Happy Birthday Babe!


Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I’ve missed you guys dearly. I’m almost done with my pregnancy and
I’ve been VERY tired lately. I’ve spent 2 days straight watching “Llena De Amor” episodes on-line.
I finally left the house this morning because it was driving me crazy. I can only lay on a couch for so long.
Anyway, it was Jesses birthday on Christmas day and I just wanted to wish him a Very Very Happy Birthday!!!

1: My lovely husband.

Dulce Candy and Baby


  1. Omqq I Love that Novela ! Hehehe ! What other Novelas do you watch Dulcee ? :)

  2. where is the dress from?
    its very pretty (:

  3. I can't wait to see pics of the baby!!! Just relax and take it easy missy we will all be here when you return.


  4. Decor I Adore says:

    Ohh I watch LLena de Amor too!!! and my belgian husband is soo into it too ;).. Lucky you! You get to meet your baby soon :)

  5. OMG my sister and mom love that novela!!! I couldnt get into it though lol

  6. hey, i love your make up ! u are really talented :) i really like doing make up too :)

    and.. can you follow me on twitter ? it would be very very nice ! i wrote to you thausend times on twitter.. but you never saw my tweets :(

    ps. i hope u had nice xmas x

  7. candy apples says:

    Must be very special to be born on Christmas :) And don't worry about not updating, just take it easy and relax♥

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :D


  8. Amanda Corrine says:

    Wow you only have a little over a month left now, right? That is crazy I'm so happy for you! Hope you had a good xmas/ jesse's bday!

  9. LynSire ♛ says:

    Wow, you're almost due!! I hope you had a great day :)


  10. Happy birthday ti your hubby!! I love the novela Ruby!! I hope you have a chance to visit my blog because your were the one who inspired me to start a blog.


  11. My Heart Blogged says:

    I hope you have a safe birth, and the end of your pregnancy is comfortable.
    My Heart Blogged

  12. ❤Heatherette❤ says:

    you guys are so cute together! hope your baby is delivered safely! x

  13. aw! i hope your pregnancy is going well :)
    i can't wait to see how you make being a mother fabulous! Lol!!


  14. Miss C i n d i a * says:

    Lol I tivo that novela, I love saying BYYYYYYE like Ilitia haha and NO NO Baybee lol

  15. Boîte à Nana says:

    Just relax and take it easy!!Happy birthday to your hubby!
    I hope you had a great dayn, and like Marcy I hope you have a chance to visit my blog because your were the one who inspired me to start a blog.
    Bisous de France.

  16. aww, that's cute. Hope he had a Happy Birthday!! I know how it can get when you're in the house too long, you get cabin fever! But, it won't be long before you get to meet your baby! I'm excited for you :)

  17. hey dulce!! I love ur videos!! so im just starting bloging so its gona take me time to get it,lol!!
    but yea im like into fashion too,but i dnt really show it to the public like u do so i was thinking why not do it so im working on it.

  18. Good luck with the birth


  19. hope all is well with you & the baby! can't wait to see him!



  20. Happy birthday to Jesse!!!

    where do u watch la novela online i can never find the episodes?

  21. kristyis03 says:

    Nice tattoo's. What does the one on the back of his neck say?
    Cant wait to see pictures of the baby. I'm sure all of us are as excited as you are.


  22. Wow! I bet you are excited with your baby coming soon! Time goes by so fast!


  23. Oh getting so close! I can't help it, but your blog is a pregnancy novel. After reading each post I'm more and more excited when your little baby arrives… All the best in 2011…

  24. shoppingaholic says:

    Happy Birthday jesse!!


  25. emmajeanhounslow says:


  26. Happy birthday Jesse!

  27. I can so relate, Im also due in feb and spent 2 days on the couch after xmas, it was so so exhausting. I felt energetic by day 3 and hit the stores! All the best for your last few weeks Dulce and be sure to get plenty of rest, as will I. :)

  28. i like dat novela =]
    congrats on ur baby !
    if u have any quetions about ur pregnancie ask me i just had my babygirl n got no stretchmarks n did it with out epedural so ask anything =]

  29. aw i love that novela
    i just started this blog n wanna fix it lol well i just wanted to tell u i love your vid n i just had my baby girl not too long ago so if u have any questions about your pregnancie or birth u can ask me ..i got no stretchmarks n did it with out epedural so u can ask wenever add me on facebook me n alot of girls r always talking about pregnancie babies n advise=]

  30. hey i was just wondering if you could tell me where you watch that novela online?

    I'm in Jersey and they show it at 7 pm here and I don't get home from work till after 8 which makes it impossible for me watch it so I only get to watch it a couple of times a week on my days off.

  31. beautylogicblog says:

    Happy Birthday. Will you be updating us on your pregnancy soon? Is all well? Hugs


  32. happy bday for jesse (:


  33. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  34. Sandy4UPLZ says:

    Happy late Birthday to Jesse!

  35. Like the dress


  36. Just relax and we will be here waiting for you, and don't forget to upload some pix de tu bby. Take care

  37. well happy late bday to him….yeah those last couple wks seem an eternity…but your almost there


  38. www,vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com says:

    aw not long to go!

    Happy birthday to the Mr!

    Good luck the rest of your pregnancy


  39. Cute Makeup Lover says:

    OMG!!! You also watch Llena de Amor?!?! I love it!! in which episode are you now??

  40. Raspberry Jam says:


    I can't wait to see the pics of the baby! <3



  41. 28th was my b-day :D…
    and of course my mom forgat :( it's normal :D

  42. Cant wait to see your baby!! Happy bday to your husband

  43. My sister in law just had her baby boy on the 21st! He was acting like he wanted to be a Christmas baby! Take all the rest you can hun! You'll need it! We'll be here when you return!! Take care!


  44. Jay Fletch says:

    You guys are too cute! I hope he has been treating you like a princess during your pregnancy!


    xo, Jay

  45. Jesse, Happy birthday afterwards :-D

  46. Vintage, Love and Peace says:

    i just want to wish you the best for when you give birth, i hope everything goes smoothly :)

    best put up pictures of cute izek ASAP once he arrives!


  47. LOUGENNYVIE says:

    How do you feel about your pregnancy being so close? Are you ready for motherhood? I just had a baby hes actually 4 months. I hope you enjoy motherhood as the way I do. Im sure you'll be a great mom

  48. MrzHighlife says:

    Hope everything goes smooth just take it easy! Happy bday to ur hubby.

  49. Hi! I have a tutorial request, but I'm not sure if you have an e-mailadress that I should send it to so I'm putting it here, hoping you will see this. The request is for the hairstyle that Emily Browning has in the upcoming movie Sucker Punch. It's so cute and fun, but I can never get my hair to look that nice and "stretched" at the back without being really uncomfortable! How do you do it?

  50. I didn't know you liked novelas. I love them too. He-he! Can you do a makeup/hair tutorial on any mexican actresses. Some of my favorite are Yadhira Carillo, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Angelique Boyer, (love her, currently watching her in Teresa, and love all her looks.) Thanks and take care!

  51. i love that novela,its so cute.

  52. audrinajulia says:

    Oh now I know you're still pregnant.:) Hope you will have a safe delivery!


  53. I love your blog and congrats on having 17,000 followers!

  54. Where do you see the episodes? I tried to look for them at univision.com but I couldn't find them..

  55. PurpleTear16 says:

    Aww very happy late it birthday to your husband. When is the offical wedding again?