30 Weeks Update


My Lovely Little Baby Boy

Hi Ladies! Well here is a quick update on my pregnancy. I’m 3 weeks in to my third trimester, 30 Weeks tomorrow and almost done. 
I’ve had a great pregnancy so far and not much to complain about besides my lower back pains. I’m so happy with all the weight I’ve put on and hopefully I can keep these 20 LBS. after birth. There are so many things we plan on doing in December. On our list is to take professional belly and couple pictures at a studio here in L.A. as well as doing a belly cast next week. Also, the Mamma Mio lotion I’ve been using to prevent stretch marks has been doing wonders to my skin, so far not a single mark :) 
Dulce Candy 

Happy Turkey Day

There are a billion things that I’m thankful for but on the top of my list is the health of my family, Izek,  Chanel, Gizmoe, my husband, his family and my friends. I thank God everyday for my career and letting  me do what I love. I’m so thankful to have wonderful readers and viewers who support me and give me the motivation to continue to do what I love. 
Thanks to Good Day LA (who announced the weather this morning), I wore this assemble. I wore my new Mulberry for Target black purse, Forever 21 pea coat, Cotton On scarf, and ZARA leggings. 
Jesse and I went to his parents house for Thanksgiving and spent all day eating the delicious food his sisters made. They are definitely good cooks. I made the ham this year and I was quite nervous since this was my first time making it. But according to everyone, they loved it.  :) Now we’re back home for a few hours before we hit the streets for some major Black Friday shopping! Hopefully we can get everyones Christmas gifts tonight, and hopefully, just hopefully, I score some major deals at the outlets. 
Dulce Candy 

Enjoying My Weekend

(Bag-Louis Vuitton, Necklace Zoe Chicco, Nexus gold watch, F21 ring, cardigan and boots)

Enjoyed a wonderful Sunday with my hubby at the Glendale Galleria doing some Christmas shopping.
Hubby also gifted me with a bunch of goodies from Cotton On. I can’t believe this is my first time at
this store. I love the laid back feel and the way you can dress up or down most of their pieces.

Anyway, I’m not much of a Starbucks kind of girl (even though I LOVE coffee) but I’m really obsessed
 with the Gingerbread Latte (Decaf of course). I haven’t had any caffeine since I found out I was pregnant
so this is a tasty way of satisfying my taste buds with out indulging in caffeine.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Dulce Candy

Things That Make Me Smile

I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but I have my reasons. My husband (who takes ALL of my outfit pictures) left for two weeks to WLC (Warrior Leaders Course) in Washington. It’s mandatory training that every NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) in the Army has to take in order to get promoted once again. The good thing is that he is coming back tomorrow! I’ve missed him so much and I hate sleeping with out him. I’ve also been having a difficult time dressing my self since A LOT of my clothing does not fit anymore and I still refuse to spend money on maternity clothing since I’ll be giving birth in 2 months! 2 months, can you believe that!? Time came and went and now here I am with a thinning cervix.
I came across a gorgeous jewelry line a few weeks ago that I’m completely obsessing over. Since a lot of you know I love my red satin cord Hamsa bracelet (Hubby gave to me 4 years ago) , I decided to buy this beautiful 14k Gold necklace with a lovely Pave diamond in the center of the Hand of Fatima Hamsa. The jewelry is young and fresh which is no wonder and I’ve seen many celebs sporting Zoe Chicco.  I love the simplicity and the beautiful way the gold reflects against the warm California sun rays. 
I’m going back for more is all I have to say…..

Next thing that makes me smile is my Canon EOS 5D  Mark II SLR. All I can say is WOW with this camera. Such a great investment and there will never be a need for me to upgrade the camera it self. 
A few episodes of House were filmed with this camera alone.  The video quality is just as extraordinary. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I promise to be back soon with outfit pictures and such. I’ve been feeling extra motivated and inspired to give my personal style and blog a big twist. 
Dulce Candy 

Dylan Keith Salon

and the AFTER will come with an appropriate photo shoot

A few weeks back my friend Maribel and I had a couple’s night and headed over to Porto’s Bakery for a late night “dinner”.  On our way back to the car, the owner of Dylan Keith’s Hair Salon stopped us. She told us that she was a former celebrity hair stylist and she opened up her new Salon in Burbank to accommodate a more appreciative client in with an acceptable income. She also told us the tragic story of her 7-year-old son (Dylan Keith) that passed away a few months back. My heart goes out to her because you can tell she was a wonderful Mom, but you just never know when terrible things like this happen.She opened this salon in his memory.
Here I was sitting in the chair waiting to get my hair done. I dyed it black and got TONS of layers. I can’t wait to show you guys how it looks.