Meet Baby Izek

Name: Izek Ruiz
January 27 2011
5lbs 2 oz.
19 inches
3:18 PM

One week old, doesn’t he have his daddy’s lips? 
Today at his first doctors appointment
         The day started just like any other day, still thinking I had a few more days to go until the big day came. I went to bed and about 4:30 in the morning I started to get painful cramps that kept me tossing and turning all night. I finally got out of bed at 9am and noticed I had what they call a “bloody show”, that pumped my heart with excitement because I was almost sure that Izek was going to be born that night.  I also had a doctor’s appointment at 9 that morning and my doctor told me I wasn’t dilated at all and that the baby was not due until a week from that day. I was disappointed because Jesse and I wanted Izek here already. Anyway the day dragged and the contractions kept getting closer and closer together. I was in so much pain and could not be bothered. When they say labor hurts, I think they mean the contractions because to me, even pushing him out was painless.I went to bed hoping they would go away but they only got worse. I tried sleeping sitting up, on a rocking chair, on my side, every position you can think of to elevate the pain but nothing worked. Jesse encouraged me to walk around the house holding on to his waist every few minutes to ease the pain, and while it did help little bit I still could not get even a few minutes of sleep. By this time it was 4 am on January 27 and we rushed to the emergency room, I threw up on the way over, they checked me in, I was a fingertip dilated and now ready to just have him. They gave me medication to ease the contractions but at the same time to make them come sooner.  A few hours later they gave me an epidural and soon after that at 3 PM I started to push! With in 5 minutes and 5 pushes out comes my little baby  I was so overwhelmed with emotions and could just not believe what I went through.  They quickly cleaned him up and put him on top of me to breast-feed. How he knew that he had to latch on will always be a mystery to me.
I can honestly tell you that since giving birth I want more kids now, and sooner. So will see how things go and hopefully we can give him a sibling in the next two years.
Jesse was beyond supportive the whole time. He was there through everything and made the experience so much easier for me.  You should of seen his face when Izek was born, I’ve never seen him so proud. He spends his free time just starring at him(and of course so do I).
He was born 5lbs. 2oz. 19 inches long and with a lot of fine hair all over his body. Sadly, half of it its gone already . He’s the cutest thing ever. I’m glad we had a small photo session at the hospital the first day he was born so I can show him when hes older how he looked when he wasn’t even 24 hrs old. 
He’s a week old today and almost 6 lbs, just getting chubbier and cuter by the day. He’s also a sleeper and does not cry at all, unless I change his diaper (he got circumcised). Other than that I have to be the one to wake him up to eat. And since I’m breast-feeding it has to be every 2-3 hrs.
Well anyway, I’m excited to share with you my little man. I’m so happy and excited to be a mother. Jesse and I are learning so much as we go. So thank you so much for all the kind and loving comments on Twitter.  I tried to check in as much as I could even while I was having contractions. LOL.
I took my Annie & Isabel hospital gown and all the RN’s were totally loving it. It feels good to put on something cute after all the hours of labor.

 having a contraction in this picture, still managed to take a picture 
Timing my contractions

 Pushing for Izek to come out
Daddy waiting anxiously 
With the infamous Annie gown everyone commented on. Here I was at the NICU with Izek.

 Best hospital food I’ve had may I add

Dulce Candy


  1. beautylogicblog says:

    He is Beautiful Dulce, If you have any questions on mommyhood, feel free to contact me. You know I have my 7 month old


  2. Raspberry Jam says:





  3. CarmenSays says:

    WOW! He's perfect :] congratulations dulce, i'm so happy for you! You'll be a great mama xx

  4. StealMyHeartLovee says:

    Congratulations! He's beautiful indeed! What a blessing from God. :) Awwww! Take care and stay well. ♥

  5. He's beautiful Dulce! Congrats!

  6. CONGRATS Dulce! Izek is adorable! Wish you the best. Get ready for sleepless nights and diaper changes! Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  7. claudettesmakeup says:

    Cute just like the parents congrats hun :D

  8. says:

    Omg congratulations!!! Adorable pictures

  9. slin052288 says:

    congrats so cute :)

  10. Vanity-Fashionista says:

    Congratulations Dulce and Jesse!
    Baby Izek is gorgeous, you're such a beautiful family! xxx

  11. he is GORGEOUS just like his mommy & daddy…hope all is going super well! i wish you happiness & healthiness for your family and little bundle of joy!


  12. OMG how beautiful I love the pics…CONGRATS to you both!

  13. congratulations… he is gorgeous!! :) xxx

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful baby!!!!!!! Dulce, he is a dollie! Isnt it the most beautiful thing ever! As soon as you see that lil face, all the pain in the world doesnt matter! I'd do it over and over again for my JJ :)

  15. ┈━═☆Melisa☆═━┈ says:

    Congrats to the both of you!He is beautiful!xo

  16. It's a beautiful baby and you did a great job! I wish the best!!

  17. Congratulations with everything. You are truly blessed!
    Best wishes XOXO

  18. Congratulations Mommy! Thank you so much for sharing with us this special moment in your family's lives!

    He is beautiful (agreed on having Daddy's lips, hehe.)

  19. Dulce, to see you holding him is so amazing. I'm so happy for you. He is PRECIOUS. You look healthy & beautiful too!

  20. The Eye's Have it says:

    He's so cute!!! Congrats!!!

  21. Congrats on the new addition, there is nothing like being a mommy..


    yall have a cute little family! god bless!!

  23. bloginista says:

    Congratulations Dulce and Jesse!! You're right, Izek does have Jesse's lips! He is absolutely adorable. I've honestly been thinking about you guys all week. So happy everything went well and you are both happy & healthy. Enjoy your beautiful baby and your hubby!


  24. Oh my goodness, he truly is precious! Congratulations!

  25. Griiicelda says:

    I could not help but smile the whole time reading your post Dulce. Congrats and he's beautiful!

    Mucho amor,

  26. DULCE,




  27. bloginista says:

    Congratulations Dulce & Jesse!! Izek is absolutely adorable. I've been thinking about you all week! So glad you are both healthy & doing well. Enjoy your beautiful baby & hubby!


  28. CONGRATS!!!!! He is so cute!


  29. Mz Pretty Paris says:

    Aww.He's so precious.Congrats!!!You will be a great mother.

  30. ohh wow soo cute.
    he was born same day as my 7 year old xx

  31. Dulce he is absolutely a gift from god.
    I wish you the best in life and know you'll be a great mom.
    Izek is absolutely gorgeous.
    Congrats to you and Jesse for becoming parents.
    You two already seem like your doing a great job.
    May god bless you in all your endeavors!

  32. xoladiihoneyxo says:

    He's a cutie!!! congrats and welcome to mommy hood! I won't be there till a couple years later. I'm a little too young to be having kids now. hehe. Well, at least you have your own gown to wear when in the hospital but it is a bit expensive to me. It's cute though ;]

  33. Dating Blog says:

    OMG he looks just like jesse. Congratulations !! I know he will bring so much joy like mine have. I'm very happy to see him happy and healthy.

  34. So cute! Congrats! You look so beautiful and so does your baby! Thank you for sharing! :)

  35. Omg he is so cute! Congrats on your new addition! You have a very beautiful family. You are truly blessed! Take care =)

  36. LaFemmeMystique says:

    your little angel is so beautiful. good job mama!

