Suit Up + New Hair Color


Today I had an appointment at Aveda to get my hair colored. I always wanted to get either light brown or dark choclate hair. You see, I had gone to a hairstylist a few weeks ago and she turned my hair from black to a coppery/orange and I totally hated it!
Not only did the hair colorist at Aveda give me the perfect chocolate brown, but he also made my hair feel healthy and soft (which thanks to the previous hair stylist was dry and brittle).  I even got a complimentary Caribbean sea salt hand scrub which felt AMAZING! I made an appointment for next week to get my hair cut fixed and have my hair extensions blended in….can’t wait!  I’m so glad I found the right person that I can go to every time I need a hair cut.

Here’s my new video on Youtube.  It’s a haul from all the great finds I picked up at my favorite thrift store here in L.A.
I’m so excited that you guys loved it!