Izek has a photo shoot on Friday morning and I was asked to bring a variety of different outfits for him so
you know what that means!? SHOPPING!  My little man also got 3 shots today and was super grumpy
afterwards. So i gave him Lil’ Fevers and a nice warm bath and it put him sleep just now.

Top: Thrifted
Pants: H&M
Boots Forever 21 (last year)


  1. Raspberry Jam says:

    Awesome outfit!

    Love your jewelry, bag and Top!


  2. LOVE the colour of that shirt!! Gorgeous <33

  3. As usual, you look beautiful.

  4. FOREVER '92 says:

    Cute as always Dulce! (:
    hope you share little Izek's photos

  5. can u PLEASE tweet the name of the thrift store…POR FAVOR!!

  6. Lucy Eadie says:

    Love the shess :)

  7. Love your hair! :D

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  8. Urbanita trying in the city says:

    U look so great! I love these shoes, so beautiful.


  9. GillGirl says:

    I love your top!!
    You look awesome!

  10. nyc……..I love dat shirt n ur golden shoes :D


  11. Fantasy Candy says:

    awesome! Like your bag!

  12. Michelle says:

    Looooooove the purse!! :)

  13. Sweet Susy says:

    you look great!
    awwww…poor lil izek..he'll feel better soon =)
    Your a good mom n_n

  14. really cute!!! i just watched your video about thrifting :) great job!

  15. Dylana Suarez says:

    I love your blouse! I have that Melie bag, too! And I love it so much!


  16. Vasilieva says:
  17. Maziunia says:

    love ur pants :)

  18. Love it!! the bagg <3 <3

  19. Estellegance says:

    Love the color of your top!

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    Check it out, and follow me to win<3

  20. Follow my blog and I will follow yours ! :)
    Let's support each other !

  21. Great shoes!

  22. Ciocan Aioanei says:

    i love the outfit, but please don't take it in the bad way but avoid tucking in the shirt in the pants because it looks like you have a tummy…anything else is ok ^_^

  23. Queen.OnSet says:

    i absolutely LOVE the pants and how you combined them! you have to show what you got for izek :)

  24. Samantha says:

    Love the pink! Great blog, loving your outfits!


  25. DediLovesFashion says:

    absolutely love your blouse. =)

  26. Sang Bee says:

    Holy guacamole, no. The pants are hispter and your look seems girly.. the tucked shirt in high-waisted pleather pants don't work at all and the hair looks too set and girly for such hipster pants. This look needs straight or wild wavy hair. Either remove the jewellery, wear the bag across the shoulder, tuck the shirt loose and go hipster OR straight/natural wavy hair, vintage jewellery, smaller bag and completely loose shirt and go girly-chic. The metal chain looks a bit forced against the hipster pants.

  27. Such a wonderful outfit! Your shoes look stunnung!


  28. Wow, now very few people can pull off leather skinnies like that, Well done!! aha I'm jealous. :D

    Enjoy your photo shoot with Izek:)
    Rainbows and Buttons

  29. beautylogicblog says:

    This is so cute. Love it. Please share some new pics of your little angel!


  30. i love how your outfits give me a different idea to wear clothes. Im a young mom to and i love how being a mom hasnt stopped you from being trendy. I love how your outfits aren't club wear and you can pull of pretty much any style in the world i love it :-) . keep doing what your doing lady

  31. awesome! and that necklace is stunning!

  32. Lovely ♥

  33. Piril Maria says:
  34. Gabrielle says:

    Love this outfit so much.

  35. I have to admit, some of your late looks are really nice, clean and simple and, most of all, not over-accessorized ! Much better than what you used to wear earlier…
    Greetings from France !

  36. NeutraKris says:

    I love these fashion posts! Great work and lovely ensemble!

  37. Lovely outfit <3 Love your shoes!


  38. in LOVE with your pants!


  39. can't wait to see what u got! yea that colour pink is rly nice! xx

  40. i just discovered your blog and it is pretty amazing.

  41. OMG i'm in love with your outift. kisses from Holland xoxo

  42. Fashion Memories says:

    i've just found out about you and i looove your outfits :) following u

  43. Christine says:

    You look fabulous as always Dulce :)

    Xoxo Christine

  44. Fashion Memories says:

    beautiful outfit, love the shoes :)

  45. I love the combination! Nice pumps btw :)

  46. Great top and lovely jewelry!

  47. LaQuiete says:

    I like your outfit! And this shoes very beautiful!

  48. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    Cute Outfit. I hope your baby boy feels better.

  49. Cute Outift!
    Shopping for little ones must be so fun! Their little outfits are so addorable, I love shopping for baby shower gifts, I get invited to a lot of them.

    Yes, babies get so fussy when they get shots pobresitos, we had a baby girl in my day care job that couldn't stop crying cus she had gotten shots earlier that day.

  50. sugarBear says:

    i can't believe that top is from the Thrift Store, LOVE!! nice outfit too :-)

  51. Francesca says:

    such a cute look!!

