says:

    You look beautiful !!
    & congrats a baby !!!
    What a blesssssing x

  3. euniichoii says:

    woww!!! congrats! just a question, how long have you guys been married?

  4. says:

    Super happy for you and all, but just wondering if you two are planning on getting married? It's a bit unconventional to buy a house and try for a baby for 3 years without plans of getting engaged, no? I mean, if that's your thing more power to you :) But just wondering since you haven't mentioned it! Do you have an aversion to it for any reason?

    Congrats! I'm sure they baby will be beautiful.

  5. Congratulations!:D You definitely have that 'glow'.:D

    Happy Friday!:D
    …and everything girly under the sun!

  6. Jerelle Carriere says:


  7. zrivera says:

    Wow! congratulations! a baby is truly a blessing from God! so accept him/her as a gift from him! bendiciones para ti y tu familia siempre :)

  8. annachen says:

    CONGRATS! you're going to be a GREAT mommy! and you look GREAT with that mommy glow!

  9. veeboutique says:

    aw congrats! so happy for u

  10. Valerie says:


  11. Wow! That is incredible news! Congratulations girl! Best of luck to you and Jessie =) You gotta tell us if it's a boy or girl when you find out!

  12. truleechelsea says:

    oh my goodness!! congratulations!! you are going to be the most stylish mommy around!! :D

  13. Coolie13xo says:

    Awwwww congradulations Dulce , im so happy for you . I cant wait to see these new posts about how you're doing with a new baby on board !!!


  15. The Beauty In Me says:


  16. シェルビー says:

    Ahhh! Im so excited for you! Motherhood is a wonderful thing! Congrats! :D

  17. Samysalsa says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! your baby will be the most fashionable one on the playground for sure!! i hope the pregnancy goes smoothly and not too many odd cravings!

  18. omg i sweaaar like two days ago i was like"i wanna see someone on youtube announce that their pregnant.." omg haha this is soo freaking so happy for you!the second i saw what it said, my jaw DROPPED! omg this is such a blessing for you & so happy for you, candy (:

  19. MarieLove990 says:

    Wow! Congratulations!!!! you are going to be an amazing mother:D God bless you all:)

  20. Felicidades, CONGRATS! Looks like everything in your life is in place. Happy for you.=)

  21. limalemon says:

    Wow Dulce, I'm so happy for you. You already have that mommy glow. I wish you the best.

  22. Noelle Marie says:


  23. SarahElizabeth says:

    I was TOTALLY NOT expecting that.
    WOW that's amazing.It's such a gift that God created life.
    <3 CONGRATS again to you and your man(:

  24. OH MY GOSH, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. You're gonna be a wonderful and beautiful mother to this little baby, I'm SO sure of it. God bless you, I can't wait till you officialy become a mom. Can't wait to see your little bundle of joy. Once again, I am so happy for you both and congratulations!

    Muchos besos para ti,
    Serina xx

  25. congrats dulcee!! you'll be an amazing mom and a very chic fierce one too!! i can't wait to see the baby's outfits.. too cutee

  26. cynthia_wuz_here says:

    Congrats on the baby!!!!!!!!
    you're going to b such a wonderful mommmy i betcha!

  27. Mikaela-Jane says:

    Nawww. Congrats :)Your going to be one stylish mom!

  28. abigail says:

    Congratulations!! Your baby is going to be gorgeous!!

  29. Congratulations!!!

  30. Christal says:

    Congratulations that's amazing I'm so happy for you I am also 23 with a 9 month old she is the best thing that ever happened to me we were trying for a year and it finally happened. I just want to tell u they grow so fast so hold ur baby as much as u can and get a camcorder if you don't have one. Ur going to be an amazing mother congrats again.

  31. SAUCY | f. | BABY says:


    Wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy!

    xo Nicole

  32. congratulations!!! you're going to be a wonderful mother!! :]

  33. lovevanity1 says:

    Congratulations Candy I'm so happy for you!!!
    I have a two year old and being a mom is such a wonderful feeling, you are gonna love it! You are gonna be an amazing and fashionable mom!

  34. jennamaria says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys. I know that baby is going to be loved and you'll be awesome parents.

  35. cArAmElCuTiE0215 says:

    BIG HUGS AND CONGRATULATIONS to you and your man!!! That's such a blessing! wishes to you both and the baby! =)

  36. BombbDotCom says:

    How exciting, i'm so happy for you and Jesse. =)

  37. ahhhhhhhh I'm so excited for you!! You're gonna be such a great mommy! I'm totatly loving the outfit! and I'm sure you'll be a hot mommy lol

  38. congrats! you're going to be a gorgeous mom :)

  39. Xi0BABY says:

    i wish you the best and hopefully you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

  40. prettyaspeaches says:

    Yay congrats!!!!

  41. refugio_jessica says:

    ahhh ohh my god wooow congrats !!!

  42. Aww how wonderful :-) I'm excited for you! So… Does that mean you aren't going to London anymore?

  43. That's so exciting!! Congratulations!! You will make an amazing mother with your sweet and energetic nature. Can't wait to find out what you are having!

  44. refugio_jessica says:

    ahhh ooh my god congrats … as i was reading the blog i was like shes pregnant and then i finish reading it i guess it rite !!! congrats ….

  45. ┈━═☆Me☆═━┈ says:


  46. wow! congrats and may you have an easy pregnancy and birth and a happy healthy baby.
    i have 2 little ones and its the most rewarding (and challenging) thing in the world to bring a new life into this world and to care for them.
    do you plan on getting married? if you dont believe in marriage would you mind telling us why?

  47. ahhh! I already commented but I wanted to tell you it would be nice if you would do blogs about your process. It's fun talking about fashion but all your fans would love to see Dulce behind the camera and be far of this amazing journey you and jesse are going through :D I'm excited!!

  48. x Ms. Lorraine x says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! Thanks for Sharing :D

  49. Congratulations!! What wonderful news! Now Hazel will have a little playmate! God bless you and Jessie and the baby!!

  50. duka2410 says:

    CONGRATS!! When I read the news my heart starting racing, I'm a first time mom to a 4 month old baby boy and I know the excitement you must be feeling. Let me just tell you, this will be the greatest thing that ever happens to you…I promise. For me it was as if I was dead and became alive as soon as my eyes met his <3 It's a true blessing ^_^

  51. omg im soooo happy for u so excited i feel like im part of this pregnancy too(weird). Best wishes SOOOOOOOO Happy:)

  52. That explains the "glow" you have in your pictures! haha! Congratulations, girl! I hope you have a wonderful and easy pregnancy. I was fortunate enough not to have ANY morning sickness.

    So exciting!
    Im sure the baby will be as gorgeous as you!
    Enjoy the joys of motherhood n__n
    Eeeek! So exciting!

  54. Wendy Peralta says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I love that dress by the way, so any ways back to the baby! OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHH! Treasure the moment of your pregnancy and get into scrap booking EVERYTHING! I did and its nice to look back and show your kids as they grow. Take lots and lots of pictures and Treasure each and EVERY moment because kids grow up too fast. Get tons of rest and take your vitamins. CONGRATS again!

  55. Sweet Susy says:

    WOW! Congratulations! It's so amazing! You're going to be an amazing mommy you and jesse! It's such a blessing. I get so excited when someone is pregnant. Super blessings for you and your family!

  56. SpotOfHope says:

    Congratulations!! Being a Mum is one of the best privileges. God Bless, and I bet you are going to be a great mother!! xx

  57. tris1978ton says:


  58. Congratulations!!! You will be such a good mom!!! And your baby will be best dressed for any occasion:)
    XOXO, Olya

  59. Valerie says:

    Congratulations dulce! You will be an amazing mother and your future baby will be so lucky to have two amazing parents! I am soooo excited for you! I am sure it took this long because right now is the best time for you. You will be amazing and I can't wait for us to hear more about your pregnancy. We need to start a countdown for you mama dulce!

  60. congrats!!! i am so happy for you! being a mother is the best joy a woman can have! (:
    keep us updated!

  61. xXxIsabellaSwanxXx says:

    OMG wow congratz :) The baby will get her inner and outer beauty from you ;) haha i'm sure you and Jesse will be great parents. =] May i say you look very pwetty? hehe. :) congratz.

  62. veflexra says:

    Oh that is soo great! You're gonna be such a hott mom!

  63. jcquincey says:

    Congratulations!! Awwwww so sweet! :-)

  64. jcquincey says:


  65. karemmarce says:

    Wow!!! Congratulations Dulce!
    Muchisimas felicidades! Me da mucho gusto por ti y por Jesse! Estoy segura que vas a ser una excelente mamá con mucho estilo!
    Un beso desde México!

  66. jcquincey says:

    Congratulations! :-)

  67. TiffanyMonet says:

    Aww..Congrats Chica! Welcome to the Hot Moms Club! LOL! I wish you and Jessie all the Best! xo T


  68. .maitai says:

    Woow!! Congratulations!!! (^_^)

  69. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations Dulce! You are Glowing like I've never seen you Glow. I wish You and Jesse all the Best.

  70. jcquincey says:

    Congratulations! :-)

  71. You´re the lucky one!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You´re gonna be the best, the most beautiful a the most chic MOMMY IN THE WORLD! :)))

  72. Arrianne says:

    Awww, I knew this was gonna happen soon and we were gonna lose ya! =( I'll miss ya!

  73. she walks iin beauty says:

    Congrats Dulce!! I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Keep us updated! (:

  74. Sandra - If it comes in pink says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D You look stunning!

  75. Congratulations :) Best wishes

  76. Princess Feef says:


    i couldnt be more happier =D

    CONGRATS !!!!!

  77. Ahhhhh!!! I saw it on twitter and literally had to take a second look! Congrats hun! :) remember, oversized,flowy tops with a lil baby bump and fitted tops when ytour Big. That way we don't get nasty pouch or tent look! Haha!

  78. congratulations on becoming a mommy!
    i know your baby is going to be born into a house full of love and happiness <3 and if it's a girl, she'll be blessed to have a wonderful mother full of wisdom on beauty and much more!

    god bless :)

  79. Congratulations! You are going to be a great mom! :)

  80. omggg dulce i am soooo happyy for youuu:)) yay a lil bebe, how cuteeeee:)) love you!!! awww congrats and may all be goodd:))

  81. Victoria says:

    Congratulations! I wish you all the best. Your going to be a wonderful mother! God bless you & your growing family! :)

  82. CrazyBeautiful says:

    OMG CONGRATS DULCE!! I'm so happy for u and jesse! XD

  83. Evenice says:

    I KNEW IT was i started reading the blog..but are you still going to london or not??

  84. daheeyum says:

    I wish your the best of luck! I know you'll be an amazing mom :) We all love you Dulce!

  85. CONGRATS! :) that's such exciting news!!!!! Right when you tweeted about eating rocks and dirt and stuff…I thought "is she pregnant?!" ahha. Once again, congratulations! what a great blessing.

  86. SmellsLikeVicki says:

    awwww congrats! so exciting!! you are going to be a beautiful family <3

  87. Ale Ar.Va. says:

    OMG!! congratulations!! this is such a bless! .. the baby will be gorgeous, just like his/her mom!!!… I'm really happy for you!!..