  37. Vogue_Bunni says:

    Is it crazy that even though I'm younger than you I feel soooo proud of you & Jesse & how amazing you guys were & have been to bring the most adorable baby into the world. So happy for you guys Dulce you totally deserve it!!!

    Oh & he does have Jesse's lips lol so cute.x

  38. Congrats Dulce!!! I'm so excited for you guys! YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LITTLE FAMILY NOW!!! :-D your a beautiful mother!

  39. Sweet Susy says:

    Awwwww…que chulo! He is a lil angel…omgosh i cant get over how cute he is…he looks like daddy! =) Im very happy that you have been blessed with a beautiful child! I know you and Jesse will be great parents! =) <3

    He is SO adorable! xx

  41. Congrats again!!!! He is too adorable for words!!! thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. You are amazing

  42. congrats Dulce! He's beautiful!

  43. TheWriteaholic says:

    OH he is so darn precious! I am go happy for you!

  44. angiepizants says:

    congrats! absolutely adorable! you look great too! you're experience sounds just like mine when i had my daughter.

  45. PrincessJasmine says:

    aww he is so cute and he looks just like your hubby! congrats hun!!!

  46. Omg. He is goooorgeous ! Congratulations =D I want one !

  47. BEAUTIFULL says:

    congrats dulce, what a beautiful family. xx

  48. congrats

  49. Queen.OnSet says:

    es una hermosuraaaa!! felicitasiones! :)

  50. He looks like your husband so. Congrats Dulce you are really lucky.

  51. SandrHa OrtHer says:


  52. My Heart Blogged says:

    I'm glad you had a safe, and quick delivery. He is so cute, and looks a lot like his daddy. Congrats!!!
    My Heart Blogged

  53. Congratulations Dulce!
    He's a beautiful, cute baby:)
    love from Hungary

  54. He is very handsome Dulce, congratulations! :) I'm soon to pop with a baby on the way. Lol!

    I'm happy for the both of you, you have to soo many more blogs too. Also, you should consider doing baby! Fashion for babies is a must!

  55. Congrats! He def does look like his dad, is this Jesse's first kid too?

    When you have the time please do a house tour and a blog about your relationship with Jesse (how you met, when you fell in love, the proposal, and wedding plans!) you guys make an amazing team it seems =)

  56. SO CUTE!!


  57. Also, it's a blessing that you were so calm and relaxed and you didn't looked painful during the pushing session. :)

    Most people, make it more harder than it really is. Congrats! Well, still managing to look/stay beautiful while in labor :)

  58. DULCE!!!! COngraultions!!!! Isn't it such a wonderful feelin???? ahhh its great :) I wish you and ur hubby the best!!!

  59. This is the first comment I make, and I really chose a great day to make it! Congratulations, Dulce! Your baby is so adorable, he's so cute! You guys will be great parents! :)


  60. Congrats!
    He's so cute!

  61. hes so cute!!:)
    Congrats !:)
    best wishes to your family!:)<3

  62. Congratulations!!! He looks just like his daddy :)


  63. OMG!
    I've been waiting for these pictures, I even had a dream that you posted it but I don't remember what was in it .. =P Its weird because I'm 16.. =P The family pic is soo cute =) Btw, are you going to put up the pictures that you guys took? I can't believe you had a painless birth.. thats awesome! =)
    What do you mean all the fine hairs are now gone? How do they just disappear?

  64. omg he is so gorgeous! im a big follower of yours and when i checked u had him n the 27th i was happy because that is my bday too.. and well im expecting too and hw i wished i wuld have given birth that day too! Wish u the best dulce!!

  65. Omgsh I knew it! You weren't updating the blog or new videos on Youtube so I assumed you must've had baby Izek already!

    <3 congrats beautiful :-) he looks adorable <33 I hope you two and Jess are having the bestest time of your lives :-)

    he's so liddole and cute ah!

  66. mileenakitana says:

    Oh my god! Congratulations on the birth of your first son! He is such an adorable little thing! I really hope everything goes good for you & your new family!

  67. Addycakesz says:

    Awww, your son is absolutely adorable.

  68. Sebas y Pao says:

    Congrats Dulce! I'm 23 years old, 4'11, Hispanic and 18 weeks pregnant. I'm glad to hear your labor story and that only had to push 5 minutes! I hope I'm the same way..check out our blog:!

  69. ELLI DUVOLLE says:

    congrats!!! im so happy for you! ( :

  70. He does have jesse lips! lol.. he is a cutie!!! but im sure as he gets older he would look more and more like you. girls usualy look like daddy and boys like mommie. felicidades!!!

  71. Congrats!

  72. Dulce I am so excited for you! You have a beautiful son and are obviously blessed with a supportive husband.

    I've been waiting for a blog post and I was so eager to read this one – congratulations and I wish you and your newly expanded family the best :]

  73. BreannaBarraza says:

    Words cant explain how excited and happy i am to finally see a new blog post from you & to see your new baby boy! He is absoultly adorable, and im excited to see much more pictures of him as he grows older! Thank you for sharing your labor story with me and all your followers! I love you! <3

    -Breanna Barraza

  74. This made me tear up! :)
    He's so cute! Looks like Jesse! God bless him! So nice of you to share you personal life with all of your readers!! All the best for you and your new family!

  75. He is so CUTE….. Congrats……. I cant wait to have my first kid……..

  76. Marija Milenković says:

    the cutest thing ever!!

  77. you still looked beautiful! & god bless your baby boy, he's adorable!!

  78. congrat and welcome to motherhood hope you enjoy it

  79. ♥ StylisHedForeVer says:

    Aww he's adorable!!! Congrats you guys :)

  80. beautybow says:

    He is so cute !!! He looks like Jessie

  81. Congratulations :)

    He is so cute ♥

  82. Samysalsa says:

    Izek is ADORABLE!
    CONGRATS! :)

  83. congrats!!! hes soo cute, has a mouth just like dad!

  84. He is totally like Jesse haha. what an adorable family. I hope he grows to be a halethy boy adn you have more kids! im so glad yoiu kept us updated! i was just waiting soo long becuase i missed all yur videos adn i absoloutly loved this post(: thanks… Bianca

  85. So cute :) Congrats ;)

  86. congratulations dulce! i wish you, izek and your hubby a very long and beautiful life ahead!

    btw he has the same bday as my bestestfriend! ♥

  87. Omg he's so adorable, god bless him! Congrats you guys, you are going to be wonderful parents! Thanks for sharing this special moment with us

  88. CONGRATULATIONS!! he is beautiful :) you will be a wonderful mother! we all miss you, cant wait to see more posts and youtube vidoes about your motherhood! you're an inspiration!!

  89. Thanks Dulce for sharing this important part of your life with everyone.You didn't have to and you did it anyway,we appreciate it! Congratulations and God bless your new family.

  90. First Impression by AiR says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is so adorable!! Good Luck and God Bless!!!

  91. Congrats Dulce! and thank you for sharing this with us. He's one beautiful baby.

  92. Belinda :) says:

    Congradulationss :)

    Check out my blog here!

  93. He is veeerrryy cute! I wish you the best in regards to motherhood although it seems you'll do just fine! congrats!

  94. check out the it is another blog i follow and she just had her baby too!!