  52. oh my I love the outfit. I want to try something similar now =) Oh how cool, Izek is going to turn out great for his photo shoot. I take my little one in every month for a portrait session. I want to capture every month until he turns 1 =) H&M has some really cute boy clothes, one of the few places who carries cute baby boy clothes (in my opinion).

  53. Love your look…really cute bag!


  54. Awesome shirt!!!Lovely colour:)

  55. My Heart Blogged says:

    I love the shoes, and bag. So cute.
    My Heart Blogged-Fashion Blogging

  56. How cute! I love baby shoots, I worked at Picture People once and did some of the photo shoots. Would love to see one when you get them

  57. Love your outfit!

  58. OceanBaby says:

    I love the outfit! Love the pink with black! I bought those shoes a few weeks ago for my graduation but mine are the multi glitter ones.Can someone tell me where this bag came from!?

  59. I love the jewelry!

  60. ** says:

    them shoes are so gorgeous


  61. PrncszTffny says:

    prettyyyyyy!! love it as always!

  62. I love the color of your shirt, you're lucky you can pretty much pull off any color you like!!

  63. J'Anns Boutique says:

    Love the top and the glitter heals…

    Confession of a Purse-a-holic

  64. I totally love that outfit!

    Specially the pumps ;)


  65. What do you mean boots from last year? I did not see any just the golden pumps you just got…. :)

  66. Awesome outfit…looks like I will be at H&M this weekend picking up a pair of those pants!

    -Visit soon!

  67. You're a Jessica Mauboy (Australian Singer) lookalike!

  68. Great outfit, you are one very yummy mummy!! Love Sia xx

  69. julianne_collie says:

    what thrift store did you get that from?

  70. Dulcee! Me encantan tus outfits! Estan bien lindos!! Sabes, yo tambien a veces compro en thrift stores. Siempre salgo con algo en las manos. Necesito controlarme! jajaja. Te sigo en Youtube y me encantan tus videos! Y hace poco abri mi tiendita online en Etsy! Solo he puesto 2 items, dime si te gustan!! ^^!!

  71. Rosa Sparks says:


  72. very nice….i might just have to go thrift shopping

  73. think i might have to go thrift shopping

  74. I love how I can feel the summery late chilly-but-still-warm-temperature when looking at these pictures. I want summer!
    You're outfit is awesomee :)

  75. AllThingsGirly says:

    Boots? What boots? You take the most wonderful pictures!!!

    chek out my blog allthingssgirly

  76. fashionisto2791 says:

    I love your outfit, the color of the top is gorg on you! love the bag, just don't know for that outfit, but none the less you still look fab <3

  77. bookworm95 says:

    how can you walk in heels that high?! haha any tips??? it would be really cool if you could a tutorial…

  78. haul pleaseee :) extremely cute outfit btw im noticing a trend in your outfits recently and i really like them :)

  79. heyyy that's the shirt you put in your video. i love how you styled that dulce.

  80. xoxo Kellz* says:

    this is super di duper dope lol i sound like barney haha i wonder y

  81. LongDistanceLover says:

    Not only did I watch your thrift video today but I went and scored a few things of my own from my local thrift store today as well! Super excited! Thanks for your great tips. You're an inspiration!

  82. JiyahTrueJuice says:

    I am just in love with your outfit

  83. tishiannae says:

    Dulce, I dont think its possible for you to do a bad post, lol. You're always looking so beautiful and always smiling!!!

  84. GretchTM says:

    Very cute outfit! I love the pink top. Photoshoots are so much fun!

  85. LynSire ♛ says:

    I love black and pink!!


  86. Seventh Of July says:
  87. Vikkibabbey says:

    loving your pants and shoes!

  88. adiamordiamond says:

    Love the color of your shirt & nail paint.

    Diamond ring

  89. Daljit Pandher says:

    You're my fashion icon, have been following you since you put up your first vid on yt.

    You inspire me to put together outfits:


  90. I love those sparkle heels! I have them in black. <3

  91. I love those sparkle heels! I have them in black. <3

  92. Segments of Life says:

    the gold jewelry over the pink shirt – super hot! :)

  93. Bryceena says:

    those shoes are everywhere, I will own a pair someday! lol :)

  94. i love those shoes xoxo

  95. You got your slim body back soo fast!!! I hope I'm like you when I get preggers — any tips or are you just one of those lucky ones lol?

    love your blog!


  96. I adore the way you're wearing this blouse.

  97. bloggingbymimi says:

    can I just say how much I adore your fashion!!! I absolutely love this outfit girl! That pink color is to die for! :D

  98. hi,
    I love your trousers, are them from s/s 11 collection?

  99. Soka T Reyes says:

    i wanna see his photo's he's a kyootie n i love the shoes

  100. brenda says:

    Where did buy these necklaces from? Love the outfit!

  101. brenda says:

    Love the outfit! Where did you buy these necklaces from?