  88. Congrats! I am so happy for you…you really deserve such a blessing for being the person you are. I will pray for you and your baby. May God keep you safe and happy!!

  89. Opheeee says:


  90. mayte michelle. says:

    Congratulations! :D
    I'm sure you'll be a fantastic mom.

  91. wow! congratulations!

    quite alotta preggie fashion bloggers of late..

  92. illy ariffin says:

    Congrats!!! very2 happy for you =)

  93. illy ariffin says:

    Congrats!!! very2 happy for you =)

  94. Sara Baby says:

    Dulce, Girl thats wonderful, so happy for u mamas :)
    Do u want a boy or a girl…are you guys already picking out names?? Anyways you loook stunning, and again congratulations :)

  95. xXAmeliaAnneXx says:

    Dulce! Congratulations! You are SO good with Hazel! I just know your going to be the most amazing (and fashionable)mother out there! Your own little fashionista! Keep Us updated! Specially on the gender! x

  96. what about london you gonna go there pregnant?

  97. katheebee94 says:

    omg!!! this is so creepy. i thought of you being pregnant a couple of days ago, when you posted pictures of you're neice or something. idk, im not a psychic or anything. congradulations.

    are you and jesse married?

  98. Sasha G.B. says:

    wow! congratulations!!!
    it's amazing!!!
    you will be so good mom!
    will you tell us who it is – boy or girl?

    so your trip to London is cancelled?

  99. congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  100. le mode says:

    i always come to your blog, casue i really love your blog and i noticed that you didint update recently, but now that you are getting a baby, congrats. you are going to be a one stylish mom.

  101. Congratulations Dulce!

  102. Congrats!!
    but arent you in fashion school? what about thatt?

    and get a ring on yo finger girrrl

  103. Leticia Salas says:

    woo hoo congrats!! Im super excited to see how cute you look with your little baby bump! And so happy
    I have someone to look up to on how to be a stylish pregnant lady! oh im pregnant too and the first time around I went for those mom jeans!! hahaha! Congrats again and dont listen to all this are you getting married comments itll happen when it happens. Your gonna be a great mommy!

  104. DULCEEE!!!
    i had no idea! lmao. omgashh
    when i saw a new blogpost
    i immediately went to check it
    out and i got right to the text
    while the pictures loaded and i
    get the most exciting news ever
    YOURE PREGO!!! omgomgomg!

    i love pregnant people and the transformation specially when they blog about it, so beautiful.

    Take lots of pictures and once its born have a stylish baby oo yeya!

    You will have an amazing family i wish you the very best!

  105. Gorgeous dress, gotta love red.
    Your going to be a great mother and I wish you and Jesse all the best. =)

  106. OMG! CONGRATS! This is so amazing, I wouldn't have expected it. May all the blessings come to you, your baby, your husband, and your whole family. :)

  107. ellenbohn says:

    Great job, you filthy, disgusting, dirty unmarried Mexican welfare trash. You are despicable. I feel sorry for that helpless child – it deserves better.

  108. Marriage?

  109. You look beautiful!, I wish you & Jesse all the best!

    I hope you keep blogging all about your pregnancy, I'd love to hear about it ^_^

  110. The Star Steeze says:

    Congratulations! :)

  111. Aspiring Domestic Goddess says:


    BTW to all the haters, having a signed piece of paper (marriage certificate) or a ring on her finger is not going to make them any better parents, those things don't even matter in life!!

    Congratulations once again, you must be so excited!!!!

  112. kristyis03 says:


    I have to tell you that you are truly my inspiration in everything that I do. I am 24 now and you and your videos have taught me everything about makeup and beauty. I cant thank you enough for that.

    I follow your blog for ideas for myself and twitter for your updates. I have read each time that you talk about your b/f and he seems like a GREAT guy. He's the best for taking your passion so seriously by being your photographer.

    Your baby is going to be an AMAZING person brought up by AMAZING parents.

    CONGRATS to you and your family.

    Keep the blogs and videos coming when your can. I really look forward to them. You are truly blessed with amazing talent and even more so that you get to share it with so many people around the world.

    CONGRATS…again and feel free to name the baby KRISTINA if its a girl : ))

  113. Congrartz! So happy for you :D xx

  114. gertrude says:

    awwhh congrats!! all the best of luck to both of you and the baby :)xx

  115. OMG Dulce congratulations! I'm happy with you!

  116. Lady Baillio says:

    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! That's the best news I've had all week!

  117. Bellesme says:

    AHHH!!! OMGO OMG OMG OMG!! WOWWW awww Im like going crazy… loll… congrats!! She/he will probably be as beautiful and as stylish as youuu =)
    btw, are you guys married? just wondering…


  118. oh wow, congratulations!! it's good to see you being so happy and all :D
    I already really want to know if it's going to be a boy or a girl <3

    keep us updated about your pregnancy :D

  120. congratss =]

  121. Congratulations! I'm sooo happy for you! :) xxx

  122. Congratulations!!! Being a parent is the best thing in the world!! Enjoy your pregnancy )))

    I'm a happy mom too

  123. MarkeeCoco says:

    Wow, you're young, but you seem very mature so I hope everything goes well! :)

  124. the mar´s blog says:

    miss i'm so happy of your notice.god bless you and your future baby!!!!!!!
    good luck!xoxo

  125. sachinidilanka says:

    Hey my dear,
    Its a very happy news!!!
    Congratulations..I wish u and ur family a wonderful time…Keep good health and may god always be with you!!!

  126. Aww I'm so happy for you guys! You have to be my favourite make-up guru on youtube and have the best blog ever :P I'm only 15 so I see you as a role model for me too :)


  127. Monica Flores says:

    WOW!! I can't be more than happy for you right now. A baby is a true blessing. I don't have kids of my own but I do have nieces and nephews that have changed my life. You will be a beautiful Mother. Congratulations to you and Jesse. A big hug from Reseda, CA. God bless you!!!

  128. JPuNkie says:

    WOWW Dulce!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jesse!! This is definately a blessing!! I'm so happy for you both!!

  129. Berry138 says:

    Congratulations!!! You are so blessed!! You are going to be an amazing mommy! Again Congrats to you & Jesse :)


  131. PrincessGhee says:

    congrats honey begin a mommy is the best thing in the world. I have two baby boys so if you need any advice or someone to talk to let me know.
    youtube: prettyjwats

  132. Seygra20 says:

    congrats Dulce ….life has blessed you well. Hope its all cherry blossoms and spring roses for you in d future

  133. xbiiamex says:

    Aww CONGRATS !!!!

  134. congrats! x

  135. Belinda :) says:

    Wow this is such great news :) congradulations! I'm sure you and your man will be great parents. xxx

  136. oOo emm Gee
    u look super pretty!!
    n super happy!

  137. oOo eemm Gee
    u lOOk super pretty,n look super happy!

  138. awww congrats!!! you look so happy that i guess people can tell that there's something special going on with you <3 i wish you all the best for yourself, jessy and your baby!! when do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl (will you even ask)?
    however, CONGRATS & GOOD LUCK again!!! :)

  139. dearfrance says:

    Wow, how much comments :)
    well, congrats fro mme too!
    i wish u just the best for this experience, for sure it will be hard but at the same time its the best time you can have. enjoy it!god bless u :)

  140. Congratulations!

  141. Little J says:


  142. Ellie M says:

    eeeekkk! congratulations Dulce!!

  143. camille says:


  144. Congratulations hun!!!! I'm soooo happy for you! :) you're gonna be a wonderful mommy!!!!

  145. Congratulation Dulce! You will be the most beautiful and great mom!:) Im so happy for both of you!:)

  146. Sheila Aziz says: are very pretty and warmhearted, she will be happy to have you as a mother.
    can we share this journey with you?just a suggestion,maybe a vlog about your pregnancy and the size of your tummy getting bigger every month to a healthy baby :)

  147. belikethatthendixie says:

    Ugh yay!!!!!! finally – i cannot express how happy i am for you and jesse. you two will be incredible. i was saddened when i read what happened before but this is definitely your time and you will both be in our prayers xxx

  148. Cheryl♥ says:

    Congratulations Dulce! You will be an amazing mother! I'm so happy for you :)

  149. moseguella says:


    Why people is so old fashioned and want you to marry? I don't understand these questions.

  150. babbbbyyyy says:

    CONGRATULATIONSS <333 good luck!

  151. Congratulations!!!

  152. sachinidilanka says:

    hey guys,
    check my blog as well

  153. Cupcake.Fashionista says:

    I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I just have to say CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting and wonderful! You will be a beautiful and fashionable mother!
    You look gorgeous in red, honey!

  154. You look pretty ^^

  155. smykkebloggen says:

    Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! I'm sooo happy for you!! Big hugs from Oslo, Norway!

  156. sadistria says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jesse!
    You are going to be the most beautiful mother in whole world!!!
    You can't imagine how happy i'm for you guys!!!!!
    Kisses and hugs from Greece,

  157. wow, congratulations!!!

  158. Congratulations!!!
    Wish you the best!
    I'm so exited for you :)

  159. congrats :):):)

  160. WOW!!!!! CONGRATS!! this is soo great news!!

  161. woww!! congratulations!! im happy for you all :)

  162. congratulation im so happy for you ^^

  163. ohh Congratulations Dulce!!!!!!

  164. N'aww. Congratulations!
    I'm so happy for you guys :)
    and I'm sure you'll make the best parents.

    the best of luck for the future :D


  165. OMG, Congratz Candy!! that's big news!!

  166. OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You and Jesse will be awesome parents!!!! Keep us up to date about the pregnancy!!

  167. Makeup's Forever says:

    Wow, congratulations Dulce!
    You'll make a yummy mummy : )
    keep well

  168. Awww, you're pregnant, that's so, so , SO AMAZING! I follow your blog and you tube channel, and I love them, but I've never been writing anything. Well now I have to, because this is probably the greatest thing in your life, so CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! You and your lovely boyfriend deserve it! I wish you all the happiness in the world and one healthy and happy baby after 9 months!!! :) (sorry for my english, it isn't so good! :D )

  169. Latindolll4 says:

    ¡ Felicidades linda !
    Que Dios siga bendiciendo tu vida de amor , alegrias y éxitos junto a tus seres más queridos :)

  170. Vava Suwannahem says:

    I want to see your little boy!!

  171. halwasat says:

    wow!!! great news am really happy for you congratulations :D

  172. Congratulations!!!!! :D

  173. Congratulations girl! you will be an awesome mom and i cant wait for all the mommy-to-be blogging thats about to come our way!! i'm so excited for you!! GOD BLESS YOU & JESSE both! Keep us updated :) :)

  174. Abby S♥ says:

    CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! this is sooooo exciting :DDDD

  175. Laura Mayer says:


    I'm sure you'll be a loving mother to your child!

  176. omg! Congrats Dulce!! im so happy for you<3

  177. Wow! Congrats! :)
    You're going to look adorable with a baby bump.

  178. I am truly happy for you Dulce. I just hope it's not an ectopic pregnancy again :(. Now you guys can invest your on a house, and one that is a 3 bedroom so you can still have your walk-in-closet. It's the greatest time to buy, and know you can buy things for you baby, and new lifestyle. I really want the best for you and hope you get married, buy a house (not a condo or town home), (you already have dogs to complete the family), and have a beautiful healthy child.


