Paper Bag Shoes

When ever I’m running errands I have to feel comfortable most importantly. This is why I chose to wear my new Civic Duty Paper Bag shoes today. These shoes are actually made out of the same material Fed Ex envelopes are made of, awesome right?

Civic Duty Shoes
Civic Duty shoes, Target tank, LV purse


  1. hi! love the new blog !
    how did you do ? i love it!

  2. i love this look

  3. Sweetcarlota says:

    Que flaquita te vez! But you still look gorgeous!! Love it!

  4. where did you get the pants…i love them.

  5. Where did you get that shirt, it’s amazing :)

  6. saw them, read about them, loved them. . ordered them!!! cant wait to get them in the mail!

  7. wow i love the shoes :)

  8. Love the new look! And your look like always!

  9. Obsessed with the shirt! Where did you get it?!

  10. where did you get your shirt from ?

  11. I love this outfit :)

  12. Very cute outfit, shoes and bag!

  13. Wonderful outfit! very nice!

    I like it!

    =) kisses

  14. Wow I cant beieve you are net yet in hollywood, you are one of the prettiest girl Ive seen

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  15. I like this Outfit!
    And the shoes are pretty cool! ;-)

  16. estilo-cotidiano says:
  17. You’re one of my favorite bloggers. Some are so serious, but I admire how you’re so comfortable in front of a camera! Beautiful. XO

  18. Where did you get the bottoms from they’re adorable :)

  19. they’re from h&m, i have the same ones!

  20. I absolutely love the jacket! wauuuw!!

  21. Sooo pretty! ;))

  22. You look amazing dear!!

  23. The outfit is really cute. We rarely see you without high-heels, haha! :) I love your style, both the classy and the casual outfits.

    Hope you can take a look at my blog!
    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  24. Really interested shoes.

  25. soo many picss yay!!!

  26. so beautiful! you and your shoes:)

  27. Amazing necklace and I love your style :) Perfect photos!

  28. Cute shoes! Very nice idea! Can’t wait to order them. :)

  29. The shoes are so cute! I love the whole outfit.

  30. soo cutw!

  31. I really like the laid-back feel of this outfit Dulce!! And love the shoes. They are so cool! :) I want a pair!

    With love from a fellow blogger,

  32. very cute.

  33. Hey there! so nice your outfit and your blog ! really hope you will take a look at mine :

    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Love the look. The purple socks made for a nice accent and the shoes are cute!

  35. Beautifull Woman :)

  36. I thought I was loosing my mind but it turns out I’m not lol =] …You look great with the red tint in your hair :) Also I absolutely LOVE the new look on the blog. Your kicks are way cool as well.

  37. Great look :)

  38. Love your hair. Looks so healthy and shiny! What products do you use?

  39. I love the shoes and her. She’s adorable. What’s her name?

  40. Great casual post!!

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  41. Love this! So simple but effective

  42. I’ve never seen shoes like that before in my life. They surprisingly look high quality! And you styled them just right.