  95. Jessica Ann says:

    Dulce, Congrats on the birth of your amazing little boy. So happy for you! I loved your hospital gown!!!! Looking forward to more video/blogs and pics of your little man. Congrats again!

  96. yayyy Dulce!!! I'm so glad you decided to post pics, I know you were debating about it…he's absolutely gorgeous! you and Jesse are so blessed!!! I wish you the best! tons of kisses for baby Izek!!!

  97. Congratulations! It's amazing how beautiful you look even after giving birth! I hope that you, Jesse, and Izek stay healthy & happy :) Thank you for sharing this moment with us! Glad to hear you all are doign well :D

  98. Latina8Oh5 says:

    OMg he looks exactly like Jesse! congrats!

  99. Mrs. Sharee says:

    Congratulations Dulce!! He is soooooo cute. You're going to be an amazing mommy! Wish you all the best.

    Love & Prayers,

  100. Maria Martinez-Garcia says:

    Congrats on your new addition. He is such a precious little thing. He looks just like you and you husband. You guys are a very blessed couple. Its going to be a beautiful journey to see him grow every day. I have a 17 month old boy and every day I still get amazed by the things he does. Both you are going to have an amazing journey and at the same time fun with every little thing he does. Enjoy him as much as you can cause they grow up so fast. =) And capture every minute of him if its video and pictures cause its always a beautiful thing to go back to those moments.. You guys are going to be filled with a lot of love happiness and laughter.. I wish you guys nothing but pure blessings for your new family member!

  101. ripleybaby says:

    awwhh, he does look like his daddy a lot :) he is gorgeous, such a perfect little baby! & i really love the pink hospital gown too, when i have a child i'm definetly buying one of these, SUPER CUTE :)
    you'll be an amazing mother

  102. mindyenist says:

    god bless him!!!!!!!!!!!! hes soo cute…congrats to you and your boyfriend…

  103. lankangurl says:

    Congrats Dulce & Jesse! Baby Izek is adorable!! and yes just like you said he does have Jesse's lips :) Hope mommy and baby are healthy and doing fine :) So happy for you!!
    Take Care

  104. mzroocythao says:

    omg!! i love ur post!!! ur baby is sooo tiny!! Congratz on joining the mommy club!:) good luck and take care!

  105. Scientist says:

    OMG!!!! Congratulations to you guys :) he's so cute.

  106. I'm really glad you and the baby are okay! I kept checking your blog daily to see how everything was coming along. Got a little worried when you stopped blogging for awhile!

  107. Lyricallyness says:

    Awwww!! The Baby is here!!! (squeezes Cheeks) God bless him!!! Congrats on the little one!! xoxoxox

  108. Haute4hair says:

    OMG he does look just like Jessie!!!! haha….hopefully mommies good features will come out soon! Can't wait to see more pics soon!!!!!

  109. Haute4hair says:

    OMG Dulce he DOES look just like Jessie!!! hahaha!!! Congrats to the both of you! I can't wait to see more pics in the future!!!

  110. bbricalderon says:

    Dulce, he is so adorable congrats! I wanted to ask you if you can do a blog post or video on what you took and what you wish you had taken to the hospital. I am 6 months pregnant with a baby boy and i want to get started on the things i should take. I also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter but i dont remeber what i took and needed….

  111. bbricalderon says:

    Dulce he is so adorable congrats! I wanted to ask you if you can do a blog post or video on what you took and what you wish you had taken to the hospital. I am 6 months pregnant with a baby boy and i want to get started on the things i should take. I also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter but i dont remeber what i took and needed….

  112. MrzKrazie says:

    Muchas felicidades! Es hermoso tu bebe!

  113. StarsHollow says:

    Congrats! his soo cute
    So happy for you :)

  114. BombbDotCom says:

    He's so cute:) Congrats to you and Jesse!

  115. Dina_Noemy says:

    congrats dulce.
    he is adorable. god bless you and your family.

  116. Just Saying says:

    Congratulations! He is so beautiful, and such a blessing. Im happy to hear you had a safe delivery and are both healthy. The food certainly looks good! Truly enjoy this moment because it sure goes fast, and thanks again for sharing this experience with us.

  117. sugarBear says:

    he is beautiful! Congratulations new Mommy! :-)

  118. Hope Bidinger says:

    Congrats Dulce!!!!! He is beautiful:D

    Best wishes for your family!

  119. Madelaine says:

    I'm so beyond happy for you. Congrats!

  120. Hi Dulce!,
    He is an adorable little angel :)
    Izek will bring so much joy and blessings in your life.
    My best for you, Jesse and baby Izek.

  121. she walks iin beauty says:

    Congratulations Dulce!


  122. Oh what a precious Angel! Enjoy every minute! God Bless him, you and your family!

  123. omg soo cute and adorable! Congratz to the both of you on becoming parents!. Its a wonderful thing!!

  124. BLACKpearl says:


  125. God bless your family!! :)
    He's adorable, and he looks a lot like your hubby! :O

    Que Diosito te lo guarde muchos anos mas!!

  126. the loveliness says:

    baby looks like daddy :) you have made a beautiful baby boy.

  127. Rosiee Gomez says:

    Ive been following you for some time now and I must say you are literally my role model. Following you throughout your pregnancy has been so exciting and I knew when you hadn't updated in a while, something was up. Seeing you finally holding your baby literally brought tears to my eyes and I was smiling the entire time I was reading your post. He is absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to have one of my own soo much more (however I am only sixteen and teen pregnancies are definitely frowned upon haha.)
    You are truly an inspiration and you are the first makeup guru I started following on YouTube, and the reason why I got so into makeup in the first place. Being Hispanic myself (Dominican) I feel like I relate a lot to you. Your so succesful and I know your going to be a GREAT mother. Congratulations again!!

  128. He's gorgeous!!!! congrats to you and your hubby. I am pregnant with my first right now and this makes me even more anxious. ;)

    BTW, you looked fabulous, even with contractions chica.

  129. J'Anns Boutique says:

    He is beautiful Dulce, Congrats! First thing I thought when I saw the first pic, was that he had his daddy's mouth lol.

  130. soccergirl says:

    Congrats! Im so happy for U both he looks just like jesse but cute and tiny like U. İ used to be scared to have a kid and told myself that it looked too painful but thanks to U i am looking forward to when the time comes. İ âm just to say süper süper happy for U i hope jesse, izek, and U have very happy lives together. By the way the hospital food looks amazing!

  131. redwall_fan92 says:

    This post literally made me cry. I am so happy for you; congratulations on a healthy boy! I can only hope that one day my husband will be as supportive as yours. You looked absolutely beautiful on your delivery day. God bless.

  132. CONGRATULATIONS!!! im glad all turned out well. seeing this makes me want to enter the neonatal care field as an aspiring nurse :)

  133. Aww very cute

    he weighed so little when he was born hope he gains lbs fast =)

  134. Congrats he is adorable. God bless him.

  135. Congratulations dear ! That is great that you are healthy and happy .
    All the best of health and new life with you and your family .
    Happy for you and thanks for sharing your personal pics with us all .

