In Pink Condition


Pants- H&M
Pink Blouse- Thrifted Kasper
Shoes- Aldo
Clutch- American Apparel
Watch- Invicta


  1. JenBlondet says:

    Very classy…. I love it!

  2. Fantasy Candy says:


  3. Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    Love, love, love this look on you and your shoes are exactly like ones I've been looking for…just lovely!

    Liesl :)

  4. Alicia (pronounced Aleeseea) says:

    This is definitely an improvement!

  5. absolutely stunning!! you look gorgeous!


  6. head-toefashion says:

    i love this post dulce !
    so beautiful ! ! !


  7. Mz Pretty Paris says:

    Pretty in pink.Really love the shoes.

  8. Raspberry Jam says:


    You look awesome!


  9. so pretty

  10. Ms. Allee says:

    You look great!* Pink is totally your color!*


  11. AlbeeLucky says:

    I love everything about this look. Your hair and makeup is flawless. Are you going to do a tutorial on the hairstyle? I would love to see that.

  12. Sweet Susy says:

    Lovely outfit!

  13. AllThingsGirly says:
  14. ♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ says:

    Like the look apart from the really ugly clutch… looks like a wrinkly pillowcase :P xo

  15. a minute to spare says:

    i love the blouse! can't believe its thrifted.

  16. TheLadySDV says:

    love it.. what type of necklace??

  17. mzroocythao says:

    yes i see the shoes! omg how i love shoes!

  18. *ms.angela89* says:

    I love everything except the clutch, it looks like a pillow case to me. lol, otherwise its a well coordinated out fit. :)

  19. Love this outfit! And your shoes collection even more!! What do you do to have that fresh and glowing efect on your face all the time?

  20. Fashion Agony says:

    These sots are amazing! You look super sexy!


  21. I really like the outfit, especially the shoes and necklace. But I have to admit that at first, I thought you were holding a pillow….

  22. Fashion Fun says:

    Love your blog..and this color pallet check out my blog!!

  23. Sunshine Rose says:

    This looks amazing! Classy but still fun!:)

  24. Christina says:


  25. gorgeous!! absolutely love this look on you!! <33

  26. The Beauty In Me says:

    this outfit is gorgeous!
    I can totally see myself wearing it!

  27. Christine says:

    this outfit is gorgeous, you look beyond beautiful Dulce <3

    Xoxo Christine

  28. I love that outfit combination, but I would love to see your hair with that outfit.

    But I'm still loving the combination

    Best Luck


  29. Seriously, that pink color suits you very nice :) but you gotta throw away that clutch, looks like a pillow, not fashionable at all.

  30. I looove your style!

  31. You look gorgeous! I love the pink on you. You have awesome style!

  32. Almost nailed it- just imagine a turquoise ring instead of the pink one- would've been UBER chic. Try not going too matchy else it falls one step below high fashion.

  33. My Heart Blogged says:

    The strong shoulder looks great on you.
    My Heart Blogged

  34. Vanessa:) says:

    i love pink on you … it!

  35. Miss C i n d i a * says:

    I really like the outfit but idk the clutch looks like a pillow lol. If it were stiffer id like it.

  36. J'Anns Boutique says:

    U love lovely in pink! loving the bold gold accessories.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  37. Belle de Couture says:

    This is one of my fave outfits of yours! So chic! :) You look gorg!

    Where's your necklace from?


  38. Where is the necklace from!?

  39. Simple, beautiful, love!!!

  40. Looking sooo gorgeous, love the shirt and nude heels:)

  41. love your outfit…my favorite i think…but will be better without the clutch…

  42. I love it, it looks fabulous. You should do a hair tutorial!

  43. very cute outfit


  44. Love the outfit and that lipstick color looks great with your skin color. The clutch however, is a miss. It looks like you are holding a saggy pillow.

