The Bright Pump (New arrival to my online store coming soon)

This bright (almost neon) yellow pump is a great summer staple this season. Try pairing it with
unpredictable colors for more of a pop. I’m thinking about wearing my neon pink J. Crew top with these
bad boys next (the one I wore on my way back from Las Vegas).


Also, check out my new video on  Youtube! Tj Maxx and Forever 21 Haul :)

In this post I wore:
Forever 21 romper
Yellow pumps- My online store- coming soon!
Ralph Lauren necklace
Forever 21 Fedora
Invicta gold angel watch


  1. Amazing outfit!! :)

    Lovely photos!! :)

  2. Christine Iversen says:

    You look so beautiful Dulce, you have amazing style :) Those heels are gorgeous :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. Raspberry Jam says:

    Love your heels and romper!

    Can't wait to see your online store!


  4. federica R. says:

    love your yellow pumps :)

  5. Krissy ~ says:

    your pumps are hot!
    love them!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. Queen.OnSet says:

    I love the necklace. It´s so cooooool :) And hats for summer are great. love it :)

  7. Miss Random Thoughts says:

    cant wait to see your store!! im gonna start saving moneey

  8. Love it!!!!

  9. fallen fashion says:

    The shoes are so cool!!!!!!!!

    Will you have international shipping when your store opens???

  10. dulce! i just can't wait to see and o check out ur online store!! :)

  11. Mackenzie says:
  12. Ashley Raelyn says:

    love those shoes

  13. PaulinaMo says:

    CUTE love the accessories!!

    I miss your blog posts with the whole outfit & detail


  14. msavila33 says:

    Can't wait to shop on your online store. You have a great style =)

  15. Živilė says:

    you look super cute :)

  16. im so excited for the online store!! Cant wait and i loved your haul video <3

  17. BostonBeautified says:


  18. Bereniice says:

    Just say your pics on the magazine!! You look stunning!!! :D and loved he "from war to fashion" quote!!! can you do a makeup tutorial for the look they did on you for the magazine shoot???
    Also, I love those neon heels!! Definitely a pop of color everyone can put into their outfit!! Congrats on your store!! Can't wait!!! I'm so excited to see it! and so happy for you!! You are a total inspiration!! :D And you show us that dreams DO come true!!

  19. says:

    WOW at them shoes x

  20. Raquel Mendes says:
  21. La Petite Olga says:

    these heels are gorgeous!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  22. Julie Khuu says:

    Love those pumps…can't wait to see what else that fabulous store of yours is stocking up!

    Happy Weekend hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  23. Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera says:

    Those heels are hot

  24. I can't wait to see what your onlineshop looks like!!!

  25. thats some nice bright shoes…i recently added a new pairs of shoes to my collection

  26. Ashley Nicole says:

    I can't wait to see what your online store will have! :)

    Bramblewood Fashion

  27. I think they are amazing but not everyone wears such high heels :(

  28. For your ring dilemma…I polish them with clear nail polish in the inside just to protect the metal longer and not have chemical reactions. Just a tip :)

  29. DanielleDBeauty says:

    Are you going to carry size 5 1/2 in your shoes? I can't find pumps in my size anywhere!

  30. LOVE the color of those shoes! I can't wait check out your shop! xo -Jet

  31. CanadianChick says:

    Love love love those style of shoes!!

  32. Selma J. says:

    Nice heels, love these!

    Lovely photos!

    xoxo, love selma

  33. Sweet Surrender says:

    yes!!! I wanna see the review for both the nook and the ipad2…I am contemplating getting one or both!!!! Congrats again on your soon to open online store!

  34. Love Camie says:

    Love it Babe!


  35. SCARLETT says:

    Can't wait 2 see ur online store and what goodies ull carry!

  36. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  37. says:

    Love the color of the pumps!

  38. Michelle says:

    I looooove how the pumps pop!!!

  39. DirtyDiana says:

    Ahh they look amazing! Can't wait to purchase some! You should really make nude wedges ;)Or some time of wedge!

  40. I love TJMaxx. I always find a lot there. that Ralph Lauren knot necklace was my fav piece you showed! Love it. How funny, I tried on those White Mountain shoes like two weeks ago. I wasn't sure why I liked them but I was strangely attracted to them! I didn't get them, but they are cute. I liked those flats you bought with the Missoni-esque pattern. BTW did you know Missoni is doing a Target collection come fall! how awesome is that?

  41. Jay Fletch says:

    I love the pumps and can't wait for your store!

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  42. C'est moi says:

    Do you sell the products from your Fashion Store also to Germany????

    Oh I hope so!!!


  43. Liz Beauty & Fashion says:

    hey looove ur pumps i just have a quick question…i have those in black but the heal is not so sturdy/strong so when i walk in them it kinda giggless…what about thesse..they r super cute sooo i hope i can buy them

  44. Beautiful like always!
    I love the shoes!

  45. Beautiful like always!
    Love the shoes!

  46. I love your shoes :)

    A woman can`t get enough of shoes ;)

    Kisses from germany

  47. Omg Dulce! You're going to have an online store!:DDD You have great taste so i expect the best from your online store. Can't wait! xoxo

  48. cant wait to check out your online store :) the shoes are nice

  49. Katarina says:

    Dulce ur amazing!
    Guys if u want check it out my new blog

  50. Je ne sais quoi says:

    I really like your blog.
    great pictures.
    check out mine.

    hope you will follow me:)


  51. jamie-lee says:

    wow the shoes are incredible! I love the colour girly x

  52. Zorannah says:

    i want those pumps like now! perfect!!

  53. you have such an amazing style. wow.
    I wish you could give some fashion advice videos or how to style videos.

