Into the Wild

Good morning!
So……. Jesse, Izek, and I will be going to San Fransico next weekend! If you’re from the area I would
love to know the best places to stay, eat, and play! This is our first time there (I’m not sure why, since I’ve
lived in Cali my entire life pretty much)  and we really want to make the most out of it :) With that said,
let’s move on to my outfit of the day…


H&M Romper
Aldo shoes
Target purse

Dulce Candy


  1. I love the romper! You look great :)

  2. looks great :)
    Greets to SF

  3. Feelings* says:

    love the outfit. make sure to go to Cha Cha Cha in SF its an awesome tapas place.

  4. Liz Hallford says:

    the whole thing is great….lovin the owl necklace.

  5. jenifer mitchell says:

    I am in love with the romper and necklace!

  6. Amazing outfit!
    I love the dots and the necklace :D
    You're gorgeous

  7. PaulinaMo says:

    Love the pattern & color :) So fit for summer!!

    I was just in SF last weekend, I have a few blog posts about it… Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Lombard St, China Town and maybe an ol' fashioned bus tour is a must!! and you have to have clam chowder in a bread bowl!!


  8. Andreja says:

    oh my gosh i loove the necklace!

  9. Love the vibrant color! Too cute!

  10. Erika Ashley says:

    I absolutely love it and I love you! :)

  11. I love the owl necklace!

  12. You look gorgeous!!!! Love the shoes!


  13. Nathalie says:

    Nice, outfit! i'm going to San Fransico in the summer, but I have never been there because I'm from Begium :) love your blog! xoxo

  14. Christine says:

    When you come to SF, definitely do NOT go to the zoo. We have a terrible zoo. There's hardly any animals. There's lots to do in Golden Gate Park!

  15. Xiomara says:

    I love this outfit…the color is beautiful plus it looks super comfy.

  16. Amanda Janina says:

    So pretty! I have the same romper only in floral print. I wore it yesterday to a family bbq. Its one of my favorites… i will definitely have to pick it up in this print =)

  17. Smiles All Around says:

    I love you soo much. I love your style and just everything about you <3

  18. SandrHa OrtHer says:

    I love you Dulce, literal …
    your look is divine, I love every day, and you're my inspiration …
    I'm still here on twitter and facebook …

  19. I love how the romper suits youu!
    I'm from san francisco! you should go to mission and to westfield mall, it has everything you love.

  20. beautylogicblog says:

    You are such a sexy it!

  21. Christine says:

    love how you accessorize and the coral romper looks fab on you, love the purse :D

  22. You look gorgeous Dulce! The romper is adorable and i love that you paired it with the owl pendant. Also in love with the aldo heels; saw a similar pair by elle at kohl's with a thinner heel. thought you'd might like to check that out. Don't forget to visit Twin Peaks when you are down here in SF. Splendid view of the city; i promise youll love it. (:

  23. Fisherman's Wharf for sure! Best clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls and you can take a boat ride around the island and Alcatraz

  24. The Fashion Mood says:

    I love your shoes !

  25. Love this look!!
    the shoes are so gorgeous :))

  26. Almeida says:

    You look so beautiful :)

  27. Elizabeth says:


  28. Just Another Shopaholic says:


  29. Holanda says:

    love the outfit! you are going to LOVE LOVE SF! you MUST visit twin peaks, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Lombard St, China Town, Ghirardelli Square, Dolores Park 9 has a nice view and great to relax) I cant recall anymore places from the top of my head, but if I do, I will let you know.
    also if you like you should visit Alcatraz. I had fun and took some amazing pics.

  30. Johanne says:

    Jeg elsker dine sko!!!

    It means: I Love your shoes, in danish xD

  31. Hey Dulce do you know the color name for your highlights I love them

  32. DediLovesFashion says:

    love the romper.

  33. YazmiinAktar says:

    dulce it looks like you've lost quite abit of weight!
    love the bag btw :D

  34. You look great! SF is so much fun. I am from the Bay Area. Definitely visit Union Square for shoppig, Pier 39, Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, visit AT&T Park (where the Giants play), Westfield San Francisco for shopping, Union Street for Shopping. Hang out at the Embarcadero. Tons of restaurants on the Embarcadero and on weekends you can check out the farmers market – organic eats and food trucks! Hope this helps. xoxo

  35. Love the romper! You may not want to bring it the bay tho. It's ugly cold & it just started raining!! Eek! Hope weather gets better for your visit bt guess that's y most bay girls r experts at layering ;) Union Square & Market are best for shopping bt honestly, Fisherman's Warf food ain't all that. The food and options at the Ferry Building where they have Farmer's Market is MUCH better. Delicious FRESH food. Mmm. Haight & Ashbury have cool shops & give you a look into 1 side of Frisco culture. Check out They got great spot tips for fashion & food.

    PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOO. Its depressing :(
    ((Half Moon Bay has better seafood))

  36. so cute! i love the romper :P

  37. hey girly , this is sgt hermoso wife from fort hood texas. =)i cant belive you have not been to san fran. the best places to go are pier 39 . theres great food and the cutest shops. you can even take a boat tour to alcatraz. also all along that strip(street) theres places to eat and places to shop. theres horse and carriage rides , the wax museum , ripleys belive it or not , all kinds of neat of the best places to eat at is called chouquets , its on washington street . its a quiet little place but so cute and the food is amazing . me and carlos went there for our 3 year anniversary . we had alannah with us when she was a baby and it was perfect. hope this helps . if you wanna know anything else just have rizzo call carlos. take care sweetie, Nicole.

  38. You look so lovely. That romper is just lovely and the owl neclace is very cute! Basically, the entire outfit is amazing!

  39. Holanda says:

    try BI-Rite Creamery, if you havent already. close by Dolores Park
    try- Burmese food! soo yummy!
    Chicken and Waffles- try it
    Kintetsu mall- has good food as well and a hello kitty store! Haight st- doesnt have the greatest feedback from people, but great for shopping!
    Pier 39, also nice to walk and take pics

  40. pauliina says:

    I loooooove this outfit! =)

  41. looking great!!

  42. dianabanana says:

    if ur planning on going to alcatraz make sure u buy ur tix before u leave bc they sell out quick! a lot of the posh hotels r in union square which is great bc it's close to all the GREAT shopping, but sometimes there's some sketchy ppl hangin out there. for italian food make sure u go to north beach area! maybe have a picnic in alamo square where the painted ladies r and for sure check out golden gate park. the japanese tea garden there is phenomenal.

  43. Raspberry Jam says:

    Love this romper!



  44. darcy.chang says:

    I have been to san fran it is amazing. Go to fishermen's warf. And ride on the trolly line. Go shopping dt the forever 21 is hugee. Go over the golden gate bridge. Dont go to alcatraz it is really boring. Go down lombard street. But overall have lots of fun

    Darcy Chang

  45. France baby says:
  46. Maggie ☮ says:

    I absolutely LOVE your shoes =]

  47. Lauralix3x3 says:

    You look like a cute Watermelon =)

  48. Panda-RAWR says:

    Such a cute outfit :) The romper is adorable! You look beautiful as always!!

    How do you keep you leg so smooth and mark free?? I always end up getting bumps after I shave =( what type of lotion do you use on your leg?

  49. The romper is cute! It took me a while to find one myself but I also love the owl necklace. Mine broke :( But looks great!

  50. You look great Dulce, but go to Japan Town, it's so nice and they have the best sushi!

  51. nice outfit!!

    love that romper!

  52. love that romper..and that shoes looks yummy..ofcourse the necklace is cute too.

  53. evaange says:

    Fisherman's wharf! and the Giants stadium! it's really nice, and they have the best garlic fries ever! You look cute in your outfit (one of my favorites) =)

  54. Lili Kukovska says:
  55. Beautiful as always. And that heels! I fell in love! :)

  56. JooDeeJay says:

    those shoes!!! *_*

  57. a minute to spare says:

    i love your style…always a 10!!

  58. Kimberly says:

    If you want to take great pictures, go to the Legion of Honor. Its on 34th Ave in Lincoln Park and you are going to get beautiful view of the golden gate bridge and another place is to go up to the twin peaks and there you get to the how beautiful the city is!

  59. I love those shoes, so perfect for summer!

    -Visit soon!

  60. The necklace is so adorable!

  61. Yesenia says:

    Im from SF!!! check out all the tourist spots: Union Square, Fishermans Wharf..etc. But you gotta come down to The Mission! eat some good burritos at El Farrolito :)!

  62. Alinna D. says:

    What a nice outfit !!! I love your necklace !

  63. Jeniffer says:

    Where did you get your necklace?

