My Snapshot!


  1. aww i love the vid ! you are awesome : )

  2. La Belle Fabuleux says:

    awww great video Dulce! Best of luck in everything in you do!


  3. StealMyHeartLove says:

    Great video! You're an amazing woman.

  4. Dreadedbeauti says:

    awww an ERROR!!

  5. Ladii Luvz Fashiion says:

    That was such a nice video, you seem so down to earth and someone id be inspire to look up to…Congratulations on everything you have accomplished in life as well as your beautiful baby boy…:)

  6. PrincessJasmine says:

    good video. seems like youtube has opened you up to alot of opportunities. i hope you succeed in everything you do.

  7. Blazin Mamasita :) says:

    you are so awesome! so inspiring and down to earth! you really rock!!
    Go Dulce!:D

    xxxBlazin mamasita'

  8. Jacdami says:

    Dulce eres increiblemente inspiradora, eres lo maximo! Nunca cambies el espiritu :)

  9. A Tablespoon Of Life says:

    LOVED this!!! :) you seem to be such a nice person Dulce!

  10. Christine says:

    the video was amazing! :) your so down to earth and amazingly nice :)

  11. shanice wynter says:

    it was so sweet!! i loved it! :)

  12. April's Attic says:

    this is amazing, i'm so glad for you!

  13. FashionableAsians says:

    aww sweet vid, it just makes you seem so relatable and thats why your one of my fave youtube gurus!

  14. CutesyOwl says:


  15. jennifer says:

    that was a great video your a great mother and wife you inspire me :]

  16. Nathache says:

    Whats uuuup girl!!! Im from Brazil, and i loooove ur work!
    I watch u since 2009!!
    You`re sooo natural! This is whay i like uu!
    Good luck!!!

  17. Enjoyed watching this. You were so natural with your answers. Nothing forced.
    All the best Dulce :)

  18. xoxo Kellz* says:

    love dis…n ure son will def be proud:)

  19. starbaby1121 says:

    love it! congratulations dulce! more tutorials and outfit pictures on your fashion blog! ^_^

  20. Sweet Susy says:

    I love it!
    That transition of you, Jessie and the baby was sooo cute!
    I do wish you the best in life with your family. Echale ganas!

  21. This was so amazing! It makes me so proud that a young Latina like you has this successful and blessed life. Many more great things are in store for you.

  22. Raspberry Jam says:
  23. Huda Kaake says:

    I had tears in my eyes at the part where you talked about Izek, and wanting him to look up to you, to see how hard you work, etc. You're an amazing woman, Dulce. You've earned all of the success you've gotten thus far, and may God continue to bless you and your family. May you continue to be successful, and always stay true to who you are.

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  25. Style Drive says:

    everything you said was so true! Being yourself is the most important thing and working hard the next!

  26. Emi Love says:

    Loved watching this video! You honestly were one of my initial inspirations when I decided to become more involved in fashion and beauty and continue to be. Your success is phenomenal and I know that I, as well as mostly all your other subscribers and followers, hope that you can accomplish your designer dreams! Thank you for staying so true to yourself and sharing what you know with us. :)

  27. I have to say i really love what you do Dulce. You're one of the latest people i've subbed to on YouTube, but you've already become one of my favorites. You're so effortlessly relatable and funny, i just love watching your videos and on top off that you have a really great blog. I wish I was as daring as you when it came to fashion!

    xoxo- Sonia

  28. SCARLETT says:


  29. SIENA.STYLE says:
  30. fashion.gossipmk says:

    Great video, I love it!!
    Xoxo, K.

  31. awww,so proud! number 1 beauty gal! you definetly inspire me :-p

  32. beautylogicblog says:

    Girl from the first time I watched you years ago, you have never changed. You're a beautiful person. Hugs to you!

  33. heavenrain says:

    finally you've changed this crappy header, thank you , this is more classy

  34. You're one of my favorite beauty-gurus :)

  35. Sherleyzz says:

    Great video!You're amazing :)

    Greetings from Bulgaria,

  36. The Fashion Mood says:
  37. You`re gorgeous, and You inspire me so much! Lots of hugs from Poland and Romania xoxo

  38. I love this vid! You are such a great woman! You are my favorite make-up guru for sure :D

  39. Jessica Beautician says:

    Great video and loving the new blog layout! x

  40. her persona says:

    great vid. love the blog head-pic!!

  41. it was so honest :)
    i love your voice and all your videos!

  42. I really love this video, I'm watching it over and over again!

  43. Wow I love it! You really deserve all the fans you got right now ^_^

  44. You're awesome and the video is great.
    You're an inspiration for all of us.

  45. Zorannah says:

    i love the video! gorgeous!

  46. This is amazing. This is so well put together. I wish youth best in all your future endeavors. This is such an inspiration. I feel your trying down to earth.

    Xoxo your fan

  47. Oh my gosh stupid iPhone I meant really down to earth girl I meant your really down to earth whoops lol


  48. Christine Iversen says:

    I love this video, wish you best of luck with everything :)

    Love Christine ♥

  49. Pich and Roor says:

    aww it came out PERFECT! I really like how it came out & you look adorable<3

  50. that's the best video I've ever seen:)) Our family and you are gorgeous:) A lot of Kisses and Hugs from Bulgaria. We Love You:)

  51. Fashion Without Guilt says:

    You look great and I love the video. :)

    Fashion Without Guilt

  52. Queen.OnSet says:

    really cool! but I liked your old header better =/

  53. the vid was really cute!