  136. Jeena Bobeena says:

    he MOST DEFINITELY looks like your husband! IZEK IS GOING TO BE SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out :) and you are going to be ONE BEAUTIFUL MOMMY! :D all joy and blessings to you Dulce <3


  137. OMG Dulce! He is so precious! I am so happy for you and your hubby! & he def has his dads lips! He is going to be such a charmer! I am glad you decided to share photos of him. & You are lucky to have such a calm baby! I hope hubby & I get that lucky if we decide to have kids!

  138. congrats dulce ! he is so adorable!!

  139. Fiercemode says:

    he is so cute!!!! and the crazy thing is i was in the hospital the next day with contractions and they had to stop them because i was only 35 weeks,but they started at 5 in the morning too! CRAZINESS!congrats on baby izek! and i hope i get to see my little boy soon too

  140. Awwwwww I should've known you were MIA for a (good, great, blessed) reason ;-)

    Congratulations to you & your hubby ( and your entire family because you guys are extremely close….Baby Izek is truly blessed)!!!!!!

    BTW….you look absolutely gorgeous! As always!

  141. I've been checking your blog over and over and it finally dawns on me that you have probably had your son by now. Might I say, he's sooooo adorable. Congrats, I'm so happy for you two. <3

  142. Congratulations, he's adorable! xx

  143. Alexandra says:

    Congrats!! He's adorable!!!!

  144. Ebony Star says:

    Congrats dulce :) i am soooo happy for you.. i dont comment on your videos and blogs too much but i watch every video and ead every blog i was so excited while you were pregnant with him because oddly i feel like i know you lol well anyway your son is beautiful god bless your family

  145. Selena and Anna says:

    Congrats Dulce!!! He is so precious. I can see why you guys would stare at him all the time! Loved the pics in your Annie & Isabel hospital gown too:-) So glad they provide a little more comfort and some definite style!!


    Anna & Selena
    Annie & Isabel

  146. Congratulations! I wish you the best with your new family. I'm so happy that you had a healthy baby. Now enjoy the blessing of motherhood. ♥

  147. CUPCAKES and FLORALS says:

    This is so beautiful!!


  149. Maggy Vaugeois says:

    félécitation, il est vraiment beau, vous formez une très belle famillle (L)
    my blog freshguys, xxxx

  150. COngratulationsss!!!!


  151. EmeraldC83 says:

    Congrats on your amazing blessing… He looks just like your husband! : )

  152. hotrdumommy says:

    He is beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition to your family.

  153. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations Dulce and Jesse! He is absolutely gorgeous.

  154. Congratulations! I'm expecting a little one in August and I'm still super scared about the actual giving birth, so its like so cool to know that its not as terrifying as people make it out to be. Your baby is so beyond cute! Good Luck .

  155. lamOLonGita says:

    SOOOOOO Happy for you the baby is so cute have fun Congratss you deserve it!!!!! goodluck!!! :)

  156. congrats <3
    he's adorable!!!

  157. Boîte à Nana says:

    Oh Dulce I am really happy for you!! Congratulations to the parents and welcome to baby Izek! To answer your question: yes Izek has his father's lips!!! ahah

  158. vivalaglamlizz says:

    omg! he is so beautiful dulce god less him ! congrats MOMMY <3. cant wait to see your new outfits and his clothes.

  159. JulieElizabeth says:

    Wow Congratulations!

  160. Congratualtionsssss
    I'm glad he's healthy and so beautiful x~

  161. Congratulations to your family, and welcome! to your brand new bundle of joy. Enjoy every single moment, they grow up fast! motherhood is the best feeling ever. I wish you all the best.


  162. LynSire ♛ says:

    Aw, how kute!! I remember loving the food at the hospital too!! So yummy!


  163. He is so handsome. I'm so happy for you guys. Have fun with your newborn!

  164. He is the ugliest baby I have ever seen I am so not happy for you and that hospital gown is so ugly i would never wear such a thingy…

    Now think that exact opposite of everysingle word I said up there^^ and that describes you!!
    I am soo happy for you dulce I can't wait to see him on his debuts video!!
    Happy mother hood!!

  165. preppichicx says:

    Congrats dulce he is adorable <3

  166. Dulce Congratulations!!!!

    What a precious family. You're going to be a great mommy with all the love you have for him.

    I'm very excited to hear more great things about you!

  167. He is so beautiful, Dulce. You guys are going to be amazing parents. And Izek is going to be such a fashionable little dude.

    Congratulations. xo.

  168. Fashion Nerd says:

    Hes a beautiful baby! Takes after his parents! Congradulations! May God bless you and your family:) Please when you are well enough start your videos! :)) <3 you!

  169. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! being a mommy is wonderful!! I'm so happy for you and your hubby!!! Enjoy his littleness cause they grow so so fast!!!

    Que dios los bendiga!!


    - Georjana

  170. iHeartCouture87 says:

    Dulce he is beautiful. i think he looks like both you and Jesse. I'm so happy you decided to allow us see your baby. enjoy every minute because they grow fast. don't blink or you'll miss something. btw you're handwriting look identical to mine. it's a bit scary. lol

  171. Pynkstarr says:

    I am so happy for you. Strange thing happened to me, I was just thinking to myself earlier how I hadn't seen a video or a post in a while. I was like I hope she okay. And looky you had the baby. Congratulations. Can't to see how fashionable he will be soon. =)

  172. He's beautiful! Congrats!
    I think that's great that you want to give him a sibling. Me and my sister are a year apart and born on the same month. People always tell my mother that we are lucky because we grew up together and always had each other so we were never lonely. I'm so happy for you! Hope you get a lot of rest!

  173. He is so cute, I'm so happy for you.

  174. amorvivodevida says:

    Congratulations! I've been so excited for you! I'm so glad he's finally here, and he is adorable :)
    -lot's of love to your new family!

  175. Carmen JM says:

    You almost made me cry!!! How a wonderful son you have. Congratulations, Dulce!! Qué Dios te lo bendiga!

  176. Congratulations dulce :) and your son is soooo cute! <3

  177. Congratulations! He's lovely! And you are lucky you have such a wonderful hospital in LA!)))

  178. serenesky04 says:

    congrats your son is beautiful!

  179. A Field of Daisies says:


  180. trisha.k1432 says:

    OMG CONGRATS!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!!Izek is so cute, i can see that it is hard to not keep an eye on him all the time. i know you will grow to be a great mother as you would learn new things.Take care and stay well!<3 and thanks for sharing.



  182. Congrats Dulce!!! I am so excited for you and Jesse of course. I was getting anxious to see how you were doing. I am so glad that everything turned out okay for you. I can't believe he was only 5 pounds!!! Well Congrats again!!!!

  183. xxGreenwithPurplexx says:

    He looks just like you husband!
    concrats =)

  184. Congratulations! He looks so adorable and pretty!

    I am Happy for you! xXx lg

  185. "May your precious little baby boy
    Fill your lives with happy days
    In so many new and special
    Countless little ways" -unknown

    Congratulations! What A Precious Blessing, God Bless You & Your Family

  186. pinkizzy1 says:

    awwww congrats girl he is so adorable hes so tiny and cute enjoy motherhood its the most amazing thing in the world nothing compares to the love of a child!=]

  187. simply tonica says:

    congratulations Dulce and Jesse God Bless Baby Izek and all your family

  188. so much congratulations !!! congratulations congratulations congratulations ! Welcome Izek !!

    xoxo from France

  189. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is Beautiful Dulce!

