What’s in my Train Case?


  1. Great Love it !!!

  2. wow! i love thisvideo
    ur sence of humour and engery is totally soooo cool! xx
    luv you! keep makin video’s x

  3. Hi, what’s the name of that fundation you liked so much?:)

  4. hey dulce i love your videos!
    can you do a video on what products you use for you hair like leave in treatments,shampoo etc. my hair is dry right now cause of winter and i’m looking for a hair mask or leave in conditioner or treatment plus my hair is fine. thanks:)

  5. Dear Dulce,

    could you please make a video of your new house. It looks so beautiful!!


  6. Hi Dulce, I looooveee this video! And your living room looks great!! I have a question – could you please post a picture of Chanel? She is such a cute dog! ❤ And a room tour would be great! :)


  7. You shoukd do a house tour

  8. i need to purchase myself a new train case.
    yeah, you should definitely do a house tour soon with Izek and the hubby included.
    or a husband tag video lol
    would be funny. the vlog of you two was hilarious.
    do another! <3 cute puppy..
    gizmo and chanel are both cute.