  179. Schnelle Couture says:

    Congrats!!! I'm so excited to see your preggo outfit posts and I'm sure this will be the best dressed baby!

  180. Congratulations on your pregnancy hun!!
    I love your red dress



  181. Hershley's Sweet Kiss says:

    CONGRATSS!!!!! YAY! I wish you the best of luck!!

  182. Congratulations! and you look so beautiful in that dress!! :)

  183. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Congtatulations!! I wish you and Jesse the best. :) You will be an amazing mother! I look forward to your blogs along the way!

  184. Scientist says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are going to be one very fashion forward, cute as a button mom. I love this dress but I can't wait to see how you style maternity clothes.

  185. dulce…congratulations!!! you will see it is the most demanding and difficult and yet most rewarding and lovely life to be a mom….

    my daughter is 5months..and only until you become a mommy will the cliche of a child meaning the WORLD to you become real….its amazing and god bless on this new journey!

  186. You are the second blogger that i follow with this great news. Congrats chica!!

  187. Contragulations!!!!:) Can you fly when you are in your first trimester?

  188. Shushanna says:

    wowwww!!!! Congratulations guys!!!!!You will be amazing parents!!! God bless

  189. ღ☆•εïз♥Ađαℓú♥•εïз☆ღ says:

    congratulations Dulcesita… I can't wait for pregnant fashion ^-^ even though I'm not pregnant, I don't even have a boyfriend lol but you will look absolutely gorgeous!!

  190. Wow! I'm shoked now. I've your same age and I'm only at college. But you,OMG! This will be one of the most important moments in all your life. CONGRATULATIONS!I wish you everything goes well.

  191. Congratulations!
    I love this dress as well, very sophisticated.

    Will you still be coming to London?

  192. You don't know me, but I always read your blog.

    COngrats! aw, it's going to be the best thing that will ever happen to you! My blog is all about my baby girl… you should definitely start a baby blog. I took a belly picture every month, and posted it, along with the development of my baby. Fun fun fun. If you need any advice, just ask me. =D

    i remember those first few months… man head ache everyday. I was always throwing up too. =( Hope you're not have any kind of sickness. If so, it's all worth it.


    congrats hun looking forward to see what you got in store god bless xoxo

  194. **Megan** says:

    Aww congrats! So happy for you!

  195. Shade'= ShaDae'! says:
  196. Rebecca Rugby says:

    Congrats, that kids going to be so lucky. Good luck with London and the first few months of pregnancy, haha. But you'll do great :)

  197. Congratulations a million times over!!!!!!

  198. That colour is amazing on you! I love the nude heels too.
    You can drop my beauty blog at:

    Kat x

  199. Such wonderful news!!!! I am a mum and it is just the most amazing thing in the world, watching a life that you helped create grow and change…and it is a whole different, special kind of love. Congrats to both you and Jesse and your families…I'm sure this child will be loved very much:)

  200. OMG! That's great. Just a heads up, Target has a rad maternity section!

  201. Katarzyna says:

    congratulations from poland! I'll pray for a healthy child for You!lots of love;*

  202. Alexis Marie says:


  203. COngrats baby girl. i wish you the best!!!

  204. Isabel Lima says:

    Great news!
    You'll be a very pretty mom and the most stylish.

  205. ANGELA_BEE says:

    Congratulation! I'm so happy for you and Jesse!!

  206. xoladiihoneyxo says:

    Oh my…. CONGRATULATION ON BEING A MOMMY AND BEING BLESSED WITH A BABYBOY! I'm sure the hubbie is really happy that you're going to have a babyboy first =] Did you break the news to your family and his family? What will happen with military? OMG, I'm so happy for you! I want to be a mommy someday but not now… I'm too young and I still want my college education straight and save enough so the hubbie wouldn't worry financial as much. Your face is so flawless and beautiful! Red matches with you =]

  207. Morgan Jane says:

    Congratssss!! Im so happy for you!!

  208. Jessica Alter says:


  209. OMG!!! this is sooooo awesome!!! im SOOOOOO happy for you guys! i cant wait to see all your outfits for moms to be! good luck:) ps- i love your dress!

  210. Bloggin' Brunette says:

    I'm so happy and excited for you and I don't even know you. You will be a fantastic Mother. I wish you, Jesse and the baby the very best. <3

  211. janika3689 says:

    OMG! I'm so excited for you! You'll be a great mommy, and I'm sure the baby whether it's a boy or girl, will be so fashionable too. I can't wait til the day that I have one myself! Btw, I have those ear rings too and I just adore them so much!!

  212. Pink Accent says:

    WOW!!! Congratulations! Que Diosito ten Bendiga a ti y a tu nueva familia!

  213. Leica Lucida says:

    Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!!

  214. The Stalling says:

    great news!
    your baby will be so beautiful and
    I think you'll be an amazing mom!
    I wish you all the best and please keep up posting about it!

  215. BrianneAM2008 says:

    I'm so happy for the both of you and I can't wait to see your ways to dress while pregnant! I know your baby is going to be beautiful. :)

  216. Valerie says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW DULCE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I caaaaant wait to see you with a cute big belly…omg this is sooo cute and im happy for you two…what a suprise :)

  217. shoppingaholic says:

    Hey hun!! COngrats. I couldn't believe it it's such a happy happy happy news. I was really speculating a lot and good and bad about your title new life. But I thank to god and pray for ahouse full of happiness, prpsperity, love and everything you want for you family…

    love love love

  218. spankingood says:

    ur not married and ur pregnant? what?!

  219. Sh1rin Elle says:

    Congratulations Dulce!!! It's truly a beautiful blessing, and you and Jesse will surely make great parents. Yay to your new family!

  220. CARINA LOPEZ says:

    I'm so happy for you and Jesse; Congrats!!!! Que dios lo siga llenando de bendiciones y tengas un embarazo saludable y tranquilo y que el o la bebe sea un o una bebe sana y cresca a ser una gran mujer como su madre! :')

  221. So Happy for you congrats!! :)

  222. lpsnowchic15 says:

    it's a BABY!!! I'm so excited. I'm just nervous for you about announcing it on youtube cause there are SO many haters out there and the last thing you need is negativity during a pregnancy. The people on your blog love you so I'm glad you said it here first :)) You are not too young and marriage will happen when it's supposed what's right for you! <3

  223. buggiis says:


    I'm so happy for you guys, you will be the perfect mommy. xoxoree

  224. PRIYA 'N' DAREN says:


  225. BabyFabzMom says:

    Felicidades chica! Can't wait to see your outfits while preggos.

  226. Simarjit says:

    awww man so happy for Dulce.. congratss!!! xxx

  227. racetrackd says:

    Congrats on being a mommy!
    I'm your age also and gonna be a mom this coming October so I get the whole tired thing. It is tiring[:
    Congrats again and good luck!!

  228. Christine says:

    awwww I am so happy for you guys. You are going to be an amazing mommy <3

    xoxo christine

  229. reallyaddicted says:

    awww congrads dulcecandy, i wish you much blessings and i hope everything turns out the way you want them too!!!!!
    stay addicted
    real addiction

  230. OMGGGGGGGGGGG CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

  231. Itlicea says:

    I'm so so so so so so so so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations… it's really fantastic!!! For me too, 23 it's the right age…
    You're a model to follow..

  232. Smile a la Makeup :) says:

    OMGGGG CONGRATULATIONS!! That is SUCH amazing news! I pray that you have a safe and happy pregnancy, and that you have a happy and healthy child!
    You and Jesse must be SO excited!!! You are going to be such a GREAT mom! Wishing you both, good health and all the happiness in the world :) xoxo

  233. Damaris! says:


  234. Chiara1304 says:

    oh my god!! I'm so happy! Congratulations!!! Besos from Germany

  235. OMG OMG….AWWW CONGRATS. That baby is going to be beautiful and loved.

  236. victoriajeanne says:

    congratulations!! i cant wait to be a mommy.

  237. congrats !!!
    u look stunning ,cant wait to see ur baby posts <3

  238. aww congratulations!

  239. jimsr305 says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww. I'm so happy for u .congrats!!!!

  240. DaisyInLove says:

    I bet your going to be the most fashionable and sweet mommy EVER!! Congrats!

  241. Katrina says:

    I HAVE to comment again! You are going to be the CUTEST preggies lady everr!!!! My heart is so happy for you! Congratulations again honey!

  242. Laura Gerencser says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Love the dress BTW!!

  243. Jessica Paquette says:

    congratulations!!!! you are going to be a fantastic mother!! i can't wait to meet you're adorable little baby!!! so happy for you <3

  244. AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! YAYYY!!!!! Congrats!! :) Dulce, You are going to be a GREAT mommy! :)

  245. CFID1990 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh **
    So nice
    I'm very happy for you
    but don´t forget to share with us the best moments!!
    and now… The names to chose


  246. WOW! I am so happy for you ! Congratulations!

    xXx bisous!

  247. hadelicious says:

    Congratulations! All the best for you and your man :)

  248. Purplicious Beauty says:

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you and your family!! Take Care!! And god bless you and your child!

  249. Grace Yoo says:

    AHHHHH CONGRATS!!!!!!!! :) :) your child is probably gonna be a fashionista as well

  250. Congratulations!!! You will be a wonderful and beautiful mommy!!!!

  251. Kara Cupcake♥ says:

    OMG! congratsss!


  252. BreNDa G. says:

    Dios los bendiga Dulce!
    I have been with my boyfriend for three years too and I'm 22 we are trying to wait a little bit longer.
    You guys are really blessed!

  253. Congratulations!!! :D I always look at your blog and your videos. I was really glad about the notice of the baby!! :D

  254. kenoras says:


  255. Congrats Dulce, i have nothing but best wishes for u and you're new familia..

  256. Michelle says:

    wooow! congratulations to you and jesse!! love the dress & blog! (:

  257. Anda Zelenca says:

    woooow! what a surprise! congratulations!!!
    you will be a beutiful mommy ;)

  258. Brigitte says:

    OMG!!!! CONGRATS!!! So happy for you guys!! You will be a beautiful fashionista mom!!Hope everything goes well for you!!! <3<3<3:)

  259. Brigitte says:

    OMG!!! CONGRATS!!! You will be a beautiful fashionista mom!!! Hope everything goes well for you!!!

  260. nortiz23 says:

    OMG!! i have been checking your blog to come up with some ideas that would work out for me because i'm pregnant too!! lol but I'm already almost 6 months and 22 yrs old. : )

    I really was hoping I can get some kind of ideas for outfits!

    well congrats and I'm hoping to see new blog post up when you have the time!

  261. Chan Tae says:

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful blessing! You and Jesse will be great parents. God bless and drink pleny of water!!!

  262. EmeraldC83 says:

    OMG! Congrats! You're going to be a great mom! Are you still going to go to London? God Bless you and your new family : )

  263. Madeena says:

    ooomggggggg!!!! i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happppy for uu twooo!!! u guyss r beyonddddd cutee!!!! noww the marriage has to happe.n..hahaha jk sorry if that was too personal! but congrats!!! LOVEYAA! good luck with everything!!!

