My Office/Work Room

I’ve been wanting to have my own office since I can remember. So when Jesse and I moved into 
our new home which has 4 bedrooms, I was able to turn one into an office and another room 
into my closet (which I will show you soon).
I’m in fashion school majoring in Fashion Design and I needed a room where
I can handle business, sketch,  and work on my designs. This room lets me do just that. 
 The room was lime green to start with
and we painted it “Deep Space”to achieve contrast with the white furniture. Well,
when night time would fall, the room would look super black and small (not what
I was going for). So a few days ago, I went to my local Home Depot and
chose this beautiful pastel purple. It transformed my office into what I always
wanted. Very happy with the outcome. There’s only a few things left to add such as 
wall art and a nice fluffy rug. Anyway, I will soon film and office/work room 
video on Youtube so stay tune! XOXO Oh and Thanks to all my Twitter followers who
pretty much helped me choose this color :) Love ya! 
Special thanks to Youtube and BH Photo for gifting me this lovely iMac.
I’m very thankful and it has helped me out so much! 


  1. clarissa ♥/; says:

    Wow! Dulce it looks better than what I thought it looked! Haha although the black walls didn't look bad either, but the color did come out really nice! :) I'm sure you'll love working in there from now on! Take Care ♥

  2. such a pretty office! this color looks so much more refreshing!

  3. nystateofmind says:

    Wow! It looks absolutely amazing! The color came out perfectly and it gives such a feel good vibe in the room, and that's what I get from just looking at it! You did a fantastic job! Enjoy!

  4. love your office and you look stunning in red =)

  5. Ms_Chrissy says:

    where did you get your desk?

  6. StealMyHeartLove says:

    Your outfit looks striking and I love the newly decorated office!

  7. Dulce, your office turned out AMAZING, really good job! And the most important thing is that it reflects totally who you are… Enjoy it!! Take care!

  8. Tiffany Y. says:

    Very cute, I love it!

  9. love it! also love the 9 heads book i use it in school too!! :)

  10. such a pretty outfit :) and i cant wait to see your office tour!

  11. KENYETTA says:

    wow the new color makes a huge difference! gives it a happier vibe. love the shorts!

  12. My Heart Blogged says:

    Your office is so pretty, and girly.
    My Heart Blogged- Fashion Blogging

  13. Bubblymuppet says:

    That keyboard with the pink keys is awesome! Love the wall color. Super cute space =)

  14. your office is a dream!! and i love your outfit!


  15. I really like how the office looks now Dulce! The old office was so dark but now it seems more relaxed and cheerful. As for your outfit, I think it looks very outgoing with bright colors but at the same time classy :)

  16. Jacenda LeeAnn says:

    Gorgeous!! The room looks amazing too! ;)

  17. Ultra_Raquel87 says:

    You are amazing I love it!!! I feel that you will go very far in life and will succeed in the fashion industry and I see you are already successful = ) keep up the good work girl!!

  18. Maggie ☮ says:

    looks really good :)

  19. Socialite14 says:

    WOW I loveeeeee it Candy :)

  20. car0lyn111 says:

    it looks so pretty! where did you get the long white desk/table? i'm looking for something just like it!

  21. chanelglam25 says:

    this is absolutely gorgeous! the colour definatly makes the room pop. good choice!

  22. I LOVE your office…what a cute space. That pink keyboard is amazing! Where did you get that?


  23. Urbanita trying in the city says:

    So sexy in red & black.
    Beautiful space…absolutely perfect 4 u.


  24. I absolutely adore your outfit, and the office space looks so charming!

    -Visit soon!

  25. I love the black walls but I can see how they would make the room look really small at night. I'm glad you're happy with the change!!

  26. I love the color of the office and your pink-keyed keyboard. Great choices!

  27. xoladiihoneyxo says:

    I actually prefer pictures of youtube videos on these 'cause it gives me a headache and loads much faster on blog. teehe. I like it with the black also but I see why. I wouldn't want my room to look so dark at night when its already outside and I still need to work on something. The purple makes it more fashionable to me, kinda reminds me of Kimora Lee for some odd reason. I like how you decorated it and the vibe it gives! =] I've always wanted an office space in my future house also. Where did you get the sequin shorts?