  64. Olga♥ says:

    great pics :)
    love the outfit :)

  65. Cupcake girl says:

    have the same romper as you!! awesome!! you look great btw :3

  66. MissTaken says:

    You look amazing as always. Enjoy you vacation!:)

  67. Marilyn Elizabeth says:

    definitely visit union square area to do major shopping. chinatown has quirky-cheapy souvenirs and knick knacks. north beach has awesome food! bring comfortable shoes and don't waste your money on a tour bus, you can explore the city on your own with much more flexibility and spend that money on something better! has an SF section that talks about shopping events and cool boutiques. enjoy!

  68. kritika.m1 says:

    I love the romper and the owl necklace. You're gorgeous :)


  69. Selma J. says:

    these shoes fit you really good! I love the bag and you look wonderfull!

    xoxo, love selma

  70. Vasilieva says:
  71. Ms. Misa says:

    Ok so you need to go to union square so you can get your shopping on and 11th street crepes there open late so like dinner maybe . sf zoo if you want something for the baby and you guys. Sf has great food . look out for my email and i will send you addresses and places to eat and shop

    Love ya, Marissa

  72. Queen.OnSet says:

    the romper is soooo cute _:) really liek the colour

  73. Ms LadyCakes says:

    Cute! You have amazing legs :)

    Be sure to check out Berkeley and Marin County while you're in the Bay Area.

    Instylation Blog

  74. J'Anns Boutique says:

    Very cute romper, just picked up something similar in blue on lunch! lol

    Be sure to enter my giveaway!
    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  75. Yay, SF is a beautiful city! Make sure to visit Mission & Valencia (they have cute boutiques) and the Westfield Mall and the stores around it. For eating.. there are so many places to choose from! I'd suggest Bella for good italian food. That's my favorite restaurant in the city.

  76. beautiful color of this costume
    You look gorgeous in it nicely highlights your skin:)

  77. i love that romper. i need to find some for summer

  78. Rafaella Online says:

    Hi !
    I liked your blog a lot! mind checking mine out? I think you will like it :P

    Have a great day hun!
    RafaellaOnline! !

  79. Erica Hayes says:

    wow i really love this outfit! especially the shoes!

  80. go to union square. HUGE forever 21!!
    dress warm, gets really cold at night so dress warm

    all the tourists expect it to be warm and then end up getting a nerdy I <3 SF sweatshirt so come prepared with jeans and sweaters!! xoxo

  81. You look fab !!

  82. lookin great Doll..wanted to know where you got those lovely accessories?

  83. Demisdays says:

    Love the cute owl necklace !

  84. Shannon O'Kane says:

    for good pizza go to Delfina pizzeria in the mission-

    and if you have time you should really check out Sausalito its gorgeous and has great little shops and restaurants

    you should also do a meet up at forever21!

  85. FashionFreak/Mihaela says:

    I love it! Your shoes are amazing *_*

  86. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your hair and shoes.


  87. conversationswithbianca says:

    Now that is a super cute romper/onesie! Makes me long for summer! It's winter here in Australia & raining!

  88. BlueVanilla says:

    great romper print! love those shoes!
    if your looking for good seafood in SF hit up Scomas!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  89. La Petite Olga says:

    You look gorgeous!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  90. Angelika ♥ says:
  91. vvuckovic says:

    Hey Dulce,
    I was just in San Francisco for four days. It is absoluetly incredible and I have the BEST places to visit. You must shop at Sausalito( island off of the bay area) , it has beautiful boutiques and lovely small shops…I know you will love it. You ahouls also go to the Palace of fine arts…it is beautiful. Another must see is fisherman's Warf .. it is a strip of shops and really wonderful resturants and it is right by Pier 39 where the seals swim and hang out. You should also go to the FOREVER 21 there….OMG it is so huge and beautiful. Also, you should drive down or walk down lombard street. You will also love to go to China Town its incredible.You should aslo visit the Golden Gate Park…it is bigger than central Park and it has museums and a botanical garden as well as a flower house.If you want to know about San Francisco and its history you should take the premium tour….also go see the "7 sisters" .They are the houses in the beginning of Full House…. I hope you have a wonderful time. The best hotel to stay at is the palace hotel:) HAVE FUN!!!!!

  92. natasha1821 says:

    I love your romper.

  93. Natasha Choudhury says:

    I'm loving the owl necklace most of all. And damn, girl! How big are those heels anyway?

  94. cute! love the outfit and the color of the romper

  95. Yeah the full house, house is located is the Hayes on Hayes and Stiner( sp) right across from alamo square.

    For shopping you should definitely check out all the boutiques on Haight st one great store is called Ambiance, it will blow your mind and also look up a store called Sway they have the best trendy clothes.

    Good luck and have a great time!!