  264. mayte90 says:

    Omg!! Dulce I'm so happy for you! Un bebe es una bendicion especialmente cuando dos personas estan tan enamoradas como tu y Jesse! :) i hope that in some years me and my babe who's also named Jesse jaja can have a baby of our own! Congratulations!

  265. aawwwh! i'm so happy for you!! all good wishes here :) & that baby is going to be really blessed :)

  266. karinahasa says:

    Oh my Gosh dulce!
    i am so happy to hear about your pregnacy!
    and i bet you are tierd! i was wondering why u were not blogging!
    i will keep u in my prayers and Stay strong and let us know how everything is going,Lov ya Girl!
    <33 Karina

  267. SweetSimran95 says:

    Congrats.GOd bless u and urs baby:)

  268. asos890 says:

    awwww CONGRATULATIONS! im 21 and my son is 3 years old. Im studying at uni so being a mummy is a blessing and doesnt hold you back from anything… enjoy your pregnancy to the most, its the best time to wear cutest clothes, with cute headbands! p.s. I love your outfit, the red dress and nude shoes work so well together. xxx

  269. lady.fallegt says:

    Congratulations Dulce! I'm happy with you!! ;))) I think you will be best mom !!! ohh what a good news!! Mamy Dulce. It's sounds nice ;)

  270. oh my god! that's how i went when i read your baby post! i'm SO happy for you. i thought you were my age (18) and thought it was quite early to be a mother but then i read you were actually 23. you look so beautiful and i'm sure you are going to be a GREAT mom! so so happy. start the bebe vlog! :D

  271. Oh WOW! Congratulations :)
    It's so adorable, that you and the love of your life are going to have a baby. It's like the perfect love story :)

    Best wishes with everything!


  272. NailsDotCom says:


  273. sweetxkissezx05 says:

    before i even read what you wrote, i was thinking to myself shes pregnant! i could tell because you had that beautiful mommy glow!

  274. I wish you the best of the lucks, and you are looking amazing!!!!

  275. patriceriley says:

    Congratulations!!!! Praise God!!

  276. Congratulations :) I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I am soooo excited, but impatient too now! I've been blogging about my pregnancy, so have a read if you fancy :) xxxx Good luck with everything, congrats again :) xxx

  277. Arie.Beauty says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CANDY! I'm so proud of you, it's going to be a beautiful baby, just it's beautiful mother. I wonder is it going to be a girl or boy! You soo, have to let us know as soon as you find out! Congratulations. Haul Baby jr. lol

  278. Wow..Congratulations!

    That color looks great on you!


  279. OMGSH!!! Congratulationsss!!! I'm a Mommy too, and i can def tell you you're going to love itt !!! I had my Baby when i was 18, now im 21 and he is almost 3, and its a Blast!!!!
    Im really happy for you!!!

  280. Folybaby says:

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you!!! You are going to be a WONDERFUL mom!!! Yayyy!!!

  281. cjdavis224 says:

    Congratulations!!! May you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!! God bless.

  282. i love fashion. says:

    oh my gosh I'm so freakin happy for you I'll hope everything goes well and I am very happy about that you're not going to stop posting wish ya luck in love jessi :)

  283. kenda, personality of meh says:

    congrats, dulce!

  284. Aww…congrats to you both!

  285. itsjust-mex3 says:

    OMGGGGG CONGRATULATIONS!!! that's such big news! wow, you must be so excited :)

  286. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a child is always a blessing from God indeed

  287. The Red Head says:

    Congratulations!! I wish all the best in the world for you, your man and the new bundle of joy!! God help you and bless you continuously in the months and years to come!!

    With love!!

  288. Alice Caroline says:

    I'm so happy for you! You're going to be a great mother!

  289. congratulations! that's so exciting for you.

  290. Lua Chea says:

    A big congrats!
    I am very happy for you and your boy, and that the new family member comes, as we say in Spain was alright and with a loaf under his arm.

  291. babyfresiita says:

    OMG Congrats I'm in the same posiitiion as u and I'm 7 weeks jajahajjaaj how funny right.. Hey well I send u my cell number on ur e_mail so u could text me I need to ask u some questiion if u don't have it you could e-mail me at and I'll send u my number again jajahjajaaja

  292. cabinetmaker26 says:

    Congratulations!!! I am 25 and my fiance and I have been trying for three years also and I an hoping and praying we are blessed soon!that is great news

  293. cabinetmaker26 says:

    Congratulations!!! I am 25 and my fiance and I have been trying for three years also and I an hoping and praying we are blessed soon!that is great news

  294. Oh my God I'm so happy for you candy this is an amazing news i wish you and jesse all the happiness in the world you sure deserve it.
    i swear i cried my eyes out reading this post, happy tears of course.

  295. TheFashionGallery says:

    Congrats!! That baby is so blessed to have you and jesse, and it's gonna be beautiful!

  296. Okay.Rowan says:

    congratulations so much! You're going to be a great mother!!! Are you and Jesse married?

  297. I read "New Life" and I thought…She's pregnant jokingly & OM GOSH!!!!! SHE IS! How Great that is for you! I had my daughter @ 23 yrs old. She is 3 years old now. I love the whole experience. WELCOME TO THE MOMMY CLUB! LOL! I Love your blog and can't wait to see the changes that you will make now that you are at this current stage in your life. BTW, if you need any tips, ask your fellow subscribers…Congrats!!!!

  298. Makeup by Yolisa says:

    I love your dress, such a classy look.

  299. alexandrarae says:

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations, you are going to be such a great and beautiful mommy! You are already glowing! xo

  300. ale_loves_stars_and_snow says:

    very very happy for you!! you and Jesse look like a great couple and you'll have a great family together!! best of luck and lots of health for the baby!!

  301. Ariadna R. says:

    OMG! Congratulations!
    Jesse y tu tienen mucha suerte, es una bendicion de Dios tener un baby! me alegro mucho por ustedes! God bless you guys!

  302. Dreams That Glitter says:

    Many, many congratulations to you both!


  303. TKOmulatta says:

    congrats!!! I'm so happy for you. I love being a mommy, it is the biggest blessing in the world, and honest to God true love when that little baby is gonna be placed in your arms!

    congrats dulce :)

  304. Congratulations. You will be such an awesome mother. I pray that God will give you the strength you will need. Im also glad that you have someone like Jesse who will support you in your every endeavor.
    Once again congratulations

  305. kenesswall says:

    congratulations, cant wait to see you and your styles when your pregnant.

  306. Kasia_B says:

    Such a surprise!!!
    Can't wait to see and read more from you!!


  307. Holy crap! I was not expecting that at all! I cant believe it. I hope you have a healthy, happy baby!

  308. Makeup by Yolisa says:

    oh btw congratz!!

  309. xoANGELA says:

    omg! i am sooo happy for you & jesse. you are an amazing person and i bet you'll be an even better mommy! congratulations, hun. you deserve it. i wish you the best!!! <3

  310. LittleMissCandyLover says:

    AWWWW!! CONGRATS!!!!! you'll be an amazing mother!!!!!

  311. CopyCat says:

    OMG CONGRATS :))))
    That is wonderful news :)))
    Have fun with that :)

  312. Susie S says:

    AWWWWWWW Congrats! Wish you both the best of luck.

  313. KENYETTA says:

    omg congrats!!!!! thats gonna be one stylish baby!

  314. tired noww…wait til your 9 months preggers trying to sleep….CONGRATS!!!

  315. Congratulations Dulce end Jesse! I wish you both and the baby the best!

  316. Super Candy Congrats!!!

  317. YAY!!!!
    Congratulations, I am so happy for you and Jesse!!!

  318. congrats! Im excited to see how you style outfits with a baby bump its gonna be too cute! you are gonna be a great mom and your baby will have the cutest outfits too with you as a mom =]

  319. Albania says:

    omg dulce Im soooo happy for you and jesse. I am 22 and I had our baby last year he just turned 1 last week. it was not planned but it is a true blessing! ive been watching ur videos and blog since i was pregnant and ive always felt like i know you like a long lost friend lol now we just have a little more in common. Congrats!

    PS. i never wore maternity clothes ewwwww i was called the hot mommy to be. but still descent and sophisticated

  320. samajama27 says:

    Congrats!! Isn't is so exciting? I am almost 6 months pregnant with my first, and I love it. I just want the little monkey to be here already!!!

  321. Congraaaaaaatss Candy you looked so cute with Hazel and I'm so happy so see you with a minicandy !!

    Take care

  322. Congraaaaaaatss Candy you looked so cute with Hazel and I'm so happy so see you with a minicandy !!

    Take care

  323. Congraaaaaaatss Candy you looked so cute with Hazel and I'm so happy so see you with a minicandy !!

    Take care

  324. PinkSummerMist says:

    I am so happy for you, congratulations!! :D

  325. sugandha says:

    many many congrats to both of you….very happy for u

  326. laurenandlola says:

    Honey I am so happy for you! Oddly enough, I just had a dream involving you and you WERE pregnant. I am so happy that you have a loving man by your side. My mother wasn't as fortunate as you and raised us on her own. The best gift a man can give his child is to love their mother. I wish you the very best and I will keep you both in our prayers.

  327. Patti Gee says:

    oh my gosh! Hurray for you, you'll make a great mother:)

  328. Irene's blog says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DEAR! You will be a gorgeous mother!

  329. Mommy to a 1yr Old says:

    Congratulations my dear a baby is a beautiful gift from god. and he has blessed you with an amazing gift. i wish you the best of luck, and i hope you enjoy parenthood, its will love every min.
    glod bless you and jesse.
    hope to read some more blogs about your life now as a mom.

    Marissa Sueclare

  330. KnowledgeEater says:

    OH WOW! I am so surprised but since you've been trying for so long I am happy you two finally were blessed with a little one. Congrats!

  331. B L A N C A says:

    you will be a wonderful and whether you have a boy or girl your little bundle will always look upon you as a wonderful role model. you are super blessed!!

  332. Congrats Dulce, can't wait to see the process of it all. I'm happy for you and Jesse :) All the best!

  333. VINTAGE DIVA says:

    OMG!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! This is awesome! yay,your gonna make a great mom, and then you should blog about how to dress your baby its gonna be so cool! congrats to you and your boyfriend, are yall gonna get married? you should just go to the court house, thats what i did, and have a big wedding later. Your wedding is gonna be beautiful! Congrats congrats congrats!!

  334. congratulations dulce :) .. so happy for you :)

  335. Ad Noiseam says:

    Wow, I'm cannot believe it! I'm happy for you, girl. Congradulations!

    p.s you have to come to nyc. the new 4 floor, 10,0000 square foot forever 21 opened today ans it is overwhelmingly beautiful. Heaven, actually. There are 3 other f21's in manhattan and this new one in times square is bigger than all 3 put together!

  336. Latina8Oh5 says:

    OMG Congratulations! Ahhh cant wait to see the outfits with your little bump… keep us informed

  337. Congratulations!!

  338. Latina8Oh5 says:

    Congratulations! I cant wait to see your outfits with your belly! LOL. keep us informed when you can! Again CONGRATS!!!

