Best Looks of 2010

Happy New Years Eve!!!!
This was the year that took a major turn with my blog thanks to all of you. I’m so blessed to have reached over 17,000 followers and over 2 MILLION blog hits. What a dream! 
 I have you guys to thank for all this success. 
Many wonderful blessings were presented this year, but above all getting married and expecting a little baby boy has to top it all off. 
Anyway, here I leave you with all of my favorite outfits for 2010. I can’t wait until February to start posting outfits of day once again.
Have a safe New Years Eve and I wish all of you the BEST!!!
Dulce Candy and Baby 


  1. FashionableAsians says:

    You've had one very stylish and fashionale year Dulce! Happy 2011 and best wishes to you and your baby! <3

  2. Raspberry Jam says:

    Awesome Outfits for 2010 !
    Can't wait to see your new outfits next year!

    Wish you a happy new year!


  3. Socialite14 says:

    Always beautiful happy new year best of wishes and bigs things for you and your family in 2011 !!!

  4. Socialite14 says:

    Always beautiful happy new year best of wishes and big things for you and your family in 2011 !!!

  5. Dreams That Glitter xoxo says:

    So many stylish looks! Have a wonderful New Year lovely.


  6. i love your stlye<3 GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND JESSE ON YOUR BABY BOY(:

  7. Thank you for shearing your great style with us this year and all all your other life experiences! I hope you nad your loved one have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I can't wait to see you in 2011. Lots of love Sia xx

  8. Love all the looks :):)
    Wishing you, hubby and baby boy all the best in 2011 :):):)

  9. Jacenda LeeAnn says:

    Gorgeous! Looking forward to another year of Dulce fashions :D
    XX Happy new year!

  10. Max McQueen says:

    Prime example: Fashionista :D
    Happy New Years Dulce.

  11. StyleStar By Nari says:

    woooow nice :D all of them i love ur blog and u have a very cute face ( take a look of my blog ) i will be happy

  12. your style never seizes to amaze me! you are so beautiful and every outfit is so inspirational! hope all is well in 2011 and can't wait to see baby izek! god bless!


  13. i love your big smile!

  14. ♔Reyna♔ says:

    Loved all 2010 outfits! So glad to have found your blog this year. I just love it! btw: I hope you have a great New Year's and can't wait til' Feb. to see more outfits:) If you get the chance, pass by my blog and say hi. It's nice to see another Military fashionista w/curves and dark hair! lol.


  15. Each of your outfit is beautiful and stylish! I wish you all the best for the new year, and also for your baby and family. You're really beautiful and sweet. I look forward to more posts in the new year! You are so great!!!!! :)

  16. happy new years to you and your family west wishes hun ..i cant wait to see your new fashion post in February again <3

  17. beautylogicblog says:

    Very pretty mama. Have an amazing New Year!


  18. Tanisa O Rossi says:

    CUTE! <3


  19. **OnYxStA** says:

    love your sense of fashion <3

  20. FAB- cant wait to see more looks in 2011 <3

  21. candy apples says:

    Loved all your outfits!!
    Happy New Year to you and Izek♥ Can't wait to see him in 2011 :D


  22. Amber Spice says:

    aw dulce – - all soooo creative!!!! i loved the ones with your doggies!!! uber cute!!! ;) happy ny n felicidades!!!! xxx ~amber spice

  23. Adorable outfits!!! Too cute!

  24. Happy New Year :D

  25. favourite outfit is still the orange blazer over pink top!…can't wait to see your 2011 outfits and of course can't wait to see the little one!!

    Happy New Year!!

  26. We already have a 2011 in Poland ;) So I wish you all the best and good luck!

  27. Khemarint and Monique says:

    I really enjoy visiting your page and viewing your looks and videos!! Thanks soo much. Great success for you and your new lil family:)

  28. Chulangita says:

    All are beautiful! You really are a great dresser.

  29. Jay Fletch says:

    you had a fashionable year! Good luck to your family! I can't wait for more.

    xo, Jay

  30. i love your blog! i hope you never stop making ootd!

  31. Great Style! Have a Blessed New Year!!

  32. Love your blogg!!

  33. Aberistain91 says:

    dulce dios mio you are so beautiful like really words cant explain how beautiful you are eres tan hermosa tu esposo es tan afortunado de tenerte como esposa que te valore y aprecie igual tu a el quiero que sean felizes y mad ahora que van a tener un angelito te deso lo mejor para el a~o nuevo que dios los bendiga <3

  34. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    So many Cute looks.

    Happy New Years.

  35. i love your blog!
    so many cute outfits, hair and makeup tips!
    thank you, thank you! and happy new year!

