Christening + Big News

This past Saturday was the Christening of my lovely niece Hazel. Since June gloom was at its best I
finally had a chance to wear my new coat from Zara that was bought a few months back.
Funny story though because some random kid came  up to me at the party and smeared his red hot cheeto
fingers all over one sleeve. Ugh! I was like oh no what are you doing? LOL I had a feeling this coat
would end up in the cleaners. Seriously, it felt like if I was wearing white.


I announced my BIG news on my Facebook this past Wednesday because I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
Just in case you missed it I wanted to share it w/ you here since my blog is very special to me.
I’ve been working with a web designer for the past few months to open up an on-line fashion store.
Since I love fashion so much I decided to have my own store where I can sell reasonable clothing,
shoes, and accessories. There will also be a section where I will selling my OWN designs! I’m super
excited about this since this has been one of my long time dreams and I’m so blessed to be able to
share this with you. I got a few shoe samples the other day that will be sold in my store and decided to wear
them to the baptism. They are a classic in any girls wardrobe and let me just tell you that you can wear
these baby’s all night long, they are super comfy. I’m meeting up with a few more vendors this week so
if there’s a certain trend you guys love right now please let me know!


Zara coat
H&M dress
LV bag
Shoes-my own store