  96. jaysface says:

    cute outfit! i love how you mixed the colors. =)

  97. Lovely! Your shoes and necklace is to die for! :]

  98. Jandira says:

    hi! I just found your blog a week ago and must say it is spectacular! Your sense of style is very cool ….
    These shoes are really cool …. xoxo
    PS I've also been watching your channel on youtube, very cool

  99. Marisol says:

    I love owls!

  100. karen22446 says:

    i have this print of the romper but in a shirt its so cute i love it !!

  101. karen22446 says:

    i have this print of your romper but in a shirt ,i love it !!

  102. Constance says:

    The shoes are amaze! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. missrobin says:

    Definitely go to Ambiance on Haight street- it's a wonderful little clothing store!
    My favorite view is at Alamo Square Park
    Visit Billionaires Row on Broadway between Divisadero & Lyon to see how to insanely rich live

    and if you like coffee, visit Blue Bottle Coffee in either the ferry building or in Hayes Valley (Hayes valley is great for brunch, too)

    Have fun!

  104. mitti_pitti says:

    Great outfit :X
    In San Francisco: Taqueria LaCumbre, Ike's and San Francisco's Creamery

  105. Carolina Ruiz says:

    omg :D love the romper…i would like to have your skin quality… =)
    super linda :D

  106. Fisherman's Wrath is the best! so many fun shops and good places to eat. Also make sure to bring cute light coats. It is pretty hot during the day but can be freezing in the morning and at night. :) have fun..

  107. Mami China says:

    In SF- Papa Gayo's Triple threat burrito, it has carne asada, pollo asado, and shrimp. Also, Taqueria San Jose on Mission. In the more downtown area, Farmer John's is yummy for some Southern food, great fried chicken! And if you can, get to Cha Cha Cha's on Haight for some bomb Cuban food and shopping. The Filmore district is another great area for shopping. North Beach area for Italian food. Yum!

  108. Arsema Beshue says:

    you should do a meet and greet in san francisco !

  109. Lillian says:

    I LOVE your purse! <333

  110. Jasmine says:

    Your outfits look amazing, maybe if you have time you could check out my new blog inspired by you of course!

  111. You always look so gorgeous and your style is awesome. I LOVE YOU!

  112. valdiaz707 says:

    the pier 39 and fishermens warf is fun, market st. with lots of shopping and the imax theaters is across the street. there are so many museums and china town. lots of fun. as for food the options are endleww. nob hill is a great place to stay and they have an amazing resteraunt. if you have a i-phone i would just go to and hit resteraunts in san francisco and you'll be gifted with so many amazing places. enjoy your trip you'll love it here.

  113. valdiaz707 says:

    i would do Pier 39 and fishermans warf, the shopping on market and vaness. plus the imax right across the mall. china town is funnnn too.the nob hill hotel is a great place to stay and their cafe is amazing. if you use yelp they have great places with reviews. have a great time. you'll love it here… : )

  114. the romper is KUTE!

  115. Yajaira says:

    cute outfit – love the necklace

  116. shannon swol says:

    pier 39, union sq. exploratorium, palcase of fine arts! its sooo gorgouse!! have fun i love going to san fran!

  117. I have the same romper! Gotta love h&m ; )

  118. SF is great–I'm definitely bias since I'm from SF. I would highly recommend shopping downtown. Going to the typical tourist locations (Downtown/Union Square, Lombard St. Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39) Boudin's is very popular at the Wharf (clam chowder in a bread bowl). If you get a chance I would recommend going to San Tung, it's a Northern Chinese style restaurant–known for their chicken wings and their dumplings, it's in the Sunset district. Maybe Osha for Thai food in the embarcadero or even Bangkok in downtown (on Powell).

    Love all your videos on YouTube and blog. Have a blast in SF :)!

  119. Always gorgeous! Love those shoes HotMama=))

  120. Mela Lynn says:

    I'm in SF. almost everyday of the week. The places easiest to get to… Twin peaks gives you a view over the ENTIRE city. The Golden Gate bridge below is much less tourist-y and just a really fantastic thing to see. Head over to Alameda and tour the U.S.S. Hornet which would probably be alot more interesting for someone who isnt in the military. Treasure island right smack dab in the middle of the bay bridge has great views of the city. Ocean Beach is one of my favorite places, the kind of place where you must be prepared for the wind. Theres a great burrito place "el burrito express" on taraval street, cash only, inexpensive, huge burritos, great taste. San francisco zoo is really gorgeous I havent been there in a long time though. Anywhere down the piers by AT&T Park are definitely not a waste of time, and along there is where I find the best food. Reds java house is an epic place to have breakfast. CHA CHA CHA in the haight district isn't as great as people make it out to be, but for drinks it's good. especially the sangria. Sinbads right under the bay bridge is by far my favorite place to go for a good meal. The fillmoe district besides it being rather ghetto has soe great entertainment at night.

    haha. ok. long enough comment? i love San Francisco so i tend to ramble on about things, I left out alot of things I love, but no matter what you'll enjoy your time. I did try to leave out most of the touristy things.


