White on White


H&M blazer
H&M white tank
Love Culture shorts
Ralph Lauren gold necklace
Aldo animal print handbag (my new love)
Aldo platforms


  1. I'm just the MOM says:

    I'm always so afraid to wear white shorts lol. Lookin great as usual Dulce! The shoes are my FAVE!!!!

  2. Blanca1018♥ says:

    Gorgeous look.
    I find it hard to wear all white but you sure did a great job :)

    Your pom is sooo cute!

  3. i think you would look so nice with a bob, lob or an asymetrical one.

  4. Amendria says:

    Cute outfit! :)


    You look so cute…


  6. technopathetic says:

    You look so pretty! :)

  7. fr3sita4u says:

    Love the bag and shoes!

  8. www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com says:

    I LOVE white on white looks fab x

  9. You look gorgeous! Love that summery white on white.

  10. You look gorgeous :)


  11. Cute outfit!
    Bag is similar to the Jimmy Choo that Kim Kardash rocks!

  12. Christine says:

    amazing look! your hair looks totally great! :) lovin that bag too :D


  13. Super cute, I want that handbag too now, I love it♥

  14. I love love love totally white outfits!!!


  15. sev.makeup says:

    ur amaziiiiiiing,keep beeing& dresin'like that please,kissesss<3

  16. wow!!! sublime!!! :)

  17. Raspberry Jam says:
  18. AllThingsGirly says:

    All white looks so fresh and nice. Love it! Those shoes are to die for.


  19. Krissy ~ says:

    i think everyone really hitting up the white colour trend this summer!
    its really cute!
    love the handbag too, so adorable!
    Krissy xoxo

  20. Looks so lovely!!!!


  21. Christine Iversen says:

    You look s beautiful :) Love this outfit :)

    Love Christine ♥

  22. Love Camie says:

    Love everything! But I think I would steal your bag. ^_~



  23. PaulinaMo says:

    WOW your hair is getting long :)

    LOVE the outfit!!


  24. Multibooklover says:

    miami vice ;)

  25. ablakehk says:

    ur hair looks so prettyyyy!!

  26. you're sooo pretty!

  27. Mz Pretty Paris says:
  28. Antonette says:

    super cute as usual..love the shorts


  29. Julie Khuu says:

    Beautiful summer look…love the touch of leopard! I can see why it's such a staple…she's a beauty! And your little pom is so adorbs!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  30. SCARLETT says:

    that bag is fierce! love it



  31. J'Anns Boutique says:

    That purse is MY new love lol, great outfit.

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  32. I love your blog!!! I was inspired to do one…


    Its coming along, not that many followers, yet! Which sucks, cuz i want to do giveaways!!!But just the fact that I a hobby (blogging) has helped me personally sooooo much! thank you!

  33. JazmineKariss says:
  34. LavenderFog says:

    I love how the whites are not exactly the same but go perfectly together! Nice

  35. elizabethlauryn says:

    you are so beautiful dulce! i always love when you have a new blog post! :)

  36. classy and cute! I love white

  37. Mackenzie says:

    Beautiful! I love that bag.

  38. Pink Glam says:

    I love the whole outfit and bag! very cute

  39. Claudia G-M Cienfuegos says:

    Love your blog sooo much!

    I'm a huge fan!! love your style ;)

    Kisses from Spain

    Would you like to pass by my blog and tell me your opinion about it?:) thank u so much!

  40. ~ * ~ * Lera * ~ * ~ says:

    That outfit is so simple, yet chic! I love how the bag is very unexpected and pulls the look together. Btw, lovee the shoes :)

  41. alittlepetite says:

    Love it!! White and white is difficult but you pulled it off!!

  42. Serena Rai says:

    I'm in love with your bag!! Super cute outfit Dulce! :)


  43. love the whole outfit! I've been totally lusting over that bag, I may just get it now :)

  44. Black Butterfly says:

    Yes ma'am! Everything about this outfit, Dulce! You better WERK!

  45. beautylogicblog says:

    I'm heading to a white party this weekend! Must get those shoes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  46. Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera says:

    That purse is to die for

  47. Love this outfit! you styled it really well :)


  48. calisha says:

    I love this outfit and the shoes are AMAZING

  49. Kinda zsa zsa gabor! classic but statementy… I like!

  50. This one is way amazing! Everything goes so well and the hangbag….love <3333

  51. LOVEVAS says:

    Love how you kept everything simple and clean cut.

