Memorial Day Weekend

I’m having a great Memorial Day weekend and I hope you guys are too! Yesterday we spent the day at the
Camarillo Outlets doing some shopping for Vegas!!! I’m meeting up with other fabulous Youtube girls for
a girls night out this weekend and I cannot be more excited! (hence my exclamations!)
So between family, shopping, booking a hotel, school work, filming, meetings, cleaning, and
cooking, I found some time to work on my exciting news! Thanks for the great feedback on my last post
btw. I’m so happy you guys liked my Snapshot with StyleHaul :)
Oh, and yes! I got a few golden brown highlights in my hair with more layers. I desperately wanted to
go lighter for the Summer time.




Zara Blazer (got this same blazer in every color!)
Forever 21 Top and Jeans
American Apparel leather clutch
Tory Burch flats
Tiffany & Co. Key mecklace


  1. Love it !!

  2. beautiful pictures! i love your blazer :)

  3. J'Anns Boutique says:

    Love the purple blazer! debut the other colors please, making me want one :-)

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  4. jessicaykim says:

    Dulce, you're looking beautiful as always. I'm not trying to criticize or anything, but wish to point out to your readers that Memorial Day isn't about shopping. Yes, you can find great deals and there's nothing wrong with jumping to get such awesome discounted prices! But I sure hope everyone remembers what the meaning of Memorial Day is.

    Jess xox

  5. That purple blazer is so chic.
    Also, I love your highlights, they look great and perfect for summer!

  6. I love Your new hair color ! So beautiful xoxo

  7. i want those flats!! love the new hair :)

  8. love your new hair

  9. YazmiinAktar says:

    dulce your hair is amazing! love it! <3


  10. You look so pretty, as always :)

  11. JooDeeJay says:

    love your hair and the color of the blazer is amazing!!

  12. socialitedreams says:

    love the hair/highlights…super cute puppy and great bracelet


  13. StealMyHeartLove says:

    You look gorgeous. x

  14. France baby says:

    you have amazing hair!
    and the jacket is beautiful ))

  15. Lippylash says:

    Beautiful! Love that blazer bought it in orange but they didn't have any other color:( this one is beautiful

  16. Pandora says:

    You look stunning! So chic! I'm off to Zara tomorrow to pick up one of those blazers, hope they have them here in Belgium! Lots of love from a new follower :)

  17. The Fashion Mood says:

    you look fantastic, and what a cute puppy :)

  18. that top is beautiful! you are such a glamorous mother! I hope to be like you when I have a child xxx

  19. your hair looks amazing! love the blazer.

  20. Ms. Allee says:

    Love the blazer!*


  21. Christine says:

    love the new hair! :) it looks great on you, love the bright colours on your outfit :D

  22. you look so adorable! love it :)


  23. Katariina says:

    I absolutely love that blazer! And your dog too <3

  24. Mascara Addict =) says:

    Super cute, as always! I admire your ability to multitask like crazy! Congrats on all your success!

  25. Jessica Beautician says:

    Love your hair and those shoes! Your outfit is gorgeous!

  26. MissMindless says:

    awesome as always :)
    love it !

  27. Modniara says:
  28. You look really pretty! I love the blazer!

  29. MissTaken says:

    I like your new hairstyle.:)
    And the puppy is super cute!
    And you're amazing to find time for all these things.

  30. you look pretty!! as always :))

  31. I love your outfit.
    the purple blazer looks so nice <3

  32. love your hair!!! is that the blazer that's in pink too? from zara?

  33. Raspberry Jam says:
  34. smiley_wtf says:

    this is an amazing post!
    i have a blog too…
    follow back?
    mind posting and a comment?
    thanks. :D

  35. Kellaigh says:

    You know what I love most about you?
    That you're not some superskinny perfect skin snobby model-like girl. You have a very nice normal figure and a natural pretty face :D You don't overdo your makeup and make it look natural :)

  36. DediLovesFashion says:

    you look stunning. love the pics.

