Bath & Body Works Haul

Here are just a few pictures and a video on the yummy stuff I picked up from BBW :)

How cute are these candle holders? 


  1. Latina8Oh5 says:

    i have to say that you are my favorite blogger ever! i am soo glad i discovered you on Youtube a year ago!!!!!!!

  2. Mascara Addict =) says:

    just watched the video :) i need to get me some of that lemon zest one! i love anything with a lemon scent!

  3. MissyLovesFam says:

    you're my fav blogger ♥

  4. Keep up the great work ! I love your posts!

  5. I love your posts. You are so pretty Dulce! I started blogging after watching you for more than a year! You are an inspiration babe! Bless you & your lovely little family. Lots of love from PRAGUE! x.x

  6. looks lovely!!! gorgeous

  7. Serena Rai says:

    Loved the video!! You are truely an inspiration! :)

  8. Lovely products. One of my favs also. Check out my blog.


  9. Nice haul! Too bad the Bath& Body works on 3rd Ave. in UES closed down. :'(

  10. Beauty Addict says:

    I wish we had bath & body works here!

  11. I love bath and body works!

  12. Wow! I want those candles!! Bath & Body Works is opening in my area soon so I cant wait!!

  13. bath and body works is one of my fav stores!! and i love the candle holders! they're so cute :)

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  14. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  15. Keep up the great work! So glad my friend told me about your blog. Been reading ever since!


  16. Super cute <3

  17. David Diaz says:

    I love your videos, there always so amazing! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  18. great haul! love the candle holders!


  19. J'Anns Boutique says:

    Awesome stuff! I love me some Bath and Body Works.

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  20. Monique Caroline Kosinska says:

    Cute video my dear <33

  21. Michelle says:

    I loooooove the candle holders!!

  22. I LOVE bath and bodyworks!
    I am using always the melone-cucumber body sprays :p

  23. love the candle holders!

  24. FallFromHeaven says:

    Those candle-holders are cute. And on the photos in the entry below: Your son is so cute! God bless him! <3

  25. I love that Eucalyptus scent as well! I also can't get enough of Coconut Lime Verbena and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Haven't tried the lemon yet, but I love lemon scents.

  26. I love your haul… N all ur videos :D…….

    Enter my giveaway :D

  27. Can you please make a Facebook Fan Page!!!

  28. Christine says:

    These products sounds so yummy, wish we had BBW here :)

    Xo Christine

  29. wish I could have this here!!

  30. love the candle holders! An i LOVE your blog!

  31. says:

    You are my favourite fashion blogger ever, you have inspired me soo much love u dulce xoxoxo

  32. heres a tip for the candle holders – just put some tea lights in the bottom of them so that when you light them when it's dark the light flickers through the hearts/flowers and looks realllyyy pretty!!

  33. I love them so much… please check out my new post as well

  34. Love the video .. :)

  35. Those candle holders are beautiful!

  36. am sure all smells great

  37. Betishen says:

    fajnego masz bloga :))

    Zapraszam do mnie:

  38. missyprincesse says:

    love bath and body works :)

    i have to say this again.

    you're my inspiration :)

  39. Hey! BBW always lets you exchange scents you don't like so take the orange zest back! Loving the blogs…gives me inspiration in my everyday life <3

  40. Me encanta la pulsera de corazones!!!!

    Besos desde España;)

  41. Zorannah says:
  42. Lovely ;)

    MY BLOG:

  43. Great haul!!! Keep it up!!!! Follow me!!!!!

  44. Julie L. says:

    Those candle holders are so cute! I love them. :)

  45. jessslei says:

    i love hauls, i am happy you plan to keep doing them!

  46. YES!!! I love it when you let your personality shine through :) That's why I follow you!! So funny….!! And KEEP THE HAULS COMING!! WE LOVE THEM!!

  47. hey, what theme are you using? im new to blogging and your my favourite guru to search on youtube:)
    your the first person i search up :)

  48. says:

    I heard this stuff is incredible.

  49. A REAL housewife of Chicago says:

    Can you do a tutorial on the makeup you had on in your J crew/nordstrom/haul…
    It was really nice. Even the eyelashes you had. :-)

  50. I have lemon zest, it actually gives me energy. The sugar scrub I love because it leaves your skin silky smooth. ;)

    check out my blog.

  51. Stephanie Nikole says:

    I remember watching this a long time ago. I wanted to get some body stuff but sadly I don't have a sense of smell. I just looked back on this and wanted to thank you so much.

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