    - Eva

  52. paardebloem says:

    Love the "pop" of animal print with the white on white. I take it you didn't come to San Francisco and instead went to Las Vegas?? I think you'd love San Francisco. We're all so free with our style here! Anything goes (as long as you can pull if off lol)!

  53. Leslie J says:

    I am head over heels in love with that bag! It matches a pair of shoes I almost brought today! I said that I wasn't spending any more money but that bags is a must! Your outfit is gorgeous btw! :~)

  54. StealMyHeartLove says:

    White on White is so classic! You look gorgeous. <3

  55. POKEMON says:
  56. POKEMON says:
  57. monkeyshines says:
  58. ♥Mishi à la mode♥ says:

    so cute.. white on white. and loving the leopard accent!

  59. La Petite Olga says:

    You look great!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  60. lmarte1988 says:

    white on white on white (racks on racks tune)

  61. Brigita says:

    So cute, shoes are the best, but white wash your face out. :)

  62. lOVE THE BAG!

  63. Emi Love says:

    Absolute stunner!! I can see why you love that bag, I think I love it too! lol

  64. The Fashion Mood.com says:
  65. Michelle says:

    So pretty!!!! The purse really pops out! :D

  66. Nice is a great colour for summer!
    I love the bag!


  67. White is a great colour for summer!
    Love the bag!


  68. Beautiful!

  69. Katarina says:
  70. Living_in_aShoe says:

    those shoes are so HOT!

  71. Doryfish says:

    you look good with straight hair Dulce =)


  72. Very lovely outfit:)


  73. Babyfer03 says:

    Looking bien Bella ;) I love how white looks on you & especially with the purse! Makes the outfit look so pretty

  74. Elviira says:

    Ouu, i love this look on you.. So pure and fab..


  75. fashion and travel says:

    I love you style; it's perfect. Every time I visit your blog you surprise me… positively of course!

  76. her persona says:
  77. really nice effect with bag in another color, great!

  78. Queen.OnSet says:

    simple and yet so beautiful!! I love the handbag !!! :)

  79. FashionFreak/Mihaela says:

    Ohh,you look so beautiful in white!
    But,those shoes *___* O-M-G! They're special.

    My blog♥mfashionfreak

  80. Živilė says:

    absolutely great outfit :)

    i like white color and i like ur bag :)


  81. Amy Fashion Blog says:
  82. MissTaken says:

    I have to try this! You look perfect ;)

  83. Copper Etiquette says:
  84. jrokxzmakeup1 says:

    You always look gorgeous, dulce. I check your blog daily to see if you posted pics of your outfit. Love it :)

  85. Dani*LaLa says:

    just wondering if you got any stains wearing all white. Every time I wear white there is always a stains that follows but love the gorgeous look =)

  86. BrazenBeautyEditor says:

    White!! My favorite color!


  87. tmaresco says:

    Did you get this blazer from h+m just recently??

  88. Beautypink says:
  89. I love that bag! Gosh I need a new bag so bad. So. Bad. Also, you're very brave to wear all white…I'd have something stained on it 10 seconds after I put it on. Ha! -Jet

  90. DirtyDiana says:

    Truly amazing look, I can't wait to try it out!


  91. Vasilieva says:

    brilliant all white look


  92. love the shorts and shoes!



  93. Smiles All Around says:

    Gorgeous as always <33


  94. Amazing heels :D

  95. Carol, Partner Malia Mills/Sister of Malia Mills says:

    What a great way to kick off summer! White on white can be a difficult trend to follow, but you did it perfectly!

    Really excited about your new shop!
    When is the projected launch date?!

    Cheers, Raquel


  96. kcinaplacetobe says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so excited for your new shop , good thing i saved my money for something really special

  97. Katarina says:

    beautiful outfit!

    guys please check this out! :)


  98. Nadia Conner says:

    LisaRaye would totally wear this outfit. She wears all white EVERYDAY lol. Cute! :)

  99. RoseLilyMarie says:

    Beutiful, you look like angel.

  100. All That Sparkles says:

    Loveee the outfit!! especially the shoes


  101. Shanicexoxo.info says:

    love the bag!!! the outfit is cute.

