Sheer Black

We came across this great overview of the Valley (Santa Monica Mountains) a few weeks ago on our way to Malibu and thought it would be a great place for outfit pics. No, I DID NOT go hiking like a lot of people thought…LOL…I’m wearing heels for starters.
This is pretty much what hubby and I do, we scout locations as we’re out and about :)

I’m on my second round of Insanity (the workout system) and I’ve lost ALL of my baby weight! Actually, I’m even healthier than I was before I got pregnant. I gained 30 lbs. during my entire pregnancy and I’ve lost 33 lbs since the birth of Izek.
I 100% recommend it to anyone, especially Mom’s struggling with loosing the baby weight. It’s not easy and it takes commitment but it’s not impossible!


Zara blouse, Chanel purse, F21 Skirt CR Shoes