I’m having a great morning. I’m sitting in my home office, drinking coffee, and doing what I love doing best….blogging. Yesterday’s outfit was pulled together in a very cozy way. This H&M sweater was the center of my outfit because it was very windy and a bit chilly yesterday. But then it got very hot so I’m not going to lie, I just needed an excuse to wear it. I ditched the blazer and pants a few hours after these pictures were taken.
What I wore:
H&M Blazer and sweater
Zara pants
F21 boots
Tory Burch purse
Karma Necklace
Invicta watch

Fashion and Home Decor HAUL


Funny story… well, not really. I have been hunting this jacket down since the first time it hit the racks at Zara. I saw it every single time I took a trip to Zara but the price was bananas.. over $300! Obviously it wasn’t cutting it for me because it’s such a trendy piece. So I waited, waited, and waited. Finally when I went shopping with my lovely friends Rachel and Nikki at The Grove last week, I saw it for $89!!! Major! Ugh, I’m so happy that I can’t wait to wear it again.
Anyway, my weekend was very chill. How about yours? What I’m wearing will always be listed at the end of this post.
What I’m wearing:
Zara jacket
Target tank
Dulce Candy faux leather shorts at
F21 boots and tights

At Ease.

The utilitarian jacket. What more can I say? It’s not only warm but its versatile! Yes, versatile. The one I wore today was purchased at Forever21 not too long ago. I’m obsessed with this jacket and it’s quite sad that it has only graced my blog ONCE (I need to change and soon)! I think there’s no better way to do so than to add it on top of a feminine dress….what a lovely contrast. I also love wearing pearls and diamonds with it. How would you style it?
Excuse the hair….it has the day off.
What I wore:
Michael Kors purse
Invicta watch (Angel)
F21 Jacket and leggings
Necklace (from my store)
Universal v neck top
Charlotte Russe boots

Boyfriend Jeans.

If i’m not doing anything that involves business that day this is usually what you’ll catch me in; a chunky sweater, boyfriend jeans, a bright bag, and some loafers (my ideal outfit on a day “off” so to speak).The only issue I have with these jeans is that my husband is not to fond of them. As a matter of fact, he HATES them. He’s said, “Babe… those jeans are DEFINITELY not doing anything for your butt.” ….ugh…men…..I guess I can amp up the “wow” factor next time by wearing a tank top with a chunky necklace.
Gap boyfriend jeans, Old Navy sweater, bag, & loafers