  28. LynSire ♛ says:

    Nice outfit like always! I really liked your room the way you had it before, it still looks nice.


  29. I LOVE your home office!

  30. I really like it gives me ideas on how I can design my room

  31. KRIStinaROX says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Super jealous…in a good inspirational kind of way. Cheers to all of your success and for much more to come!
    : >>

  32. I thought it was beautiful to begin with, but you definitely vamped it up even more.

    I can't wait to see your work out there Dulce (:

  33. Vikkibabbey says:

    your office is so pretty! I hope when i goto fashion school that my office will look like this! by the way your shoes are really cute!

  34. marianela_1 says:

    Omg the office is beautiful but what I was most excited about was the Juki! I would loooove to have one. So jealous lol good luck with all your fashion homework!

  35. awsome room and your shirt :)

  36. it's so beautiful. i stubbled upon your blog today and literally read every post. I've recently moved cross country and am soo out of my element. i'm trying to find my nitch and you've been a great inspiration! congratulations on all your success. you're a badass :]


  37. Mascara Addict =) says:

    those shoes are so freakin cute! and i'm happy for all your success on Youtube =) been watching ya for like 2 years now I think and I love how you keep it real lol the office looks great, thanks for sharing! hugs to you and your fam :)

  38. Jme42488 says:

    Can you please tell me where you got your pink keyboard cover??? I love it!!

  39. GretchTM says:

    I love the pop of red in your outfit. The office looks amazing! Love your IMAC!

  40. FOREVER '92 says:

    wow dulce you have such an amazing sense of interior design. Love your office its like something out of a magazine !!

  41. bettzy93 says:

    its so pretty

  42. Kimberly says:

    I love it! It turned out way better than I thought it would turn out. :D Great job Dulce!!

    - Kimberly
    Eat. Love. Blog.

  43. JooDeeJay says:

    Wow so amazing! your office is absolutely adorable! And score on receiving that iMac! Way to go YouTube!!

    & as always great outfit!


  44. Bryceena says:

    ooh! your office looks so fresh and girlie! love it!

  45. Estellegance says:

    Love it Dulce!

    I have started a new blog and decided that theres no better way to start it off other than a giveaway :) There are FOUR WINNERS !
    Check it out :)

  46. Fashion4Latoya says:

    Ok i love your outfit. But i love the office. i cant wait to move in the summer and do my apartment with my sister

  47. awesome shorts. and omfg dulce, that's an incredible room. jesse seems like the best husband ever, anything for his little princess. =)

  48. says:

    omgosh the color is so pretty. you should share some of your sketches c:

  49. It looks amazing!
    I wish a office like yours!

  50. jessslei says:

    your office is to DIE for!!

  51. Vasilieva says:

    great job and you look fantastic

  52. This has to be THE most beautiful and stylish office I have ever seen. Your creativity even stretches to interior design!! Those sequin shorts are awesome too :)
    Rainbows and Buttons

  53. lovtolove like really says:

    ahh so gorg! where did u get the mannikin's?

  54. Alexandra says:

    i like your office, it's so pretty !!

  55. I just bought those Target butterflies today! What a coincidence! Both are very nice. But I actually like those darker walls! Very sophisticated. But it's true, that darker walls make the room quite dark at night. The purple is cute, girly and fun. Very you!

  56. Gertrude says:

    Love your blouse! And the new room is really gorgeous xo

    Bows and Pearls

  57. Cocoa'Beaute says:

    This is really nice Candy!!!..such an inspiring enviroment:)

  58. Cocoa'Beaute says:

    check out my

  59. Wow your such a lucky girls having such a beautiful room, to enjoy your craft! Love it! xx :o)

  60. LOVE your outfit and office !! :)

  61. The decor is lovely and I also love those sparkly shorts!


  62. Wow your office looks amazing! xx

  63. OMG I AM ABSOLUTELY JEALOUS! This is like my dream office! The sewing machine, the mannequin, all those pencil colors! I'm sure the office inspires you SO much when you want to work :)

    Lubna | elle VOX

  64. Amazing!!!!! Could you expand and start doing some home design and sewing tutorials??? :D

  65. wow your office room looks so awsome. I see you like pink, I love pink, too! And you have so many nice things in your room, I want! ♥

  66. Raspberry Jam says:
  67. Linda-Mari says:

    LOVE your shorts :)

  68. Oh my gosh! That's AMAZING what you have done so far with your office!! I LOVE the butterfly detail on the wall!!! I was so blown away with your pictures… speechless still!