    (more picture pleas!!!:D)

  190. Congratulations! :)

  191. Congrats Dulce! Izek is just beautiful! I hope you all the best in the future for your family! oh and I might as well add that Izek and I have the same birthday =) hehe take care <3

  192. Amanda Janina says:

    AWW how cute! Congrats =). Your story is bringing back many memories when I had my daughter 8 months ago and I still can't believe how fast shes growing. Enjoy your precious lil one.

  193. Congratulations! For you and Jesse!
    Im really happy for the both of you!

    Baby Izak really looks like Jesse!

    May you have a joyful & pleasant journey with baby Izak! :)

  194. He's beautiful! Congrats!

  195. Mora e Bionda says:

    Ohh, congratulations girl!! I was thinking that this "no post time" will probably mean HE is here :-D you look so cute together and I appreciate so much you have managed to still take pictures lol, you awesome! Good luck :-)

  196. Congratulations to both you and Jesse!Izek is ADORABLE!

  197. Felicidadez! He's so adorable and cute. I can't wait till I can experience motherhood. Best wishes to you and your family.

  198. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :-)

    p.s. they gave you at the hospital really good food, because here in Poland they gave you only bread, yoghurt and some cheese and tea, and thats because that the baby did not have colic

  199. Your son is really beautiful child!

  200. Congratulations! Thanx for sharing, What hospital was it please?







  202. Congratulations, Dulce! He's so adorable! And I totally bet the hospital food was great — my best friend had her baby in November and she had this huge plate of food in front of her! Salad, cheeseburger and fries, big piece of chocolate cake, milk, oh she had the works! haha they must do meals like that especially for the mommas in the hospital because I've NEVER eaten hospital food that looks like that! (Except at one hospital that had a vegan menu and oh my gosh! SO GOOD! haha)

  203. He's so cute dulce…OMG!
    God bless him…God bless u all…
    love u guys…
    amd very happy for u guys…
    Hearty Congrats…
    U'll b the best mom…Gud luck
    Ur youtube follower


  204. hlandqueen says:

    My b day is on the 27th thanks for the bday gift!!

  205. Gabriella says:

    Congratulations! Izek is so precious and adorable, hope we get to see more pictures of him! You'll be a great mommy! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  206. Awww … Congrats to you and you're Family … ♥☺♥

  207. Oh, God! I'm so worried about you! I'm praying for you dear! And now reading your blog I was crying from happiness! Bless you and your son, God!

  208. ilovemeanjel says:

    awww he does look like his daddy! congratulations to both of you! <3 ;)

  209. StyleStar By Nari says:

    congratulations dulce he is so cute.. i have a babyboy 2 he is 8 months old :D

  210. congratttttts , my dear
    i wish u the best !

  211. Vanessa:) says:

    Congrats Dulce he is sooooo cute!!! and yes he does have Jesse's lips Awww hehe god bless you and your family hun<3

  212. Congratulations:-) I love this pics with Baby Izek and You. So happy for you, xx

  213. GlamInYourVeins says:

    You are a sexy and cute mom, and your son is sooo sweet and cutee!

    Congrats, i'm so happy for you! :)

  214. beauty editor says:

    Congratulations Dulce!

  215. so happy for you girl!!! You have a beautiful son!!! wish u and ur family all the best!

  216. Congratulations. He's adorable <3

  217. He'll be a wonderful healthy boy :) Glad to see you both looking happy and healthy.

  218. xxgeethaxx says:


    He is sooo cute and looks just like his dad especially the lips…so happy for you!

    Take care xxx

  219. Congrats Dulce, he is sooooooooo cute..I wish the best..thanks for share this special moment!!!


  220. With love, Ana. says:

    Awww what a sweety! Congrats :*

  221. he's beautiful. congratulations!

  222. oooooooh my this is sooo cute !!! congrates !!! all the best wishes xoxo

  223. Congratulations Dulce!
    What a beautiful family you have. I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing with us.

  224. Muchas felicidades, I'm so happy everything gone well.
    Big kisses for the family from Spain

  225. Congrats to you!!!!
    You have amazing cute baby!!!!

  226. He is beautiful. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) by Italy ^^

  227. Congratulations Dulce, Izek is adorable! You are going to be a great mommy.

  228. Soniya Tascani says:

    Congratulations, you have such a beautifull baby, all the best for the future :) x

  229. Princess Feef says:

    awww thx for sharing Dulce ,, and congrats ,, hes so cuteee <3

  230. He is sooo cute.
    Congratulations :)

  231. Congrats Dulce. Hes such a cutie. you look like such a proud mum! :) xxx

  232. Gosh he is super cute
    congratulations .

  233. Soooo cute!
    Congratulations :-)

  234. congratulations!! i love following your story. After reading this post I feel like I'm reading the end of a fairytale!

  235. romtrina's momma says:

    so happy for you Ducle and your new familia! Being a mother is the best thing in the world! i think you should wait two years to have another one so you can have all the attention in Izek , my kids are 19 months apart and i fell like we didn have enough time to just have all our attention with my son casuse my daughter came little after him. but it is nice to have them close in age, but they fight alot!!!! anyways Congrats, so happy for you.

  236. randombeautyy says:

    congrasts to your husdman and u…

    ur baby is so cute god bless him

  237. Congratulations!!!

  238. GLAMTIMEE says:

    OMG Congrats!!! aww such a cutiee! Very happy for you and Jesse for such a wonderful gift you have received.

  239. damilolaad says:

    Congrats Dulce, am so happy you and Izek are doing well. I pray you have all the happiness and joy in the world with the new addition to your family. Light and Love. xoxo

  240. omg!!!! finally the post!!!!! he looks sooooo like daddy!!! he must be proud :D thanks for sharing the story!!! good luck!!

  241. Congratulations! He's really cute and looks like his daddy.. :)
    Thank you for sharing these very intimate pictures and emotions with us! <3

  242. Xongratulation to your cute son!!! ^^

  243. Fashion Smiley says:

    omg, he is so beautiful boy…. ;)

  244. Ayesha Monique says:

    He is so beautiful!!!
    Raise him well and have patience!!
    Congrats :)

  245. Congrats!
    I wish you all the best in the world!
    You'll be a great mom! xx

  246. QuelMarth says:


    I have to note that he looks totally like his dad!!! :pp

    I wish you all three the best :)))

  247. This is your best post ever :)

  248. CUTE !!!

  249. Congrats to you DULCE all the way from Prague, Czech Republic!

  250. @ng3|||||....... says:

    i've been waiting for this moment lol.
    i didn't check your twitter,but i kept checking the badge you put up on here&saw there were 3 more days to go/something.
    i came on to check&VOILA!! pics of ur gorgeous baby <3 :)
    he's perfect.

  251. Congratulations Dulce!! Your baby is so beautiful!!

  252. Congratulations! Baby Izek is beautiful! :)

  253. CONGRATULATIONS! i'm so happy that you and izek are fine! :)

  254. oh yay he's here congrats to you and your husband Dulce. Take care.

  255. Congratulations Dulce & Jesse! What a precious baby God has blessed you both with! Thanks for sharing Izek with us, it really brings this whole journey full circle… I've been following you since you announced your pregnancy and have been so excited ever since then, and now to finally meet the little baby!! what an honor. I know you and Jesse will make such good parents, you're already getting off to a great start!

