My Happiness…

August is here! This is my favorite month of the year because not only do I turn 24 this 20th but a lot of exciting events will be taking place! I really want to start my 30 day blog challenge again..yeah, I know I failed miserably last month lol but trust me, I’m more motivated than ever. I don’t promise anything but we will see how things go.

Today my passport came in (traveling outside of the US in a few months) and I was so worried that it wasn’t going to get here on time because I had to have my name changed and all. I also went to class today and presented a speech on my favorite fashion designer Alexander Wang.
Now, I’m here…tired and ready for bed but I HAD to post something on August 1st . Tomorrow I’ll be shopping for a new dress for a Teen Vogue party i’ll be going to on Sunday. I’m looking for something young and fresh..Betsey Johnson maybe? thoughts? Anyway, thanks for stopping by and checking out some of the things that make me happy. XOXO