  121. BETTYBOOP says:

    fab look……. luv ur highlights !!!!

  122. natasha says:

    Hands down one of the best places to get sandwiches is Ikes in the Castro… the mission has great mexican food as well. As far as site-seeing, check our Coit Tower, twin peaks and Haigh Street (great boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops!)

    Have a great trip!!

  123. I'm from san Francisco. great places to check out: take the ferry from pier39 to saucolito, the mission for great eats and union square. the forever 21 is 3 floors! Check the weather first! Don't stay anywhere in the tenderloin.(bad neighborhood, right next to union square so is stay at the hyatt embarcadero or a hotel in the wharf. hope this helps

  124. tishiannae says:

    Dulce, love your highlights. Looks good against your skin! It would mean so much if you can come and visit and follow back if you like <3

  125. Do try food at House of Nanking in Chinatown. Please skip food at fisherman's wharf entirely. You must goto Alamo Square Park (Full house fame) and Golden gate Park. If you have a car, drive it over the golden gate bridge and go to Berkley and eat at Chez Panisse. No car, then take the train to Berkley. Also, check out flea markets, you will surely find some awesome vintage stuff. I always do :)

  126. Olivia.Dee says:

    we were just in SF this past weekend. It seems like a lot of your readers have pointed you in the right direction of where to go! It's a great city. You'll love it.

  127. lauras415 says:

    hey dulce thats great your finally visiting the city by the bay you should definitely visit fishermans wharf, ghirardelli square,acdamy of science, the exploratorium, the golden gate bridge, the eiffel tower and the mall on market all around that mall are cool little shops walking distance and bring out your coats it's super cold and windy lately hope this helps have fun.

  128. PLEASE PLEASE DO A MEETUP WHILE YOU ARE IN SAN FRANCISCO!! I live there! Make sure you check out all the fun sites and do some shopping on Union street.

  129. anitalovesu72 says:

    I live ab an hour away from SF and i love visiting when i can. I love pier 39. They have the seals and the aquarium. They have a place were they sell some delicious clam chowder inside a bowl made of sour dough bread. Also take a walk down china town or go to california science musseum. There are tons of things u can do u just need to ask the locals but its so fun.

  130. sherilyn says:

    Definitely go to Twin Peeks if you want the best view of the entire city. iT'll be perfectly romantic for you and your husband.

  131. sherilyn says:

    UNION SQUARE is the place to shop :) you'll love it!!

  132. Blushed Pearls says:

    Love the romper, adore the shoes! :) Another great outfit, no surprise there!

  133. whengeekmetchic says:

    love the romper!!!

    When Geek Met Chic

  134. Gabriella says:

    Cutest romper ever! lol and I love your shoes as well. You look gorgeous as always! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  135. lauras415 says:

    hey Dulce so glad your finally visiting the city of the bay you should definitely stop and visit fisherman's wharf it"s a must for any visitor it has great sea food any where you turn, the rain forrest caffe would be nice for Izek, the golden gate bridge, china town, eiffel tower, twin peaks, union square, Haight St has the coolest little shops and walking distance from the golden gate park, Lambord St, the exploratorium and the academy of science would be great for Izek and the academy of science is right across the St from the japanese garden and the young museum, the legion of honor museum would be nice for you its inspiring, San Francisco museum of modern Art, Broadway has great italian food love Steps of Rome, Mitchells ice cream is delicious and the San Francisco cliff house has an amazing view and alot of history well thats all i can think of hope you and your family have fun and enjoy are beautiful city love u your the best guru :)

  136. JazmineKariss says:

    Love your heels and necklace! Absolutely gorgeous:)

  137. Kathleen says:

    I live here in the Bay Area, and I must say that the most common mistake for visitors to make is to forget to bring layers. There are a lot of micro-climates here and the weather changes all the time.
    So, overall, I feel it's best to assume it won't be too warm here.