    & your outfit was so cute!! :)


  69. love your pants!

  70. audrinajulia says:

    Beautiful! Love the purple color..It so nice to work in a room with such ambiance. Can't wait for you to post your closet too.:)

  71. wow one of your readers gave great advice about taking photos from your belly level, you def. look much taller.

  72. whitneyxolivia says:

    I love the new office it's beautiful!
    But you're killing me!!! You didn't say where the shorts were from….I have been searching all over the world trying to find a pair just like that! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


  73. says:

    The before pictures were great but the purple softens the room up. I like it! and like everyone else said please spill where you got the shorts from. Super Cute!

  74. pink dream room

  75. That actually looks like my dream office! Jealous! x

  76. i love it! it looks lovely:x

  77. Zorannah says:

    i love ur office! and ur shorts! where is it from?

  78. Segments of Life says:

    although the black was really classy and sophisticated, the purple really brightens up the room, making it more work-friendly, especially long hours!

  79. It looked really good before but it kinda looked like more of a business office, but now it looks like a fashion office lol Great change can't wait for the video as well as the closet tour soooo ecitited:) All the best.

  80. Amy Fashion Blog says:

    your office is so cute.

  81. Katariina says:

    Wow, that room is amazing! :) And I looove you hair!

  82. Aki No Yuutsu says:

    OMG!!! such a beautiful office!!!

  83. Anna Saccone says:

    Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! I'm so happy for you! Your room is beautiful, you must be so proud :) <3

  84. Michelle says:

    Your shorts are too cute!!!!

  85. ** says:

    Wow the office looks fab aswell! I liked it before but now it looks more summery and fun :)

    and i love your outfit your hair is soooo lovely!

  86. callmecandi says:

    gorgeous! it's so cool to see the designer side of you – hopefully now that you have your own space, we can see more of your designs and your work!
    your outfit is gorgeous, as well. :)

  87. ArelYzBeautyBlog says:

    OMG so pretty!! Una pregunta?!?!
    como le haces para caminar en tacones?? Igual que tu estoy y pues da hubbi is like a foot taller y pues me gustaria mirarme mas alta. porfavor ayudame!! nd give me some tips i'de greatly appreciate it thanks!!! ^_^

  88. YazmiinAktar says:

    love the room! it looks so much warmer now :)

  89. The room looks perfect :)

  90. The room looks fantastic! Clearly your decorating skills are as on point as your fashion skills :) Very impressive lovely lady!

  91. Little Black Girl says:

    wow, You look great. I love Your style ;)

  92. I am in love with your outfit… The shorts and the blouse go great together and the color of your office looks amazing!!!

  93. The room looks SO gorgeous! You decorated it perfectly!

  94. I'm pretty sure I want an Imac in my home office too! I work on one at work everyday! Love them!

  95. Hi Dulce !
    I leave a comment for the first time. My name is Céline,I'm french and I follow your blog every week! I think you have a great style, you're beautiful !
    Can you please tell me where did you get your short, your top ad your shoes please ? The outfit is amazing!
    Please, excuse me if I make some mistakes but my English isn't perfect =)

    Take care :)

  96. The outfit is fabulous, i love how in every blog post your able to inspire me and keep me coming back for more! The office matches your bright and bubbly personality; and i bet your going to spend a lot of time being very creative and produce some astonishing outfits… thank you

  97. Bravo! Once again… Keep on doing it girl! Love, Sofia

  98. destination nameless says:

    Your space looks amazing! The really long pleated, kinda, maxi skirt you made looks fabulous as well, such pretty style! I wonder when will this great lady come out with her OWN fashion line?!