  36. styledrive says:

    Absolutely LOVE your style! And im a black lover and you seem to use alot of black in your outfits, so i cant totally relate to them! Hope you have am amazing, happy and stylish year!!

  37. Amanda Corrine says:

    You deserve everything good you have been blessed with this past year, Happy 2011 Dulce :)

  38. I totally agree that those are the best looks, you look so pretty. Happy New Year to you and your family :))

  39. Jessika xo says:

    absolutely love all the looks! Very inspiring =)

  40. says:

    Happy New Years Dulce!!! =) I like going to your blog and looking foward to seeing your outfits =)

  41. your style is amazing! really like it.. :)
    wish you and your family a wonderful year 2011! <33

  42. On fourth pic you look amazing. :)

    In 2011 I wish you all the best and a lot of happieness!

  43. DanniiBeauty says:

    Your photos are all gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  44. fashatFIDM says:

    I think your a sweet girl and watch some of your videos like the makeup tutorials and enjoy those, but I saw your recent favorite outfits posts, and I have to say the majority of your outfits are hideously put together & your clothes look cheap. And the poses you do are a little much. Don't you go to fashion school? Not saying this to be rude although I am sure most will think so, it's really just constructive criticism from an FIDM student especially if your trying to be a designer or a stylist.

  45. Happy New Year Dulce!…and you always rock!:D

    Best wishes from Spain!…In a short time I am going to be in NY..Can we meet?

  46. Estefania Lovelifefashion says:

    2010 was a great year for you and I'm sure 2011 will be even better ;)
    Happy 2011 Dulce!

    eres preciosa y tendrás una familia divina :D

  47. spottedinflorence says:

    can't wait to see other outfits!!!!xoxxx

  48. KarinasToast says:


  49. Happy New Year!!! I wish luck to you, your baby boy and your hubby. :)

  50. I love your style and almost all of your outfits ! I can't wait to see new ones either ! And I'm not sure but you said your husband takes the pictures? they're really amazing; he's talented and you beautiful and stylish !! Happy new year to you and your family !
    I think when I get a little bit older and when I have my place I'll buy more clothes and maybe do some photos inspired by you !!
    Thank you Dulce for everything you share with us, can't wait to read new posts and see new videos and ootds ! xoxo :)

  51. Mia Bella Doxanská says:

    I love your sytle babe :*
    Awesome outfits for 2010!
    I wish you a happy new year!

  52. LabelSnob says:

    What a wonderful post! So much inspiration!
    Happy New Year!

  53. lemonysmack says:

    Wow, Dulce. It's safe to say you looked fabulous year round. I simply adore your style.

    I wish you the best of years and much love to you and your family.

  54. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I can't wait to see waht you have in store for us !!!

  55. ...Mesmerized... says:

    U r wonderful.
    These outfits are awesome
    wish u a happy new year

  56. great outfits! great lady! happy new year.

  57. henenayful says:

    omg, i loooove you.your outfits are awesome!
    happy new year

  58. ChelseaLauren17 says:

    I love your blog and I LOVE your outfits! You are the person that inspired me to create a blog of my own. I hope you and Baby have a happy new year!

  59. How did you put the pictures side by side like that?

  60. Queen.OnSet says:

    extraordinary :) best wishes for 2011!

  61. Love your style!

    Very similar to mine =-)

  62. You're beautiful!!!

  63. Paula Foltan says:

    Dulce you are so beautiful and now with your baby in belly look really great! :)

  64. que guapa! aver si un dia te animas y nos haces un video en castellanoo que nos encantaria! besos

  65. BrazenBeautyEditor says:

    Love your style! Check me out at

  66. ...Mesmerized... says:

    wow great outfits love them all
    :* :* :*


    all ur looks were very inspiring i love them all xoxo

  68. Love them all. My favorite was the ruffled purple tank with Sam Edelman leopard wedges! I went out and both both!! Love your style girl! All the best for a great 2011

  69. YESSSS. I loved most of your outfits. Very cute, very you. You definitely have a distinct style. :P
    - K I M B E R L Y


  70. Hi:
    Can you please make a video of your 2010 Favorites???????????
    I also really enjoy watching your haul videos!
    Please do more :)

  71. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says:

    I can't wait for new outfits too, after this refresher of how great you always look!! Happy New Year Dulce!!


  73. P!nkPetal says:

    wow that's a lot of success, it all looks great =) happy new year!