    Just a suggestion ^_~

  138. Lindsay says:

    SF Zoo, Fisherman's Wharf, Academy of Sciences, Union Square (shopping!)

  139. Those shoess are to diieee forrr!!

    Rebecca xo

  140. Fashionista says:

    Make sure you take the cruise that goes under the golden gate bridge and past alcatraz :) especially when it's sunny it's amazing. Also take a walk along the boulevard, it smells sooo good all the time there :)
    Also, you always look soo nice :D <3

  141. Lindsay says:

    also go to japantown…cute little shops, sushi, and crepes!

    ghirardelli square for some ice cream and kara's cupcakes.

  142. Zorannah says:

    shoes are gorgeous! have a nice trip to SF :-)

  143. You look too cute!! x

  144. Gorgeous! I have this romper myself and I love it! (:

  145. a ś k uu. says:

    wooow < 3

  146. You're so pretty!! I like the outfit too. :)

  147. Copper Etiquette says:
  148. says:

    i love your outfit super cute and girly :)

  149. The Daily Tiara says:

    Your entire outfit is so cute! Love it.

  150. Carrie Melissa says:

    Start with Blue Bottle Coffee in the morning, walk down Valencia and thrift shop, then stop by Painted Bird for great curated vintage finds.

    For lunch, go to Ike's sandwiches. For drinks, I suggest Blondie's in the Mission.

    You'll love SF. <3

  151. aliasurfgirl says:

    I LOVE your romper!! But I can't really wear them because they make me look bigger than I really am, but I really like them, so do you have any alternatives? BTW: LOVE your highlights too, they're gorgeous!!! Have a great time in Sisco!! :D

  152. Michelle says:

    LOOOOOOVE the print of your romper!!

  153. beautifullife says:

    union square… ferry building, pier 39, coit towers, golden gate park, golden gate bridge,Japanese tea garden, china town, north beach (they are close to union square, crooked street, Alcatraz.
    If you have some time go to napa valley, Berkley,

  154. beautifullife says:

    there is a Blondie's pizza by union square.
    North beach would be perfect for coffee and pastries.

  155. If you get time, you have to stop by Kryolan to pick up some makeup. I know you'll find some stuff there that you'll love. Its on 9th and Mission…Its a sketchy neighborhood but you'll be with your man so you should be alright.

  156. valerie says:

    Just a heads up, it might be raining this weekend :( but don't worry, that doesn't seem to stop anyone here in the bay area :)
    If you're looking to do some boutique shopping I highly recommend checking out the Cow Hollow/Marina area (spefically Chestnut street) and not far from there is the stunning Presidio area (lots of neat photo ops) and of course there's the touristy places like Haight Street(great thrift shops), Union Square (HUGE Macys), China town and of course Northbeach (aka little Italy. "The Stinking Rose" and "Steps of Rome" are great Italian Restaurants) all of which you will enjoy! Just an FYI, driving in SF is pretty crazy so Public transportation might be the way to go. Have fun Dulce!

  157. Joll Burr says:

    You look fabulous!

  158. DENiSSE DUARTE says:

    You need to go to Tartine Bakery on 600 Guerrero St. near Dolores Park! Especially in the morning! They have a lot of pastries and bread! There's always a line so get there early! Get some morning buns they are delicious!!!
    Also go to Mitchell's Ice Cream which is the best!!!it's on san jose ave. near 29th street! There is also Bi-Rite Creamery which is near Dolores Park as well which sells organic & delicious ice cream! I hope you have fun here in sf:)

  159. DENiSSE DUARTE says:

    You also need to go to the ferry building! they have great food there and is amazing for sight seeing! and go shopping downtown they have the best stores ever!!

  160. jazzymonee says:

    I love your shoes! :)


  161. You should definitely go to Pier 39. There's also Japan Town, China Town, and these other places. Check out the 8 story Westfield Mall and their Forever 21! There's a lot to do, but I suggest parking your car in a garage and walk around (where comfortable shoes) and drive if it's really far.

  162. Fashion Pie says:

    Cute outfit :) And lover your new highlights.