  37. highlights look good

  38. says:

    looking fab love the hair x

  39. Ashley Tiernan says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Please if you can check out my blog I live in Ireland. THANX


  40. great blazer! and i love your hair!

  41. Nivedita says:

    Love the highlights

  42. laura_himbeere says:

    nice pictures ! (:

    i love your neckless.

    xoxo ♥

  43. so cute. like like like!


  44. Nathalie says:

    I adore your blazer! what a nice colour, oh and your hair is very nice! I like it xoxo

  45. Vasilieva says:

    the pictures are awesome, loving the new look o your blog too

  46. pebblz708 says:

    You look awesome Dulce…..your eye make-up and lips look great too! What did you use? Picked up airy fairy by Rimmel Friday…remembered you talkin about it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hair looks amazing also!!

  47. Beauty Spectacle says:

    Amazing pics!

  48. I love that blazer really want one!! x

  49. Queen.OnSet says:

    the blazer is so so nice :)

  50. Almeida says:


  51. Selma J. says:

    wow very pretty pictures! You look stunning!

    xoxo, love selma

  52. U have such beautiful hair. I love the highlights that you added to your hair. U look so beautiful no matter what u wear. I just love your videos and your blog post. Thanx hunny you have inspired me a lot.

  53. federica R. says:
  54. I love it when you wear pink! It makes you look girly and even more lovely then normal!!

  55. FashionFreak/Mihaela says:

    I loove your blazer *_* Also your shirt is soo cute.

  56. Sharena says:

    Your highlights look great!
    Also, did you guys get a new puppy or did someone else's cute little puppy get into your picture? :]

  57. La Petite Olga says:

    Love this outfit!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  58. why are you so gorgeous womamn! lol
    love the purple blazer, cute.

  59. Love your new hair! Looks way better now – suits you more :).

  60. Best set of the color navy amazed me:)
    I really like your blog, I am not surprised it is so popular with your sets are beautiful:) moreover, you're beautiful too:)
    greetings from Polish:) invite :*

  61. Love the highlights! I usually do my own every so often when I get bored, I also cut my own hair, do my own nails, eyebrows, etc I am not sure why I don't have my own beauty salon at this point! lol

    I love you in purple! I never wore that much purple until now and I think it looks great with my skin tone. Vegas? Sounds fun!!! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  62. Charlotte says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! :}


  63. Heather Does Make Up says:

    Love the blazer and that bag!

  64. SCARLETT says:

    love ur blazer, but i wish you could cuff the sleeves more ..and ur hair came out amazing!

  65. bitsofwonderful. says:

    beautiful pictures!, i love the purple blazer :)

    this outfit is very chic yet casual, i love it!

  66. hahahaha I see you took advantage of the windy weather this weekend for your shoot. Good stuff :)

  67. AoifeO'C says:


  68. sarah marie says:

    great look! love the highlites!
    who's puppy is that? how are your dogs? i miss seeing them in your posts :(

  69. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  70. DanielleDBeauty says:

    You inspired me to do some thrift shopping this weekend and I found the cutest red blazer for $8!! I never really wear blazers but you make them look adorable. Thanks so much!

  71. Primp and Giggle says:

    you're GORGEOUS! & i LOVE your blazer doll!

  72. Beautiful! I love the purple blazer!

  73. loving the blazer! so cute and chic :)

  74. Serena Rai says:

    I am in love with your new highlights! You are soo gorgeous! :)

  75. Aki No Yuutsu says:

    Love your blazer!!!

  76. Just Another Shopaholic says:

    Absolutely love the top and blazer!

  77. Beautiful :)s

  78. Dragonfly3r says:

    Heys dulce, i've been following your blog for about 6months now, was so excited to hear that you were preg =] so anyways, just wanted to say what an inspiration you are! you've put pieces together that for me…if i was to pick it up, i'd be like NO WAY AM I WEARING THAT COLOUR! but you've totally openned my eyes to new things! SO THANK YOU!!

    i've also started my own blog, definitely near as great as yours, i just started it today, it'll be about being a mum and also a bit beauty related, i hope you read into it too!!

    once again, thanks for all your postings, it's really inspiring!