  102. Barbora says:

    waaw beautiful ! great outfit ! shoes <3

  103. kornela says:

    I love your blog ;)

  104. carrylicious says:

    fantastic xoxo

  105. I absolutely love your outfit :)

  106. Bootz Inc. ♥ says:

    I love it! Great way of putting it together and still looking chic! I adore the blog! <3

  107. christina says:

    omg!! i love your purse!!!

  108. TheeFknGoddess says:

    Cute purse :)

  109. Zorannah says:

    bag is just gorgeous!!!

  110. I think that bag is my new love as well!

  111. velocipede says:

    this girl is strong, fierce, stylish and has the class of the years

  112. Keep it Classy! says:

    Hey all follow me!

  113. Salina and Olivia says:

    Love the white on white… and I can definitely understand why you are loving the animal print handbag! Olivia just posted a stye trend blog on animal prints… hope you get the chance to check it out!


  114. Unknown says:

    Beautiful as always,one hot mama and i absolutley adore/admire your fashion style!<3

  115. Unknown says:

    Beautiful dulce as always,one hot mama!I adore/so admire your fashion stlye!so classy,feminine but with a slight edge and spunk!take care<3

  116. Unknown says:


  117. GUZEL-MODA says:

    Hi Dulce,

    Although this outfit is so simple, it is by far my most favorite outfit you have styled! Elegant and classic.





  118. asoftblackstar says:

    Love your leopard print handmade!

  119. Fash Boulevard says:

    wow. i love this. so glad I came across your blog. I'm following, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over 3 months ago after graduating from college in the south and moving across the country to LA. The site's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. I'd love if if you'd stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Any support would be awesome. Thanks love. xoxo


  120. Michelle says:

    Oooh, I like this look! The white looks so clean and fresh. :)

  121. OOOOHHHHHHH love the shoes and bag. Seeing so many great things from Aldo lately.


  122. Facts & Stats says:

    I love that bag, but i could not find it in Aldo website. Any idea where I can get it?

  123. Brittany says:

    stunning =] I love this look so much and the shoes are just amazing!

  124. You look fantastic I like your hair and make up very much

  125. Je ne sais quoi says:

    I really like your blog!
    Follow me:)

  126. FuturisticChic says:
  127. I have the same design of the back, only difference is I have it in a solid black and the white and black!

  128. oh my god, you are soo cute! <3 love your blog and your youtube channel!<3

  129. carrylicious says:

    >>>>i love your summer look :D :D
    you look so gorgeous :))


  130. Candace J says:

    All white everything I have an event that I plan on attending soon that has an all white attire. Good job!


  131. Pari Coleini says:

    Amazing style and beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx


  132. OH MY GOSH! LOVE IT <3 PLease check out my blog, comment, follow and spread the word pleasee! http://strawberriessparkles.blogspot.com/

  133. Love it! Check out my blog! http://strawberriessparkles.blogspot.com/

  134. i see the tag on the pack of ur shirt guess you return cloths back huh dulce

  135. you look stunning

  136. You look stunning

  137. Lauren Withers says:

    i absolutely adore all of your shoes and bags. i would love it if you would do collection videos for them <3

  138. Your outfit is soo cute! your hair looks awesome too!

  139. Angelika ♥ says:
  140. martiliciousblog says:

    great look!

  141. Wow very pretty, i like the gold accesories with white clothes!

  142. Whites are always great! Love your shoes!



  143. it looks great it inspired me to put something like this 2gether i managed to find similar clothing to this in my wardrobe ur great dulce :)

  144. You look amazing, loved the outfit!! It's perfectly!!

    Kisses from Spain;)


  145. beautybow says:


  146. PeaceLoveMia says:

    it nice.. looks gorgeous..but i will never wear all white..i'm just afraid that it's gonna make me look bigger..but love your bag

  147. FancySadie says:

    You are truly bold for those white shorts..I LOVE IT XD
    Fancy Sadie

  148. KAY-UTEE!!



  149. Georgia says:

    I love this look! you look great Dulce.

  150. Bittersweetchic88 says:

    So my fiance hates you………You got be obsessed with Aldo shoes and blazers…..lol What can I say birds of a feather. So luvin this outfit. Rock it girl!!!!