    Besitos for the lil one! Take care!

  256. TralalaHana says:

    Congrats Dulce!! I wish you and your baby a lot's of luck and a lot's of health!! :)

  257. congrats! all the best!

  258. Max-Elisabeth says:

    Congrats Dulce! You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

  259. Restaurant am Ende des Universums says:

    Congratulations from Germany. I wish you and your little family all the best! Your baby is so cute and you look wonderfull with him.

  260. Congratulations to you and Jesse and may richly bless your new addition to the fam. Izek looks like his dad a lot already.

  261. yay I've been dying for this post and was praying you would include pics. :) He's beautiful. Congrats you guys…motherhood suits you perfectly.

  262. Izek is absolutely gorgeous..congrats dulce…..

  263. Glamorous Glory says:

    congrats same bday as my daughter!!! is an amizing feeling rite?

  264. Congrats!!! I m so happy for you. These days I have checked your blog to see any updates until today I saw it with a baby!!! I was so pleased to see you and your new family member here^^ You are so brave. All the best, dulce. XOXO

  265. Moxie Chick says:

    Congrats, he's the cutest baby I've ever seen.

  266. Congratulations! :)
    He's just way too cute <3

  267. Congratz Darlin! Hes so cute and I think you've both did very well :] x

  268. Fashion Foreword says:

    Congratulations Dulce!

  269. Congrats! He is so cute! xx

  270. He looks beautiful !!!! I hope you have a nice day, eek, year, life with al the people you love and are close to your heart !! <3 PEACE and LOVE

  271. Katrine Phan says:


  272. Christina says:

    OMG how cuuuttee…hope everything is okay with you and him and he totally looks like Jesse….lovely regards and CONGRATS!

  273. lavendermix19 says:

    wow hes sooooo cute congrats to u both im so happy for you guys and thank you for sharing photos of Izek for us!!!

  274. He is beautiful Dulce! I am sooo proud of you and jesse:) I went to the hospital with my mom at 1:00 in the morning last december for my baby brother to be born.I stayed with her throughout the entire labor.It was incredible.He is a year now and almost running.It goes by crazy fast.Savor it, and stay strong:)I hope you have an amazing baby boy.

    p.s. i am a 13 year old girl, and you are my inspiration<3

  275. sachinidilanka says:

    Hey Dulce,

    Many many Congratulations….He is so cute and you guys make such a nice family…all the best!!!!

    I wish you all the best <3 xxx

  277. Max-Elisabeth says:

    Congrats Dulce! You have such a beautiful family. You & Jesse must be very proud. Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

  278. My Congratulations)))))

  279. Pasticcina85 says:

    He is beautiful.. congratulations !!!!

  280. beautiful baby. congrats! (:

  281. Congrats to the both of you on your little angel! He's beautiful! Isn't it amazing how much you can love somebody and would do anything for them even though you've just met! I always tell my babies that I love them so much, no woman would ever be good enough for them! Haha! You're the only other person I heard say they like the hospital food! Everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I said I loved it!

  282. MakeUpbyLaura1 says:

    Wishing you and Daddy the Best of what life can give you. As being a parent is the most wonderful blessing we can receive. Congratulations on your baby boy Izek Best of Luck and Happiness always!

  283. Raspberry says:


    omg baby is so sweeet !! <3333

  284. Dulce Congratulations. Izek is so cute God Bless him and your Family. Enjoy this new step on you live.

  285. baby izek is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he does have his daddy lips lol congratulations, again, to both of you :)

  286. pinkcorazon85 says:

    OMG! Im SOOO happy for you! Im glad your well and baby Izek as well. He looks just like Jesse! Congradulations!!!

  287. Mariagabriela says:

    Congratulations! Your baby is beautiful God bless you and your family

  288. Wow – congratulations – I have been a follower of your blog for over a year but rarley comment – although I do read most posts!
    Well done and can't wait to see your new vids and posts soon…

    Lucinda :)

  289. audrinajulia says:

    Congratulations on your cute little boy! I can relate to your story, I just had a I year old baby girl and the age gap from her bro is 9 yrs apart! Like your newly born I was too excited then to be a mom again. So I know the amazing feeling that you've been through now. Just take one day at a time with your little nowadays grow so fast. I wish Izek good health and wish you and your partner all the best as parents!

  290. Congratulations to the proud parents:) Kisses and good luck:))

  291. Congratulations Dulce & Jesse on the beautiful baby boy :) <3

  292. Congratulations Dulce! All the best with your family :). He looks so much like his dad! What a sweetheart <3

  293. AAWWWWW Such a Blessings!! Congrats :)Thank you for sharing with us!

  294. todo mi amor y bendición desde España!! he's absolutely beautiful,and you glow! lovee yaaa. Estela.

  295. кorαwr ѕuℓℓy. says:

    OMG SO CUTE!!!
    Congratulations Dulce!
    Aah you two look sooooo happy and your little baby is so cutie <3
    Omg its so amazing! I remember when you posted that you're pregnant and now he's here! A new little human on mother earth :)


  296. Amey Jane says:

    He's so gorgeous. I remember when you posted that you were pregnant :).

    Congrats from Scotland


  297. Heeey MOmmy ,, I'm so happy about Izek ,& Congrats ,,wish U safe ,joy & happy in your life :)

  298. Congrats! He's adorable!

  299. Aaaww he finally came out!! I'm so happy for you and Jesse :)) <3 Aww seriously I'm all hearts here, and I almost started crying reading this post. I'm so happy for you!!

    xo Pinja

  300. Ketty_m_w says:

    congrats!!! He is so cute!!! wish you guys the best :D

  301. Rene Braun says:

    Congratulations!!! He is so beautiful!!! All the best wishes!!


    You are welcome to visit my blog too! Kisses:))

  302. Congrats Dulce! :)

  303. Terrinikia says:

    Awww CONGRATULATIONS I rem going through this only I was induced he's the cutest thing ever enjoy this first year if he is anything like my lil girl he will be a hell raiser

  304. What makes life more beautiful??? says:

    Congrats! He is soooo cute! You're gonna be a perfect mom! I hope you will blog a lot about your new life and also about fashion and beauty again. You are great!

    Greets from Germany!


  305. iheartiff says:

    God Bless you and your family… and welcome to the mommy club :)

  306. Estefania Lovelifefashion says:

    Welcome to the world Izek!!
    Enhorabuena Dulce, qué regalo más bonito, me alegra ver tu felicidad.
    Un besíN!

    Congratulations to the both of you!

  308. Congratulations Dulce! He is beautiful! <3

  309. Awww He's a cutie!!! Congrats! Im so happy for you!

    And he's born exactly same time as my little sister, tho my sister's a little bit older than he's (17years lol) :-D

  310. He is so cute and looks just like Jesse. Congratulations and greetings from Estonia :)

  311. Congratulations on your precious boy! You look amazing and he's beautiful. <3 Enjoy every second!

  312. aaawww he is so cute!! congratulations!!!

