Black Friday morning and I’m sitting in bed drinking coffee and blogging. Wanted to leave you guys with my Thanksgiving outfit of the night before we leave to fight the crowds.

Thanksgiving Outfit

What I’m wearing:
H&M dress and belt, Forever 21 accessories, Lodis purse, Christian Louboutin shoes.


  1. PERFECT Thanksgiving outfit, loved EVERYTHING about it! :D

  2. I love that color on you =) have fun shopping today and good luck…

  3. Love it!! So pretty!

  4. Very cute outfit, I love it !

  5. Beautiful colours!And this dress looks well on you!Chic and Romantic!Happy Thanksgiving to you too!:))


  6. Amazing outfit! Love everything about it. The skirt and the shoes are fantastic.

  7. This is so angelic, I love it <3

  8. So pretty Dulce, I love your Louboutin :) too pretty. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  9. Goddess much? Your so pretty

  10. Old Hollywood Glamour :)

  11. CottonCandyINK says:

    love the color

  12. omg look at ur ankles gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So beautiful!

  14. Amazing thanksgiving outfit love the dress and the belt and everything i love the nude colours…you look really pretty dulce xx

  15. Can you shov us how you did your makeup? :-) loveu!

  16. yu look fabulous!:-)

  17. Is this dress currently in store at H&M?

  18. Amazing outfit ! I really love your style !

  19. This outfit looks adorable! Love your hairstyle!

  20. I see a mixture of old glam, girly boho & fab. haha Love it <3

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! what a romantic and beautiful look!

  22. Nice outfit! support my blog :)

  23. So cute I love the purple belt thing!! Can u please do a black Friday haul?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  24. Lalalalove it!! The color, the purse, the hills, and the rings!(:
    check my blog out! livelovevogue

  25. I love it babe u look amazing that color looks awesome n ummm ure not a mom heheheh sexy bodayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:)

  26. Perfect look :)

  27. the color looks so gorgeous on you Dulce…….

  28. Oh girl, your shoes are too big!
    Anyway, nice outfit.

  29. skirt and shoes are great :)

  30. Did you wear this out for Black Friday, too? It’s usually a stampede of sneakers and jeans or sweats out there so I bet you were a stunner in the crowd lol

  31. That color looks gorgeous on you! <3

  32. please do a black friday haul

  33. Let me announce Dulce’s crap store.…featuring cheap imports from china selected by an idiot who spread her legs open b4 marriage and believes she’s some idol

  34. I love this outfit 4 real you look gorgeous!!

    me encanta el color todoooo toodoo el look completo!!

  35. LOVE this dress! I’m going by H&M to see if they are still carrying it. LOVE your blog by the way!!!

  36. love it DULCE!

    nice outfit !

    love the colors :)

  37. I’m such a huge fan of neutrals, and this looks fantastic on you. The necklace almost looks like it was made for this outfit! I also really like your brows in these pictures. :)

  38. Hey, ohh my daayss.. you look amazing in that outfit, i seriously need that dress, im dark like yourself and that colour compliments your skin tone like magic!.. do you know if H&M still have the dress? i cant seem to find it on their website :’(.. xxxxxxx <3

  39. WOW! So unnecessary!

  40. Beautiful outfit!! Love that pink maxi dress- so pretty with the feminine detail from the accessories :)

  41. You look angelic in the 5th pic :)

  42. So freaking cute!!!

    Saludos desde Venezuela.