Pink Days

You guys know I have a deep obsession that consumes my fashion soul for chunky thrifted sweaters. I found this vibrant fuchsia one a few months ago at one of my favorite thrift stores. This is actually the third time I wear it but finally had the chance to take some pictures of it. Final thought: Fall favorite. What’s yours?


Thrifted sweater, H&M leggings, Steve Madden flats, & Lodis hangbag c/o


  1. love the pink. it’s gorgeous and perfect for the fall!

  2. omg how cute is this outfit:)


  3. wow, this of color of your sweater is so damn gorgeous and looks really pretty on you!


  4. Which thrift store do you go to?? the ones near me do not carry stuff like you find!
    I’m in OC. If you know of any around here let me know.

  5. I agree I love big slouchy sweaters in the fall time, I just think they are the most comfortable and fashionable items to have for fall/winter in your closet. You can either dress them up or dress them down LOVE them,

  6. You look amazing! I love this sweater – seems so comfy :)

  7. This is so much fun, I really like pink so this is really perfect, unfortunately we have not really such shops in Netherlands, x

  8. very nicE! who doesnt love pink:)

  9. Cute and comfy. love it very laid back but girly.

  10. sandra marrufo says:

    i love it i’m in the look for some flats like yours just with a lower price (: and can you make a quick tutorial on how you style your bangs i love them (:

  11. So cute your right about those big sweater :) i love this look….

  12. The sweater looks so comfy! Really nice on you! :)

  13. I love your hair in these photos.. And sweater is pretty too. This is something I’d wear definitely!



  14. You look cute in raspberry. Highlights eye color. Tasteful additions kill a whole.

  15. I love it. The nude compliments it perfectly as well. Perfect fall look. If you ever have the time. Check out my site I would love to hear your feedback. You are an inspiration.



  16. So cute, love this look :)

  17. Nice

  18. Love love love!
    Good job! :)


  19. That color looks fantastic on you! I love sweaters like that!!
    What were u and Izek for Halloween? I was a cat..meow!

  20. i picked up a sweater from the thrift store yesterday, I was planning on cutting it out but I loved it too much to mess with it!
    I can’t figure out how to post on the halloween post but this is something I cut out to wear to work today since I thought it was more appropriate than the costume I bought at the store lol. I was going to cut my thrifted sweater out like this but I found an old T-shirt instead and cut out a skull. Not an original idea but I think it turned out okay :)

  21. You look so cute,love your nude flats


  22. I really like the nude flats and bag. You are wearing them alot these days. Seems like a staple in a girl’s fashion closet. I like how they had a sense of chic-ness to outfits with out being so overpowering. They can totlaly tone down outifts too, just as you did by paring nudes with the bold fuchia sweater.
    Love this look Dulce! :)

  23. Hey! You look so cute, i really love your style. You are a fashion icon for me, and i am very excited about your blog and videos! Keep up doing it, it’s so lovely! :-*

  24. So pretty and bright!!

    (anyone that follows I will follow back<3)

  25. I love this outfit, very simple and fall-ish and oh so cute! i really like your style dulce! :) Cheers form on old time subbie! :)


  26. So cute! Love this outfit. x

  27. Love your style!

  28. so cute i love the pink sweater <3
    hey i am a new blogger from germany
    on my blog i made a post about you
    hope you can visit it

  29. Love the sweater!

    - Shanice

  30. CottonCandyINK says:

    i like your hair here!

  31. Pink looks great on you i mean everything looks great on you!!

  32. Amazing color… greatings from Peru!

  33. Love your hair like that

  34. Molina260 says:

    I love scarfs and coats =)

  35. omg i swear you have the body of a child D:
    but i still love you, stick to wearing wedges or heels <3

  36. Where can I find similar leggings? I been looking at every H&M!!

  37. Hi, I LOVE those flats . They’re by Steven Madden. Do you have the name of them? I would like to look to see if I can find them anywhere. I have been looking for flats that I adore and so far I haven’t found any. But I think these might be it! Do you remember when you purchased these? (: Thank you in advance.


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