  74. i luv ur blog, me encanta tu estilo!! please follow my blog! im just starting!
    best wishes!!
    oh n once u have ur baby u gona b pretty busy, trust me, i have a almost 2 yrs old boy n he takes all my

  75. misakidxb says:

    Amazing Outfits for 2010 ^^

    Happy new year =D

  76. lovely blog!
    follow eachother? i'm following you on bloglovin.

    and.. do you want free blog promotion? take a look at my blog at the tab; 'blog promotion'!

    lots of love,

  77. Boîte à Nana says:

    Loved all 2010 outfits,I can't wait to see 2011 outfits!!I wish you and your family all the best for the new year!

  78. CierrAntionette says:

    Love ur YT channel and ur Blog! Ur vids inspire me! I have been folowing you for some time on YT and even though most of ur makeup tutorials are geared toward people with your skin tone, I am learning to modify colors to fit mr skin tone. As far as fashion, I love it all! I actually have that tube dress thats blue with white polka dots in ur "2010 outfits" collage :)
    Keep doing you girl!!

  79. shows-n-styles says:

    wow! awesome comp u r the best!!!! looking at this makes me think how fast time flies! happy 2011 to u and your fam!!!

  80. kitty0schoon says:

    Thanks for all your good tips on fashion and make-up/hair tutorials.
    you have a lot going on in your life but still find the time for us all.
    I wish you and your family a happy new year.

  81. Fashion Fabrice says:

    girl you are a true inspiration to all of us!STYLEICON:) My best wished to you jess and the baby:) May all your wishes come true!

    Lots of love from belgium


  82. Stitched Tegan says:

    Check out my beauty/fashion blog:

  83. Life and all it's beauty says:

    You are so cute! I hope you and your family have a healthy and prosperous year!

  84. NY_Fashionista91 says:

    I love–lierally–ALL of your outfits!!! I hope you have a safe and blessed year!!! Love you Dulce <3

  85. whitehorse says:

    love you dulce!! you are suchb an inspiration to me and i wish your family the best and hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you

  86. happy new year dulce candy!!!!

    the best looks of 2010|||

  87. You are seriously like my fashion icon! No joke! Can't wait for more fashion posts for 2011! :D

  88. love it!really pretty=)
    such a gorgeous momma=)

  89. aaawww you are so cute and loving all the outfit pictures!! happy new year to you too!! hope you had a good one

  90. Emi Méndez says:

    Dulce, this was definitely your year in every possible way! I can only wish you the best for 2011 and that your success and accomplishments only continue forth with each and every day. I can't wait to see what's in store and to hear your updates about how it's like to be a mommy! <3

    ~Little Luna

  91. jadoretresor says:


  92. Monica Flores says:

    Dulce Happy new year!. I am so happy for all that you have accomplished in 2010. I feel like we have been friends forever! I am so excited for you and Jesse's new life together and your new lil addition. Can't wait till February to meet baby Izek. I hope I spelled that right. The time has almost come!!

  93. audrinajulia says:

    Oh have'nt read your post for along time..I need to follow you now on bloglovin. The last time I saw your post is your pregnant. Anyway this is a great collage..Hope for the best of you on 2011!

  94. bella21ish says:

    I Really Love How You Look In The Little Black Dress And Heels. Very Sexy.! Lol ALl Your Looks Are Cute And Unique.! And Thats Wat I Like About You..


  95. elena_klimashevskaja says:

    so cute!!! you have an excellent sense of style!!! luv u!!!

  96. Such an amazing dresser!

    You surely have wonderful style and you're extremely aware of what works for you (which is practically EVERYTHING!).

    Stay beautiful + happy new year!

  97. I love it you're so great.

    Happy new year <3

  98. Hi Dulce & congratulation for the successful life I'm really so happy 4 u ,
    I'm so excited for more new outfits & Vids << U inspired me all the time & I'm also follow ur ways so that made me so excited for my successful life , & if U know I'm the one of ur first followers in every where,, Twitter, blog, YT etc,,, I hope to contact you and have ur friendship :D ,Hope U live safe & peace with ur new family & God bless U Honey :) LOVE U

    NK2020 << Amal from KSA

  99. allthatglitters says:

    i loooove all your looks
    happy new year

  100. Carrotamyyay says:

    Wow you are such a style icon! You really encouraged me to LOVE fashion!

    Happy new year Dulce and baby.x.x.x

  101. SusieM816 says:

    I love yur style!! Where are your favorite places to shop?

  102. You have such beautiful legs & A wonderful style! :)

  103. brightshimmer8 says:

    I absolutely love your style!
    I wish I had your closet and body!
    Can you please do a post or video on your workout routine and how you eat to stay healthy (before pregnancy) :)
    Happy New Year!


    ps. Please visit my blog!