  45. Love this! One of my favorite outfits thus far!

  46. I luv the outfit, hair, & makeup!!! Pls make a tutorial on hair & makeup… I would so appreciate it!!!:))

  47. My Thoughts ;; Monica says:


  48. wow; mommy, wife, fashionista, student, business woman, daughter, friend, our guru…You amaze me I wish somethings like that would fall into my lap


  49. What is the lipstick you're wearing? It's gorgeous!

    stop by!

  50. beautylogicblog says:

    Very elegant. Love it

  51. Love the outfit Dulce!!

  52. aahhh gorgeous dulce! love this one. very chic.

  53. lartijunkiez says:

    I love everything in this outfit! And I love what you did on your hair!

  54. Kayylen Annabelle says:

    im so in love with your clutch :)

  55. These pants really fit you well :)

  56. Urbanita trying in the city says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful lady in pink.


  57. David Diaz says:

    LOVE! It's so FIERCE!

    Have a Good Day!


  58. i adore this entire outfit! i love you dulce <33

  59. you have the most adorable little figure :) what size pants do you wear bcuz i want to be that size! and can you do a hair care routine video? <3

  60. lovpink41 says:

    Can you plz add a list of the make-up brand/colors you wear also


    LOVE the look btw ;)

  61. Vikkibabbey says:

    your outfit is so cute! i just got a belt like that from forever 21(=

  62. FOREVER '92 says:

    everything is lovely, but I don't know about that clutch.. (:

  63. dulce you look gorgeous ilysm youre my inspiration i wore an outfit today inspired by you! and you havent told us where is your necklace from.

  64. LynSire ♛ says:

    What a nice, and fresh outfit!


  65. What a cute look..loving your lipstick, what is the color?


  66. Estellegance says:

    Hey Ladies!
    Check out my blog to win feather earrings :)
    There are 4 chances to win!


  67. Arrianna says:

    Gorgeous, I LOVE that ring, it really pops! ^.^

  68. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  69. (♥♥♥♥♥) Minty says:

    I love it! You look so classy and clean. The makeup makes it so fun too! (:

  70. Love everything about this outfit! You're on a streak!

    -Visit soon!

  71. Kimberly says:

    Though your outfit is absolute stunning, I'm more in love with your makeup in these photos! The pink lipstick and the bronzed cheeks look so gorgeous!

    - Kimberly
    Eat. Love. Blog.

  72. StealMyHeartLove says:

    You look gorgeous! xx

    I'll have to steal this outfit idea! lol

  73. All That Jaz says:

    You are soooo good at fashion! I love all your outfits!!

  74. Your top looks fabulous, I love how it's thrifted, you can find some awesome items there. Im going thrifting tommorrow.

  75. Lovely outfit :)

    The pants <3

    Greets from germany

  76. japleen89 says:

    Super chique and cute. Love everything about it, cept the chunkly gold necklass. But that's just a personal prefrence thing. Love the necklass on you though <3

  77. Dye-A-Graham says:

    Your purse looks like a pillow…and I love it! I must have one. You are a tiny little thing, Dulce. All that style packed into one tiny little lady…hahahaha…thanks for sharing!

  78. KarinAdores says:

    I loved this look.

    The colors combined looked so soft and pretty!


    you look so nice

  80. Emelbelle says:

    Hey dulce don't let the haters drag you down keep on floating and rising. They are just a bunch of miserable jealous pricks. Btw i luv this outfit ur hair looks preety as well, lol i thought ur clutch was a pillow , dont think im the only one that did though haha

  81. your so photogenic

  82. i love love love your style, i follow your blog religiously <3 !! lolz anyway god bless you and your family candy xoxo, BTW if ur ever in NYC contact me i know the best stores to shop at !! :D

  83. Jacenda LeeAnn says:

    GORGEOUS! :)

  84. Maggie ☮ says:

    very pretty ensemble. For some reason this outfit accentuates your height (or lack there of) :) …not a bad thing at all lol i'm 5'3'' lol

  85. Oh Dulce this is fabulous! I adore that oversized top and those heels! And your hair, of course.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  86. Stephanie says:

    loving the minimalistic look…just not your pillow case cluth

  87. Marsan_9220 says:

    you shoulddd doo a makeup tutorial on thiss look i <3 it , you lookk very pretty (:

  88. SuwitPinay says:

    You're really great Dulce. I love the pumps. Loool. I'm starting with my OOTD too. But not as good as you. I'll share you my blog: thank for sharing your OOTD.