  99. love the outfit, and the office look amazing. im jealous. XO

  100. J'Anns Boutique says:

    Office looks gorgeous hon. I love your cro stamped purse, I have the same one in red :-)

    Love your blog! Have to send you something from my store when we open.

  101. your so talented i wanna go to fidm for interior desing i know that's where go for fashion. it looks great you picked a beautiful color and everything is oh so well put together

  102. Wow! This is a beautiful office and wish I had the space in my 1bed room apartment for a room like this. I love the colors, design, flowers and of course your apple computer! Ahhh this gives me inspiration for one day soon (hopefully!).

  103. Lafa laFlamme says:

    heii what a coool room!
    can you do a review of the prismacolor markers :D? where did you get 'em?
    keep on rockin' ;D

  104. CurlyKye says:

    You have such an eye and I am in love with your style (both home and fashion)

  105. Cool shirt. Office of the metamorphosis looks great.

  106. LALAZEBRA21 says:


  107. realblue31 says:

    Hello Dulce,

    I noticed you have a steamer. I've been looking for one. What is the one that you are using and do you recommend it?

  108. You look great as always :) The new color in your office is fun and attracts alot of light.

  109. Estellegance says:

    Once again, loving the color girl!

    Check out my new blog ladies, I am starting off with a giveaway :)

  110. where did you bought those clothes? (:

    love you office room *-*

  111. Hi Dulce!
    I love your style, and wonder where your clothes are from?

  112. really nice transformation! Loving your new office.

  113. MarleeKate says:

    Have you thought about Interior Design? Your office is amazing! Props for the adorable Ikea light globe :) I have it in white.

  114. Very cute! Very you! So what's your job or career? Just wondering! I really really like your ooutfit too! Your really stylish! What size feet are you because I have really tiny feet and it's so hard finding shoes so I was wondering what size feet you are to see if there really tiny too! Thanks!

  115. i love your style youre not afraid to try new things ans thats what i love! you inspire me doll :D follow me on twitter or my blog @MissAnaTo


  116. mstopnotch267 says:

    Office looks great. I did not see the outfit listing this time, where did you get those shoes!?

  117. Queen.OnSet says:

    LOVE the outfit. especially the pants. your office has turned out amazing :)

  118. i have that rug from ikea :)..looks soo pretty and i love that wall colour. perfect! x

  119. love ur shorts!!

    greets from spain =)

  120. hey, i just got a sewing machine and id love to start working on it, i just cant get the string to hold tight once its on the fabric.. HELP!!

    shanks <3


  121. Wow! What a great work space you have and I love the color! You are looking pretty good too little girl! ;) I've been loving what you've been showing us the past few days. You look so pretty in everything you wear. :) I hope baby is doing well too. :)

  122. I love that shirt!!
    I'm looking for one, just like that one x)

    But I' not really a fan of those shorts :/…

    And about your office, or work place, it looks so pretty <3


  123. Sweet Surrender says:

    OMG!!! I love your office! I studied fashion too at the art institute!!!! I have questions…I hope you will answer…where did you get that dress form???? I have been searching and searching for a good one….and that sewing machine!!!! could you please do a blog on the equipment you have in your "fashion studio"??????????

  124. arielsummer14 says:

    I loooooove your shorts!!
    I've been in love with bedazzled things latelty. :D

  125. arielsummer14 says:

    I love your shorts!!!
    I've been loving bedazzled things lately. <3(:

  126. ur such a girl lol i love it

  127. Omg, you are so lucky. You deserve it all!

  128. The room looks great! thou I must say the darker color also looked nice, but makes sense that its too dark for night time. Great job!

  129. Very beautiful, and inspirational!

  130. nancy2915 says:

    OMG! I LOVE IT! &I am in love with your pink keyboard!! Where did you get the cover?