  104. Wow Dulce, some of these are amazing!



  105. Awesome outfits! Can't wait to see your outfits for 2011 xx

  106. TamaraChoice`s says:

    I love your style !!! You are amazing .

  107. What an amazing post! I love looking at all the outfits and gathering inspiration, also seeing your little belly developing as Izek grows. I am such a huge fan of you girl, since the beginning and always!!! Congrats on all of your success and may you be blessed to the moon and back! xoxo-LaDolceVitaM6

  108. I just discovered your blog, it's very nice! Your outfits are cute! Check out my blog for how to get the baby weight off.



  109. says:

    I really like your outfits :) I played this game *Pick your favorioet outfit * with all your outfits . i really like the pregnancy pics , you look so cute with your belly :) By : Lisette

  110. Hey Dulce!! I really love all your styles, and the fact that you are willing to change it up and not be stuck on the same type of style. Its nice to have a variety. I also love those strappy heels you have on your first table of images, the far left photo where you are wearing the cute black romper with the black sweater. Forever? Or Aldo? :) BTW Have a fantastic new year and best wishes for you and you family :)

  111. Chinadollstarr says:

    I love all of your outfits !

  112. You should seriously get a LookBook account!!! I love your style and I know others would too! I just recently found it and have been addicted ever since. I think the website is .

  113. Vanity Fair says:

    Hey I'm from Germany and I love your blog.
    You are such an inspiration for me and I like your outfits so much!
    I think you will be a fantastic mom.

    Julia from Germany

  114. Hey candy about the breast pump. U should try put the $38. First. Just in ass u do t go thru w/breast feeding. Cuz I spent almost $80 & I only got 2weeks use of it. My daughter kept rejecting breast milk after she discovered formula during late night feeding w/the hub.

  115. SuperPrincess JO says:

    hey everyone and dulce
    checkout my international give away,,pls enter


  116. Hi from Slovakia :) I wish you the most important – health and many many new beautiful experiences. Your baby will be an Aquarius – very lovely and special person, maybe he will be scientist or artist…My birthday is comming soon, so I am happy with you. Good luck and have a lot of new inspirations!

  117. After following your blog for a year now, I have been motivated to start bloggging!!!

  118. I'm Just Me says:

    Pretty!!! love all the looks, you have great style :)

  119. Wow, I have to say I love how you vary your look from one day to another. I will definitely refer to this post for some fashion inspiration!


  120. Ali Hodgson says:

    I am possibly OBSESSED with that beautiful beige blazer your wearing in some of your best 2010 outfits, where did you get it??

  121. TheAngelWears says:

    Love these looks. Especially the floral playsiuts and platform wedges :)


  122. Such cute photos!

    You have to start posting again! :)

  123. I loved all of the outfits! <3 Good choices, you can dress! :)

  124. I love all of your looks. Do you mind if I take them and recreate them. I really want this sense of style. omg. u are such an inspiration. Good Luck in your fashion career. I know that you will do great. Congrat on your handsome son.

  125. Your have so much style…I love everyone of them.

  126. Love all of the looks! :D

    Check out my blog;

  127. fallenangelforever says:

    any tips for motivating yourself to get dressed up all cute everyday? Id love to dress up more but im just too lazy.

  128. Your style reminds me of Jessica Alba and a mix of celebs . Very nice that way you wear your clothes .

  129. Hi Dulce,

    Love your videos and blog. I was wondering if you could help me with this dress. I have one that is very similar…but it is above the knee and has spaghetti straps. How would you winterize it for a wedding?


  130. Super style ! ;)

  131. Ok, the look that i love love love is the one on the total right side. It's a long orange blazer, pink top. Nude legging and nude shoes. With the brown bag. That's just superhot and SO 2011, (nude bright colors!) Maybe I'm going to make a fashion illustration of it, because I have to make an illustration for a fashion website in the Netherlands. Do you have a bigger picture? Otherwise I have to search through allllll your blogposts to find the picture…
    Let me know if you approve this. I will link your site. Here's my site: and my blog

  132. sarah fashion boutique says:

    hy, I'm Bianca from romania,I am a young mother like you, just like I am 21 years old and a girl three years.I love you, I love your way of being, to put passion in everything you do, Sweet Kisses

  133. sarah fashion boutique says:

    hy, I'm Bianca from romania,I'm a young mother like you, just like I am 21 years old and a girl three years.I love you, I love your way of being, to put passion in everything you do, Sweet Kisses

  134. sarah fashion boutique says:

    hy, I'm Bianca from romania,I'm a young mother like you, just like I am 21 years old and a girl three years.I love you, I love your way of being, to put passion in everything you do, Sweet Kisses