The Modern Mullet

Are you scared? Well you should be! Just kidding. I was just reading your comments on my new video (down below) and a lot of you seem to be scared of the MULLET. I gotta admit, the word alone sounds scary but the look it self is edgy and chic! So anyway, I’ve been a TERRIBLE blogger these past few months and there is NO excuse. Well actually there is, since I’m humongous now and my clothes do not fit, I only have a few things in my wardrobe that I can actually wear and style. I’m due in 9 weeks so what’s the point in getting new clothes right? But I promise you my fashion blog will be up and running in a few weeks, so bear with me. I’ve been collecting a lot of new clothes and shoes that I can’t wait to style and wear for my daily outfits of the day. My husband even asked why I don’t lug around my Canon anymore. Enjoy this look though :) 

(Thanks to my subbie on Twitter who sent me this picture, I was glad I was able to do it.)