  339. evaange says:

    YAY! Congratulations mommas! I am so excited for you, i can't wait to see the belly lol. Tener un bebe es una bendicion grandisima de dios =)Cuidate y descanza. Babycenter is the best place to get your questions answered, and there's a huge community to have fun and support you with your pregnancy and so on.

  340. *JoC* :) says:

    You know that commercial with the baby in jean diapers? YOUR BABY WILL BE LIKE THAT lol- baby fashionista



  343. Jeanette says:

    once I saw the title that said "new life" i knew you were qonna say that you're expectinq! I fiqured it a while back because you seemed different in you're videos. Omq Candy I'm so happy for you! I wish yuu and Jesse the best.That baby is qonna be qorqeous just like her mommy :) Im so happy for you. Conqratulations :)

    ily Candy keep up you're videos don't qive up :)

  344. OMG,, I really sOoOoOoOo Happy for U DulceCandy ,,I cant waite to see ur little baby :D.,, Congratulations sweetie

  345. Congratulations !

  346. Congrats!!! That is absolutely great news! God bless you with this pregnancy! Can't wait for the post on how to be a pregnant style post! You will def be a chic mother!

  347. November says:

    OMG DULCE!! You are soo crazy! I'm the same age as you and I still feel like I'm a baby! But I'm so Happy for you! I cannot wait till you start getting a baby bump. You are opening up to a new market of women now. I wish you all the best :) I truly do. Congratulations.

  348. Omgg!! Congrats =] So excited for u!!!! xx

  349. s.a.i.m.e says:

    woooooow congrats =)

  350. congratulations dulce!!! you must be super excited. "Having children is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body." This is SO true. you're gonna love motherhood! and its gonna be one beautiful baby. :)

  351. KeishaVABeauty says:

    Welcome to the mommy club I am a mom to 3 kids and i am 29 years old I love being a mom and can't wait to see your lovely motherhood fashion

  352. kajaal xoxo says:

    i literally screamed when i saw this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! awwwww xoxo

  353. It is God's will…yes you are blessed!! Now you just need to also get married and God will bless you union.

  354. MAKEUPMIX81 says:


  355. Mackenzie says:

    Oh my goodness, congratulations!!! Your baby is going to be the most stylish baby on the block :) Can't WAIT to see pictures once that little bundle is here!! Good luck with your pregnancy!

  356. COngratulations:) im so happy for you and i cant wait to see what outfits you come out with for your pregnancy!

  357. Ana♥'(: says:

    OMG CONGRATULATIONS ! I've been watching you for a while now & i love everything about you ! Your blog & your videos !! Good luck with the baby ! &Congrats nothing but good wishes for you Dulce !

  358. sexypepsi260 says:

    OMG Congratulations!!!! Get ready girl because in 9 months you life will be completely different….can't wait for the baby blogs!!

  359. wow!!! congratulations! you will be a great mom :)

  360. Congrats girl thats so exciting the best to you a jesse :) My wife and I have been trying for nearly 2 years so I can imagine how wonderful you feel! You are just glowing CONGRATS again! :)

  361. omg!!!! congrats!!

  362. alicia8jl says:

    OMG you're gonna be like the most fashionable prego girl EVER. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR OUTFITS!!! CONGRATS!!!

  363. Needed.Wanted.Desired. says:

    Congrats to both of you!

  364. ilovemeanjel says:

    aww Congratulations to both of you! you are truly blessed! take care Dulce! <3

  365. Emerald! says:

    That's so amazing! Congrats!!!! I know you will be an amazing momma!

  366. awww congratulations!! :)

  367. michelle anne says:

    I was watching a michele1218 video, and this person left a comment saying to go say congrats to you cuz you were gonna be a mommy, and man I was on a mission to find out if it was true! Congrats! You are going to be an amazing mother. Glad you guys finally are going to have your baby after trying for 3 years! (: Congrats again


  368. simplyhope says:

    WOW! I seriously DID NOT EXPECT THAT! CONGRATS! You will be an amazing mom and I wish you the best!

  369. sssdawna says:

    oh. my. gosh. i knew it when i saw the title of your post!! : D i'm so excited for you!! i just wanna cry because you seem like such a beautiful person inside and i know you've helped me (inadvertently)so if anyone deserves a blessing like this it's YOU! thank you for telling us and please do keep us posted on pregnancy and being a mom = ]

  370. Congrats! I'm really ahppy for you, And I don't think it's anyone's business what you guys plans are, its your life!! You'll make a beautiful mom!!

  371. LoveableShorty says:

    congrats hun and all the best and so happy for u and i can't wait to see u dress up the baby bump.and God Bless.and get all your rest hun and me and u are of the same age.

  372. Miss♥Nikka says:

    Awww what a surprise!! Congrats Mommy Dulce! Looking forward for your mommy style post! :) Sooo happy for you mommy!!

  373. OMG CONGRATULATIONS! you must be sooooooooooo happy! i'm so happy for you *

  374. Congrats to you and Jesse!!!You are going to be the best mommy


    & keep us updated. thank you for sharing with us =]

  375. Sophitia.Kaze says:

    Oh My God.
    Its amazing the internet really.
    I follow your blog for quite some time now, and when I read this post my heart really JUMPED!
    I'm seriously happy for you, excited, and curious. All the things that anyone feels when someone "close" has something big going on in their life.
    It's really something, and I guess that everyone that comes here, must feel the same way.

    Congratulations, and we want so see TONS of Dulce mamazita around here! ^^.
    Muita Sorte para ti! (sou portuguesa, mas como é muito parecido com o espanhol, deves entender!!)

  376. Darlene says:

    Awww congratulations!!!!! :)

  377. Anonymous says:

    omg! im a 15 year old mom and so happy and blessed !! i love my baby girl and im sure you love your baby too i cant believe it !1 your going to be a mom it makes me reallly happy cause ive been watching you videos since you started wow! your someone i look up too . and yes you should do a blog on how a mother should dress but with style cause i know im not a teen no morree lol wish you lots of luck .i hope you really do the blog

  378. Anonymous says:

    omg ive been watching your youtube videos sice you started .!! you have me in tears now.congrats im so happy for you .im 15 i have a 7 month baby and trust me its the best thing ever and she has the best dad !! im so happy for you !!

  379. im SOOOOO happy for you!! congrats! I cant wait to see your cute preggo style!!

  380. For The Fierce says:

    Congratulations! This is wonderful! I wish nothing but the best!


  381. Congratulations, Dulce! You're going to LOVE being a mommy– it's the best!! <3

  382. OMG so happy for you!!! Congrats on your baby, you look fab!

  383. Congrats!!! Wow, can't wait to see your little baby bump. All belly I'm sure …. :)

  384. WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!! im soo happy for you! i hope it all goes well for you..i'll keep you and your new family in my prayers.. =)

    i have been recently watching your videos and reading your blog, and i am so inspired by you, you are such an amazing person from what i see/read! both of my brothers are in the army and i have never thought so highly a woman who is in the service, and the fact that you are still serving and do this all on the side is amazing! you and jesse deserve a beautiful baby and i am so so so happy for you, even though we don't know each other! it's beautiful people inside and out like you who deserve all of the happiness in the world, and God truly has blessed you and jesse and you're going to be amazing parents. congratulations, keep on writing and keeping us readers informed! we're all so excited i'm sure to live through this experience with you :)

    okay, sorry to ramble, hopefully you even get a chance to read this!!

    xoxo, a big fan<3

  386. fashionista08 says:

    I TOTALLY love the dress and the whole outfit !!! Seriously I love your style and congrats for the baby!!!!

  387. Maggie ☮ says:

    wow that is amazing congratulations!! awww I'm sooo happy for you =] now two of my favorite bloggers are prego. Fanciful Moms! lol

  388. Irresistible♥Icing says:

    Congrats mama!!! That is fabulous news.

    You look radiant in the pics :)


  389. :)congratulations!!

  390. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for u and jesse. congrats

  391. Naty1129 says:



  392. SweetChicDiva says:

    Aww Congrats girl. I got pregnant and had my son at the age of 22, it's very hard to find pregnacy clothes when you are a size 1. Nothing really fits so it will be interesting to see how you are able to come up with outfits. Good luck, I will keep you in my prayers. It's hard to get pregnant for some and to carry a baby full term for others. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift from God that some choose to abort. Glad to know you aren't planning on taking that route.

  393. Sabrina says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm just about 8 months along with my 1st also… and I completely remember how tired I was the entire 1st trimester… but it gets so much better, just wait until you feel those forst movements :-) Best wishes to you and your boyfriend

  394. Sabrina says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm just about 8 months along with my 1st also… and I completely remember how tired I was the entire 1st trimester… but it gets so much better, just wait until you feel those forst movements :-) Best wishes to you and your boyfriend

  395. Ryan & Marj says:

    congratulations dulce!!

  396. DanielleD says:

    Congrats Girl!

  397. rycelobber says:

    congrats ^^ are you guys planning to get married anytime soon as well? that would make it double congrats if you did :D

  398. Congratulations!!! I'm happy for you guys!
    On a side note, you have inspired me to start my own blog on the one thing I'm obsessed with: Music. So thank you for inspiring me to switch up my wardrobe and to share what I love with others.
    - ♥

  399. ellenbohn says:

    Greasy Mexinigger.

  400. ellenbohn says:

    Just what we need – more lazy MexiNiggers on welfare. Great.

  401. To Be Loved... says:

    I'm so happy for you!!! IDK what to do! That is so AWESOME! OMG! I'm too excited!

  402. i think its the cutest thing ever when mom and baby dress in matching outfits. CONGRATS!

  403. foreverlizette12 says:

    i am a very very BIG fan of you. i watch ALL of your videos. i someday wish i could be like you, you are like my number one role model. Omg now that i knew you are pregnant i was about to cry LOL.
    a baby i a huge blessing from God, and i am super mega happy for you and Jesse :)
    i wish you all the luck in the world to you and your new family!!! :D

  404. pandaerika says:

    OMG YAY a mini dulce
    im so happy for you
    woo hoo
    its mommy time
    muchas felicidades

  405. omg!! how wonderful! i wish you and jesse the very best with this child!! can't wait for prego outfits :P then baby outfits! lol good luck with your pregnancy and motherhood :) i'll be praying for a healthy cute baby for you guys hehe cuidate!

  406. basketgurl_10 says:

    OMGGGGG! :) :)

    I read your

    I'm Gonna Be A Mommy!

    Then I was like AHHHH! :) :)

    I'm SOOOOO excited for you and your hubby! & of course for the baby Dulce or baby Jesse that is on the way :) :)

    Que Dios los bendiga a los tres :)

    I can't wait to see all the other baby stuff you post on here. I will deff be following, like always :)

    Much blessings!


  407. bdesirable says:

    Congrats dulce! Pleaseee read my blog I follow yours religiously :)

  408. JessiePepper83 says:

    Congrats Dulce! I have been a YT follower for years :)

    Just out of curiosity though, how did you know you were ready to be a mum? How did you prepare?