  163. Dejeri and The Pink Tea Party says:

    Make sure you go up to haight street for some vintage shopping since you love those kinds of clothes. Walk and eat out at pier 39 and of course shop downtown. Check out the MAC pro store on union street and go see a movie at the metreon. Have fun! you'll love the Bay and all of the crazy (lol i love my city) ppl. xoxo, Dejeri

  164. I just made my very first purchase of a romper recently believe it or not and was thinking of ways to style it. Thanks for the inspiration! ❤

  165. t0ki d0ki says:

    I recommend The Slanted Door at the Ferry building

    1 Ferry Bldg
    San Francisco, CA 94111

    and Ike's Place in the Castro C:

    3489 16th St
    (between Dehon St & Sanchez St)
    San Francisco, CA 94114

  166. Ivonn001 says:

    You look Stunnin. Your blog motivates me. Just last night i looked over all you blog. It made me gain more confidence, because i also want to become a great blogger like you.

  167. asv1115 says:

    go to haight and ashbury! there are some great clothing stores! Even a Wasteland and great sneaker stores. Don't forget to visit the most beautiful ball park!

  168. Miss Vodka says:

    love this look. you are so pretty :)

  169. High Heels & Good Meals! says:

    Very cute!

  170. 023c373a-8d36-11e0-8454-000bcdcb2996 says:

    dulce will u be doing a meet up for your sf fans? please let us know.

  171. Pride and Pearls says:

    I really love those aldo shoes! Perfect for summer

  172. looking great. love the shoes !!

  173. Love your bag and adorable romper :)

  174. Fashionably, Eleanor says:

    San francisco is so fun! Definately go to the westfield shopping center, and chinatown. also golden gate park is great. You definately need to eat at Johnny Foley's Irish House. its an irish pub near the westfield and its amazing(: adorable outfit

  175. I love the romper it's so cute! You should do a meet up in san francisco! I'd come :D

  176. Jennifer says:

    Everyone beat me to it, I'm from San Francisco, all places that everyone mentioned on here is a MUST! I love this city! You staying with friends or still looking for a place, like a hotel? Dulce you'll love it out here!

  177. manuszak.m says:

    sweet neckles :)

  178. you HAVE to eat at LA TAQUERIA on Mission Street!

  179. Ashley Raelyn says:

    i love those shoes. you have such great style

  180. look great as always, you are star!

  181. thefashionchika says:

    You look so pretty in pink! say hi to Izek for me :)

  182. CessOviedo says:

    Lovely! Rompers and platforms is what the season is all about, cute owl necklace looks so pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  183. yellowsocks94 says:

    I love playsuits :) and you look abso fab! Loving the new blog makeover also :)


  184. Kimmiepooh says:

    I'm sooo loving rombers this season. I went to a day party last weekend and I saw maybe 10 girls wearing one. I'm still on the hunt for one that suits my style (and body type best!

  185. Kimmiepooh says:

    I'm sooo loving rombers this season. I went to a day party last weekend and I saw maybe 10 girls wearing one. I'm still on the hunt for one that suits my style (and body type best!

  186. bekii27 says:

    your soo pretty.. I love your style!!

  187. Salina and Olivia says:

    Love the romper AND that owl is adorable. Haven't been to SF before but would love to head there one day… hope you have an amazing time.

    xo Salina

  188. this outfit looks great at you

  189. Chantel says:

    Great outfit, I love love the necklance!

  190. LOVE THIS! You have inspired me to start my own Blog Dulce! I have been following all our videos and blog posts since I can remember! I love your closet room video and it has inspired me to do the 2 posts I have on my blog at the moment. Please check it out, I have only got two posts so far but more to come!!

  191. Sara Baby says:

    Glad your coming to visit the bay :) You'll love it, Definetily got to go to the Nordstrom in the Westfield mall and take a trip to their food court, and Go explore Golden Gate park!!! You'll get to see the Native Bison :) Frisco is sooo fun !!!!

    Love your outfit too :)

  192. ~Amber~ says:

    Can I just say you look fab!! Who takes all these photos of you sweets? Amazing!!

  193. Veronica says:

    you are so beautiful!!

  194. says:

    Cute outfit (:

  195. dina vanessa mercado says:

    that's a cute romper and i love the owl necklace! love your style! Anyway, I just posted something..please check it out if you have time..kisses!!!


  196. Mathilde says:
  197. I really really reaaaaally dislike your highlights, they look like the highlights from the nightmare. You were much prettier without 'em.

  198. And i don't like the header either. The previous one was much better. This one is just too big, too blurry, too photoshoped, ugly.

  199. You look great!
    It's so springy.

  200. Anna ♥ says:

    a wonderful blog! You are so pretty ♥
    looks great!

