Popstar! Magazine Party

On the red carpet being interviewed at the Popstar! Magazine’s “12 in 12″ break-through stars of 2012.  I’m wearing my “80′s style shorts” and “smart and sexy tunic shirt” both from my collection!

Pop star Cody Simpson, one of the “12 in 12″ stars!

Enjoying a moment with Dory Larrabee, senior editor at Popstar! Magazine

The party invitation!

HAULERdeals.com Launches with My New Dulce Candy Collection!

Hey loves!
Here’s my first outfit of the Dulce Candy collection. To clear things up, these few items were hand picked by me to represent my style! Since we didn’t have enough time to design a collection from start to finish before the launch of HAULERdeals. BUT, I AM working with some talented people to create my OWN clothing line and I’m going to need all of your input on this because I really want you guys to be part of the final collection! We are hoping to launch it Spring or Summer 2012. In the mean time, enjoy the outfit I wore to celebrate the launch of HAULERdeals.com! So excited XOXO

Pics from my new Dulce Candy collection!

You can roll over the pieces and buy the items directly from my online store!!!

New Clothing Line by Dulce Candy
New Dulce Candy Collection

You can buys all of these items at www.haulerdeals.com/dulce-candy. Enjoy!

Let’s Get Glam!

New video of me getting ready from head to toe! Might be filming another one on Tuesday because I’ll be attending the POPSTAR Magazine Party!!

Hot Pink.

What I’m wearing:
Zara roll neck black top: Kept me cozy all day
H&M hot pink pants: Love the fit
Vest: Forever21 or Love Culture
Christian Louboutin shoes
Fashion Code clutch
Moschino Cheap & Chic watch
Karma Necklace
Target glitzy belt

One thing I love about my job is experimenting every morning with new and fresh outfits! I totally fell in love with the different types of fabrics that were mixed. I decided to add this denim vest for a more casual look. So happy with the outcome.


Comment of the Day by Laurie: Dont EVER wear what you think people would wear or would like you to wear. Fashion is UNIQUE and so each every single one of us. Our styles should never be 100% similar. You look fabulous. xoxo!