  54. FashionFreak/Mihaela says:

    I already saw it :D I love it!
    I love your new header.

  55. Krystal says:

    This is so awesome and such a great way to show people you don't just sit in front of a camera/computer all day being a YT guru. I love that you did this, you're such an amazing young woman with great talent and determination! :)

  56. kimmy5150 says:

    if you end up owning a boutique, i will buy everything you sell !!! =D

  57. Fantastic video Dulce! You are one of the most dedicated and loyal Youtubers!

  58. I love your style!!!! It is amazing!!! And I really appreciate your snapshot vid! I've been thinking about blogging so I really appreciated the advice that you gave! Keep being fabulous!!!

  59. i love it :)

  60. Dżemka says:

    You are great. How does it feel to be known almost all over the world? I'm Polish, and there also like you: D

  61. Dżemka says:

    You are great. How does it feel to be known almost all over the world? I'm Polish, and there also like you: D

  62. Victoria says:

    love you and love your videos! I only recently started watching but you seem like the nicest person ever!

  63. grapecandy says:

    I've been following you for almost two years now and you've inspired me to blog too! Love how natural you are on camera (: beautiful as always.

  64. Aw! Dulce, you are so awesome! I'm proud of you, you have come far! This video was really cool.

  65. I really Admire you .I believe you are such an awesome girl who is down to earth..keep doing all the hard working , and I do believe you will have your own fashion line :) MUCHA SUERTE <3

  66. Hershley's Sweet Kiss says:

    love this!!! love you Dulce!

  67. Bereniice says:

    Wow Dulce!! congratulations! you totally deserved it and you deserve a whole lot more! You are an amazing person/friend/girl and role model! You inspire me everytime and I love watching your videos!!! Thanks for everything!
    I know you are really busy but I just started my blog, and I would love if you could check it out and give me some tips if you have :D my blog is:

    thank you so much!!
    p.s. Please do an office/room tour!! It looks amazing!!

  68. Beauty Writer says:

    I loved this!!!! Thank-you :)

  69. shoppinglover215 says:

    OMG this is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!! <333333 I LOVE YOU DULCE<3333333333

  70. ninadollmakeup says:

    love the vid! your so inspiring!

  71. tishiannae says:


  72. larson460-jdog13 says:


  73. UR really a natural! love ur videos and ur personality, hope all ur dreams come true!

  74. Anniken says:

    I just didnt want this movie to end !

  75. I have to agree you are fav on youtube too and give me such great ideas and inspiration! Gives me ideas on how to find things that I can't find in South Africa!Keep doing what you do I love it!

  76. TheChloee says:

    Wonderful. I have to say, you're my biggest inspiration! Thank you! :*

  77. Wow I had no idea that you were in Military. Good job girl. xx

  78. Sweet Carlota says:

    I loved it! Diosito te bendiga! =)


  80. vania2981 says:

    I think your work is just wonderful. I love your enthusiasm and the fact that your not afraid to smile and laugh! A joy to watch your videos! May you be happy , healthy and very successful ! :)

  81. cyndyxo08 says:

    your amazing!! i love all your tips :) i even got my sister to watch your videos <3

  82. Katie Harris says:

    Did you get a dog??

  83. Love the video!! Your amazing Dulce<3

  84. You are just amazing!
    I love watching your videos and I really like that you dress so colourful (because there just not enough colourful outfits out there so it's nice to see someone really rocking those colours! ;)). I really agree with the things you say in the video about bloggers and youtubers should be themselves. I follow some different blogs and I never choose to follow a blog if it feels like the blogger isn't him- or herself because it just make the whole blog seem so shallow. I really like that you just are being yourself because it really shines through in everything you do here and on youtube and it's just adorable!
    Good luck with everything and best wishes to you, your husband and your sweet baby!

    "En farverig hverdag" means "A Colourful Everyday" :D

  85. FASHIONISTA.Wife.Mom says:

    You inspire me so much ! <3 God bless you your life & family , I can't wait for my moment

  86. Wow!! Your sooo amazing dulce<3

  87. Ultra_Raquel87 says:

    Love this video it is truly inspiring me to follow my dreams & to believe anything is possible! I really hope one day you will get to have your own shop, I think it will happen keep up the great work!!!

  88. blackvintagefiles says:

    Love love love it! You said it, be who you are if you want to start your own blog or youtube videos, that's why we LOVE you! Keep it coming !

  89. One of the youtube comments was a picture of me, but NOT my YouTube name, and not a comment of mine!!
    How weird it that!! Someone is using my pic!! ahhhhh lol


  90. thefashionchika says:

    lOVE IT!
    ps I love the new look for your blog!

    Take care!

  91. Michelle & Lindsay says:

    Love this post! We have a lot of colored blazers on our online store @ you should check it out :-)

  92. Gorgeous video, and gorgeous high lights. Your flawless girl!

    Check out my blog, needs to be updated also.