  409. *squeals* OMG!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Even before I read your post I felt like you would be sharing amazing news due to your title and pictures, but I didn't expect that! Wow!!! I can't wait to see what's in store now for us as you show us a new side of fashion and to hear the amazing stories of your mommyhood! Congratulations to you and Jesse! Sending lots of love and blessings your way.

  410. Gabriella says:

    Awww! Congratulations on the baby, that's wonderful! I love the outfit too, so pretty! :)

  411. BRIGHTLIGHTS says:

    Congrats! =)

  412. BRIGHTLIGHTS says:

    Congrats!! =)

  413. LittleMuki says:

    Congratulations Dulce :)) Your going to be the best mommy and daddy i'm sure of that :) Be healthy you and your family. <3

  414. Congratulations! You're going to be one of the most stylish mommies out there. My best wishes for you and your growing family :)

  415. Zeahnna says:

    Congrats and goodluck for the new baby.

  416. PysiaPatrysia says:

    Congratulations ! :)

  417. Tinyfit says:

    OOMMMMMMGGGGOOODDNESSS….. very happy for you ..yay!

  418. Congratulations with the Pregnancy! :) I hope you'll have an easy pregnancy and birth.

  419. Moshinator says:

    Aww! Congratulations! Very happy for you :) x

  420. fashiongeek says:

    congratulations!! i'm so happy 4 u ! ;) you're gonna be the best mommy ever! and your baby will always be dressed fashionable ;) haha take care of yourself!

  421. a-gilr's-life-blog says:

    congratulations Dulce , I am so happy for you .

  422. Awwwww great news! im so happy for u hun!! :-) Congrats to both, u and Jesse !! :-)) <<3

  423. Congrats for ur new baby,now its time to eat healthy and DR rendez-vous…i hope u will enjoy this face of ur life…Take care of u and ur baby.God bless

  424. CONGRATS DULCE!! This is seriously so amazing! If he's a boy I call dibs on him :D haha no, I'm just kidding! You'll be a great mum!
    I would love for you to check out my blog!
    love xx

  425. Congrats!

  426. yay congrats!!!!! be sure to check out these websites and get weekly emails on every week you turn to let you know what the baby is doing..and how the mommy is feeling or going thru at the time.

  427. bumpyamusikk says:

    I'm so happy for you, Dulce! Really, you're going to be such a good mom.. & So hip, too! I hope the absolute best for you & your boo. =)

  428. congratulations!!!! so amazing news!!! Take care of your health, and

  429. louisiana mei says:

    THATS AMAZING!! CONGRATULATIONS! you are going to make SUCH a wonderful mommy. hopefully it's a girl so you can teach her all your makeup tips and tricks! and so you two can go shopping!

  430. The Imam's says:

    OMG DULCE CONGRATULATIONS I would love to read your pregnancy related blogs….You'll make a great loving mommy best of luck xoxo

  431. Miss C i n d i a * says:

    I think this is the FIRST comment that I leave you with after months and months of following you through here, but it was weird because when I saw that Sonia was expecting, I wondered, wouldn't it be cool her and Dulce expecting at the same time and BAM! Lol, congratulations, and don't pay ANY attention what so ever to the people with negative opinions. It's your lives, and no one elses. Plus, when your family is supportive and you're happy nothing else really matters. Muah* Best of luck and can't wait to tag along in your journey :) I am looking fwd to baby fashion blogs haha.

  432. that is sooooooo amazing congrats!!!!!! cannot wait to see mommy blogs !!!!! congrats again xx

  433. Congrat's!!!! I am due in November and I am struggling to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. :)

  434. Yay! If you need any extra advice (you have so much support already) I teach parenting classes about development etc. Just email me anytime @

  435. PitaRocket says:

    Im so happy for you, I Sent you a message on twitter but I hardly go on there and dont know how to really use it. Just wanted to tell you, you are sooo beautiful and Im youll be a great mommy. GOd bless you and your family. Love, Lupita Vargas-Avalos.

  436. Sandy4UPLZ says:

    Hey Dulce today I swear I dream I had meet you and I was so excited. And then I went to your blog page and I saw the BIG exciting news about you expecting a baby; I am so happy for you Dulce and Jesse both of you are going to be great parents I can see from what you write about him that you guys have a lot of love, respect and support for one another which makes a great team. And I want to say Congratulations!! :)


  438. Nayely♥ says:


  439. *adictaalshopping* says:

    Congratulations!! I'm really happy 4 you :D

  440. so so so super happy 4 u ur going to be a great mommy cant wait to see the fashions…… i know the tired feeling when i was 8 weeks all i did was sleep sleep sleep to lol

  441. Thrive Like a Wildflower says:


  442. shortylegsbeauty says:

    AAW Im so happy for you :) Congratulations from the bottom of my heart :) You are going to be a wonderful mother :) And Im so happy for the both of you :)
    You are glowing more than ever now :)
    EEP Im so happy :)

    Take care sweetie
    Hugs from Anna in Finland

  443. Congratulations!
    I love this dress!

  444. OMG Dulce I've been watching your videos for a long time now and I am so happy for you! Will you still be going to london now that you're pregnant? Congrats and I wish you all the best!

  445. wowww congrants!!!
    youre going to an amazing mom!
    i can just image you guys in 10 – 15 years time going shopping and buying makeup :)

  446. Congrats. Being a mother is the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a women. Even when some are not meant to be mothers, just like there are fathers that don't deserve it once in a while thee is also a mother. And you won't be one of them. This is a great blessing. Once again congrats.

    Wish you noting but the best

  447. congrats!!!!
    so awesome !!!!!
    and looking awesome in a red !

  448. Congratulations! I'm really happy for you and I look forward to the baby related posts! :)

  449. tylertyiejohnson says:

    Oh my gosh! Congrats dulce!:) I'm so happy for you and jesse! You're going to be a great mother,and girl keep doing your thing rocking your outfits baby lump or not:)

    what name do you think you'll be naming the baby? Is it a boy or girl,also?

  450. jazmine says:

    Congratz Dulce! You and Jesse are gonna be the best parents!

  451. wow so many congratulations comments, but i'll leave mine anyway: CONGRATULATIONS for the new life inside you :) take care of yourself. It's great, because you make part of our lifes too!

  452. ShayMarieBee says:

    Congrats Luv!! you will be a great Mother <3

  453. congratulations!!! it's a whole new chapter, being a mommy is one of the best things in life =)

  454. HighSchoolGirl says:

    ohmygosh!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you!!!

  455. Congrats!!!!! Blessings and well wishes to you and yours!! I'm looking forward to your upcoming baby fashion vids/posts!!

  456. C_onstance. says:

    Congratulations! This is great news!
    sure you wonderful parents.


  457. Stephanie says:

    I am 24 and I had my baby when I was 23, I never wanted kids till I met my husband and now we have a beautiful little girl, 7 months old, just starting to stand while we hold her hands.

    they grow fast so it might be hard in the beginning but enjoy them being tiny and helpless!

  458. CONGRATS!! So happy for you.. You are going to be an amazing mom.. Can't wait for your mommy-fashion blogs..

  459. Stephine says:

    Congrats Dulce! I'm so happy for you and Jesse! I've been with my boyfriend sexually for 3 1/2 years and we still haven't conceived (I got lucky, but not I'm old enough to and I would love to) so you give me hope that nothing is wrong with me. I wish you both the best, I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

  460. iamjess03 says:

    Congratulations! I just had my son 6 weeks ago, it's a beautiful thing.

  461. Yannis Hilton says:

    OMG , i'm a french fan and i would say yo you " Felicitation " ( Congralutation in french ) I'm verry happy for you guys :)

  462. fashionchof says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Your baby is going the be the fashion police! So cute! :)

  463. congrats candy :] now you have to think about names for your baby
    and omg girl let me tell you something i am loving your blazers i having trouble finding one and would like to to know if you know a good website of where i can buy blazers as cute as yours :]

  464. Congratulations : ))

  465. gabbadoodledoo says:

    Congrats Dulce!

    I love your blog..looking forward to see baby bump photos :)

  466. oh, so sweet, Congratulations :)
    you must be very happy !

  467. That Boy is soo lucky to have a mommy like you!!
    And of all people,i didn't think it was you pregenant! But you sure do look amazing mom! Congratulations!

  468. MissEllolisoss says:

    Wow!! :D Congratulations!!! : ) Sooo happy for you<3<3 xxx

  469. abscene31 says:

    congrats!! i watch your videos and i know that you will be an amazing mom. i know that your little tyke is going to be STYLIN'!!! i think that you should do pregnancy vlogs on youtube, also!! best of luck!

  470. Shimmerbutterfly says:

    Que felicidad tienen que estar sintiendo. Congrats!!!!! That's fantastic!!!! Much health for mommy and baby!!!!!

  471. You are an idiot. Way to make your baby be another statistic. You should have gotten married BEFORE you got pregnant. You have NO clue what it takes to support and raise a child. It's expensive, hard work, and it's NOT all shopping trips. We all know you are just doing this to get out of deployment anyway. You are despicable, and I really feel sorry for the poor little child that will suffer for your shitty choices.

    I can't believe the rest of these people are encouraging you. You're all a bunch of idiots.

  472. LeChatNoir says:

    OMD Dulce i'm so happy for you!!! I wish you the best. For some reason as soon as i read the title your post i had a feeling that you were pregnant. I just burst screaming. I'm truly happy for you, brought a smile to my face. God bless sweetie.

  473. איילת says:

    OMG you're going to be such a good mother!! congrats!!

  474. The Makeup Frugalista says:


  475. iluvhersheys_andbooks says:

    Soooooo much Congrats. You are going to look so adorable while pregnant (though thats probably the least of your concers-looking cute while pregnant) but you will Congradualtions. You are going to be great mother!!!

  476. Congrats to you guys!!!!

    BTW Forever 21 is going to have a Maternity line :) Just for you LOL

  477. Aw, how cute!
    Congrats! :)

  478. ashcatx33 says:

    Congratulations! That is such amazing news! Wishing you and Jesse the best!


  479. Melissa says:

    congrats! I can't wait to see you're preggo style! you are going to be one hot mamma!

  480. Ghleanna says:

    OH wow, congratulations Dulce!!!So happy for you and Jesse, god bless you and your baby!!!

  481. dizzydazl says:

    Yay Candy!!! Omg I'm so late with this comment but I just had to congratulate you. Such happy news!!!

  482. CRiSTaL says:

    Muchas Felicidades!!

    Thats its awesome girl! You both are going to be great parents!

    Congrats! and God Bless the 3 of you, or 4(you never know) lol

  483. lost girl in a big world says:

    Congratulations!! I hope you have the greatest pregnancy time ever. I am sure Jesse will take great care of you.

    Just curious, so are you still going to London to study, now that you got a bun in the oven?

  484. t.MaRiE says:

    omg I really hope you see this comment Im so happy for you and jesse….im 21 and you inspireme sooo much when it comes to fashion and makeup I watch your youtube videos..follow you on twitter…you have made me start my own blog and youtube omg I feel like I know you im am extremely happy for you and jesse congrats and thks for sharing the news :) with love God Bless!!

  485. Jeannee says:


    Baby names???