  89. You look so grown up and fun! <3

  90. Omg, i have to say, that this whole outfit is GORGEEUS !! loving the pants & everything!

  91. hellokutey7 says:

    Hair tutorial on this look please!! :)

  92. You seem to love wearing men's watch..why? Just curious..

    I've been following your blog two weeks now. You're really pretty. :)

  93. JessJasminn says:

    Super Cute! i love the makeup 2 !!

  94. Ariana Miranda says:

    Rocking this outfit… its my own personal opinion…. but you rock the darker color lipstick much better….not hating or anything but i just think you wear them best!

    Love your site though!

  95. Ariana Miranda says:

    Rocking this look!!!!
    Thanks :)

  96. that handbag looks like a pillow. :D but i love all the outfit, great! :)

  97. Such a lovely classy outfit.
    I love that you've added a hint of Leopard print with the belt too :)

    Rainbows and Buttons


  98. LourPeacock says:

    Nice outfit… looks very pretty… but the bag… i don't know… looks a bit weird. :D like sack.

  99. Love this outfit ! :) You look very nice ! :):)

  100. This outfit is awesome, I love the shoes, you look fabulous :-)

  101. that shirt <3

  102. Melo garcia says:

    very pretty!


  103. Awesome!
    You are my best blogger, right now.
    I love your originally outfits and I love YOU! Thank for too much inspirations, dear. I am your big fan! <3
    xoxo Mia

  104. and.. :DD
    I love your ring! This is absolutelly hot! <3

  105. GORGEOUS as you can be, as always!

  106. Valentina A. says:



  107. Hey Dulce!
    Q: Who takes the photos for you? They are all so perfect and all that.
    Love this outfit
    Very classy indeed ;)

  108. Linda-Mari says:

    You look amazing!!

  109. I LOVE this outfit of yours, you look so pretty!!!!

  110. This is so pretty! Sexy, classy, and chic at one! Thoe bluch colors suit the tone of your skin! Beauty!


  111. i LOVE your hair, and your outfit, of course!:x

  112. That pink shirt is absolutely gorgeous! Plus I really want one of those American Apparel bags! Love it xxx

  113. I love it!!! Super CUTE!!! :D


  114. Love the shirt, pants and shoes. I am trying to replicate this outfit this weekend from my own closet. The purse is very awkward though. Looks like you are holding a pillow.

  115. says:

    Hello my name is Terri and I am addicted to clutches! Love the whole look but obsessed with the clutch.

  116. You look soooo sexy in this outfit!
    I love it!

  117. Canvas of Alli says:

    Love this outfit!!! The leopard print belt makes it so much more than it would have been without it. Great job! :)

  118. ewww wtf is that thing you're hugging? lovely outfit but you ruinned it with your lame poses and ugly potatoe sac bag.

  119. jodieannwhite says:

    love it……very elegant

  120. Everything looks gorgeous :)x

  121. Superfashionista23 says:

    Absolutely LOVE everything about this outfit!!! I have those pants too by the way..they're so comfy! Where did you get your ring?

  122. Alexandra says:

    Love the style, so fresh:D!
    I noticed you have Bowlegs, I do too and don't like it :(

  123. Angelika says:

    wow! you're amazing.
    visit my blog:

  124. omg, Your look is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  125. so cute!!!

