These ingredients are never absent from my kitchen. A delicious and quick morning meal that will be sure to satisfy your hunger. Ridiculously easy.  I love to enjoy this with cafe con leche. 
Corn tortillas
Tomato sauce (El Pato)
Olive oil
 Cut up as many tortillas as you would like into small squares
 In 2 tbsp. of oil fry the tortillas squares until golden brown 
 Add 2-4 eggs, dash of salt, and mix
 Mix the salsa with one spoon full of bouillon
 Add to tortillas and eggs
Mix and sprinkle cheese to melt.

My New Wardrobe in a Glimpse

Closet doors are missing in this picture but have been already installed :) 

As many of you know, I remodeled my closet from head to toe so to speak.  Jesse and I went to Ikea and got a custom wardrobe system.  We are planning on moving pretty soon so we didn’t want to hire a specialist to come and actually build a closet system to the walls.  This one from Ikea is  easy to move to the new place. One thing I couldn’t stand anymore was the clutter and I was not willing to wait until we got to our new place. You will be AMAZED to see the new room on a future post. It looks COMPLETELY different.  But for now, here is a glimpse of the magic room!  I love this room even more now.