  313. blenderbetty says:

    I am so glad he and you are okay! He looks so adorable! :)

  314. congrats to you and your husband.
    God gave you the most beautiful present of the world !

    xo lala

  315. OMGGG. he is so adorable!
    i'm so happy for you guys!

  316. Congrats!!
    And oh hes the cutest thing ever =)

  317. Angie Aquarius says:

    Congrats and all the best to you and your gorgeous little man! He's so cute! Jesse and you did a great job! ;o)

    *From Munich With Love*

  318. sabrina-french girl says:

    Congrats Dulce and thanks for sharing this special moment with us!!!

    love from france,


  319. bellspaze4 says:

    He's adorable Ducle!!! :) Congrats to you and Jesse :)

  320. ouuu, sweet baby ! ; )

  321. SmilesAllAround says:

    OMG he is the cutest thing ever dulce.
    He looks so like Jesse.
    Ahhh girl I love your motherhood.
    Love it hope you and Izek and ofcourse jesse have an amazing lifee <3

  322. David Diaz says:

    What a precious cute little baby! Congratulations on everything!

    : ) David

  323. Congrats!!! Being a mom is the best feeling in the world.

    - Janel

  324. Sale--aholic says:

    Congratulations! So proud of you all. Wonderful!

  325. -YazmiinAktar- says:

    congratulations Dulce! Izek is adorable! I'm so happy for you! :D

  326. says:

    Congrats, Dulce! You all are very blessed! Loved the gown!

  327. OMG! Congrats Dulce. He is so adorable and he looks just like his daddy. I bet u and daddy are super happy.

    That'll be me and my hubby in about 8 months bcus I just found out yesterday that i'm about 5-7 weeks pregnant. Due in late September/ early October :) Yay for new mommies.

    Wish all 3 of you all the best ;)

  328. tweetypiebabe1 says:

    I'm sending so much love, joy, blessings and Congratulations to you!! Such a blessed & beautiful family :)

  329. I don't remember how I did, but when I stumbled upon your blog you were only just about 5 months pregnant and now look at you! With your first born child!! I love your blog, and am so happy for you and your new family! Can't wait to see more pics of the baby boy!!


  330. OHMYGOD! he is so adorable! *hugs*
    congratulations and god bless you!

  331. All I could think when I saw his little face was, "Dang he look just like his Daddy!" Congrats Dulce. Motherhood is the bomb!

  332. Izek is so cute. congrats candy on your new life.

  333. Izek is so adorable. congrats candy on your new life

  334. Izek is so adorable. congrats candy on your new life

  335. elishahope says:

    Congrats, Having a child is the best thing ever and i feel the exact same way i cant wait to give my child a sibling its a beautiful experience. hes perfect and sooo small and cute :) congrats to the both of you

  336. loveisbeauty314 says:

    omg he is sooo handsome :)
    You better keep your eyes on him hes gonna be a lil ladies man..haha

  337. O MY GOD DULCE! what a cutie <3 congratulations, im sure you're a wonderful mother!

  338. He's cute I love his cheeks and his little chin.

  339. What a precious little boy! He looks just like Jesse and I would bet anything he's a proud daddy. ;) You were fortunate that you had a good labor and delivery. Mine were awful but the end result was worth it. :) Enjoy your new little boy!

  340. Charlotte Amy says:

    oh my gosh he is adorable! Congratulations!!!!

  341. Ultra_Raquel87 says:

    He is super precious!! SO cute and I love how you shared with us all your pictures!! I was in so much pain when I had my son he was 8 pound & 9 ounces. I should of gotten the epidural but my family told me not too =( But I am very happy for you! Giving birth is an unexplainable feeling, congrats again <3

  342. What a precious mexican baby boy <3 love his full head of hair.

  343. OMG believe it or not, I had a deja vu while reading this post! I had actually dreamt of reading your "Meet Baby Izek" post and looking at the pictures, like a few months ago! This is creepily cool.

  344. welcometotheStates says:

    HE is beautiful and SO cute! congratulations :)

  345. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    Congrats Girlie. He is so cute.

  346. Congrats on your new bundle of blessings!

    i had my son over a year ago…he was 8 lbs! yeah i had some probs walking right after

  347. awwwwww! im so happy for you dulce!
    he's so handsome!

  348. Hey Dulce :) Its so cool that you and Kandee Johnson both gave birth and not that far apart! Idk if you know but she had a baby girl that I don't think she's named yet. You both have to precious babies :)

  349. Glamazonz says:

    First, I must say you look amazing even having contractions. The end result for you and your husband a beautiful ,healthy ,happy baby boy. The fact that he is a good baby is just an extra added bonus because we will get to see more of you and we will get updated of Izak's progress. They grow so fast. Take lots of pictures and videos. I have never had a child , but as a nurse I have seen the most beautiful bond is between a mother and her child. A bond that last for a lifetime , no matter what the age of a child. Children, tiny little packages of love from God.

    PS: How come the food from the hospital that I work at looks that good.? Maybe you should get your chef to show our chef a few pointers. LOL

  350. Glamazonz says:

    First, I must say you look amazing even having contractions. The end result for you and your husband a beautiful ,healthy ,happy baby boy. The fact that he is a good baby is just an extra added bonus because we will get to see more of you and we will get updated of Izak's progress. They grow so fast. Take lots of pictures and videos. I have never had a child , but as a nurse I have seen the most beautiful bond is between a mother and her child. A bond that last for a lifetime , no matter what the age of a child. Children, tiny little packages of love from God.

    PS: How come the food from the hospital that I work at looks that good.? Maybe you should get your chef to show our chef a few pointers. LOL

  351. ...Mesmerized... says:

    omg so cuteeeee

  352. congratulations Dulce!:)
    I'm very happy for you and Jesse and I'm really sure that you will both be great parents for Izek<3


  353. Eline Timmermans says:

    Oh my god congratulations! He looks so beautiful! I'm so afraid of labor and you make it sound like anyone can do it! You are my hero, and you're son is so adorable!
    xoxo, E.

  354. Hi Dulce..many many congrats to you and jesse, Have a great motherhood ahead

  355. Congratulation!!! Dulce. your baby is so cute!!

  356. I'm super late but FELICIDADES! Nothing beats being a mom for the first time! And of course it didn't hurt you when you pushed him out…you had an epidural silly! I really encourage you to have a no meds birth next time…I know you can do it! Paz y salud para ti y tu nueva familia :0)

  357. d1princesita says:

    Hi Dulce! Congrats on your new love of your life and ur reason to live.

    Que Dios los siga cuidando y bendiciendo con mucha salud y amor.

    He looks like your hubby!!!

    I'm glad you are just sucking out all the juice in life because you seem so happy!! Love Ya Chica!!

  358. Amy Akhmadova says:


    Que dios te bendiga a ti y a tu hijo !

  359. EyeHeartMakeup93 says:

    Congratz!! He's gorgeous!! :D xx

  360. wow congrats! thanks for sharing! he's beautiful and i'm glad everything went well :)

  361. Izek is adorable!

  362. Jamelle.Style says:

    Congratulations to you both! He's sooo cute ;)! I wish u all good luck!


  363. Sooo cute! Also the same birthday as my sisters! :))

  364. pyewacket60 says:

    He looks like his daddy…

  365. pyewacket60 says:

    He looks like his daddy…

  366. shani2sh2 says:

    he is darling congrats….he was born on my birthday :)….aquarius babies are the best

  367. shani2sh2 says:

    he is darling…..congrats doll…he was born on my b-day…aquarius babies are the best.

  368. Segments of Life says:

    omg, CONGRATULATIONS!!! and thanks so much for putting your experience on here. its really amazing! wow…and your baby is sooo veryy cuuuuteee!!!

