The Suit


You guys know I’ve been hunting for a great little suit for the past 4 months. I was so happy when I found this one from H&M. The fir os perfect and I totally love it!

H&M Skirt, jacket, and blouse
Chanel purse


  1. why don’t you ever post the shoes?

  2. Love thiss!!!! You know how to style a suit! Your legs look amazing!!!

  3. This one is WAY more you ! much better then the pimp outfit hehe you look great !!

  4. I think there are from Steve Madden =)

  5. Adorable <3

  6. where is the shoe from?

  7. wow Looooovve it =)

  8. cutteee!!!! wheres ur shoes from?


  10. cute shoes!!!

  11. Can you tell me What Model # is your chanel Bag?

  12. Cindy Randall says:

    I think they are heavily photo shopped.

  13. Cindy Randall says:

    the suit skirt is nice

  14. The only downside is the zipper at the back. it’s so noticeable.

  15. Cute outfit but I love your crazier outfits better!!! They’re so creative <3

  16. That white blouse looks wonderful with this suit! Perfect outfit. :)


  18. Is it just me of do the shoes look like the ones from shoemint??? :)

  19. *or

  20. You have such a good body after having a kid! I am so inspired by you and your career. I love your style and personality.

  21. Now this one’s a keeper! Love the simplicity of it all.

  22. AMAZING:)

  23. says:

    The suit is so fun for the cold weather!

  24. Her shoes are by Steve Madden, they are named “VIKTOREE.”

  25. I love it, you look amazing. I hope the heels are from your collection, cause I would totally buy them!

  26. They are from ShoeMint. I just made an account and they are there for $80.

  27. CottonCandyINK says:

    cute shoes!

  28. Great outfit It looks so chanel but is h&m great!!!

  29. it looks awesome Dulce, so chic yet professional.. :)

  30. I love Your shoes!!!!!!!!

  31. Aww…. cute outfit! I’m in love with your shoes!!


  32. amazing shoes! I want them :))

  33. You always look amazing in every outfit love your shoes


  34. You look very nice ;)

  35. freakin stunning dulce :) youre lucky!

  36. the shoes are from steve madden and come in 3 colors black,purple,and nude they are $129.95

  37. Love Love the suit. Paired with those shoes!!! Classic.

  38. AMAZING ;))

  39. Happy Thanksgiving Dulce! xo

  40. Love your shoes, and the suit is just lovely!

  41. you look beautiful!

  42. Never would have guessed that the suit is from H&M! Very classy outfit!

  43. i can’t find this suit on the h&m website. anyone else?

  44. Very Cute! I used to have a tweed jacket similar to that a few years ago. Now, I hate that I gave it away. You look adorable!

  45. Gorgeous outfit! Love it! Reminds me of Chanel!

  46. I like the suit and the purse, but I’m afraid the shoes make your feet look too big in relation to your body. They still look great on their own though!

  47. I LOVE a tweed suit. Classic. This one is even a bit sexy! Goes great with a Chanel bag naturally.

  48. i love the outfit it actually inspired me. and your blog inspired me to create one. so keep it up!!

  49. i love the outfit you inspired me. so keep it up u have a new subscriber

  50. You lock FAB!!! I just LOVE your shoes !!! Luuuuv them!! ;-) think u should get your own app;-)

  51. very nice

  52. I love that suit skirt.

    I’ve been trying to find a business-y ensemble like this for school because we have to dress in business attire. I never thought of looking for one in H&M because the nearest H&M to me is reeeally far. I’ll definitely hit up H&M now. :D

  53. Nice Shoes :-)

  54. love the shoes!

  55. love those shoes

  56. I am hosting a giveaway. I’m giving away a promo code to get 1$ shoes from shoe mint. They have her shoes there to. So if you like you can participate. :)

  57. Wow love your blog! And this outfit is just adorable!!! xOxO Jana

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