A Typical Fall Day


Vintage Blazer, Primark Shoes, H&M top, Nexus watch, F21 leggings, Mulberry for Target purse, and F21 accessories.

Pregnancy Updates @ 24 weeks (6th Month)
- Major lower back pains.
- Stuffy left ear. Super annoying. I can’t hear my self speak.
- I can no longer sleep on my back. I bought this amazing “J” shaped pillow a few
months ago, it gives my body the perfect balance. I also sleep on my left side
with an extra pillow in between my knees.
- Total weight gain- 16 LBS (20-25 LBS was my recommended weight gain)
I was 89 pounds when I got pregnant and now I’m 105. So far so good.
- A lot of uncontrollable emotions. I get sad and scared a lot but I also feel happier
than usual.
- I can feel and see Izek move like a little monkey, now more than ever. The feeling
is strong and he always does it when I’m laying or sitting down.
- You can finally see my belly popping out. Which now leads to people staring.
Case in point, today at the mall.
- Boobs are bigger! Woo Hoo!!!!
- Thighs are bigger! Another woo hoo!
- No stretch marks….so far
- Jeans no longer fit around the waist.
Anyway this is everything I have been experiencing so far. Besides the lower back
pains, I love EVERYTHING about being pregnant. I never knew how beautiful it really
Can you spot my baby bump?