    Love, Jeannee (YouTube subbie)

  486. Fashionista NoNo says:


  487. natalymorelos0690 says:

    You guys are gonna be amazing parents :) God bless you guys! :)

  488. Congratulations! I wish you the best and hope you have an easy pregnancy! I'm due in 3 weeks :) Can't wait to see the cute little pregnant outfits you put together!

  489. Giselle says:

    Congrats Dulce, I'm sure you'll be a great mother. I wish you and Jesse the best.

  490. Kavitha says:

    Congratulations!!! :) Sooo happy for you girl!! ;) Muaaacks!

  491. KristinNicolexo says:

    CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you two :)

    you should def. do a baby blog. . & maybe baby vlogs? on updates, tips & such? :)

    I'm sure your child will be VERY fashionable!

    god bless you & your new family!

  492. lilbright01 says:

    congrats congrats congrats to u and jessi. i was like that could not wait to tell everyone i am pregnant after 5 years of trying and now 4 months later i am still very excited good bless you and ur baby

  493. Litto Capricorn says:

    Congratulations. I'm pretty sure that your baby is going to be the prettiest baby in the world. Haha

  494. angel_natalie339 says:

    OMG!!!! Congratulations, that is going to be one beautiful baby. And its also going to be one blessed baby as well.
    I'm so happy for you!!!

  495. you look so glowy and happy — congrats!!! what big news!! how funnn!

  496. Melissa 2nd Jooma says:

    You are a beautiful person inside and out and I'm sure you will make a wonderful mommy! May God bless you with a healthy baby and happiness along with success in every step you take in life :) God bless you

  497. congrats!!! 23 isn't to young!

  498. Congratulations,Dulce Candy:)))I'm so happy for you!!!(sun)(happy)(hug):*:*


  500. Congratulations!

  501. Congratulations!

  502. says:

    Congratulations :)))))!!!!!!

  503. Anna Saccone says:

    Oh my god, congratulations!!! This is amazing, fantastic news!! I'm so so happy for you :) :) This baby is going to be so stylish and so, so loved! xoxo Anna

  504. I am soooo happy for you Dulce!!!!
    I feel like I'm the pregnant one thats how happy I am!!!! :D :D :D

    You are going to be a great mommy!!! :)

    Love. Love Love & LUCK :D


  506. Natural Enchantress says:

    Congrats! This is the right age to have a baby, not too young, not too old! All the best!

  507. bellspaze4 says:

    OMG Congrats Candy!!!! You'll be a great mom! And one with amazing style I might add! Good Luck!

  508. mzbiggirlbeautiful says:

    omg…congrats…your going to be a great mom…and the baby is going to be so stylish!!

  509. Congrats!
    I just discovered your blog and became a follower ; )

  510. WOOOWW)))) I am from Ukraine))
    I have been reading your blog for 1 year))))
    I am so happy for you!!!!
    (I am watching your videos on youtube too))))

  511. CONGRATULATIONS! You will be a wonderful mother. Best wishes and God Bless to you and Jesse.

  512. Omg @ all the "married" comments. How corny. You all are TOO nosy. She will get married when she wants and doesn't have to answer to anyone. CUT IT OUT.

    Congrats on the baby!!! What a blessing. xo.

  513. When I read the title of your blogpost, I instantly knew it was something about a baby! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations!!!! To both of you! I hope this baby brings you the utmost joy and blessings which you deserve!!! Congratulations on your blessing once again!!

    Lots of love,
    Kiksy (

  514. Pick it ! tees says:

    wow,congrats!!! (happy+shock)
    so happy to hear that :)
    keep posting this blog.and congrats congrats………….

  515. Sugar + Spice (Azúcar and Especia) says:

    Congrats to u and ur familia! Can't wait to see how u keep ur style going while the miracle grows :)

  516. OMG CONGRATS! you will have a beatifl baby cuz you're so beautiful yourself!

  517. Fathima Abdul Kader says:

    aww!!! congrats!!! love the dress BTW……..

  518. marievic says:

    OMG!! im so exited for you, i wish you, your baby and your man all the best! God bless!

  519. Congrats you'll be a great and a beautiful mommy :D
    I'm your fan at so long time ago (1st in youtube and now here on blog) and this notice makes me happy too :)

  520. The JD!B Team says:

    Congratulations! I am sure you will be one hot sexy mama!

  521. Palju, palju õnne!!
    Your child going to be so stylish:)
    I'm so happy for you!
    Sa näed vaimustav välja
    (You look stunning)

    GOOD LUCK to you and your man and baby!

  522. Congratulations to u both I am sure u will be fantastic parents, it's the greatest experience in life :) Enjoy every second of it :D

  523. DUdancer42 says:

    Congratulations! you're going to have a beautiful little child. & im sure you'll be a great mom. you seem to love all the little chidren in your family all ready(:

  524. PureAdoration says:

    Dulce,I hope you realize what a wonderful person you are!You are a great inspiration to thousands of people all over the World! As stupid as it may sound,I look up to you as if you were my sister and best friend,I feel like I can tell you my deepest secrets!This post of yours did not only make my day,but changed me for good! Thanks to you,i believe that dreams do come true eventually! I feel so much like crying,I'm truly truly so happy for you(and know all of your followers and subscribers are!)! You deserve all the best and I'm sure you have it! God bless you! Take care,

  525. ABIGAIL NY says:

    Congratulations!…news like that always put a smile on my face…love
    best of luck with your blessing. :-)

  526. **OnYxStA** says:
  527. Christina says:

    Congratulations!!….you'll be a beautiful and stylish mom…yayyy :)
    take care!

  528. CeylonDiva says:

    congrats from germany! i am happy to read this wonderful news!

  529. Congrats!! May God bless you, Jesse, and your new baby. I just became a first time Mom 2 months ago, and it is absolutely amazing, you will love being a Mommy! After the first 3 months of my pregnancy I started to feel alot better, and had more energy, hopefully that will happen for you too. Enjoy your pregnancy…you will miss it once it's over. I liked shopping for new things to wear to go with my preggo belly…I'm sure you'll have lots of fun shopping too.

  530. wymarzona szafa says:

    Congrats !!!!! U are beautiful mother! I love you face and hair!

  531. Zinzabel says:

    My best congratulations for you!! Have a happy pregnancy.. ;) I'm touch :') xoxo!! Hi:D

  532. Dee-V-Inah says:

    Congratulations DC! I'm a big fan/reader of your blog. just giving you a heads up that f21 will open here in Manila, Philippines on Jul 2nd. I really love your fashion style but because f21 is not avail here in manila, i try to find pieces from local stores, now I'm excited!

    here is a link about it: (from one of my fave blog too)

  533. foodlover says:

    wow….congrat I'm so happy for you. I'm just about to turn 21 and I hope by the time I'm 23 I'm preggers

  534. ooravish says:

    OMG Congratulations to you both!!!!! Wow! So happy. God bless you all.

  535. champagne kisses says:

    CONGRATSSSS!!!! Im a mommy too its a whole new world xoxo

  536. Congrats girl!! Im happy for u =D

    Blessings from Amsterdam

  537. JuicyLipz says:

    Congrats!! You are going to love being a mommy. I do!!

  538. primabeauty77 says:

    I'm soooooo happy for you! This is so great! Congratulations!

  539. AWH!! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you – you'll be a great mom and this baby is going to be so damn cute! xox :) all the best

  540. Fashion says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Take it from me, a mother of 2, you dont have to be frumpy just because you're a mommy. Dont worry, on those days you dont feel like blogging, your followers will not jump ship and unfollow you (that's always something I worry about). LOL

  541. Dulce I can tell you how happy I am for you . Wish you the best , and if you need an advice let me know I am 23 years old too only difference is that I have 3 beutiful loving girls did I mencion "traviesas" lol back to he point muchas felicidades

  542. ivelisse says:

    Congrats!!! enjoy every moment i promise it perfect!!

  543. Blessing you and your baby
    Eat well and take a lot of care
    Write a baby blog we will love that too

  544. Astride says:

    I <3 THe nude heels. & YOU'RE HAVING A BABYYYY???? Felicitaciones y que Dios te Bendiga!!! I'm happy you're happy! =]

  545. Astride says:

    & yes, I KNOW I'm a MESS for commenting on your shoes 1st!! lolol

  546. Astride says:

    & did you have a birthday recently?? Happy belated birthday! =]

    heheheh okay I'm gonna go to bed now…

  547. zoe aka drinkupthefashion says:

    congratulations candy! :)

  548. Catalina says:

    i am so happy for you.. i can't believe it. i can't wait for your bloggsss ahhhh im such a fan of yourss hehe. i def. will be looking forward to all this new information. i love babiess. congratss girl your gonna be a hot mommy. ;)

  549. Beauty-n-Me says:

    Congratulations!! I wish you all the blessings. Motherhood is a wonderful thing, cherish it wholeheartedly.

  550. Elizabete says:

    OH MY GOD – CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I did NOT see this coming.Best of luck. :) XOXO

  551. Amazing i had just asked u on formspring if you wanted kids and know ur becoming a mommy do amazing!!!

  552. Awh OMG CONGRATS!! :) I have a 21 month old son & i'm 18!! U look Beautiful! I can't wait to c all of ur preggo styles lol! I know your going to be a GREAT Mommy! I can't wait to ifind out what your'e having! What do u want to have?

  553. OFFiCiAL_BBY_PRiNCESS says:

    Omg Congrats on baby ur gonna be a wonderful beautiful mommy…

  554. GONGRATS! i almost cried cozz im so happy for you :)

  555. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you are going to be a great mom! xx

  556. woooooooooooooooow AAAAAAHHHHHH congratulations i can not believe. thats amaaaazing

    but i really hope we will still see a lot posts :-)

  557. hi :)
    I think you look beautiful,and you are one of my favourite gurus. You really inspire me with your wardrobe,and i also wanted to say congratulations!!

  558. juliacaro says:


  559. SAH Fashion_Beauty says:


  560. bkshar* says:

    wow congrats!!!! motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences!!
    i wish you guys the best!! good luck!

  561. Christin-Joy says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you are so inspirational to me. I love that you buy clothes that are within the average girl's price range and put them together in such beautiful ways.

    Congragulations about the baby :D

  562. LilianaT says:

    congrats Dulce!! this is such a wonderful surprise and a blessing!! i wish you and Jesse all the best! your baby is going to be the best dressed baby out there!!!
    God bless you!!!

  563. Liliana says:

    congrats Dulce!! this is such a wonderful surprise and a blessing!! i wish you and Jesse all the best! your baby is going to be the best dressed baby out there!!!
    God bless you!!!

  564. Giuliana says:

    Congratulations! I wish you guys the best !:)

  565. StarLLy701 says:

    awwwww congrats! i sure hope you'll stay in school even though you are pregnant…it's important for you and for your baby's future

  566. Елена says:

    God bless you and your familly(soon to be expanded)=)

  567. Congratulations!!! U will be a beautiful mum, and I wish everithing goes well:). What a blessing!!!

  568. Danielle says:

    Congrats to you two!!!

  569. freakonomicz says:

    You're bound to be a beautiful mother(in and out) to your new child. After reading this post, I felt such immense excitement for you: ) I also agree with the other comment below that this baby will surely be the best dressed baby in town. haha anyways I wish you and Jesse the best in everything and may you're life continue to be filled with joy and new adventures.

