Baked Smokes

Uploading this look perfect for New Years Eve as we speak. Ill post it on here as soon as it goes live in 20 minutes. Enjoy the preview. 
Dulce Candy and Baby


  1. Wow this is such a gorgeous look Dulce :)

  2. This is so gorgeous! Very Party-esque! Going to be great for a New Years eve party! :D xxx

  3. MagazineByMe says:

    I love the silver glitter, so gorgeous for party/holiday season..that blazer has some mean shoulders on it too, i love it! xxx

  4. beautylogicblog says:

    beautiful look Dulce

  5. You are just gorgeous!

  6. gorgeousss gorgeous! so appropriate for NYE parties ;) thank you!!!

  7. liquoredonlacquer says:


  8. Tanisa O Rossi says:

    Very pretty!

  9. It looks really great :)

  10. you look hot! I feel frumpy now! I was cooking all night. lol. Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Fashion Rehab says:

    Awww!! you look soo pretty!!

    Fashion Rehab

  12. Jazzsquared and Macksquared says:

    Soo pretty! Your skin looks FLAWLESS

  13. Fashion Agony says:

    You look gorgeous!
    Happy holidays!

  14. BlessedMuslimah says:

    I bought that palette a few years back… I love the intensity of the colors, but unfortunately one of the domes broke off. It now slides back and forth when it's closed, but it's still pretty awesome to use.

    Looking forward to your vid! :)

  15. Love you eye makeup :))) Silver grey is so pretty!
    Also love your signature Dulce and Baby is so so so lovely :)))


  16. wow super pretty… love this look!!!

  17. **OnYxStA** says:

    this is hott Dulce…<3

  18. just right for new years

  19. loveee the look! doing a glittery one tomorrow!

  20. love ur shoe stall!! hehe :))

    and the makeup is really pretty.. perfect for the eve!!

  21. candy apples says:

    Gorgeous♥ Perfect shimmery look for New Years eve :D


  22. Beautiful eyes :). You know how to make them have the killer look

  23. J'Anns Boutique says:
  24. Boîte à Nana says:

    You have a very beautiful skin Dulce, your make up is just right for new years!!
    Good parties to you!!
    Bisous de France

  25. LynSire ♛ says:

    I love the quality of the photos!!


  26. absolutely gorgeous!


  27. DaLa Chanelle says:

    Hey mama!

    I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger award, to accept go to:

  28. Kouture Kisses says:

    Great look.

    & I love the shoulders on that blazer!



    looking gorgeous dear :-))

  30. Holly Rose says:

    LOVE THE LOOK! I love this pallete owned it for years!

  31. PERFECT for NYE! So glimmery!

    Reminds me of the Times Sq ball.


  32. *chameleon* says:

    this shadow is absolutely perfect,and not only for the Christmas!!!!!:) it looks great on u!;)

  33. you look gorgeous love the look<3

  34. So sparkly and lovely :D


    Rainbows and Buttons

  35. Pretty eyese ^^ happy holidays!

  36. Raspberry Jam says:




  37. I love your look and your eyes :)

    Greets from Germany

    and Merry Christmas!

  38. Bang BangTarann says:

    I just love your makeup looks soooo preety:)
    Have a great holiday!!

  39. OMG this look is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  40. Just Cake Girl says:

    Have a happy holiday season :))))

  41. shoes and more shoes would have all these shoes the other day Hey jajajaj walking in a mall here in Caracas, Venezuela and saw those who wanted + ias Sapatos in black but had not bought your size and a kind of pink coral strips with a golden chain up and said Oh my God I can not believe that the shoes were bought to be here lol was sweet as "prophetic"truth I did not come here many beautiful shoes I doubt even but that opened my hopes to fashion jajajajaj (than superficial good message but is part of the woman we do not like fashion?)

  42. very party! i loooove your shoes in the background :)

  43. I like how you put on the silver head band too. It definitely pops out and helps to make the make up pop out even more. Very nice festive look.

    Happy Holidays!

  44. Hershley's Sweet Kiss says:

    soooooo pretty! i love it.

  45. Kimberly Allison says:

    i love this glittery look! you're gorgeous! happy holidays! <3kim

  46. Dulce ! You look sooo beautiful. This makeup is awesome and perfect for parties. By the way I would kill for your shoe collection. ;)

  47. This is so amazing! It will definatley stand out and look gorgeous for a new years party.

    xo, Jay

  48. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    Great Look

  49. so pretty !!

    i love your shoe closet behind you !!

  50. Merry Christmas!

    juliet xxx

  51. aww so glamorous <3
    merry christmas :)

  52. You're gonna be soooo adorable with your belly on NYE :)) Totally Loved it. :)

  53. Hii Dulce, you look so pretty!
    I'm looking for a concealer palette just like that that you have and I can't understand where did you got it! Can you e-mail me back telling me the store, brand?

    I hope's everything okay with your pregnancy

  54. knottylaces says:

    i love your necklace! where did you get it? i always love what you wear and put together. your baby will the most stylish kid on the block!

  55. Hello Again Vintage says:

    Amazing! I love your entire look. I can't wait to try this on myself. :D

    Anyway, hope you and your family have an awesome holiday.


    P.S. I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please check it out and feel free to enter.

  56. omg i was so inspired by you that i did a similar look for christmas eve i think it came out looking fabulous sadly i forgot to take a picture so i can show you maybe ill try it again for new years but more sparky thanxx anyway..

  57. You are going to be one hot mama ! :)

    I'm loving the silvery eye shadow it's so pretty

  58. i love ur blog :)

  59. ouch someone is using your identity :S

  60. CaliforniaCandy says:
  61. Ur such a beautiful latina and I love your videos on youtube! Following your vids all the way from Sweden! Saludos del frio q es suecia! :)

  62. Beautiful make up, I'm going to keep this for the upcoming New Years

  63. Great look Dulce and sooooo pretty on you!

  64. saba.ahsan says:

    really pretty! i love the looks you do :) check out my blog
    i recently started :)

  65. Adriana Ramirez says:

    Hi Dulce, I know everyone here looks up to you, I do too. I have one quick question though… I am a student at UCLA and I am fundraising for dance marathon (a 26 hr dance marathon) to raise funds for pediatric AIDS, I don't know how else to reach you. I know you have a lot of people who are following you and I was wondering if you could help me by donating or by spreading the word about the fund raiser. Please please please.

    the link to my fund raising page is here:

    and my personal email is if you may have any questions. thanks for your time.

  66. ingeborg-helga says:

    hey! :) love your blog, but can you please show us what you wore for christmas and make some more make up tutorials for new years eve! that would be great.

  67. Dulce! siempre te sigo, y ahora estoy empezando mi blog! ojala lo puedas seguir saludos!

  68. i love your blog!
    please follow back : )

    and anyone who sees this comment feel free to follow me too.
    please and thankyou : )

  69. gorgeous mum
    merry xmas:)

  70. you are sooo pretty.
    love your style ♥

  71. Ugh I love your leopard wedges. I think you got them at Forever21 and they don't have them anymore! You are beautiful!

  72. makeupwithpandaabearr says:

    too much glitter on my eyes

  73. You r so gorgeous an I love watching your videos Im trying to teach myself..can I get a tip from you I want to be able to walk in high heals but they just hurt an wut do u recommend to learn how to wear them to be cofterble