  369. Wow Wow Wow! I was gone for a week and see what happens?!?! Congrats, Dulce! I am sure you will be an adorable, loving and caring young mother. And this little man will make you and your Jesse really proud!

    Thousands of kisses for you!

  370. He is the cutest baby boy EVER!!!

  371. He is adorable!! You are so lucky to have a supportive husband and a very cute family!! good luck!! I am very very happy for you!

  372. By the way forgot to add, you are my inspiration!! The only think I check everyday is your blog and your video!! I absolutely love everything you do, and think that you are very smart, creative, beautiful, and nice!! I love reading your blog!! I follow you like people follow celebrity!! haha, cuz i guess i like your style, and I know that you are very intelligent and creative on what you do!! I hope i get to do i what like too late in life.

  373. omg, you've been through so much and finally made it. I'm so glad for you; bless you with all the wonderful things happening in your life. Congrads on such a wonderful baby. – love always Jessica.

  374. Maggie ☮ says:

    omg congratz Dulce!! :) he looks just like daddy! =]


  376. Congratulations ! Your baby is really wonderful ! Mine is born 2 months ago and daddy was also taking photos lol but I know this is the best thing that can happen to a woman to become mother and I hope you lot of happiness =)

  377. Omg, what a cutie!
    Congratulations with your healthy sun!

  378. Totally daddy's lips :) soo cutee.. You all look so happy :)

  379. He is Beautifool !
    So sweet ;)

    Congrats Dulce !

  380. He is sooo adorable Dulce. Congratz! omg it looks like ur hospital gave u great food. looks better than the food i got after labor. lol

  381. Congratulations Dulce!!!!!!♥

  382. Agnieszka says:

    Congratulations Dulce!!! He is so sweet and you all, as a family, look beautiful, fantastic!!! And yes you are right, he has his father's lips :) You are truly blessed! Best wishes

  383. Mommy & Me says:

    wow LA food looks good in nyc nov of 2009 that dinner was disgusting literally i dunno what the hell they severed us but ew.. so lucky.. izek is SO cute..enjoy him as much as you can..they grow up so fast..

  384. It's A Girl Thing says:

    omg he looks just like jessie :D

  385. says:

    He looks exactly like your husband haha :)

  386. he is sooo cute congrats!!! I envy the food you had. I had the old nasty hospital food yuck

  387. Congratulations! He is so cute and you look great!

  388. Without a Net! says:

    I ran across your video blog on youtube! Your son is a doll! Giving birth is such a spiritual experience. Enjoy that new baby!

  389. Congrat! new mommy
    Thanks for sharing everything with us, im not a mommy yet but hopefully in a few years.
    I love your style and your blog keep going.

  390. Oh, Dulce! He's sooo a cute. Congratulations!! xoxo

  391. Geraldine says:


  392. Fashion.Make-Up.LifeStyle says:

    Congratulations Dul…I was wondering where you been.. Felicidades..he's beautiful.

  393. Izek is so blessed to have you as a mother!! I follow you on youtube, and now your blog. YOU ARE AMAZING!

    I wish you AND your family the best of this world! :D

  394. omg!!! This is so amazing!I just checked ur blog, and I saw him…wow!!!!

  395. Congrats Dulce!!! He's so beautiful!! and I'm sooo happy your back!!

  396. OMG he has the same birth date as my daughter(only the year is different-my baby is alreday two years old….can´t believe how quick this happened :) ).
    wish you and your son all the best!and enjoy it.those years when they are so tiny small will never come back :(
    he is soooo cute

  397. He's very beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  398. LadyBreezy says:

    Congrats Dulce! Izek is so adorable! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family :) ♥♥♥

  399. Kristen Blanton says:

    congratulations. he is so adorable. i wish you the best

  400. congratulations!!! you are a beautiful mommy!

  401. cute baby!! mine was born on Jan. 26th of 2010… it's a blessing!

  402. **OnYxStA** says:

    OH WOW! What an angel?? :)

  403. He is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations! I'm going to be a mommy myself in about a month and this is so exciting! I read all about your day before having him and it really helped because kinda know what to expect, of course not every pregnancy is the same but labor for the most part is. :)
    Any way, I also got very happy to see your postpartum body. I had your very same body before pregnancy so seeing how fast you got it back gave me a huge relief. Well check out my blog whenever you get a chance and once again, Congrats on baby Izek. byebye!

  404. MzDiimples says:


  405. hes so cute dulce, congrats to u and Jessi

  406. congratulations dulce for having such an adorable baby and best of luck with your fresh journey into motherhood … just a question … *hesitating* … i dont want to sound stupid … but … does getting an epidural hurt? and is it really a big help? :|

  407. In Search Of Yummy-ness says:

    Congratulations!!! He's so cute!!

  408. :)) cudownie, gratulacje!!!. Masz cudowne maleństwo!!

  409. I Know i am super late… Congrat on ur beautiful blessing.. he is so cute. You look great.. wish u only the best…

  410. Izek looks just like jesse! im soo happy for you two – congrats!

  411. Congrats on the new baby! I hadn't checked your blog in a while and wasn't sure when you were due. My 1 month old nephew is named Izek too but in Arabic its pronounced Is-haaq.

    take care.

  412. Aww may God bless you and your family. This is such a blessing cangrats !

  413. shesabstrakt says:

    awww so adorable i am due april 11th, you should join well thats my page but you should join they have forums and contest/photography contest everything its really nice. hes is adoorable.

  414. your son,style,creativity is Beautiful!

  415. your son, style & creativity is beautiful!

  416. michellejaimes10 says:

    aww his so cute and he was so little my babygirl was little to when i hand her she was 5lbs 6oz but it was becouse im small only 5 2 fet tall and skinny so when i was 38 weeks i looked like i was 30 o something. but its so nice now that i have my lil one with me shes about to be 6 months now i love her so much but shes still little well thats what ppl say.

  417. pinkbelle_o8 says:

    Wow He is so tiny. But a blessing from God, always! May God bless you and your lil one with good health, love, and blessings! I hope mine will come soon too! I'm due the 6th of march! =]

  418. Hi Candy!
    Congratulations on being a mom, you have a beautiful baby
    I'm from Spain and I really like your blog can you write in Spanish? because you speak Spanish, no?

    pardon my English

    a kiss and I hope you pass by my blog:

  419. vanimoreira2010 says:

    he is so sweet dulce Congratulations, your baby is really cute!
    I'm glad you have been a mother !!!!!!

  420. Thanks for some other great article. The place else may anyone get that kind of information in such an ideal method of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such info.

  421. I agree !! When they say labor is painful they mean contractions because pushing her out to me, was painless as well.. This is do cute!! He was born on my nephews birthday! Awesome :)

  422. you have a beautiful baby, he is so sweet
    I’m from Germany and I love your blog …

  423. He looks so sweet and welcome you to this beautiful world. My Congratulations and wishing you wondefull motherhood.Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures

  424. larsa n carolyn says:

    OMG Dulce ur really pretty and ur baby is adorable we wish we could just see u and him one day much love. xoxoxo <3 =)

  425. I acutally just recently started following your posts and my baby was actually born on January 29th :) I thought it was crazy they were so close!!… congrats; I bet he’s a handful now as well as mine!!