  570. sneaky mcgee says:

    Yay I'm 15 weeks! I'm documenting my pregnancy in a creative way. Check it out on my blog :)

  571. yazmiin-- says:

    CONGRATULATIONS,,, OMG this is so cute,, i'm so happy for youu!!! :D xxx

  572. Fashion Fabrice says:

    Im sure your baby will be a beaty:)
    i wish you & your husband all the luck:)


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  573. Rebecca says:

    I am soo happy for you! I am a mommy of twins..and there's a lot of FUN work–work you will love having. God bless!

  574. Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* says:

    Dulce, I've been watching you since the beginning and I've watched you grow into a lovely young lady. I wish you all the best! Congratulations to you and Jesse and your family! I'm sure you and Jesse will marry soon, too.

    God bless you!

  575. alligatormine says:

    wow! iv been meaning to check your blog for a few days now and then the 'pregnant' comments on your IMATS video sent me flying over! can't believe it! you seem so young to be pregnant but i think that's just because i am around your age (nearly 22) and can't imagine being a mum, lol. if you're ready for it though then go girl! that's amazing, congratulations! you must both be so happy – can't believe you have been trying for 3 years! and if this baby is a girl she is going to have the best wardrobe to steal from! :)

  576. Miss Jessica T says:

    Congrats Dulce!!!! May God bless you Jesse & the little bundle of joy!

  577. Miss Jessica T says:

    Congrats Dulce!!!! May God bless you Jesse & the little bundle of joy!

  578. congratulations :D x

  579. **"Liza"** says:

    Wow Congrats to you!! 23 is perfect age to have a baby! I wish you a safe pregnancy and healthy baby!

  580. CONGRATULATIONS for your baby,Dulce!
    There is just 25 jears difference between me & mom, so I can tell that now that I am grown and I am almost 21 is REALLY cool to have still a young mama.
    I think it's positive that this baby have been searched and not just "occurred" on the way, because I think you'll love her/him even more!
    All the best from Italy!


  581. ivelisse says:

    Congrats on your new baby on the way!!!!Its a blessing trust me i have a 3 years old and shes the best thing that ever happened to me. you become a stronger person.. I know your gonna be a good mommy look how hazel is.. Congrats again to you and to jesse.. :)

  582. OceanPerl says:

    You'll be an awesome mom !! God bless you :)

  583. Congratulations! You are going to be an amazing mom.

  584. congrats! babies are joys! are you guys married? if not, getting married would be the right thing and a lovely thing to do for your innocent baby, plus i would enjoy watching wedding prep videos and blogs from you

  585. Shenique says:

    OMG. CONGRAT!!!!

  586. shopgrl622 says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh congratssss!!!(: youur gonna be an amazing mommmm!

  587. jennienlane says:

    wow congratulations!!!! You are going to be such a great mother! I'm actually kind of teary eyed right now because I'm soooooo happy for you

  588. jennienlane says:

    Wow congratulations Dulce!!!! You are going to make such a wonderful mother! What a lucky child :)
    I'm actually kind of teary eyed because I'm sooooo happy for you

  589. Danyadanyalla says:

    Wow congratulation! That's so freaking amazing! I wish you all the happiness to come. :D Your gonna have a fashionable little baby.

  590. Danyadanyalla says:

    Wow congratulation! That's so freaking amazing! I wish you all the happiness to come. :D Your gonna have a fashionable little baby.

  591. Jay♥Vintage says:


  592. gs_hockey1 says:

    OMG, Dulce, CONGRADULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! I didn't know about this until like right now! I can't to hear about your journey to motherhood. You're going to be an amazing mommy! Congrats to you and Jesse!

  593. KatyMay says:

    OMG! So hppy for you, congratulations!!!!! x x

  594. o0fAshionstArr0o says:

    CONGRATS! you're going to be a GREAT mommy!

  595. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see how you dress your belly. Your baby will be stylin' like his/her mama!

  596. katheartsfashion says:


  597. axplove03 says:

    Don't be pressured into marriage becuase thats a completley seperate thing from being parents to me anyway.

  598. Julia's says:

    Congrats! You will be an amazing mommy!

  599. Anatomy of a Broken Heart! says:

    Congratulations Dulce.

    You guys will make wonderful parents. : )

    Love you, teke care!!!

  600. Greeds. says:


    And that color is stunning on you.
    So beautiful for summer.

  601. corinnah1987 says:

    Congrats girly!! I'm so happy for you :) I've been watching your friends since the beginning & just wanted to say congrats on all your success & accomplishments…hope all goes well for your new lil family :D !!

  602. CONGRATULATIONZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  603. MiszLayna916 says:

    congrats[: wish you the best. i agree, 23 is a good age. thats my 'babyage' lol.

  604. MexiFashionista says:

    omg!!!! vas a tener un baby!?!?congratulations:).

  605. Congratulations!!!

  606. yourshar0na says:

    Congrats on the baby news!!!!
    You're going to make a great mom! =D

  607. OMG!!! congratulations! you're going to be the sexiest mom ever! :D
    God bless you guys!

  608. trinipanan says:

    CONGRATS!! This is such good news… I have been reading ur blog for a while but I felt as tho I actually had to say something about the good news… I'm sure that boy is going to break sum hearts wen he gets older lol especially having a mother as beautiful as you!! CONGRATS once again!!

  609. MACADDICT1 says:

    awwww! Congratulations..! Your gona be a great mommy its such a lovely feeling I have a 7 month old baby girl and shes the best thing that ever happend to me!

  610. Kathryn says:

    That's amazing! Congratulations!!! :) Mind explaining who Hazel is then? Just a tad puzzled:P

  611. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you two. :)

  612. define1lady says:

    Congrats! I looooove your style! Enjoy your days with your new bundle of joy. God Bless You all!

  613. Ahhhhh! Congrats!! :D

  614. Aww congratulations girlie!! Love your glow!! Can't wait to see some of your chic and sophisticated outfits for pregnancy!!

  615. FACE IT by Jay Anne Cosmetics says:

    woooowww!!! Congrats girl!

  616. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! wowwwwwwwwwww!!! enjoy your pregnancy!!

  617. Maram St says:

    AHHHH congratulationnnns! on top of it, i find it ironic because, my word verification says : "baybi"!
    haha. congratualtions again, my girlfriends and I are sooo happy for you, we follow you all the time!

  618. Giorgia says:

    OMG!! congratulations!! i'm acctually kind of teary eyed right now because i know you're going to be an amazing mom!!! What a fashionable little baby you're going to have xD

  619. congrats!!! but wow u have been trying for 3 years to have a baby and ur only 23 years old!! but anyways with love anything happens, wish u all the best!!

  620. simplevera says:

    congratss!! wow 3 years trying? really? so you really want to have a baby without marriage? i guess it's not uncommon anymore since lots of peeps having babies out of wedlock…or are you now planning to get married? you deserve the ring girl :)

  621. omg, congratulations!

  622. Awwww Congrats :) I sowed my mom your page and she saw that you believed in God . she was like "Amen!" lmao. I have a questions: if you believe in God, have a house with your boo-face, why havent yhall became Mr. & Mrs.? ( I saw so many people asking you this and I wanted to slap them all, but i realized I had the same question too) lol but its your life, mamaz. You are going to be a wonderful mom :) ( ya man better be a good dad, too ! we need more of those)

  623. Awwww Congrats :) I sowed my mom your page and she saw that you believed in God . she was like "Amen!" lmao. I have a questions: if you believe in God, have a house with your boo-face, why havent yhall became Mr. & Mrs.? ( I saw so many people asking you this and I wanted to slap them all, but i realized I had the same question too) lol but its your life, mamaz. You are going to be a good mom :) ( ya man better be a good dad, too ! we need more of those)

  624. Krystle says:


  625. OH MY GOD! CONGRATS!! :D You are going to be the best mom!

  626. christi1pink says:

    Oh my goodness. Felicidades(^o^) with your new baby. I have two beautiful baby girls and I'm only 21, I know I'm young pero ya sucedio que le puedo hacer. Wow I can't believe it. Pero si cuidate mucho. Take your prenatal vitamins at night everyday so that it won't make you nauseous( that happened to me) and also for your baby, take folic acid (it's good for the baby's development)or eat things that have folic acid in them, like very green veggies and liver and black beans too. Drink lots of water and also EAT, not a lot at the same time but for example: 3 complete meals and 3 snacks a day. Don't be afraid of gaining a little bit of weight, the baby weight does come off (with time)but that's only if you take care of yourself too. And also walk but don't exaggerate. Camina hasta donde tu puedas y que te sientas comoda. Yo te lo recomiendo porque yo si sali bien con mis babies but ask your midwife first before doing all of these things.
    Having your first baby is the best thing in your life. And it's even better when your with the love of your life and people that care and love so much. Y tener miedo es normal, como es el primero nadie la verdad sabe que va a pasar. Pero si ten le fe a Dios y en la Virgen de Guadalupe que te cuiden y al bebe tambien y en que todo salga bien. Cuidate mucho preciosa pero mas al bebe. Te deseo lo mejor y felicidades(^_^)
    Your subbie: Christy Hernandez

  627. sleeping tiger 21 says:

    uuhh no offense but seriously 22? its great if you feel its your time but, seeing constant never ending teenage pregnancy cycle that is more often seen in hispanic women makes me sad for myself, how are the young latinas out there supposed to wait when they have such examples being set. I know its none of my business to tell you how to lead your life, but you are being looked up to by a lot of young girls out there. just makes me sad

  628. Richard says:

    All grown up but doesn't know shit. You are having a baby at 23 with a boyfriend who you have a temporary relationship with. You don't have a house, 401k or really a serious job. You are a fashion designer…how turbulent is that. I wish women would SERIOUSLY think before having a child.

  629. kennedy_xoxox says:


  630. DianaCirne says:

    Congratulationssss!!!! I'm so happy for you! for real!! You deserve all the good thing in the world! Good luck for you and your man, and your future baby! And good look in London! Have fun and be happy!

  631. DianaCirne says:

    Congratulationssss!!!! I'm so happy for you! for real!! You deserve all the good thing in the world! Good luck for you and your man, and your future baby! And good look in London! Have fun and be happy!

  632. S U N S H i N E says:

    :) I think you will be a great and stylish mommy :)
    I'm very happy for you !!!

  633. Make-up Addict says:

    Aww congrats!!!! xx

  634. ♥ Kristina ♥ says:


  635. Nightshade says:

    girl like no lie i always watched your vlogs on youtube and i had no internet for a while anywhoi was like i bet the next time i see her vid imm find out shes pregnant and yes….. you are i cant beleive it im so happy for you.. you are gonna b a super good mom and everthing is going to go perfect for you.. i wish you all the best and congrats to you and jesse


  636. I got excellent info from your blog

  637. I know you had him already, I’ve been with your blog ever since you first started.
    But I had never seen this one post until now, you are glowing!!
    Your so pretty!
    I’m 5 weeks 1/2 right now. Hehe, I’m so blessed right, after 2-3 years
    me and my fiance have been trying to.



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