  79. Style Drive says:

    love the blazer and the clutch and the flats too!

  80. quisqueya says:

    Love how u look great even dressed casually and no heels :). Love the look!!! and ur new highlights are lovely

  81. I love the purple blazer! You look goregeous!

  82. You remind me of Jessica Alba :) I love your style!

  83. Maggie ☮ says:

    looks very windy! :) I really like the purple blazer. = ]…*ps who is that cute little fellow (the puppy)

  84. Chucky; says:

    Omq The Dog Is Soo Cute.!

  85. Sasanka says:

    I got the same blazer in blue! really pretty:-)

  86. Rhoda Wong says:

    ahh cute outfit! i so wish that my exams are over so i can go out in the sun and go shopping with my girls!

  87. Priscilla says:
  88. You´re so amazing!!!!! ♥

  89. April K says:

    i love this casual chic outfit. check out my blog, im having an elf giveaway!

    -XOXO April K.

  90. Dulce you look great! BTW is that your new dog????? He is so super cute!

  91. Alinna D. says:

    I love your hair & the blazer is soooo nicee :X:X

  92. playwithfashion says:

    Your jacket has amazing color! And perfect make-uP!

  93. MichaelaGap says:

    Every time I look at your photos you seem more and more beautiful :) I have your blog on speed dial, so I can see watch new really fast :))

    YOu are amazing!!! :))

    Michaela :)

  94. wapaaaa :)

  95. Heather says:

    you need to use spellcheck… "mecklace" is not a word…

  96. You look amazing so polished and well put together. Love the blazer. It doesn't get hot enough that u wear them? I always wondered that? And your hair looks amazing too!!

    Xoxo Destiny

  97. Fashion Without Guilt says:

    You look adorable and the pup is too cute.

    Fashion Without Guilt

  98. You look super young in this outfit, as if you were 16… :)

  99. you look so pretty and i love the purple blazer!!

  100. pretzel2818 says:

    omg I LOVE your outfit and you should have told me you were coming down to camarillo:D<3

  101. Julia Azucena says:

    love your hair !! looks great on you. i love your eyebrows what color and what products did you use?

  102. I am so loving the outfit and specially that purple blazer you look so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! btw love your new hair look. I have brown highlights too <3

    May 31, 2011 7:03 PM

  103. Lindsay says:

    love the color of your blazer!

  104. BrendaMireles says:

    I'm so glad you finally changed the layout to your blog. It made me dizzy when i read it seriously, because of the black background and white font. Anyway thanks! :) I love your blazer! :)

  105. Cherrie J. says:

    Sooo I want this purple blazer!! Im a blog newbie and it will mean a lot if you check out my blog!

    <3 Cherrie

  106. I love the color of your blazer.

  107. I really want THIS blazer! The colour is amazing and all in all your outfit looks stunning!
    I would be very happy if you check out:

    xo from germany

  108. jazzymonee says:

    OMG! Now I wish I went to my cousin's house in Camarillo! I could've met you in person :) I love the outlets there! You look beautiful as usual :D


  109. armileen says:

    beautiful colours! love your hair and makeup too! =)

  110. Disciple of Chic says:

    Those highlights are gorgeous! I have similar ones but I let them grow out, since they were too expensive for me to maintain.

    I also really love the fun blazers you always have, those colors are great!


  111. Monique Caroline Kosinska says:

    I'll write sth diffrent like my predecessors – I'd like your puppy so much. So cute <3 Is it a Golden or a Labrador, cuz' when dog is young I cant distinguish Golden and Labrador ?

    I was at the beginning and now sth about look – you've specifical style, so elegant and refined but usually fashionable – I'm so envy about your taste my dear. Please, share iiiiiii XO

  112. Miss Aa says:

    woww…lovin' your blog
    and a pretty it.. a lot..

    already followed your blog
    wish you can follow me back

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  113. Love your blazer and your shoes :)


  114. Ohgod, when i saw that blazer i melt. I'm going to buy neon pink version of that (: Cute outfit though