Thee BEST Beauty Products

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the beauty products that were sent to me on behalf of  the Cosmetic Executive Women . These goodie bags were given out at the Product demonstrations in March in order to kick  off the CEW Beauty Awards. 


  1. Kayvona B says:

    That is amazing that you got to have all these products!!

  2. Angelika ♥ says:

    wow. everything is great. Lucky you. :)

  3. What an amazing collection! I wish I could get my hands on the nivea product!

  4. so many amazing products!! thanks for sharing, dulce!! so glad you posted about this!


  5. Serena Rai says:

    There are so many great products that I want to try out! Thanks for the suggestions!!

  6. I wish they had given you a directory of what categories these products are the "top choice" in because some of them seem redundant – i.e. lotions, perfumes, skincare… it'd just be nice to understand how these are categorized exactly.

  7. wow – so many products!! lucky girl!!

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  8. nice video ! what was your fav product ?

  9. oh wow your so lucky!

  10. Hollywood says:

    Oh my God what a NICE goodie Bag!!!

    Ps: You pronounced "L'Occitane" Perfectly :)


  11. La Belle Fabuleux says:

    wow that's great! so lucky!

  12. CupcakeChisa says:

    Wouuu cuantos productos!! Gracias por compratirlos!

    Wouu so many products!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. wow. the products look great. thanks for sharing!


  14. Mascara Addict =) says:

    So nice of them! Can you do an update video on hits n misses of these items? :) I commented on the YouTube video cuz there were so many ugly comments I had to support you lol take care n have a great weekend!

  15. Raspberry Jam says:
  16. says:

    holy cow! they sent u so much stuff!
    much love,

  17. You are so very lucky!

  18. J'Anns Boutique says:

    OMg what I would do with a bag of those goodies lol

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  19. Love some of those products!! I know in your vid you mentioned that you didn't like the Suave shampoo/conditioner, I have used it in the past and really liked it. It left my hair nice and smooth.
    Check out my blog! I am always reviewing popular beauty products as well as other things.

  20. hello shopaholic says:

    Thanks for the video! You are so lucky to have received it!

  21. wow your very lucky for getting those

  22. Monet_Lisa Fashionista says:

    I loved your video on your beauty products. I use the frizz control serum by Avon and I love it! Luckily for me my mother is an Avon Lady so I have like ten bottles. lol I put it in when my hair is wet and then blow dry. It leaves my hair shiny and sleek. I wanted to try the curl definer but I didn't catch the name of the product.

  23. Blushed Pearls says:

    Must be nice to get a huge bag of products! :)

  24. DominicanaDulce says:

    That Jergens moisterizer is the *ish!! lols

  25. AllThingsKitsch says:

    wow that is a huge "goodie bag" hahah…I'm about to watch your video now :D

  26. How cool! What a great opportunity <3

  27. lipstickandlovehandles says:

    wow those were some awesome products. I am happy they included a lot of affordable items!

  28. Wow, looks like you're set for beauty products!!

  29. Lippylash says:

    Enjoy all these products!!!

  30. Amazing bag! Now, I am jealousy :DD
    Enjoy Dulce :* xoxo Mia

  31. Thanks for sharing;) nice video!

    Kisses from Sapin.

  32. You are so lucky! ♥-Axelle

  33. Miss Katatny says:

    Awsome blog!
    Check out mine !
    (beauty & fashion) :)

  34. I watched the video and love it so much…think its such a good idea to do it!!!

  35. Miss Vodka says:

    Awesome! :)

  36. illy ariffin says:

    great products!

    you are so lucky to have them delivered to you =)

    illy from Malaysia

  37. don't you wish you had some more? says:

    nice sharing with us! is there a list of all the products? maybe on the allure webpage?

  38. Artist by Design says:

    wow! so many products! lucky :)

  39. La Petite Olga says:

    Wow that a lot of stuff to try out!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  40. Lollypopz94 says:

    Love your photography!

  41. which product is your favorite?
    thats sooo lucky that you get all of them!

  42. missyprincesse says:

    i soo envy youuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xx :)

  43. Christine says:

    This is so amazing, wish i could have a bag like that one too :)

    Xoxo Christine

  44. bettzy93 says:

    thjis looks amaing

  45. That's what I need, a nice goody bag full of wonderful things!

  46. Head Over Heels says:

    Loved the video.! Can you do a list of the names of all the products.? Because some of them have fancy names or I didn't hear correctly :/

  47. Babycandybeloved says:
  48. MissJamieBaby22 says:

    hey how did you get the bag of products?

  49. foreverblond20 says:

    How did you get all of these sent to you!?!?!!?

  50. Oyin Ola says:

    im jealous ..enough tell me the secret

  51. Candace J says:

    that was a nice package

  52. notcathy says:

    Hi there!

    You are so lucky.. These products so great to make beautiful all the time.. :)

    More hugs!
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  53. Shalini says:

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