  54. You are gorgeous and those shoes are soooo beautiful!

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  55. leopardheels says:

    Great shoes:))) xxxxx

  56. ~ * ~ * Lera * ~ * ~ says:

    Ahhhhh loveee the shoes! Great designs Dulce! Thinking about getting them :)

  57. Cant wait to see your online store!! I love your clothes!

  58. adorable shoes! I love yellow colour!

  59. Anniken says:

    Cant wait to see your new online store! :- ) love the yellow shoes!


  60. The Bookness says:

    These pumps are amazing. Wish I could buy them. Do you ship to Norway?


  61. Antonette says:

    Love the shoes so hot!

  62. You are so beautiful! I love your style!

  63. Murillochka says:

    oh i love your heels!)

  64. fashiondoll says:

    pls do a new closet tour dulce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  65. Random Pretty Somethings says:

    I love those shoes! Please please tell me you will be shipping to the UK?

    Jasmin xx

  66. FuturisticChic says:

    Nice shoes :) kisses from

  67. pinkygalver says:

    your so cuuuuttttttttttttttteeee love your style

  68. Marissa Joy says:

    Love those bright pumps- the yellow is such a fresh color! Following you!

    follow me-

  69. Gabriella says:

    You look gorgeous, Oooo! and those heels look so pretty and fun! I can't wait to see your store! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  70. Maggie ☮ says:

    gorgeous shoes! :)

  71. Nichole says:
  72. woohoo! super bright =) I like em!

  73. France baby says:

    very, very nice shoes! <3

  74. FashionFreak/Mihaela says:

    Those shoes are absolutely amazing!

    My blog♥mfashionfreak

  75. Cynical Cyn says:

    cant wait to check the store out

  76. so nice lemno yellow color, I like it I want it:). You are great styler

  77. Kira Opstrup:) says:

    Congratulation, this is so good for you. Can wait to see it!
    I adore your style Dulce!
    And I really like your hauls!
    You always come up with something that is truely amazing!

    Please check out me and my friends blog:

  78. Wat is the URL for your online store ?

  79. Wat is the URL for your online store

  80. Verity and Rose says:

    omg!! im so excited for you and your store/line! Love the neon pumps! adorable!

    this is my fashion blog if you'd be curious enough to check it out :)

  81. These yellow pumps look amazing.

  82. hope to see your outfits form your online store hopefully you will be shipping internationally ;)

  83. anitalovesu72 says:

    In love wat can i say. Will b waiting 4 them:)

  84. Christine says:

    those pumps are amazing! :)

  85. whippedcream says:

    i love u dulce !!!
    i'm from poland but i always take inpiration from you and show your blog my friends

    i love all your outifit

  86. just stumbled on your blog. love your necklace so much :)

  87. I love your shoes!!!!


  88. lydeeloo says:

    i can not wait for your online store seriously, SO EXCITED! xoxo

  89. those pumps are amazing..

  90. Kelly Renee says:
  91. LavenderFog says:

    Cute! I just had my baby last month, your my inspiration to get back in shape!

  92. Kettelyn says:

    Loveeeeeeeeee those pumpssss!!! <3

  93. Je ne sais quoi says:

    I really like your blog!
    Follow me:)

  94. dina vanessa mercado says:

    cool yellow pumps! a fab burst of color in any outfit! love your blog! i'm your follower! stop by my blog and follow if you want. kisses!

  95. I can't wait to see your online store! Will you be selling your own designs?

  96. Those shoes are sooo nice

  97. fashionxxxvictim says:

    Your one of my favorite fashion Blogers, thanks to you I'm doing my own fashion Blog. Please it would mean so much if you checked mine out and gave me feed back. xoxo-

  98. Taiberry says:

    Dulce, I'm from Kuwait. (It's pretty close to Iraq) and I just wanted to let you know I've been a fan of yours ever since you started making videos. I love your work so much, and you're incredibly talented. Since I don't have a YouTube account and my Twitter is private, I just thought I'd let you know on here how much of an inspiration you are to me. I know this may not be a comment that stands out or that you might notice above all others, but you're just amazing and I knew you'd be this successful because you truly deserve all the best. I really hope this comment made you smile, as it's the least I can do for all the inspiration you've given me.
    Lots of Love,
    Taibah xx

  99. LavenderFog says:

    Wow! The shoe color reminds me of sour apple!!

  100. love the bright yellow pumps! i was wondering if you will be carrying size 5 in shoes in your online store…I hope so :)

  101. OMG those are the Qupid ones aren't they? I have been looking for the yellow ones. I have the pink and LOVE them!!!

    Shoes and Jules

  102. ♥Elizabeth♥ says:

    love the rompers! so so cute :)

    would mean so much if you stopped by!

  103. LoveBLOOMs says:

    Love the shoes & hoping to buy as soon as they become available. !

  104. Candace J says:
  105. I want those shoes! :D lovelovelove ♥

  106. Irrelevent says:

    I see you've found the airbrush tool in Photoshop. Nice legs, not.

  107. Super cute super easy says:

    I love the pumps!!! You look so beautiful as usual:)
    Your big fan.

  108. DecoDiva says:

    hey dulce congrats on your store!!! i think it wuld be awesome if you made those shoes in that minty green color like the nail polish color that you love so much!!!

  109. MakeUpMonkey says:

    I'm addicted to your hauls! Visit my blog someday :)

  110. Arrianna says:

    That's so cute! I'm really loving those heels! ^.^

  111. Arrianna says:

    love that outfit, I'm really loving those heels! ^.^

  112. wow! love practically all of your outfits!
    guys need your opinion on my blog:)



  114. your pumps look like the ones from charlotte russes !!!

  115. Your blogs are amazing! please visit mine someday

  116. What is your online store website???