  126. cd8e8250-5ae9-11e0-8934-000f20980440 says:

    hair tutorial please!! its soo cute :)

  127. Michelle says:


  128. Silje Marie Mosveen says:

    Love it! I was just wondering if you had any tips on blogging! :) BTW I love your blog and youtubevideos! :)

  129. You look absolutely amazing as always! :) Can you do a tutorial on your hair in this pic?? I'd love that!

  130. LOVE the outfit! Looks really great. But isn't that bag annoying to carry around? It sure looks.. inconvenient :P

  131. Wow! really beautiful!

  132. Piril Maria says:

    Very pretty outfit.

    I'll follow you. You should follow me too.

  133. Peggy (Margaret) says:

    Love love love it!!!

    Visit my blog: (and maybe follow)

    XOXO Peggy

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  135. Beautyful Fashion says:

    WOW, I LOVE this outfit, one of my favourite ones so far!! You have an amazing style, I love you, your style and your blog!

    PS How's the baby doing? xxx

  136. magykal_world says:

    Love it! You do overaccessorize a bit, though, try to work on that :)

  137. ...Miss Vendella... says:

    I love the look! very classy and yet kinda sexy! ;) Can you please please do a make up and hair tutorial. i really love the style you have and the way your eyes look! :)


  138. Ali Skye says:


  139. Queen.OnSet says:

    LOVE it! :)))

  140. Erica Hayes says:

    love it! you should do a tutorial on your makeup!

  141. Dylana Suarez says:

    Girl you look so amazing! I love this!


  142. Candace J says:
  143. I really love the shoes <3

  144. Life is a Runway says:

    Soo gorg!

  145. Dollface_0023 says:

    The pink ring and matching shirt is so adorable on you! ♥

  146. lovee ittt soooo cute

  147. The outfit is cute, but it looks like you're holding a pillow.

  148. Ace Du-Chua says:

    pink is so cute on you. you look really pretty and adorable!! followed you sweet. ♥♥

  149. I love love love it very chic yet comfy and classic….. Please please a hair tutorial on this look as well as fotd!

    Best wishes
    Xoxo Destiny

  150. dulce! you should move your blog to tumblr! it's so much more better because it's more organized and easy to follow! plus loading your super high-res photos will be easier for your readers to load.

  151. Love it Dulce! I'm a huge fan of black skinny jeans. They look good with EVERYTHING.

    My blog:

  152. i would love to see a tutorial on this look1

  153. SheShotta says:

    this pale pink color really suits you !

  154. VonMarie says:

    Love this OutFIT!

  155. PLEASE do a makeup tutorial on this look. I love the lip color, it looks amazing on you! :

  156. BekkaRose says:

    I really love this outfit. It's so pretty :)

  157. Yours Truly. says:

    I love this look on you, very vintage chic!
    check out my new blog for those of you who want to
    i'd really appreciate it :) <3

  158. WHERE did you get that belt? I've been looking for some skinny belts to buy but I haven't been able to find any cute ones!

  159. latortura8 says:

    I think you look like Kim Kardashian :D

  160. lovtolove like really says:

    I am sooo inspired to go create an outfit like this :)

  161. Kayaci1 says:

    Is the watch a woman's or men's? Also what size is the the case?

  162. vehusake says:

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    u r just awesome………….I love u so much……………………….so so much this is like perfect look,make up is awesome…………. I am crazy abt ur style and u …………. ::)ox ox ox u r great help for learners like me…..

  164. u r getting better everyday……………plz can you do a video on ur teeth care….its like so white….

  165. classy n beautiful!!♥

  166. Beauty Tips says:

    You have an amazing sense of style ! Love it !

  167. vunicavy says:

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  170. a day in a life says:

    honstley my fav outfit i love it <3

  171. love this outfit.! you are so pretty

  172. Ala'a Mitoubsi says:

    this is honestly my favorite outfit even the makeup your wearing is my favorite look so far if you can please make a makeup tutorial video for this look and i also made a set for you and this outfit on

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