  131. Christina says:

    I love that color! ive been looking for a similar color but have'nt taken the plunge yet lol it seems like you enjoy interior decorating just thought this blog would help follow this blog n i love it!! it has alot of diy projects and great ideas and inspiration to draw from hope it helps.. take care

  132. Hey Dulce! my dream is becoming a fashion designer too and I just begin it.. I don't know how to say but i feel I can learn much of thing from you. Thanks very much! It's really meaningly if I can talk with u.

  133. So beautiful I love thos colour i have the same in my bedroom

  134. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says:

    WAO! Your office turned out spectacular!!! I love how bright and fresh it looks. So pretty!

  135. Superfashionista23 says:

    You did an AMAZing job with the office. I too dibble and dabble in home decor…Loves it!!!!

  136. Harrison says:

    ugh! I liked it before, it had a sophistication to it, and now it looks like a 14 year olds office space (sorry no offense)I mean I'm glad you're happy with it, but the color is definitely something I would put in a 13 or 14 year old bedroom. different tastes call for different opinions i guess lol hope Izek and Jesse and the rest of your family is well, I love your blog and check on it religiously (haha). I'm due to have my baby in June, it's a girl

  137. nanifields says:

    this is exactly what i want to be.
    could you please do a video saying how school was for you and what did you choose and stuff?

  138. cute room<3

  139. Antonette says:
  140. Love your office, looking forward to the video, hopefully you can also show us your closet,
    tale care, letty

  141. Candace J says:
  142. The red shirt, black shorts & shoes are too cute wheres the outfit from???

  143. Sale--aholic says:


  144. I love your office, very crisp, yet fun! Inspirational!


  145. xoxo Kellz* says:

    amazing omg my fave…u go girl! where did u get dat necklace

  146. Melissa says:

    OMG I looooove your office!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!

  147. Charlie says:
  148. omg I LOVE IT Dulce! What an adorable office! All you need is a little love seat to lounge on hehe.

  149. FarZana says:

    Hi, Dulce!
    I am VERY interested in purchasing a sewing machine EXACTLY like the the one pictured in your office. I hope that you post about your sewing/design adventures in the future :-)

  150. justlovenails says:

    Wow, your new office look is amazing! I wanted that I had such an beautiful room! Your outfit is also pretty!

  151. thefashionchika says:

    those shorts, leggings and boots make your legs look long! super cute

  152. Christina says:

    Hi Dulce, What's the name of the paint you used for your room. The purple shade. I saw one of them was Orchid Blush on your tweet but I'm not sure if you went with that one. I like it a lot, Thanks for your time.


  153. Christina says:

    Hi Dulce, What's the name of the paint you used for your room. The purple shade. I saw one of them was Orchid Blush on your tweet but I'm not sure if you went with that one. I like it a lot, Thanks for your time.


  154. OH MY GOSH!! It's so beautiful…. I love it <3 So organized and professional while still playful :)

  155. Wow, your office is AMAZING. It honestly looks like something straight out of a home decor magazine. Great job! Beautiful color choice and I love all the cute little touches/details, like the pink keyboard decals. Nice!

  156. Dulce, were did you get those bags, the torques color and animal print one, i love those bags..please share.

  157. i am in LOVE with your office space!

  158. Fashion_Be_Me says:

    OMG it looks so amazing!!!b :D

  159. such a cute work room ><

  160. Lyra at Ces't la Vie Events says:

    As an interior designer, I have to say the first color is so much more sophisticated, dramatic and moody…

    The pastel purple is very feminine but also a bit juvenile in my opinion. However, you are the one that has to be happy in your space because you live there, not I:) Cheers!

  161. Sour JellyBean says:

    WOW! both look amazing! you're so awesome!

  162. HersheyKissez says:

    omg i love the color of your office! Has a nice laid-back vibe

  163. says:

    Thats like my future dream office your soo lucky and got great taste!!!

  164. oh my god!!!i wacth your videos and you told you changed the room…but this is amazing!

  165. Tifanie Moua says:

    HI, I LOVE YOUR OFFICE. I was curious where you purchased your white shelf from.

  166. Hi this is a very well organized post thank you for the information.

  167. I just found it on google.

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