  201. Shushanna says:

    Dulce, you are beautiful as always! Love your blog! It gives me a lot of ideas. Blessings

  202. Wow, gorgeous. Lovely outfit. Amazing blog. You're just stunning. I really love everything. Following (; xx

  203. Hey you habe very great Style… I'm New hier ob blogspot…. This is my Site

  204. you should go to bucadibeppo its the best. its big portions for not that much its in downtown and not very far from westfield mall and the big sephora and the big h&m and forever 21.

  205. Becky-May says:

    You look beautiful, love the shoes!

    The Flower Girl

  206. I love your shoes and your purse!!! You look so pretty as always.

  207. oOoLaLaALA says:

    LOL you have perfect legs girl! hehe
    Love your outfit :)

    -Asia ALA-

  208. mariaangy23 says:

    Hey dulce can you please do another post pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  209. LOVEVAS says:

    Quick tip: be sure to bring a coat when out in SF. our weather is unpredictable sometimes. lol. you MUST try FRESCA, they have great PERUVIAN food; the Rotisserie Chicken is to die for. Be sure to check out Chestnut street, Lombard, Pier 39, Fisherman's Warf, Noe Valley, and if you guys are driving be sure to watch out for taxi driver's; they're usually quite the road rage. Hope you have a great time here in SF!! :D

    - Eva

  210. greenismeen says:

    Idk if anyones said this already but i heard Mels Drive In is pretty good, of course like many have already mentioned go to union square, pier 39, and if you want to venture out a little more you can check out Sausalito, its a cute little place. Or even Corte Madera for some more shopping. For even more venturing you can check out the Monterrey Bay Aquarium! And if somehow you can sneak away to a club dont go to city nights.

  211. OMG ♥ ♥ Beautiful ;-)

  212. Cris&Mer says:

    Hola! Me gusta tu blog! te sigo! pasate por el mio si quieres:
    Un beso :)

  213. i love your outfits! :) inspiring! check out my blog

  214. NaturallyMoii says:

    great color on u. . .

  215. You look cute! I love your outfit and your shoes. Great color on you.

  216. Priscila says:

    I´m from Brazil :)
    U have a cute blog! I love your picts doll!
    I saw u live in LA… I lived there for 5 months to stdying English :)
    I have an blog too. Check out:

    I hope u like!

  217. I'm loving that necklace! Ahhh want it so bad, it goes awesome with like every outfit(:

  218. I'm loving that necklace! It goes with every outfit, just love it! (:

  219. aww, that romper is so adorable! i bought a black romper from forever21 last year…but after I washed it (and hung it dry) it shrank and became awkward fitting :((

    && your hair looks more gorgeous than usual with the sunlight hitting it like that! ^^

  220. Cami_Babyyy says:

    Dulce! Love your blog as always :) I'm bored and raised in SF giiirl there are so many places to visit! Hehe. But knowing your personality you should try this adorable place called LoveJoy's. It's a tea/crumpet and sandwhich place, and they serve everything England style! So cute in there. I have so many recommendations for you, u can see my blog for lots of SF places to go ( or respond to me, either ones good. Have a great time with ur hubby and Izek, make sure to all bring jackets! Love, Cami

  221. Cami_Babyyy says:

    Dulce! Love your blog as always :) I'm bored and raised in SF giiirl there are so many places to visit! Hehe. But knowing your personality you should try this adorable place called LoveJoy's. It's a tea/crumpet and sandwhich place, and they serve everything England style! So cute in there. I have so many recommendations for you, u can see my blog for lots of SF places to go ( or respond to me, either ones good. Have a great time with ur hubby and Izek, make sure to all bring jackets! Love, Cami

  222. melissa says:

    We have awesome museums here in SF (i.e. Walt Disney Museum, Exploratorium, Maritime Museum at Hyde Street Pier, etc). Check out the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. It's a fun family museum with a planetarium, rainforest walk, and an aquarium in one building. Plus, I work there : ). Another thing to do here in SF is to stroll down Crissy Field in the Presidio. Seriously, the most beautiful views are there in the Presidio/Marina District. And also, since you like thrifting, check out Haight Street or Valencia for some interesting vintage stuff. As for foods, there's an awesome crepe place at Fisherman's Wharf that I go to all the time. They bump reggaeton there like it aint nothin. There's also a cute little pastry/coffee shop place that I go to all the time as well called Tart to Tart, which is in the Sunset District. Well, I hope that helped, and I hope you have fun!

  223. Thanks cricket! I’m glad you liked my post! I could have spent all day doing different color combinations for popular candy if only time and budget would have allowed. Maybe I should do something similar for NFL, ML B, NBA, collegiate, and, yes, cricket teams?

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  225. Clemente Weins says:

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