  151. I love the shoes so much! ♥ And the bag is also very cute.

  152. you're very pretty!! :D

  153. LOVE THE SHOES ;)

  154. awww, that dog is cute :)


  155. DiaryJournal says:

    Following the trend ! :)
    Great job, it looks amazing on you ! I especially love the blazer

  156. ioana stanciulescu says:

    You look amazing!

  157. Skihäschen says:
  158. LittlePrincess says:

    Your shoes are amazing!

  159. DaisyJuku says:

    Always looking gorgeous!!!!

    Can you do a tutorial for this look? =)

  160. wcamille45 says:

    I Love This Outfit, And I'm Totally Missing You Updating Your Blog ! Its Been Like A Week, Where Are You Hun? Lol

  161. jenifer mitchell says:

    I love the white on white look! I think I'm definitely trying this look soon!

  162. LOVING your outfit!
    always love everything you wear!


  163. Catarina França says:

    Omg is that your puppie? ;)
    You look beautiful. I really admire you. Wish you the best!


  164. Love how breezy this whole outfit looks… and the top looks super comfortable!

  165. Make-up tutorial..pleeeeaasseee!

  166. you are so stylish….

  167. PerlaRocio says:

    i soo freaking Love You ur my role model! <3


  168. Super cute super easy says:

    I like shoes and bag!!! Really cute outfit! You're doing a great job!! Simple and fabolous! White is my favorite color.

    Your big fan :)


  169. milana2078 says:

    Fabulous fresh and light ensemble! You – well, that adds a bright spot in a unique bag!


  170. Jessica says:
  171. CheyTaylor143 says:

    Super cute.

    Check out my blog! :)

  172. whippedcream says:

    love u Dulce !!!

  173. That bag is gorgeous!!

  174. SCARLETT says:

    Hey is that bag going to b sold at ur new store? Haha


  175. Ynichka-Punichka says:

    Красивый наряд!

  176. Crystal says:

    check out my blog please! i love your outfit, the shoes are perfect.

  177. very very very goood i follow you now follow me back

  178. Mrs. Pickle says:

    I want those shoes!! They say, “Fuck me but in the innocent kind of way”.

  179. I love your white blazer


  180. Woooooow white, love it even though its hard to wear but u did great

  181. BobbieAustin27 says:

    I love the all white look
    it's my favorite look of the summer
    you wear white well, now following :)
    maybe you can follow back?


  182. Love those heels! That's an amazing Platform and heel

  183. martilicious says:
  184. lasophia says:

    This outfit looks so dangerous. I'd be scared of cheeto fingers from random kids haha. But really it's so fresh and so clean.


  185. Katherine says:

    You have such nice legs!

  186. Sweet & Sour says:

    Oh My God.. Im in love with that bag Eeeek >_< cant believe I didnt see that bag when I went aldo yesterday!


  187. MarushaLove says:

    You look so pretty and white looks gorgeous od you. ;)
    Great yoob, love it! <3

  188. blooming says:
  189. I love this combination! And shoes OMG they're amazing *O*
    I wish I was brave enough to wear this kind of combinations as well!

  190. Hey Dulce, i'm from France and i'm just 16 but i'm keen on fashion, i just love it. And i love your blog. Your look are always gorgeous. Anyway, i just wanted to say how much love your blog.
    Byeee !

  191. wow! love practically all of your outfits!
    guys need your opinion on my blog:)



  192. il était une fois... says:

    hun you are stunning!! what an amazing blog you have!! <3 x


  193. Cherry Darling says:

    Visit my blog Latinas :) http://chuladebonita.wordpress.com/

  194. la casa della sarta says:

    bellissimo gli short sono un incanto lili

  195. lovealldayyy says:

    Your outfits are always so amazing! You should do a video on cute/comfortable shoes to wear to college!! I love all the heels on your blog, but those aren't practical for the everyday college life :) PLEASE & THANKS <3

  196. Hi would you please feature cooler accessories like michael3 the ones I bought from the Colombian actor Michael Schorling. Not only is he super cute but also very talented!! I'm obsessed with him. There is a website http://www.michael3.com I bought a few from a boutique and they are awesome the materials are luxury! the leather is so soft. I love how unique they are!

  197. you have such great style! Congrats on the magazine Cover! What an achievement!